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    My father, and best man I've ever known, was born and raised in South Dakota, as was I for my first 10 years; Brookings, SD, home of the SDSU Jackrabbits. My father passed on his love for the Twins and (heaven help us-lol) the Vikings. I have lived the past 30 plus years in Nebraska, Kearney first (home of the Lopers) and 20 plus years now in Omaha. And yes, I am a died in red wool Husker fan as well. The love of my teams borders on obsession at times. I have been grateful to 59.0 WNAX my whole life for my Twins and Viking games. And the fan in me is thankful every day for satellite TV and the Internet for team information. I live in Omaha with my beautiful, wonderful wife, (also a sports fanatic! But the Bears? Ugh! Lol) my dogs and three kidlets.
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  1. I think he's going to be a relatively slow riser making steady yearly progress. He sure sounds like a good all around athlete with the ability to stick at SS. I think the key for him will be adding some muscle/power to his bat without outgrowing the position physically.
  2. A great article Matt, and well thought out and debated. But I think we have to define what is meant by "career" in this debate. Even if we ignore the greater longevity of Carew...and mnfireman did an interesting 12yr breakdown between the two...his numbers are just better than Puckett's. And then you factor in similar accolades PLUS the longevity and I'd have to say Carew was better. But if we talk about "career" as reaching the mountain top in the sport and individual accomplishment...despite it still being a team game...then Puckett had the better career as he reached and won the WS twice. So in that sense he had the better "career" by reaching that pinnacle. They are both outstanding ballplayers to say the least.
  3. I'm with MN_ExPat. I am a fan and supporter of baseball and want it healthy and growing and being the best it can be. Even now, my "SIDE" is baseball and not the owners or players. But at some point I have to shake my head at the owners. I fully appreciate that it's a business. I would NEVER tell a business owner you shouldn't make money, or lose money, just to put your product out there. But the overall product of MLB is better with competition and excitement for the various fan bases. That excitement allows for growth, which means even MORE MONEY coming in! It's basic business sense. And one of the best things they can do is share the wealth more evenly to create better competition, in other words, a more equitable playing field for all. But I can understand some large market teams hesitant for greater profit sharing because they haven't created a FLOOR that basically forces smaller market teams to spend vs pocketing money shared. So they aren't holding THEMSELVES in check! And while I support the players on a higher annual pay scale, greater yearly guaranteed increases, and some sort of earlier FA for players who reach the league at an older age, I simply can't condone a pervasive attitude about increasing the luxury tax threshold and a universal earlier FA status that caters to the high market teams. It absolutely feels as though they want to cater to the top 20% and let everyone else in their union fend for themselves. Shouldn't they be more concerned about the competitive nature of the game they play, the growth of their profession, and greater financial benefits for their entire union? I don't see an easy answer here only because basic logic seems to be thrown put the window on both sides. And Manfred, being employed by the owners, doesn't have enough love for the game, common sense, or brass, to just remind or inform the owners that they have the ability to make this all work if they just "balance" their own portion of financial responsibility in regard to the health of the game. I'm not on the side of the players for some of the demands they have made. But I think the onus is on ownership to put something together that makes sense for both sides and the good of the game.
  4. Good, bad, right, or wrong, push has come to shove and the Twins have to either package a bunch of arms in deals, OR, they have to start pitching and auditioning these kids for now and the future. And I think we know which way they're going to go. And I'm OK with that, it's got to be done. We might even surprise a lot of pundits, and ourselves, and actually have an OK year piecing it all together. I still think they will sign at least one additional FA arm, maybe two, because it's a long season, presumedly, and we need IP. BTW, nice to have you back Brian! Missed ya dude!
