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  1. I 100% agree with every single comment regarding a young prospect being moved off their position...SS in this particular argument...too soon or to pay too much attention to BOTH milb error numbers or early ML error numbers. In the past few years, through debates of various players...a ton of Lewis debates to be sure...I've posted error totals for a NUMBER of HIGH QUALITY ML players who were great, All Star, and even HOF worthy, who posted high error totals before becoming the players they turned out to be. Are there exceptions? You bet! If you spend the time to look as I have you will some tremdous defensive players at SS...as well as 3B...who had low error numbers at every stop along the way, including at the ML level. But you would be surprised at what you would see if you dug a little and looked. But I don't want to digress too much here. Martin is a great athlete. Just being real, the Jay's, and now the Twins, said "why not" when looking at his abilities and potential. Since being drafted, this is his SECOND professional season and he's only a couple months in! Fanfare and top 100 projection lists hype can do a lot to skew perspective. There is no good reason to take a very talented athlete, so early in his career, and just say he can't develop and won't get better. Doesn't mean he will develop in to a future GG winner, but doesn't mean he can't be good/solid at the spot. HOWEVER, despite all that I've stated, I do believe some guys, no matter how talented and athletic they are, just don't "fit" at certain positions. For example, as amazing a talent and athlete as Buxton is, there are reasons he plays CF and not SS. For those old enough to remember, changing positions, Gary Gaetti was a pretty good athlete with a rocket arm but hands of stone. Well, those hands of stone got really soft after a few more years at the ML level and he became an excellent defender at the hot corner. Again, I've never believed that you take a prospect off their position too early because they may grow tremendously over a few years. And at worst, they may turn out better elsewhere but will have the versatility to cover a spot. Think Polanco and his transition. The FO, scouts, and milb coaches may see Martin still growing and having the ability to be a viable, solid SS. If that's the case, and they really believe that, then keep working him there, at least part of the time. Never know what you might get! But please, let all parties be honest. If the Twins really question his overall ability and instincts to stick there, then start to make the move. Martin reminds me so much of Alex Gordon, former Husker All American and top draft choice 3B with the Royals who, for whatever reason, couldn't transition his defense and offense together to the ML level. But he became a GG winner in LF, an All Star as I recall, a versatile offensive force, and a pain in the ass for the Twins for years. I believe Martin is going to the LF of the future. I believe he will play great defense, cover CF, maybe be able to cover 3B/2B as well if needed, and be a great hitter with contact and high OB% with speed. I don't know how much, or to what degree, but pop/power will come. (Larnach moves to RF eventually, FWIW). I just feel this is what is going to happen. And I think at least a partial position adjustment should start taking place.
  2. My answer, for now, is a resounding no. People a whole lot smarter than me will eventually make the determination for Canterino as to whether or not he remains in the rotation or transitions eventually to the pen. And maybe that will be his ideal role. I have little doubt he'd be great in the pen. But I absolutely don't take one of the most electric arms in my system, who seems to have legitimate SP capabilities and projection and transition him at this time because he MIGHT be able to help the 2nd half of the year. There was belief for some time Alcala was going to be a RP. There have been bumps, but he's flashed, and finished 2021 looking awesome. Part of that was growing experience, and part was a 3rd pitch that was only decent, but helped him against LH hitters. I want to say it was a form of change, but not certain IIRC. (Man I hope he comes back healthy and ready to go in June)! Duran needed a 3rd pitch to remain a SP but also had the possibility of being a fine BP piece, with even better stuff than Alcala and a higher ceiling. Had he been 100% healthy in 2021 I wonder if he'd even be in the pen this year? But tremendous stuff, need and opportunity has placed him as perhaps the best arm in the entire pen for 2022. Ironically, it's maybe the development of his 3rd pitch, his power curve, that may be leading to his sudden rise and acclimation to his role. I can see a real argument for a return to the rotation at some point, but I think he's at where he's going to stay. Every single pitching prospect is different than every other pitching prospect. They grow and develop individually for a number of reasons. And it's really easy to predict EVERY pitching prospect to the pen. In fact, it seems at times, that virtually every profile or breakdown you read states a bullpen option for everyone. I don't recall if Canterino had any injuries while in college at Rice. But unless I'm mistaken, and I don't believe I am, his is not a case of multiple injuries. He was drafted in 2019 and had pitched an awful lot of innings in 2019, and his career. He was not hurt when drafted, just treated with kid gloves. Initially, the Twins reported he would report for instructional work, but might not throw in any games. They changed course and decided to give him a limited 25 IP. He then missed 2020. He was off to a great start in 2021 before having soreness and ended up shut down for the year, unfortunately, like many others, the Twins erring on the side of caution. Still only 24yo and off to a very good start this year, it would be grossly misguided, IMO, to do anything other than bring him along and stretch him out and nurture him as a SP. He might even reach AAA some time in the 2nd half. MAYBE, come the end of the year, he comes up in the pen to help. But there is no way I transition such a great arm this early when he has real potential as a SP.
