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    My father, and best man I've ever known, was born and raised in South Dakota, as was I for my first 10 years; Brookings, SD, home of the SDSU Jackrabbits. My father passed on his love for the Twins and (heaven help us-lol) the Vikings. I have lived the past 30 plus years in Nebraska, Kearney first (home of the Lopers) and 20 plus years now in Omaha. And yes, I am a died in red wool Husker fan as well. The love of my teams borders on obsession at times. I have been grateful to 59.0 WNAX my whole life for my Twins and Viking games. And the fan in me is thankful every day for satellite TV and the Internet for team information. I live in Omaha with my beautiful, wonderful wife, (also a sports fanatic! But the Bears? Ugh! Lol) my dogs and three kidlets.
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  1. Very Happy! But I am also surprised. Not only does his 2022 stay level vs an immediate jump, his his guaranteed yearly is $1-2M less than I would have expected. Further, I saw things such as MVP or GG or All Star selections being gravy and games played or PA being tied to the meat of his incentives. This is actually very team friendly, without being unfair, and Buck will be worth every dollar of a potential $25M-ish if he's healthy enough and good enough to earn all bonuses any given season. Guarantee you the team will be happy to write that check. Now that that's done....on to pitching!
  2. Before I go any further, i want to make what I feel is an interesting observation that seemed to be glossed over that debater A listed initially, and that is the defensive rankings of the WS winners, as posted, since 2011. With a couple of exceptions, most all defensive rankings were 10th or lower and most in the teens and several in the 20's. But not only is the o,d adage "pitching wins games" but it also was assumed that defense won games, and, of course assisted in better pitching. Is this a greater reflection of the change in the game over the past decade in regard to the 3 outcome? Look, I still think quality defense is important to prevent the other team from scoring and to help your pitching staff PREVENT the other team from scoring. That's still the nature of the game, isn't it? Keep the other team from scoring more runs that you do. But until, or unless, changes in the game swing back another direction....dead balls, changes in shifts, etc....i think defense is important but less so than before. My philosophy hasn't changed in recent years despite changes in the game. I still believe you put together the most BALANCED team together. I want a good defensive team overall to prevent unearned runs. But I would rather have a top 5-6 staff and offense vs a #1-2 staff or offense with the other being in the #10-12 category. I'd take that top 5-6 balanced team every single year for a chance to make the post season and have a shot and not "ride" on a single aspect of my team. Just reflecting back to the initial "A" post, you will witness yet again that there a LOT of ways to actually win the WS. Ironically, the Braves won this past WS the way the Twins won in 1987. Stay in contention, trust what you have, make a move or two, get hot, and ride it out. To this day, there is NO PERFECT FORUMLA to guarantee anything. Man I wish there was and I knew the answer so I could make a few $M a year and retire after my favorite team won a WS or two, LOL. But the way the game is played today, I am building the best lineup I can put together with a couple #2 SP, HOPING for a #1 to emerge, and a pair of NICE #3's and let my #5 be a prospect getting his feet wet and trying to push someone, while building a pen that can shut down the opposition. So yeah, having a true #1 sounds great. And I'd love to have it. But what if he loses? Give me a quality pen and a couple 2 or 3 #2 SP and some depth and give me the powerful and productive lineup and I'll go with that.