  5. I have to confess I forgot to list Ober in my post, but only because I was thinking he's "made it" at this point and not a "prospect" only because he no longer qualifies as a rookie. So that was me placing a qualifier on him. But adding him to the conversation, and he should be, onlybre-affirms my position on the numbers who will meet your criteria. And I like your breakdown of two groupings. One so very close and another too far away right now but talented and worth speculating on. Concerning the 2nd group, Hajjer and Povich could sky rocket being high selections and college pitchers. Enlow will obviously need a little time to get healthy and re-established again. Not sure what I might be missing on Sands. So many have him penciled in as a bullpen piece but he's been getting the job done in the rotation each and every year. I found it very interesting during the last Gleeman and the Geek podcast that Aaron had heard Raya looked terrific coming out of instructs. Lastly, I'm higher on Strotman than most. He was actually ranked higher than Ryan in the Ray's system before his injury. Post TJ he skipped AA and went straight to AAA. That's pretty significant. His control was a little off, as might be expected, but his overall performance was quite good. Now, was he trying to hard to prove himself to the Twins post trade, or was he running out of gas? Hard to say. But he's got the frame, mid to upper 90's velocity with at least decent offerings. I could easily be wrong, but I've just got a feeling he's going to surprise us this year.
  6. I have no issue with his prospect "ranking" dropping because it won't make a bit of difference to him or the Twins. Especially when he makes it. But to put everything in perspective, I believe he played most of 2019 with an injury. I want to say an ankle but can't recall completely. The Twins still thought enough of him to promote him just after mid season. And while he never hit well, he was healthy and ready to go in the AFL where he was the MVP, flashing his potential. I don't know if anyone really knows what he looked like in 2020 over in St Paul but I have yet to hear anything negative. So he was still working and scrimaging with coaches and teammates instead of playing Xbox, as someone referenced. The bad knee before 2021 hurts and slows his development down. But despite no milb season in 2020, he still put in the work. I don't know when he'll be ready, but I fly expect that he WILL make it. And it could be as early as 2023, with a chance of a late 2022 debut. I could care less about anyone's public ranking of him.
  7. About Duran specifically, while he might indeed end up in the pen, after a missed 2020 and elbow issues in 2021...quite possibly due to the lost 2020...baby the guy and his arm all you have to in order to stretch him out and ap him back up. He's not old. His arm is special and his stuff can be filthy. Give him all of this season if you have to, but you absolutely keep him in the rotation.
  8. I said 8-9 and not just because I'm a homer and eternal optimist. I chose that due to the number of viable arms in the system, and because eventually a couple of them will be traded to other teams and probably have some success elsewhere. Additionally, a couple will meet the criteria as RP. MLR, love the post and I think your criteria is fair. But in addition to "how many" we could also discuss a list of "most likely". Granted, that's hard due to some very interesting arms only drafted the last couple of years and delays from covid, etc, just saying it might be interesting to discuss "best bets" as far as we can speculate. I like Ryan a lot, though I'm not sure yet if he rises above being a #3. I disagree his delivery is a problem. I think it's just "different" wich is also part of what makes him so successful despite average velocity. I think Winder and Balazovic have the stuff, and the build, to be stalwarts. How good could they be? I NEVER predict ANYTHING like ACE potential because it's just bogus to do so. History has shown flame outs and guys you never expected to be an ACE becoming such after a few years of experience. But I would say these 2 have a real chance to be top of the order arms. PURE STUFF in the system belongs to Duran, Canterino and the way too young to even talk about Petty. IMO, we simply can't dismiss 2020 affecting 2021 and be woeful in regard to injuries suffered by pitchers. ALL teams were affected at both the ML AND the milb level. At this point there is zero reason to believe Duran and Canterino are injury risks. How about they just have a "normal" off-season now and see what 2022 brings? As talented as they both are, I'm 100% OK if the Twins "baby" them a bit initially. Cantrino has a very strange windup. I get that. But he states it's comfortable,repeatable, and it produced a great college career. For now, I'm accepting of what he says and waiting to see what this season brings. At WORST, these 2 provide a high ceiling as BP arms IF their delivery/arms force such a move. I think Sands just might surprise us all. He just keeps doing well and keeps getting the job done. Vallimont's control, and WHIP, were much better in 2019 than 2021. His K rates are great and his stuff is nasty. That's why he was protected. Just how good might he be if the 2019 version is closer to his potential? Granted, he's a wild card in this conversation as a SP or RP or flameout. But he's got an arm! SWR is just so young, and promoted so quickly, but is and has been so highly regarded as a prospect with so much potential, who cares if he needs 2yrs to arrive? Strotman is a guy I'm focusing on. He throws mid to upper 90's and seems to have some solid secondary pitches. He's been promoted aggressively after his TJ. His AAA numbers before the Twins acquired him were very solid. He's confessed he was still working on some things and maybe tried too hard to impress his new team after the trade. He was NOT a "throw in" with Ryan in the Cruz trade. I'm going to stop here before I get in to the next 5-7 options including Varland, Gipson-Long, Laweryson, etc, our top draftees from 2021, etc. And I haven't touched on BP options such as Moran, Gore, etc. I don't need to. Not everyone will make it, much less make a difference or meet the OP criteria. But the depth and number of options to "make a difference" and meet the listed criteria tells me at least 8-9 will do so. We should be very excited about what's coming up the next couple of years, and what they might become, IMHO.
