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    My father, and best man I've ever known, was born and raised in South Dakota, as was I for my first 10 years; Brookings, SD, home of the SDSU Jackrabbits. My father passed on his love for the Twins and (heaven help us-lol) the Vikings. I have lived the past 30 plus years in Nebraska, Kearney first (home of the Lopers) and 20 plus years now in Omaha. And yes, I am a died in red wool Husker fan as well. The love of my teams borders on obsession at times. I have been grateful to 59.0 WNAX my whole life for my Twins and Viking games. And the fan in me is thankful every day for satellite TV and the Internet for team information. I live in Omaha with my beautiful, wonderful wife, (also a sports fanatic! But the Bears? Ugh! Lol) my dogs and three kidlets.
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  1. I get you 100%! But other teams have scouts and, presumably, they are competent. Watts has shown flashes and some projection. Lynch was largely a disappointment, but is only in his 2nd year. Twyman opting out and then getting overweight and blowing his testing is what shoved him down the board, not his potential or what he did previously. Look, I am all about the Vikings building the best defense and DL they can! I'm just worried that if everyone is healthy, in shape, and working with Patterson with actual camps and pre-season that we are going to lose a quality DT to someone with real po
  2. Sticking only to the OP.... 1] Agreed it's way too soon to speculate but I appreciate John's efforts with the trade deadline comingup. 2] Part of the reason it's too early is 2021 revenue is impossible to determine at this point. And I don't have current projections and goodness knows what the Twins are speculating only 1/3 of the season gone. And yes, it appears the Twins are done from a competitive standpoint this season. But with better health and better overall play this team may be able to reach .500. Further, with 100% capacity and fans just wanting to do to the park after not
  3. Yes. 5DT. No problem. But Watts actuallyshows real potential. Lynch was rather disappointing as a rookie, but also has real potential and was tossed in to a weird season with NO camps or pre-season to develop. Then we draft Twyman late who would have been a 2nd round pick last year if he came out. But sitting out and a poor performance in workouts made him slide. I'm OK with the Richardson signing because it makes us deeper and better! But from a futures perspective, who from Watts, Lynch and Twyman do you see going unclaimed in order to be part of the PS? I'm thinking we'd be very lucky
  4. Well played Broc...well played! Just my opinion, but I ABSOLUTELY believe Astudillo is a ML player. And I have watched his defense closely every single time I've watched him, except that I have missed him at 2B and CF. And I ABSOLUTELY believe he brings something to this team beyond being an OK hitter and OK/solid/decent defender wherever he plays. He is that last guy on a MLB roster who can fill in wherever you need. He is that last guy on an NFL roster who is a great ST player and brings energy. And he is that last guy on an NBA roster who seldom plays, but brings that passion and energ
  5. Thank you for a quality post and kind words. Of course, it seems we're mostly on the same page too, LOL. I also don't want "dumpster dives" for the rotation, though I really don't like that term. I have ZERO inside information as to the workings of the FO. But I like to think I'm pretty intelligent. (Some would agree...some might argue, lol). To me the pitching staff was put together in a very intelligent way, despite the results. We all have to remember that Happ has been pretty good for his career and was coming off a very solid 2020 despite being a LH in Yankees stadium. He was, it ap
  6. Yes to trading Happ, Shoemaker and probably Colome, assuming you can get anything for them. (I say probably on Colome as he's been unusually poor but is showing life as of late. Can he build trade value yet?) I don't WANT to trade Cruz but he may have value to a handful of contending teams and couple bring a decent A level prospect or a AA level pitcher with a live arm transitioning to the pen. IMO, nobody will want Donaldson, not because he isn't z fine player, but because of the contract. And by the Twins kick in enough $ to make a trade palatable, I'm not sure the return is better than
  7. "Paging Mr. Serling, Mr. Rod Serling...you're wanted in the Twlight Room." The Twins have won 3 In a row and have generally been playing much better the past few weeks, even with a few bad losses. They're also get healthy again. Now, it's far too late for any 2/3 of a season "back in contention" miracle, but what a possible .500 finish while building confidence and momentum for 2022? And how about continuing to get experience for Jefffers, Rotvedt, Kirilloff, Larnach, Gordon, Alcala, Dobber, Ober and anyone else we haven't seen yet but will? Three quick thoughts: 1] Despite som
  8. My only problem was choosing to give up on Anderson so soon. I liked a lot of things about Wade and if he was a little better in CF and RH I might have been upset about the trade. But really, with Kirilloff and Larnach joining the ML club now, where would Wade have fit? I just think the 40 man roster game hasn't been played nearly as well as it's been played before and should have found some way to keep Anderson for at least the rest of the season. It does seem like the Hamilton kid has supplanted him in the Twins mind.
  9. A good list and very little arguement. I would bump Canterino up a spot or two and drop Sabato a spot or two. Nothing against Sabato, who I think hcould be dangerous, but I want to see a little more production and I think being a 1B/DH knocks him down slightly at this early point. Wondering, considering youth and past rankings, where would you place Javier now that he's healthy and looking like he might finally be growing in to the productive player everyone has always dreamed of?
  10. Look, Maeda is NOT himself right now. He may or may not be the pitcher we saw in 2020. But career numbers and his ST performance and injury would tell you he's going to rebound. Berrios has been a rock, despite some ups and downs. For the 100th time, he's still 27yo plus and is a 2 time All Star. Again, for the 100th time, he and the Twins have changed his work out routine to allow for a full season of endurance and performance. And we haven't seen the results yet after the weird season that 2020 was. He may or may not ever achieve the ACE status that so many wish for. Me included. But de
  11. I like your post but am going to slightly disagree. I've read, heard and seen in regard to AK at 1B. I keep hearing he could potentially be a Gold Glover at 1B and carry on a great tradition of outstanding Twins 1B. And there's nothing wrong with that! I just think he's undersold as an OF. I've seen nothing negative to tell me be can't be a solid corner OF. And right now, I just don't want to pigeon hole him at 1B exclusively. What's wrong with letting him continue to play both and we'll see what the future brings? I believe in roster flexibility.
  12. You stoll my thunder Stringer! LOL I have literally been thinking about the EXACT same topic a lot recently but hadn't sat down to post. I think...word for word...you just about nailed every thing I've been thinking about. I will say I disagree on the catching time share. I think we have too SSS this season to say it can't or wouldn't work. Remember, Jeffers is still a rookie and has stated recently he wasn't feeling great at the plate and found his stroke, with a couple small adjustments made, when he was over in St Paul. And let's not forget Garver was coming off a poor and injury plag
  13. Protecting Ober's arm, which I kinda get. But only to a degree. I would have given him one more. But protecting his arm and a chance for Thielbar to get back in a groove with a day off tomorrow? I get it.
  14. Ober confuses me. TREMENDOUS numbers and peripherals for his career but injuries hold him back. He misses ALL of 2020 in regard to the secondary site and the instructional league but works hard on his own to find and refine a delivery that maximizes his delivery and prevents injury and soreness the next day. Suddenly he's in the 90's with control and movement on his stuff and looks like the best young pitcher we've seen in a couple years. I know it's SSS, but I haven't seen anything yet to tell me this kid isn't an actual ML SP option. I honestly think this kid may be a keeper.
  15. Garver as a backup catcher and at 1B and maybe primary DH in 2022?
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