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  1. IIRC he pitched pretty well in college and he was a pitcher that looked to have projection left in that he hadn't really filled out his body yet. Looks like the Twins got this one right as he is already throwing mid to high 90's. Not sure what work was done on the secondary's but given the K rate those must have ticked up as well. Not often that you find a pitcher with this much potential so late in the draft. Happy they are moving him along right away as it looks like we are going to need all the pitching help we can get ASAP. High A should be a good test to see just how good he is right now. Players take better at bats and have better contact skills and scouting reports should start to catch up to him as well. Would be nice if he found his way to AA at the end of the season. Might be tough to get that far though with Headrick and SGL already looking elite at that level. We'll know more in the next month or two.
  2. Nice to see the bats come out at the affiliate level at least. Kirilloff continues to mash right along with Lewis at AAA and Steer appears to want to hang right with them. That is a three headed monster right now in St Paul. With pitchers expanded to 14 I don't think we will see either player with the Twins until that number moves to 13 or there is an injury. After having one the worst starts to a season I can remember Wallner has moved his OPS to about 900. That is quite the accomplishment. I am going to try and ignore the 33% K rate for now as it was at nearly 50 % to start the season. He can take walks as well so it looks like he is gaining on that plate discipline skill he will need to make it at the MLB level. Gipson-Long pitched a shut out against a team that pounded our pitching on Wednesday and so that was big. He is looking ready to move up a level, Holland is slowly working his way up to being one of the better hitters on that team as well. A nice 2 for 3 night with a walk. He could be a valuable prospect if his bat comes around. think Nick Gordon with HR power. A guy who can probably play all the outfield and infield positions and who has speed. Hajjar has brought the WHIP and ERA down and his K rate is reliever esque. It seems like a good time to move him up. He is just dominating right now so not sure what more he can learn at low A. Really nice to see those walks down. Tough night for the bats with 13 K's and Miller and Rodriguez accounting for 5 of them. All the affiliates won except the Steerless Windsurge. Another good night of MiLB baseball for the Twins. Hopefully some of these prospects can find their way to the top 100 list.
  3. Yeah I still like all three arms to turn things around. I just don't know that they will do it this year. Sands looked like an ace his first two times out at AAA and from then on hasn't been the same. Maybe an injury happened earlier than thought? He looked on the fast track to help at the MLB level but has been poor to mediocre since those first two starts. Henriquez came with questions about giving up the long ball and he has continued to give up the long ball. Also lots of hits and walks. He is only 22 and they gave him a tough challenge at AAA but again it seems unlikely he will be ready to help this year unless things change pretty quick, I don't know what is wrong with Balazovich but it is concerning. Law and Fangraph's were never real believer's in his stuff. They felt his long lever's would give him control problems and it is looking more and more like they might be right. I still think he turns things around but also think it is going to take time. Anything can happen it just feels like the odds any of the three helping this year seems remote given the challenges they appear to be facing.
  4. Yeah no overly dominant arms at AAA or AA except maybe Canterino in small doses. Sands, Henriquez and Balazovich look like AAAA arms right now. SWR seems ready for another swoon like last year. Enlow is just getting back. Varland has been OK but not dominant and looks more and more like a pen arm to me. Canterino had control problems early but seems to be getting back to his dominant self but that would be the only arm I trust out of that bunch and they are keeping his number of pitches down so not really a candidate to start IMO. Things suddenly don't look quite so good for starting pitching help from the farm. Hopefully the pitching coaches can identify some issues and help those arms change course.
  5. I don't know if I have pen envy or what but it seems like our division for the most part has better pen arms than we do. Or maybe phrased a better way is arms that throw harder. I know the Tigers pen arms had some trouble yesterday as well but it also seems like they had shinny 1.00 or 2.00 ERA's most of the time. Probably just a case of grass is greener for me but it would be nice to have a few high octane arms in the pen. Ultimately it was the pen that gave that game away for us and won it for Detroit. So maybe that is skewing my perceptions as I know our pen had a top WPA rating it just seems so shaky to me though.
  6. I don't have the numbers to know for sure but it seems like Buxton is seeing a lot of pitches low and outside. In the dirt over the plate etc. They are staying away from pitching him inside it seems to me. He still gets a pitch or two in his hotspot or close to his hotspot generally early in the count. I think he is going to need to adjust to low and away.
  7. Nice to see Keoni making good contact. Maybe he can turn his season around. The two 19 year old's are still going strong. Rodriguez is looking to get his OBP to .500 and OPS to 1.000. Man he is talented. High A better find room for him as he is headed there soon. Probably around draft time if not before. Miller still getting hits, drawing walks and playing good defense. Still only lacking power which is pretty normal for the FS league and 19 year old's in general. Lewis continues to hit. I think our concerns about his bat can pretty much be put to rest now. His bat has been great at AAA and good at the MLB level as well. Just a matter of finding space for him at the MLB level now. High A and AA bats just couldn't get it done but hopefully they come back better tomorrow.
  8. I would be fine if the Twins got Collier there. Big bat, big arm and young. Like others have mentioned would be nicer if an up the middle talent fell to them. I am not sold on Greene's bat but if he does get better at the plate what a monster (Buxton) type player he would be. I was almost kind of hoping that Young would fall to 8. He looks like a slightly more tooled up player than Miller at short. Still I think Collier could be a pretty fast mover for a high school pick. Just have to see how well he adjusts to better Sliders, curves and changes. Going to be interesting to see what teams decide to do in the end.