  9. I'm still really confused about Petty's draft slot, though I am super pleased we got him. He seems to compare favorably to Greene coming out of HS ball, but was selected over 20 picks later. IIRC, Greene might have had a little bigger frame when selected. Is that the only reason? Really pleased but puzzled Petty lasted as long as he did, despite the inherent risk that comes with a HS arm. I completely agree with jmlease1 that in addition to perfecting his change, what he has to work on most is learning how to "pitch". And I think that's something a lot of people forget when looking at velocity and sweeping breaking balls and high K rates. Pitching is still an art form to be learned, how to approach and set up hitters, etc. It's not pure stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if he spends all of 2022 at Ft Myers. I also wouldn't be surprised if he spent a month at Cedar Rapids to end the season, especially if the change starts to round in to form. I also wouldn't be surprised if he spends some time in 2023 between A+ and AA working on a 4th offering, a cutter or splitter perhaps, to play off that FB and slider. Even if it was an occasional "show me" pitch, any sort of 4th offering, even mediocre, could really confuse batters.
  10. I'm happy with all 3 choices and think all are very deserving. Gladden, IMO, brought more to the team than defense and some solid but not incredible numbers. He brought hustle, spirit, and a bit of an edge that I think really helped propel both WS teams. (Personally, I like him as the color guy on the radio even if his play by play is a little rough.) I know some are a little down on Gardy and I'm not going to belabor any of the points I've heard before. While he was in charge of some bad teams, I'm not sure how some of those poor teams are his fault. Further, he was the man in charge of some very good, winning, playoff teams. He never got us to the WS, and a few injuries didn't help. The FO might have made a difference if they had added even a couple more depth pieces as well. But I can't deny the success so many of his teams had. I didn't always like everything he said or did, but I can't argue with those good seasons. He was still the man in charge for those good years. Tovar probably should have been in already.
  11. I want to say Puckett. I loved what he did on the field and his smile and love for the game and the energy he played with. I listened to his debut on the radio and have loved Kirby since day one. But there is just something about Hrbek, the local kid who did good, the outstanding 1B who never got the love he deserved for his defense, or his consistency, who ALWAYS produced in a quiet way that makes him my all time favorite. FWIW, Puckett is a super close #2 with Hunter and Cuddyer tied for #3.