  3. And I agree with this take. Just looking at his 2022 numbers, recalling the milb reports, he's had more BB and HR than he should have considering his IP and his experience. It's lead to a huge ERA. But the hits and K per are good as well as his .217 BA against and 1.29 WHiP. Considering what he's done with the Twins the past couple of seasons, I'm optimistic he's going to be solid. I was pleased he came back and think he didn't make the roster out of ST had a lot to do with the 40 man and some younger arms they just wanted to keep. I do have to admit though, I remain surprised by others getting their shot, or second shots, vs Hamilton getting his first. It's not as though the guys they've brought up haven't shown OK with St Paul and didn't deserve a chance, but why not Hamilton? I can only surmise that they like him, think he has a future, but are afraid to play the 40 man/DFA game with him for fear he'd be claimed and so they are "nurturing" him along after all he's been through so that when he's eventually added to the 40 man, he might be ready to stay on it. I am hopeful, disappointed and confused by Moran. He just turned 25yo in April, missed 2020 like so many, so he isn't old. His FB and slider are OK, though nothing special. It's his change that is outstanding and allows his other pitches to play up. His AAA numbers this season are pretty mediocre, but the potential is there to be very good. And his 3 games earlier with the Twins this year were good. I'm really hoping this is the opportunity where he settles in and becomes a long standing member of the pen.
  4. I almost selected "something else" simply because there were more than a couple good choices listed, and some not listed, such as Duran and Celestino having breakthroughs. So it was kind of hard to pick just one. Always the optimist, I actually thought the Twins would put 2021 behind them and have a winning season this year, and challenge for the playoffs. I selected Buston's BA at this point. Even if he was out or more banged up than he's been, etc, I never saw a slump that would take him that low. Granted, he's probably about ready to go on a tear and destroy the opposition and get that BA right back up again...hopefully starting today...but I'm still surprised by that number and his recent dip.
  5. Arraez is absolutely one of my favorite Twins players and so happy none of the projected trade ideas with him the past offseason happened. I don't think it's hubris at all to say he's the best pure "hitter" that I've seen in 20yrs since Boggs and Gwynn were playing. History shows us the value of the HR in regard to scoring. Power, specifically HR power, WINS. But BANKING on HR rather exclusively doesn't always work due to feast or famine, plus, too many solo HR aren't always a good thing. But team Power and HR remain an important part of the game. However, in good baseball and good teams that WIN, your offense still need OB% and guys who can just HIT once in a while instead of only looking dead set for the HR. The hood news is we've actually seen the Twins just "hit" better in 2022, and Kepler is a prime example. I believe Lewis, when back up, will hit. Larnach, IMO, will hit. So will AK if and when he gets healthy. Just a short list/example. And then you have Arraez. One of the best pure hit and OB guys in baseball. And he's clutch! His power may still develop to some degree, but he never has to be a thumper to have value. I think he will hit a few more doubles and a few more HR as he matures, but that will only make him even more valuable as it happens. (His hard work to shed some bad weight and add good weight this past offseason will keep his knees and body more healthy, as well as potentially lead to a little more pop/power). I believe his defensive shortcomings have been greatly exaggerated. He pretty much learned 3B and LF at 22yo AFTER reaching the ML. Same with his learning 1B on the fly this year. And while I've seen mistakes and errors, again, his general defense is solid at both 2B and 3B, and I've been very pleased how well he's picked up and adapted to 1B. And if you want to break him down or apart for his defense, go ahead. I know what my eye test has seen 3+ years and the good outweighs any bad, IMO. You can make fun, if you want, but the term "gamer" used to be a compliment and not a ufemism to be made fun of because a manager used it too often. Arraez is a tremendous hitter, a young and important and versatile piece for the Twins now, and over the next few seasons as a dangerous presence in the lineup. And yep, the guy is a "gamer"!