  9. Been watching Hamilton for a while. He had a big June and August last year but was average to pretty bad most of the other months. If he can get more consistent with the hit tool I believe his defense is MLB ready. I think he would make a good third catcher but with Isola right behind him who can hit well he looks like he could be the odd man out. Still I think he is good call out pick for AAA. I really like the Bechtold pick. His bat has been better this year and his defense has always been good. I just think he is buried by depth right now. Maybe changing to catcher will give him a better chance? Hard to say but if his bat stays solid he looks like a guy that could make it. For High A I think Prato or Mack would be better picks. Macks bat has dropped off since the beginning of the season so he might not be doing well enough to highlight but Prato is an under the radar pest at High. Prato can steal bases, can be a tough out, and can play solid defense. Festa while a lower pick just recently got promoted to High A and seems less under the radar than Prato IMO. For A ball I would have went with Mikey Perez. He was drafted in round 15 and has really come on strong with the bat recently. If he bumps that OPS into the 900 range I think he follows Fedko to high A. Rodriguez is a great story and likely a great player but he got a lot of love last year and he was a highly rated international pick. There are several players that are playing well this year that might opt out of the system next year. I think Palacios, Bechtold Helman and Hamilton should probably follow in Whitefield and Cabbages footsteps and move to an organization with a better chance for a call up. They are on the cusp players but pretty blocked in the Twins system.
  10. Pierson Ohl has had a tough start to his pro ball career. In April he had ERA of 7 and WHIP of 2. In May he was close to those same numbers until something clicked last night for him. If you haven't seen Seth's interview with Pierson you should watch it. You will really like what you see. I have been waiting for him to have a breakout game and am hoping this is the first of many more really good pitching performances for Pierson Ohl. Emmanual Rodriguez might only be batting .250 right now but his OBP is .484 so approaching .500. That seems like a crazy good eye at the plate. He is also a kid that has power in his bat when he wants to use it. If he keeps his K rate down he looks special to me at least in the batters box. I was wondering why the Twins had Schulfer up in spring training so much given how short spring training was but I think now I am beginning to realize why. So far he has a 0.42 ERA and 0.60 WHIP with 30 K's in 21 innings pitched. Time to move this guy up to AAA IMO. I know he hasn't been added to the 40 man but he might be an arm that could help down the stretch this year if he is for real. A quick shoutout to Michael Helman who had a nice year least year and who is putting up good numbers again this year. He is older at 26 and in most years would be a solid utility player candidate for the Twins but with all the players in front of him his numbers will need to be really, really good to get a chance. At any rate his numbers are solid and he has been an important bat at AA. Prato finally got back on track and was back to his pesky ways. Camargo was trying to steal the OPS lead from CES but then CES went and hit a triple and a HR. Camargo doesn't walk much and has a 30% K rate so he has things to work on to be a more well rounded hitter he hasn't had a .700 OPS since 2018 so he is off to a good start this year. Man this system is so much fun to watch with so many players doing so well.
  11. Arraez has been locked in this year. I know they have put him in better spots to succeed but he is a very difficult out right now. If you are an umpire and he doesn't swing at a pitch at the edge of the zone you are better off calling it a ball than a strike if you want to be right. His eye is just that good. And to think I was one of the brainiac's who thought trading him this offseason might make sense. If he keeps on like this (OPS catching up to Byron Buxton) then his eye and bat are just too valuable to trade. I wasn't a huge fan of the Gray trade and thought he might be headed for regression but so far he looks better than I thought he would. With Gray, Ryan and Ober maybe the Twins have enough on the front end to keep the wins coming. Won't feel safe until the end of the season though because the White Sox have a cake walk schedule in September and could reel the Twins in if they don't have a buffer.
  12. Doesn't the trade of Donaldson really include Mitch Garver to some degree as well? The Twins couldn't get Kiner-Falefa without giving up Garver so in the end the trade was. Garver, Kiner-Falefa, Rortvedt and Donalson for Sanchez, Urshela and Henriquez? I don't think you can completely leave the loss of Garver out of that trade IMO. That seems like a lot to give up to get rid of Donaldson. Personally I think the Twins were closer to using Royce Lewis at short to start the season or maybe even Palacios than we might realize. Story was pretty set to go to Boston and it looked like Boras shopped Correa before coming to the Twins who were one of very few teams desperate enough to get something done there. It all worked remarkably well and maybe you could add Correa in the trade scenario above as the Twins wouldn't have the money to sign him without moving on from Donaldson but getting Correa feels more like luck than any real kind of FO plan as they looked like only team left that hadn't filled their massive shortstop need. I like the Twins clubhouse and given the reports I have seen so do the players.
  13. I think the premise is the team isn't really a World Series contender so why not trade an elite player for assets that might make the team stronger for next year and the years after in the hopes that the Twins are better positioned to win it all in 2023. The flaw in that theory though is that this team won't have devastating injuries next year and or players won't regress etc. etc. If 2021 taught us anything it is that the best laid plans can go awry for various reasons. I get his concept and Tampa dabbles in that type of trading but it could cost you a WS title because Atlanta reminds us you never know how things are going to play out in the end.
  14. If the Twins are in it I can't see them trading Correa. Just having the chance to win the division would make it worth keeping him. There is also the problem of lining up with a trading partner. The Dodgers, Astro's, Tampa Bay, Blue Jay's, Met's, San Diego, are all pretty much set at short and I don't think the Yankee's really want Correa on their team since they feel Houston cheated them out of being in the World Series. Even the few teams that might want him as an upgrade if they can't afford to extend him would be hard pressed to give up the prospect capital necessary to get him. There is a reason he wasn't signed over the offseason. I think the odds are low he gets moved at the deadline.
  15. This was a great read! Thanks! It is a SSS so regression is likely coming. Pitchers will be throwing him tougher stuff to hit in the zone. Things are about to get harder. We will see if Mr. Garlick can handle the changes that will be made.
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