  12. I am OK with the Bundy signing, and was when I'm pretty sure I mentioned somewhere along the line a couple months ago as a flier candidate. I expect no magic and I doubt he will be the 2020 version of himself. But if he can be a mixture of his best Orioles days and 2020, we have a solid #3 who will pitch better than that some days. But I'm just not excited. I don't think Dobnak is done. He FLEW through the system in 2019 before hitting the ML level and looked like he belonged. He was quite good in 2020 and helped stabilize the staff for about 3/4 of that abbreviated season before a bad game where he got squeezed and the defense let him down. IIRC, I want to say he had a slight injury and wasn't quite the same and was sent out. Still not sure I understand his having a great 2021 ST but being squeezed out. I think that was a big mistake that he he never had time to recover from. He didn't seem comfortable as a RP, but did well at St Paul before being promoted again and then getting hurt. I remain totally confused if his new slider was an illusion that was quickly figured out, or was he hurting before officially being injured, or did he just never get in a groove before being injured due to his bouncing around? Combination of all 3?? I agree he could get passed by quickly with all the young arms on the rise, many of which we will see in 2022. But I think he's smart enough, bulldog enough, and has enough stuff to be an OK, solid backend SP without his "new" slider. But I have to see him do it again at this point. But I haven't given up on him yet. Cotton is a mystery man I wasn't crazy about when they got him. Of course, I knew nothing about him. Then I dug in to his history, his stuff and rankings, his injuries, and his "rebirth" as a RP for Texas in AAA and how he finished 2021 in their pen. My first thought then was, why on earth did they let him walk? Healthy again, he's got the stuff to be a legitimate pen option. Now I read discussion he might be a SP sleeper candidate. Maybe. It would be a huge stretch at this point in his career, IMO. There comes a time when certain things just pass you by. I believe he has reached the point in his career where he has a chance to be a quality middle man who can go 1-3IP and be effective but that's probably his ceiling. Of course, he could also be an opener depending on how the Twins approach their 2022 season, but the job is pretty much the same. I honestly can't rank these 3. I believe all of them could "bounce back" to actually contribute, but all in different ways. I think Cotton gets ML time, but the Twins are going to rotate arms all season long for audition and usage sake. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But it's up to Cotton to show enough and prove enough he should STAY up. We need GS and IP. Unless the FO surprises or dazzles us with moves, they will probably add at least one mediocre SP, maybe two. I keep thinking Pineda and either Tyler Anderson or Kikuchi. (For the record, I'm far more interested in Kikuchi and some untapped potential). Even then, there is going to be a lot of opportunity to promote and audition about 10 young arms across the season in various roles. (Starters and relievers). Bundy has ML experience and an uneven portfolio. And his 2nd year option is a "if the light comes on" option and nothing more. Make no mistake about that. Dobber is younger, cheaper, and may have as much upside right now. Twist my arm, I'd pick Dobnak over Bundy as the better bounce back option.
  13. While RP can indeed just lose it all of a sudden, Rogers is still only 31yo and shown no loss of velocity and never has had any major injury that I can recall. I'd like to think his finger is going to be OK and he'll be his old self again. And that old self is someone I think has another 2-3 really good seasons left. Still, I just can't extend him until I see him throw and feel the finger is going to hold up.
  14. Just wanted to say that Canterino didn't pitch much in 2019 due to his coming off a a college season in which he nearly hit 100 innings. Like most everyone, he missed 2020 except for some instructs and the like. Now, I think he should have jumped to AA to begin the year, but I'm sure he would have been there quickly. But the lost 2020 season affected a lot of pitching prospects and not just in the Twins system. Injuries like TJ can happen to any pitcher at any time. But unless something has happened more serious, potentially, that the Twins know and none of us are privy to, he was shut down as a precautionary move. I think we should accept that at this point. Same with Duran, Winder, etc.
  15. Yes to Ortiz. Yes to Nathan based on the changes of the game the last 10-20yrs and how good he was and how dominate and how he ranks against some other RP in and being considered. At worst, he should get enough votes to remain on the ballot for a while for further consideration. Maybe to Hunter. There was a tremendous OP about his consideration and value about a month ago that really gives pause when you look at awards, numbers and accomplishments and how he ranked vs CF's already enshrined. Seems like an obvious choice. Then you look at things like career BA and OPS and you just aren't as sure. I do enjoy the "if Harold Baines deserved it" argument and there's something to be said for that. I think he's worthy, but he might be a "just worthy" candidate who may need a couple years on the ballot for voters to reflect and appreciate his career more. No to Justin and AJ. AJ had a long, productive and excellent career. I think he was often undervalued. And maybe I'm wrong, but it didn't appear "special" enough to warrant the HOF. Justin is a HOF guy, teammate, representative of MLB, etc. He WAS "special" on the field. He was probably on his way to a potential HOF type career before he/it was curtailed by his concussions. The "what could have been" mantra is well known to even younger Twins fans when you reflect on Oliva, Puckett, Koskie, Mauer and the recently retired Liriano. We should probably also include Santana in the conversation. Now, Puckett made it. Oliva finally did. And if Morneau had been a catcher, SS, CF, or even a quality RF the discussion of a career shortened due to injury might be different. But I think his being 1B ...and a damn fine one...will exclude him from the "what if" worthy of consideration formula. It may not be fair, but it's reality.
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