  6. Not a good year for pitching, particularly this high, unless you want to take a huge risk on a young kid coming off injury. And I always believe your 1st pick, in particular, in the MLB draft, is best player available regardless. And from what I've been reading...mostly here but other places...Collier is a fast riser who is legitimate: glove and bat and potential but still very young and a world of potential. I think he'd be a great selection. And maybe I'm just stubborn, but I see Susac a couple spots later and I just can't get over the idea of picking him and getting a high catching prospect in the system. Now, if the Twins see a major difference in potential/projection between the two, you obviiously go with Collier.
  7. Well, he obviously could be trade capital for a move, especially if he adapts well and quickly to AAA. But I prefer to look at him in regard to the Twins. While Miranda is penciled in at 3B once his bat gets going...Lewis the future SS...doesn't mean Steer should be dismissed as a challenger. May the best player win. But he could also prove valuable as a "regular" while not being a proverbial "starter". Examining his career so far, he's not going to be the hitter/OB machine that Arraez is, but possibly a better hitter than Gordon, while not matching his speed or ability to play OF. He's got more power than either. He could be a great role player at 2B/SS/3B with quality bat and power. Could he also play a little 1B alla Arraez? IMO, good floor as a multipositional, solid glove and decent bat with solid power. His ceiling is quality starter who hits about .270ish with 30 Dbl and 20 HR power consistently. He hasn't come out of nowhere. He was a good college player and a 3rd round pick who's hit since day one.
  8. If I can only choose yes or no, I'd say yes. But right now, today, I'd say most likely, but I want to see more of the season play out...including how they handle this draft and the milb talent...and then make my final decision at the end of the year. As stated above, there will ALWAYS be trades and FA signings and 1st round picks that don't turn out for ALL teams. You don't judge a FO on those, unless there are a bunch. And there haven't been. This FO was tasked, literally, with re-building the entire organization from drafting and changes in development to coaching and approach from rookie ball all the way up to the parent club. They have done that. They've done it so well they've lost coaches and various personnel and a few players to other teams. When you're being poached, it means you're doing well and the other teams are noticing. And despite a complete re-build, the parent club has been winning and making the playoffs. And that's from day 1, with the exception of 2021. I have expressed my own opinions for things I question or don't like, which is my/our right as fans. But I have been a fan and believer of just about everything they've done thus far. Again, with some contrary thoughts/opinions. But the results have been good, and the fruits of their labors, to build a sustainable, competitive organization is/has been taking shape, with a lot of young talent arriving and continuing to work themselves up through the system. My only reason for saying to wait until the end of the season is I want to see how this team does the rest of the way, how their previous decisions play out, and what they do to finish up the season with potential moves. Me personally, I would be disappointed if they made ZERO moves to augment a competitive team that might show a need. But on the other hand, with the way the entire organization appears to be moving forward toward good seasons to come, I'd be disappointed if they went "too far in" with moves for 2022 and potentially sacrificed tomorrow. So I'm a yes, but I'd just wait until 2022 is done to make the final decision. One thing I've noticed from years of watching sports at the professional and amateur level, when something is going good and looks like it can continue to grow, you stick with it. Constant change for perfection sake is an illusion. You put good people in place, and when you have them, you keep them.