  3. To me, there have always been two distinct criteria when I examine if someone is a HOF player. 1] Pure production, and that can be defensively as well as offensive numbers. 2] When said player played, was he amongst the best in MLB at his spot for a number of years. That allows for variances in the game over the decades. As to #2 first, I don't feel I'm a fan or a homer when I state that he was one of the very best CF in MLB for a good 6-7yrs, and a solid RF for a few more. As to point #1, his accolades and production numbers in the OP are worth re-reading again, and I'd invite you to re-read them again yourselves, as I just did again before continuing on. Not going to re-hash them all, but the GG's, the assists, All Star selections, consecutive seasons of HR production etc. Hits and HR BETTER than 11 and 13 of 19 CF already enshrined? ALL of this screams HOF to me. BUT, I think he's a later, veterans type of selection due to 2 things: 1] His first couple of seasons were non-descript offensively and he had a few injuries that held him back. 2] His actual BA and career OPS, despite some very good numbers, probably hold him back. I think he's worthy, or at least in serious conversation. And I'd have him on my ballot. But I feel he just comes a little short, especially today when criteria like OPS have become such a profound measuring stick. I do hope he makes it at some point and if so, I don't think anyone can say he doesn't deserve it. **A quick aside: I'm late on the Nathan OP but just wanted to star that a decade ago Nathan has almost no chance based on perspective and past voting. But with changes not only within the game, but his numbers/production and perspective changes, he should absolutely be a HOF selection at some point. And it's not just about save numbers, it's about dominance, production and numbers for about a decade.
  4. Definitely something to look forward to and contemplate. And there's enough depth at each spot that a couple guys just don't turn out, or are traded, there's another prospect to potentially step in. Would be nice if another LH could step up in the pen. A couple guys you didn't list that I think should be added are Steer and Julian as utility types. I'm excited by them as potential contributors. A lot of fun!
  5. Truth is, there are so many likes here I could use several quotes, but will instead just offer up my $.02 and let it fly. While the FO doesn't exactly have a perfect track record for the patient approach, they have done well there in practice as well as theory. That means, a few years ago they waited and got "great value" for Lynn, etc, even though it didn't turn out. But they also signed Cruz, twice, and grabbed Pineda and a few other solid arms/players, and made late trades for Odorizzi and Maeda. I am NOT defending the FO because I'm kinda pissed off right now they didn't just keep Berrios for all the reasons already disucussed, even though I think there were ways around a 7yr deal, etc, etc. But I KINDA get a contract for a pitcher being a sunk cost and not being smart. EXCEPT, we're not only talking home grown talent, but a durable arm. And, unfortunately, almost EVERY pitcher WILL have an injury at some point. Odds say Berrios will have one as well. But KNOWING that, you still want to bet against him? I wouldn't have, but they did. OK. I kinda agree with the Bonnes idea of having Martin and SWR AND the $ to spend if you spend the $ wisely. So where is the "wise" money going to be spent? No question the Maeda surgery changed the perspective of any plan of a re-tool. But there is real opportunity to add to what the Twins have without blowing things up. And that is what is frustrating me right now. Just shelving the Buxton issue for a moment...which shouldn't be that damn hard with a fair AAV and allow for over $100M with incentives and just get it done...let's just talk about pitching. The Twins FO is patient, we know this. But are they missing the boat RIGHT NOW? There are and will be TOP pitching options and smaller but quality options available a month or two from now when the smoke clears. And there are absolutely trade options that are available now, and a month or so when the CBA gets settled. Falvey and Levine are far smarter than myself and far more plugged in as to the market and projections. I'm sure they have a plan. But as a semi-intelligent individual/fan, I'm really confused as to why they aren't "reading the room" and seeing you have the opportunity to make ONE splash with roster $ and then make a smaller move or two. OR, you could make a pair of medium $14M-ish moves and a smaller 3rd move. But a number of those quality/solid rotation options are disappearing right now. What are they waiting for? Are they waiting for ONE GUY and a couple decent arms? Are they really looking to "deplete" the system they've been trying to build up for trades? Not going to lie, I have been hugely impressed, for the most part, for what the FO has done from the Twins roster and competitive teams and 2 ALC champions down to the changes made in the milb system to their drafts. Hell, they've done so well with coaches and instructors that they've been poached again and again. Funny how some of us forget to remember how bad we stunk before a few good years. So I will give SOME leeway. And I believe ownership will allow a certain amount of leeway. But 2022 is a defining moment for our current FO. And they may have a long term plan that we don't see or understand right now. I get that. But you have a real opportunity to add to your roster and make something happen with that roster via $ and/or a smart trade. Right NOW, PERCEPTION, shows you have no plan other than waiting for something to drop in to your lap. So are you actually re-tooling or re-building? You'd better have an answer because the market seems to be racing ahead of you.
