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  1. This is great, great news. It is a big risk given his injury history but he also could be a top 5 to top 10 player in all of baseball and if he does manage that then this deal is a steal for the Twins. There really is no one who can replace him with the speed, power and defensive combo he posses. I am a happy Twins fan today. Thank you Byron Buxton for staying with the team I love and the fans who love watching you play.
  2. A little surprised on Vallimont but I guess the K rate was just too good to ignore. With the control problems where he isn't even close to the strike zone he remains a wild card and I think the pen is his best chance for success. Personally I would have went with Contraras over Cave but I guess they feel with that with Mark's age and limited upside they were less likely to lose him via rule V. Still he is an above average defender who can play all three outfield positions and showed some power last year. He would be cheaper than Cave and an equal or better defender who can't be any worse than Cave was with the bat last year. I would not be surprised to see Shulfer and Gore picked in rule V. Both had good K rates but they are older and Gore is not that experienced so who knows. I think a bottom team should pick Palacios. The bat look close to ready and defense is good enough to hold down the position. I would at least take a look if I were another team. The Twins have literally nothing at short and leaving the one player who could possibly step in there seems odd to me. If they are not believers and I am Palacios I say it is time to try another team. I don't see Severino as the next Baddoo mainly because he doesn't have his plate discipline I think he would be a pretty massive reach in the Rule V draft. I think they picked the right guys to protect but I still think we could lose some guys again as well.
  3. If that is what it would have taken to extend Berrios they should have done it. He has been one of the most durable pitchers in baseball and pretty consistent the last few years as well. He has had his end of the season swoons but overall he is about as rock solid as you are going to get. That is a hard commodity to find in a ML Baseball pitcher. I think the Blue Jays helped themselves a lot with this deal. The FO better be sure that they develop the pitching they need and there will be major pressure for SWR to work out now. He needs to be a younger version of Jose to make that deal work IMO. I know they got a fairly sure thing in Martin but losing pitching for hitting doesn't make sense given their current situation. 20M per year seems pretty reasonable and keeping your home grown guy seems even better. If he was looking for 25 or more I could see having no choice but to make a trade, but I think 20M was the sweet spot and the Jays got it done. Kind of bummed about that trade now.
  4. That is some good stuff. I think Colome will bounce back next year. He won't be elite or anything but he won't be as bad as last year either. Still glad the Twins let him go. It just wasn't going to be a good fit.
  5. I was surprised he passed through to be honest as there are some pretty poor pitching teams that could have used him. I guess as you said the price was not right until the CBA is settled I guess there will be more of these types of deals. Teams will still have a chance to grab him in FA so I bet things work out for him once the CBA is settled.
  6. I think this move is best for both parties. Colome needs a fresh start and he can't get that with the Twins. If he stayed any little bumps and the fans would be all over him. Honestly I think he can rebound from last year but I am happy he is not going to be on next years Twins team.
  7. Happy for Eddie and Ehire. That Braves team was the second to last team I had for winning the WS. I only had Chicago's chances as lower. Hard to believe almost every deadline move they made worked out with guys having bad years. Just mind boggling really that plus the tough injuries they faced just blows my mind that they won it all. Houston just didn't have the pitching to get it done in the end. They didn't hit consistently enough either. Happy for Atlanta but have to admit I didn't see it coming.
  8. I agree with you especially on Strotman. I got to watch him on MiLB a couple of times and his delivery really looks smooth. He was a little too hittable last year but he looks good out there. He has the pitches to be a starter the Twins just need to get him over the hump with missing more bats and they could really have something. I like his chances next year and like you will be disappointed if he duplicates his past season. He needs be better next year and I believe he will breakout. Sabato is a good breakout candidate as well. Guys that control the strike zone and take their walks generally tend to have good odds of making it. If he can just make more contact I will be able to get behind him. He is not a player that can put his bat on almost anything and make contact like Miranda or Rosario. I also worry about Sabato and breaking balls but he was soo bad to start the year last year there is almost no to go but up. A breakout would bring a sigh of relief for that pick but I am not holding my breath it will happen given the flaws I have seen.
  9. I had the Braves out of the playoffs and even if in doing nothing mainly because I didn't think they had the pitching to win a world series.. Baseball is crazy game the 87 Twins were another team that shouldn't have but did win a WS. It is fun when teams come out of nowhere and get hot and just get it done. It is what makes baseball so much fun.