  9. Are the Twins, right now, one of the best 2 or 3 teams in all of MLB? No. Are they in the top 4-6 with room to continue to improve? Yep. You never apologize for winning, even if it's against lesser teams. It means you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. The Astro series was disappointing as hell, but doesn't define the Twins now, or in the future. I like what I've seen and feel there is room for improvement for what's on hand. The Lewis situation is so debatable, and we all have. To do so is pointless at this point. If he had begun this season hitting in the .270's with decent production at AAA and done something similar with the Twins, the yells would have been less. But he is a Golden Child. And I would have pursued the "Gordon/Arraez" method of ML learning and kept him. He's special. But after 1 great month at AAA and 11 great games at the ML level, after 2yrs of non game play, the FO made their decision. He's not exactly done. He'll be back, and probably to stay, and probably soon. Despite some great moves, the Paddack one, and his loss, hurts for 2022. Sorry, but you don't win them all. I'm not convinced that Pagan won't actually get better and be an important part of 2022. There is a real chance Paddack is part of the 2nd half of 2023 and 2024. And who knows, maybe an extension will be in order. Time will tell. But despite my ambalivent nature to the trade, I understand the scope of the move and it's potential. There is so much good going on, I hesitate to focus on the bad. A healthy Winder could be major for the 2nd half. Archer FINALLY gaining strength/consistency could be huge. And even if Pagan's recent adjustment on his new splitter makes him important and ready to rock, he and Duran could still use ONE MORE ARM if this team remains in contention come July. Unless you can pull of a trade, possibly short term, maybe long term and more expensive, I'm still not sure you get better than Ryan, Gray and Ober for your 1st 3. And I KNOW I'll get heat for this, but if Gray is Gray, and if Ryan and Ober JUST do what they've done in 2021 and 2022 thus far, and even if they don't improve, you've still got a nice 3 to front the rotation. And then an improving Winder and Archer and hopefully a solid Bundy, who can you trade for that will make a major difference? I mean, without giving up too much. If Archer gains endurance and confidence again in his stuff, he could supplant Ober as the #3. I've read the idea of a cheap deal for someone like Evoldi as an option, despite a rough start to his 2022. That MIGHT be a massive move if he gets right and doesn't cost too much. But I have to say again, if Archer "gets right" the next 30 days, and we can add at least ONE good BP arm in July, I'm not so sure the pitching isn't going to be solid for the last half.
  10. So much to like this season so far, and a lot of comments to like as well. But I also have a few points that I like as well. 1] So VERY pleased by the team defense! No doubt Correa is part of that. But Polanco looks great, Urshela, despite his bat starting slow, has done a great job defensively, Larnach has been OK and showed the arm I've heard about, etc, etc. The defense has been great, and the bench has contributed so much. (And Arraez has been great at 1B). That doesn't just help the pitching staff. It helps the offense as well, they get off the field, they're pumped up, and they face less pressure when the other team scores less. 2] With offense down all across MLB, the Twins are producing, despite their own numbers being suppressed. And I echo surprise and optimism for Kepler and others suddenly spraying the ball around and LH bats going to LF so much more. Is Popkins an early coaching MVP? This team could really use Larnach back the way he was before his injury. Despite Arraez's great play at 1B, we could still use Kirolloff producing like he's capable of. Hopefully that happens still in 2022. Jeffers and Urshela heat up a little more, Miranda gets himself right...and not even talking right now about Lewis' potential contributions in the future...how much better could the offense still be? 3] Ryan and Ober are continuing what we saw of them last year. Gray is great as long as he remains healthy. Winder has looked great, despite a couple of hiccups, and should/could be valuable the 2nd half plus as part of the rotation. (He's ready. But he's a rookie so you have to expect a couple hiccups). I am not disappointed by Bundy. He can be solid. But I want to see more. Archer is healthy and throwing pretty hard and throwing some nasty stuff at times. But he's obviously not all the way back yet. He's suffering from sudden losses of control. He could be huge by July if his control/confidence/endurance kicks in and he's ready for 5+ by then. Losing Padeack hurts, and not going to re-visit the trade at this point, but the rotation has been SOLID. And it appears there is more on the way. 4] The pen has been surprisingly good, with a few bad days, but those days will happen. Duran looks like a stud, and despite walking a tightrope at times, Pagan has gotten the job done. Boy, he gets back closer to his normal BB%, and his new splitter keeps working, we could have a solid, reliable late inning arm. Glad to see Duffey and Thielbar get it together. Smith has been outstanding. I've