  6. Awesome! Almost did a "spit take" when I read this! I bet Brian would have a huge chuckle at this. But it does make me wonder...what happened to Brian? I really miss him.
  7. Thank you for the report, and every report previous. This was not an outstanding group the Twins sent to the AFL this year. I think that was, honestly, they just didn't want to tax some arms that were limited due to injures, AND, they just wanted a look-see at some guys with potential and question marks. I'm OK with that. Final review/opinion: Wallner will be at AA and a fixture and reminds me of Larnach. His eye might be not as good as Larnach at this point, but I think he's got a real future as long as his defense is OK and he doesn't turn in to a K machine. I'm encouraged by his AFL OB%. Featherstone and Funderburk are similar, so I include both here. The results weren't the same in the AFL, but they both continued to SO batters, and show areas of needed improvement. The difference is final results in a SSS. Both seem destined for AA Wichita. Both may end up in the pen, which is fine, but Funderburk seems to at least warranted a shot in the rotation for now. It's OK for ANY pitcher to transition to the pen and find a home there and excel. But it's OK to also keep someone in the rotation as long as possible to see what happens. SSS in the AFL, Funderbburk is in the rotation for 2022 and Featherstone moves to the pen. Both need to work on control. The good news is both are a couple LH arms who could have a quality future in the pen a couple years from now. That doesn't suck. Sisk, just being honest, was a throw-in. Nice to see him and Funderburk finish strong. If ONE of them continues to improve and become a quality pen piece, GREAT! Thought Bechtold might be a steal at 3B when drafted. He's done little since until the power suddenly developed in 2021. Now he's trying to use his arm to play catcher. IF his bat and defense can maintain and he can learn to be at least a decent catcher, he has a shot. But he's Hamilton with more potential power. He's got 2022 to prove he's worth keeping around. Helman is the AFL guy I was really interested in. He's an athlete with speed, versatility, and budding power. My hope was he would build on a solid 2021 to become a solid future option. And maybe his play was better than his numbers, but I was disappointed in what he did. Hopefully he takes a step forward in 2022 with Witchita and establishes himself as a late bloomer super utility player who has some future. Pleased with what Laweryson did. Repeat what I said before that he might be the 2022 version of Gibson-long and Gross. A guy who isn't a top pick who has something to work with and some projectability who is ready to take another step. Short story? Wallner has real potential. I think Laweryson has a real shot. Featherstone, Funderburk, Sisk, prove it at AA Wichita. Bechtold and Helman are about out of chances, IMO. They get ST and maybe half a season to prove they have a shot before being passed over.
  8. I actually hated to lose him 2018 and thought he would have been a valuable multi-position option for us. I wasn't so concerned with losing him in 2019-20 due to Marwin and Adrianza on the club. If we got the 2018-19 version of Goodrum I'd be very pleased. But I'm going to echo just what everyone else has already stated, I didn't know his glove at SS was that good. Most of the games I've watched the past few years he's usually been stationed somewhere else. So yep, if his glove is that good, I'm in on him as one of a handful of options I'd be happy with. He offers an OK bat for the position with some decent speed and power as well.
  9. Love your belief in Steer as I share it as well. I just don't know at this time if Steer is going to ever have a full time spot...unless he can surprise us at SS...due to being potentially locked by Polanco and Miranda. But that's OK! I think he is going to be GOOD and valuable and flexible and a tremendous utility type. He might appear in 2022 but I'm looking more at 2023. I am also very excited for Julian on a similar timetable. It may sound silly to some to be excited about utility players...barring injury or trade...but I fully embrace a roster that is deep and flexible. But I have a good feeling that BOTH of these guys have a chance to be integral parts of the Twins roster very soon as great "bench" pieces who play all over and contribute. For those few who might not be paying full attention, position player wise, the Twins are trying to build a roster the way the Dogers and Rays have done, and are looking at the best EVERYDAY options as well as versatility and depth. And I have a really good feeling about both these guys.
