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  1. I agree with you but are both sides willing to get a deal done? If Rogers is going to wait it out then the best move is to trade him because this team isn't likely to pay 9 to 16 M per year to keep him. Given what you just said I don't see why he couldn't make that much or more.
  2. I guess they can take look and see if they can fix anything. Wes does not have a good success rate with that this year though. Lack of control hurt Waddell who is now gone who they didn't fix and Gibaut who isn't happy until he walks a bunch of guys. I have my doubts they get much out of him but you never know.
  3. Hate to see the Twins trade any Left handed pitchers as they seem to have tough time finding them. In this case I think it depends on a lot of factors. 1st how many guys are they trading at the deadline? How many prospects will they need or be able to play? They might get two for Cruz, Two for Pineda, Another for Simmons, and maybe another for Robles, if they trade Rogers do they even have room for that many guys in the system? 2nd with the bullpen showing up as a big weakness this year do we really want the one reliable arm we have traded away? He is a lefty as well and that makes
  4. Roger I agree most of that 2019 class is exceling in the lower levels right now. The Twins might have gotten their best hitter in the 18th round. Julien has a 315 BA 500 OBP 485 SLG and 985 OPS on the season. Those are top prospect numbers. In fact I don't think I have seen those types of numbers at A ball for a Twins hitter ever especially the 500 OBP. Julien is not an easy guy to get out. Spencer Steers numbers are top three in the High A central and the ding on him coming out of the draft was his lack of power. He seems to have put that to rest with his 10 HR's and a 527 SLG per
  5. If the bullpen continues to stabilize yeah I think they have a chance to improve. No matter what happens though this team doesn't look like a playoff team or one of the top teams in the league so once the deadline hits I hope some more young guys get a chance to prove they belong. This winning streak makes me think they will be better than I thought they would be though.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. The only guys left are Balazovic, Winder and Maybe Sands who could make it to MLB this year. Losing Enlow and possibly Canterino and Duran is a killer. Some of the better pitchers in low and High A ball have been hurt this year. Not sure if it that is because they have these guys throwing so hard or what the deal is but it is going to impact development.
  7. I stated that poorly by not "wanting" what I really meant was not paying a fair price value wise to add him. It would likely take a top prospect to move him as he is a proven MLB hitter with 4 years of control left. It would take a big trade to move him and as we just discussed he has limitation's. So not certain teams will give as much as needed for the Twins to do a deal. Whereas they might for Polanco because he has more versatility.
  8. I agree somebody has to go. Both players have lots of years of control so the FO is unlikely to trade either one but IMO Arraez has his flaws. He doesn't hit for power, He can't play Short and he doesn't run all that well. Polanco does have some power, he can play short in a pinch and he runs slightly better than average. Even Gordon has a better arm to play third and he can play center field as well as short in a pinch. It feels like Arraez is the odd man out when it comes to physical tools and versatility. Keep all three you say for depth if nothing else? The other issue is after
  9. I agree with your take on Buxton. I don't think you can get another team to pay what he is truly worth in prospects because of the injury history and uncertainty of signing him long term. He likely generates a comp pick after the 2022 season. I think if the Twins can get a reasonable deal done for Donaldson they should do it. He was supposed to be the missing piece defensively at third and be Cruz part two for HR power. It feels like he has failed at both so far and been injured more than healthy to this point. If another team want to take that on and we need to trade contracts or
  10. After Baddoo got rule V'd I wouldn't bank on it. I know you are betting he is going to regress as Springfield doesn't appear to have the greatest pitching staff. However, right now he is a top 4 bat in the AA central one tiny step behind Mirnada and ahead of KC's first rounder Bobby Witt Jr. If he keeps that 900 OPS or even a high 800 OPS I have to believe lower end teams would be interested in taking a look via Rule V. I get that he isn't the biggest guy at 5' 9" but they have him listed as a Right fielder so he likely has the arm and I believe he runs well. He kind of reminds me o
  11. Yeah I have been surprised at how much they have been winning with the lineup they have but the pitching has been pretty good and they have taken more than their fair share of walks when needed. While I mostly agree with you that those players look flawed there are glimmers of hope for some of them. Urbina is pretty young for the level and he started out hot then slumped badly but he seems to be getting better again. he likely needs more time to adjust than the older guys. I would look for an improved second half for him. His eye and contact skills should kick in and help him out as ge
  12. I do like Gipson-Long he can get K's when he wants it just the WHIP that needs work. He generally gives up way too much contact and even though he had fewer hits than innings pitched today he also walked three. There is potential there but he needs to be sharper more often. Nice to see Steer with a three hit, 2 walk day. Granted he didn't hit a HR but I like it when he gets on base and he scored three times as well. Gray looks like he might be out of his slump so that is good. He has hit well the last couple of games after being in a fairly long funk. The top of the order for Wi
  13. Man Julien is on fire. I can't remember a Twins prospect that had a 500 OBP through half the season. I think Ben Revere was close to batting 400 one half of a year but he rarely walked so his OBP never approached 500. The difficulty to get on Base every other at bat is so hard there is very little margin for error. If he keeps this up TD needs to do a serious piece on him. Happy to see Barnes have a really good outing after blowing up last time out. I still have my doubts but he sure pitched well allowing no hits through 5 innings. All the Lefties we have look like 5th starter types
  14. I am on the precipice but leaning your direction. If they could get two very solid prospects back one being an elite pitcher in return for Berrios that works out they save that 18 to 20 mil per year and they give their young pitching staff time to develop in 2022. We are making some dangerous assumptions that our young pitchers ARE going to work out. I agree with you that there are so many holes in the pitching staff it seems hard to believe they could cover them all even if they hang onto Jose. It is a gamble but rebuilds always are. The main thing is they have to get the right playe
  15. If they cannot extend Berrios I think it will be hard for them to compete in 2022. With Berrios and Maeda at the top and Ober hopefully a 5th starter option they just have to add one Good free agent pitcher and possibly a vet on a one year deal or some combination of Duran, Balazovich, Winder or Sands for the 4th spot. If the pitching gets better next year and the pen resolves itself this team can compete next year. Without Berrios you have to essentially fill two top spots with longer FA contracts on older pitchers which I don't see the Twins doing or you have to rely more on the young
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