been excited by Jax's transition and remain hopeful. It seems almost everyone who's gotten a shot has contributed so far. 5] It really feels like this team LIKES who they all are. They seem to be having fun and have believe in themselves. Much like 2019-2020, they seem to have confidence in themselves. I'm excited for this team. I love the way they are playing 1/4 of the way done. I'm all the more excited because there is still room for improvement yet. There will be some bad days and bad series to be sure. It's baseball and a hell of a long season. But this is a good team with talent, depth, opportunity to improve, and talent on the way. I'm not sure I'm yet ready to predict a record at this point, but I don't think 90 wins is crazy. I DO think Archer and Winder need to step up or we may need to look at a trade option. I DO think we are really missing the potential of Alcala in the pen and may have to look at a quality addition before all is said and done. But I do really like most of this team and it's potential. I love the mix of youth and experience. This is what the FO wanted/hoped for in 2021. It's starting to happen a year late. This team is "competitive" with potential for this year and beyond. From the lost 2020 year, and so many injuries at both the ML and milb level, it's just happening a year later than hoped/expected.
  11. Despite the news about Paddack, I remain conflicted about the trade. What I've disagreed with since day one is the idea that Rogers was GONE after this year. Would he really be so expensive that he wouldn't have signed for maybe a 2yr deal around $7-8M per? We've seen such weird changes in FA and financial changes the past few years I just don't know. Clearly, the FO "speculated" about his finances vs a return they could get in a return. On the surface, any time you can trade a RP for "potentially" 1yr and get a 26yo SP with 3yrs of control, and quality upside, along with at least a "decent" BP arm you think you can work with, and then toss in a talented young flier arm, it seems you would "win" such a trade. And my problem has NEVER been about Paddack, and his potential...which looked very good until this latest injury...or Pagan...who's been scary and getting the job done and just might be good if he harnesses his stuff and his new pitch more consistently...or the young prospect who MIGHT turn out to be good. My problem has always been that I didn't think the trade needed to be made to begin with. And I'm so very sorry to state this for the 4th or 5th time, because even I am getting tired of doing so, but if our FO had paused for a moment in between Buxton talks and just looked at opportunity available through FA, I still believe they could have brought in a quality mid rotation SP early, and THEN sat back and let things play out, as is their MO. Doing so wouldn't have blown up payroll to some extreme, and allowed them to keep Rogers for the BP, and still add Smith, with the idea Rogers MIGHT re-sign for something that wasn't outlandish. I know said FA wouldn't be 26yo with upside, but it would have, potentially, solidified the staff and kept Rogers for at least this year. And we've got a lot coming up to add to both parts of the staff. I never hated the deal, because I understood it. Doesn't mean I liked it or wouldn't have done things differently. I would have. And I can't help myself, but I always want to look at any positive that happens in life, or my Twins lifeline, LOL. 1] There is a real chance that Pagan just gets his control figured out real soon. I mean, his career BB is not what he's been showing so far. And with that, if his new splitter starts to find consistency, he could actually be pretty good. I know, I know, hope and a prayer, right? But he's not a bad arm. He gets a little more control and confidence, Duran keeps maturing, Jax keeps maturing, HOPEFULLY Alcala comes back by July, I suddenly feel pretty good. 2] Considering the advances in TJ, there is a real chance Paddack is pitching for the Twins come June 1st, at worst, July 1st 2023. And yes, I know that means crap for 2022 and the start of 2023. But by mid season next year we might just "add" a SP who might make a difference. And we'd still have a fairly young and talented arm for half of 2023 AND 2024 with the idea of potentially extending him. I'm NOT painting lipstick on a pig. I've been pretty clear I would have done things differently before hand, but understand taking "chances" once in a while. The Twins did that. And they got burned for this year. Doesn't mean their decison won't pay dividends down the road. I 100% love and agree about building from within, and we are just starting to see the results. And more is coming. So despite my 50/50 split on the Paddack trade, I CAN see the method of the madness to add and come out better in the long run. NOTE: Flers? Forget Paddack for a moment and think about Archer. He's been inconsistent, but flashes his old self. He needs to build up IP, but also has a mental block, from what I've seen, to just trust himself again. I actually l love the way the Twins have been 'babysitting" him a bit to get healthy and right. He could be a major player before the season is done. At worst, he will suddenly do a Smolt/Aguilera and go to the pen and re-invent himself and be a major BP piece.