  10. If your monthly numbers are correct, then my memory is shot, lol. I guess I should have been more clear that, as best I can recall, the power was there but the hitting was inconsistent. I may be right, or may be mis-remembering. And I guess that was where I was coming from. I hope I'm right that the bat isn't proven yet to other teams enough to select and stash him.
  11. Agreed it's hard to pat the owners on the back for doing something they should have done a long time ago. But I will at least give credit for finally getting this done. The ability to make meals shouldn't be dismissed. There certainly are hotels who gave kitchenettes, so I do think those are viable options. Agree with Steve71 that a smart and progressive owner should be doing all they can to go the extra mile for their investment in the lifeblood of their franchise.
  12. They kept the 6 they needed to keep and I'm glad they didn't play games with Enlow' s status. Someone would have grabbed him and stashed him. I would have liked to keep Schulfer, Contreras and Gore. Schulfer has the velocity to be interesting but his numbers don't exactly jump out at this point. He might be selected, and from there, who knows. But it's pretty hard to add 7-8-9 guys to the 40 man at this point for almost anyone. I hope be doesn't get selected, or is returned. Contreras and Gore are interesting, but not especially young. And Gore is still new to the mound. I hope both stay with the Twins, but again, you only have so many spots available. Love the improvement by Palacios and I have some hope for him. But despite solid overall numbers, his bat was inconsistent. Not sure anyone takes a gamble on him right now. I just don't think Severino is ready for a big move yet. Doesn't mean someone not expected to contend couldn't stash either one of these guys, but they also have their own players and own rosters to protect and run through. As far as Cave goes, I'll repeat I was 50-50 if the Twins would keep him. He's an experienced and inexpensive 4th OF with 2 quality seasons before a bad 2020. (Not the only one who did). He hurt his back very early in 2021 and basically had a lost year. He has an option and be can also be cut with no $ repercussion. He's kept for depth. If someone gets claimed, sticks, and does well elsewhere it would be easy to claim the Twins blew it. But even at that, if Cave had been cut, which other prospect do you keep in his place? How could we be certain that THAT ONE was the RIGHT ONE to protect? All I'm saying is, you protect the best 40 you can with the knowledge, belief, and information you have. Some of it is guesswork, unfortunately. I don't know that I would have protected him. But based on his first 2 seasons and healthy again, yeah, I can see why they kept him for depth.
  13. At this point, I'm not upset, and have been 50/50 that the Twins would keep him. His defense is pretty decent and definitely improved in CF. We have to remember he was a solid hitter his first 2 seasons, OPS of .786 and .805. Personally I write off his 2020, as I have for a lot of guys who had a bad year then, and not just for the Twins. He also hurt his back very early in 2021, and I believe he even tried to play a couple of games before his season was basically over. With an option remaining, however, and a need to prove himself again, I don't think he's a lock to make the opening roster at all.
  14. The OP is 100% correct by Cody. The DH spot doesn't have to be ONE GUY. It never has to have been unless you have a special player to fill that spot. Despite the offense needing some greater consistency, the power and the hitting seems to be there. Despite some poor seasons and injuries that mucked things up, and the loss of Cruz the last couple of months, the overall run production was good. I know potential trades could change the complexion of things, but reflect on what is on hand for the time being. Arraez needs to play daily as a 2B/3B/LF/DH option to set the table. Donaldson still needs a few half days off. Sano needs to play at 1B and DH. AK will play 1B and OF. Garver needs to be in the lineup as much as possible. That means some DH time, MAYBE some 1B time as well. Larnach is free to grab the LF job, spending some time in RF as well, if and when he grabs a permanent job. And then there is Miranda, the hottest prospect we've had in years. He needs to play! And while I wouldn't stick him at DH, he allows others to take a day there. DH is not an issue. Too many good bats/players to fill the daily 1-9 is a GOOD problem to have.
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