  10. No way to know how things will end with Eddie but if the tiger doesn't change his stripes then I have to believe it ends with a massive Eddie mistake at some point and slump to follow. I wish him nothing but the best but I think his flaws are his flaws and strengths are his strengths. The past two years he hasn't been that good so it seems like the shooting star that he is, is likely to fade out at any point now. Hopefully he keeps his hot streak going through the WS.
  11. Very happy for Eddie one of the most fun players to watch as he plays with so much emotion. He does have a tendency to focus in clutch situations. That being said someone forgot to tell the Dodgers you don't need to throw strikes to get Eddiie out. Just go low and away then with two strikes go low and very away and usually an easy swing and miss out. Pitching him inside is dangerous and anything close to straight also dangerous. At any rate good for Eddie. With the past tough two years he deserves some good karma. I hope he keeps the hot streak going as I don't want to see the Dodgers in the WS anyway. Go Eddie.
  12. Whether they are freak or not I do worry about how injury prone Buxton has been. Literally not being able to complete a full season he is the ultimate risk. That being said when he plays he is a true difference maker. He is the ultimate offensive threat as you don't want to walk him as that likely turns into a double. You don't want to give him too many good pitches or he will likely just hit one over the fence. With his speed pitchers are almost forced to pitch to him so I think his offensive talent remains elite. He is most likely an MVP candidate every\any year he can play near a full season. I don't think his talent is really replaceable as he is kind of a unicorn type player. I think the Twins should think long and hard about that extension. I think they have to take the risk and sign him. He is the only elite offensive\defensive talent they have on this team. Losing him would really set them back IMO.
  13. Dman

    Jorge Polanco and The Twins

    I guess you get more moving Polanco but looking at the numbers it seems almost better to trade Arraez rather than Polanco. Polanco has a known cost for the next 4 years and looks to be more than worth the investment. He has power which is a skill that has been very important to this organization. He is a top producer who is a borderline all star player. I just don't think this is the kind of player you give up and get better by moving. He is the exact type of player any team would be happy to fall into as he looks like a plus defender at his position. Has some speed. Has power and some OnBase skills. His K rate is good too. He is the wrong player to trade at the wrong time. You could trade him two years from now and still get a haul. If you want a guy to trade go with the guy with the shaky Knee's who has no power and isn't all that fast. Who likely can be replaced by Miranda or Martin. Heck if Gordon ups his game a little he might not be far off of Arraez's numbers. I just don't think Polanco is the right player to trade at this time.
  14. They maybe didn't have to make the move this week but I think the strategy was that maybe if they could get him past the few bottom teams he might slip through. None of the playoff teams were likely going to take him so that eliminates almost 10 teams. It was a long shot but one they must have felt they needed to take if he likely wasn't going to be ready for 2022. I don't love the move in a vacuum but as others have said let's wait and see how they fill out the 40 man before getting too upset.
  15. I always liked Colina's potential but that is what it always was just potential. His fastball was hard but always came in pretty straight and he also had trouble controlling it. His MLB debut although only .1 inning (SSS Alert) appeared to indicate his stuff in its current form wouldn't play at the MLB level. Obviously some tweaks can change that but he didn't have the look of an elite arm to me. It is unfortunate he was hurt this year and we never got to see if he could turn the corner or not. I kind of feel he is a bit Graterol like with the straight 100 MPH fastball that can be hit and maybe not getting quite the results you might hope. Factor in the arm injury history and it makes things even more murky. I think this comes down to 40 man space and protecting some players with better long term potential. We saw this year how small the 40 man can feel when you have guys on it that cannot help at the MLB level they are dead weight on there. I am looking at Duran, Balazovich, Colina, and Chalmers who was on there for a while until he wasn't. That was 4 guys effectively turning the 40 man into a 36 man. If Ober hadn't made it it would have been a 35 man. There just isn't a ton of room for wasted space on there so guys that get added need to be close to ready and be able to contribute or it hurts the teams ability to maneuver without losing players in the process. If we could reasonably keep Colina without having him on the 40 man I would be all for it. His plus to plus plus slider with his 100 mph fastball makes him a virtual shoe in for the bullpen at some point it seems like just a matter of time. The only thing that could hold him back is if his arm fails him. If this FO is going to take a risk on a player they seem to be willing to sacrifice relievers as losing those types of players seems to hurt less. I take it this is the same calculated risk to open up 40 man space.
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