  12. Now I didn't look at splits, good for you to take the time and look that up. Good information. He certainly wouldn't be the only hitter to benefit from playing in Yankees stadium. And I may be wrong, but I was thinking Yankee stadium playing better for LH hitters? He has had a slow downgrade from 2019 to 2020 to 2021. But as I stated, even his 2021 wasn't far below league average. I don't know how "good" he can hit, but I agree with you that he's better than this year has shown thus far, hence at least SOME optimism he's been better lately. Maybe heating up? I also agree that ultimately, he may indeed be best as a utility player. And how long he remains a Twin is hard to predict, especially if the bat comes around. Not to mention if and when Lewis is back up and filling at 3B. And what if Miranda gets things figured out in the near future? And down the road, maybe as early as 2023, what about Steer and Julien? But I'm getting ahead of myself. I think Urshela is a good glove, potentially versatile player with a better bat than he's shown that can is very useful, at least for 2022. Also agree on Sanchez. I admit I just didn't know what to expect, but had real trepidation. But he's sure looked at least average to me defensively so far. He's even called a few low scoring games that give me hope. I guess the one thing I didn't say, which someone else pointed out, if the new life in his bat is really coming alive, will he be pricing himself out of returning to the Twins in 2023? Of course, the FO may wish to look in a different direction come 2023 anyway. But I never expected to actually consider a "want" or at least be OK with Sanchez back next year. Good stuff.
  13. Ted recently had an OP on Friday the 13th...definitely some irony there...that was less than complimentary regarding what we've seen from Urshela and Sanchez to this point, and all very fair. But a week later, after some wins, I felt like taking a moment to look at a few things regarding recent production of this pair, especially after various other threads regarding the lineup/roster in general, and any future impact of Royce Lewis in particular. Now, I'm NOT trying to create another Lewis debate thread by any means, and I know his future presence will come in to play here, but my general focus is on these two lost souls who have escaped the hell of being Yankees for the joy of joining our favorite team. (Just couldn't help being a little sparky there for fun). I don't think it's a stretch at all to say Urshela's defense at 3B has been outstanding! And it's been a joy to watch. His offense thus far, except maybe the first couple of games, has frankly been offensive. He bloomed in NY in 2019 and 2020 and posted really solid numbers across the board. Even in a somewhat disappointing 2021, possibly affected by a covid battle, his overall production wasn't terrible, though slightly below league average. (Please go back and read Ted's detailed information). I have no doubt the Twins were hoping for a mean of all three seasons. And if that were to happen, coupled with his defense, we have a pretty nice ballplayer here! But that just hasn't happened as of yet. But I think there may be evidence that Urshela is at least reaching the corner, even if he hasn't rounded it yet. LAST 15 GAMES: .151 AVG/ .203 OB/ .302 SLG LAST 7 GAMES: .222 AVG/ .276 OB/ .444 SLG A pair of HR and 6 RBI during the 15 game stretch. Should we be excited? HELL NO! But when you go from virtual zero, even worse than your career numbers before 2019, to actual improvement in the last week or so, don't you have to believe/speculate some additional improvement to the mean? The point is he's showing signs of life as a hitter lately. He's outstanding at 3B defensively. While I never watched him closely playing SS with the Yanks, they at least thought he was a solid filler there. He's seldom played 1B or 2B in his career. But if you can be that good at 3B and at least solid at SS, you should be able to play 1B and some 2B, though not everyone can perfect the pivot. He hits his amalgam of the past 3yrs, the rest of the way, he's a valuable part of the club, even if you move him around. He hits a little less, he can still be valuable as a utility player and decent RH bat with some power and a good/great glove who may be gone 2023/2024 but still has value NOW. NOT blowing smoke. He's not part of the future. But ANY sign of life from his bat is a good thing considering his recent past and his defense. And then there is Gary Sanchez. I have nothing against the man other than being a Yankee in his previous life. His arm is very strong! He has tremendous power. And he's been a shadow of his previous prospect and first few years at the ML level. I wasn't crazy about him as our 2nd catcher and a DH option. But I could live with him for a season if he just improved a little bit in both phases with a new start. Hopeful and optimistic, I was resigned for 1yr. Jeffers is still our best catcher and potential he hasn't reached yet, IMO. I believe he's going to be a stalwart. But I have been genuinely impressed by Sanchez behind the plate. Not great, but he has not been the butcher I thought he would be. (Make up your own minds, but don't let pre-conceived notions cloud yourself like I did initially). He's been solid. The bat is, and has been, a HUGE question mark, not only in NY, but the start of his Twins career. No question he got off to a rough start, and had at least 2-3 HR denied by bad weather and possibly a dead ball that might have made a difference in a few games. But let's look at his recent numbers as well. LAST 15 GAMES: .255 AVG/ .349 OB/ .545 SLG LAST 7 GAMES: .308 AVG/ .419 OB/ .808 SLG Three HR and 9 RBI over the last 15G to give him 4HR and 17 RBI. He's currently 3rd on the team in RBI. Hot streaks and cold streaks happen. And I predict nothing long term for either Urshela or Sanchez. But as the Twins are winning and the weather is warming up as well, isn't at least possible Urshela is approaching his previous production? Isn't it possible the whole "change of scenery" ...and changes in coaching defense...isn't giving Sanchez a new life on his career? We're absolutely talking SSS. But a bad few weeks to begin the season is also SSS, right? Urshela will be pushed out, eventually, by Lewis, a better Miranda, Steer, Julian, and Arraez, and Gordon, almost assuredly. But if he keeps playing great defense and turns that corner offensively, he just might stick around another year. Sanchez is a different story. He's primed to hit FA next year. And if he continues his recent upward swing offensively with better defense, he might just get a decent deal. A TON of "what if" and "potential" for both of these guys. And both could easily be gone next year. But these aren't awful players by any stretch. In fact, they could pay dividends the rest of the season. Do you see Urshela and Sanchez being a part of the rest of the season with recent upticks and potential? Or do you see something very different going forward?
  14. Awesome Brock! TD just keeps getting better and better!
  15. So the Twins are obviously a better team than the A's. We're supposed to win. Guess what? We did! I know A's pitchers produced a ton of walks. But can we give at least a little bit of credit for the Twins batters to not bite and take those walks? How about 14 runs scored and not a HR struck? That means, as bad as the A's might be, the Twins still took professional AB and made things happen. Gray may have faced a low leverage lineup, overall, but he got his groove going and did a good job and should build on this going forward, healthy again. There is nothing about this game not to like. There has been conversation about how weak the next few weeks are on our schedule. Maybe so. These things are fluid based on injury and hot streaks. But it's also a perfect time to pad a lead, but more than that, it's a perfect time for a few bats to "get right" and show what you are capable of. And it's the perfect time for Bundy to "get well" again as well as Archer to start believing in his stuff and start pounding the zone again and stretch himself out to at least 5 IP per. NEVER apologize for winning. And never apologize for opportunity to get better.
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