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  1. ATTEMPTING to keep it brief: 1] Dobnak: In a season where everything went wrong, I'm not sure it could have gone any more wrong for one guy, that being Dobnak. An obvious miscalculation by the entire organization was committing to the veteran Shoemaker vs just taking a shot on the young prospect that was looking great. I have never expected greatness for Dobber, but he blew through 3 levels in 2019 and finished strong Before being put in a very awkward position of starting a playoff game against the Yankees. He was great to good for a little over half of 2020 and helped the Twins win the Central. HEALTHY, and given a real shot, I'm still very encouraged for him in 2022. Just keep him as a SP! 2] Colome: The pitcher he's been since June is basically the pitcher we THOUGHT we signed. Am I upset if they pick up his option or sign him to something smaller. Nope. Just as long as he's brought back as a middle man or potential setup man and he doesn't get in the way of ANOTHER $5-7M arm to team with Rogers. Because we need that along with another $2-3M Robles/Clippard sort of arm. I think we have to stop blaming Colome for a lost season and just realize he was only a small part. He's already bounced back in 2021, Don't sacrifice the 2022 pen by letting someone go who could help make a difference just because a horrendous 2 month stretch in 2021. 3] Jeffers: I love so much about Jeffers even though I think he's still developing. I just never fully bought in to the fact he would continue his 2020 production. It was just too much, too soon IMO. But I think he's more than capable of growing, developing, and actually being the 2020 version of himself going forward. But I love his ability and potential as a quality ML catcher. I also like a LOT of Rotvedt's game and potential, but he was as rushed as much as Celestino was. Garver should be the #1, no arguement, IMO. But if Jeffers finds his bat, to any degree, that allows Garver more and more to play DH, maybe some 1B, and stay in the lineup daily splitting time behind the plate more easily.
  2. Dude, MLB has screwed with the September promotion in a big and bad way. We all know this. It used to be about promoting a few prospects for the next season. And it also allowed a guy or two to be rewarded for his milb career and get his cup of coffee at this level. Yes, it's OK to have a feel good story at the end of the season. Before MLB screwed with September call ups, it was about auditions as well as a reward here and there for a call up who was a "good soldier" and deserved his shot and cup of coffee. And he absolutely deserved it.
  3. One of the beautiful things about baseball is there is no time limit, unlike most sports. (Soccer has their own weird version of a time limit, but whatever). But there is no reason why baseball can't control the time within the game itself. I haven't read the article...no subscription at this time...but if I were to speculate, part of the extended length of games is also attributed to additional commercial breaks. And there is no coming back from that! It's like and NFL game. Score...break. KO or punt....another break. They need to feed the beast. I get it. All the more reason to clock the play on the field. I agree with NineofTwelve and Ash regarding batters. Batters should only have a few moments to think, re-adjust their gloves and crotch, and get back in the box. And as Ash stated, a clock affects both sides, so it's fair. BUT, I also agree that runners in base, especially in scoring position, might allow either extra seconds, or a delayed clock. What I find funny/interesting is most pitching coaches through history have preached a fast approach. Sucks if you can't adapt. LOL. But this makes so much sense it's crazy.
  4. I still like the core of this team when healthy and getting a fresh start in 2022, WITH help on the mound. The Twins projected payroll for 2020 would have sat almost dead on at $150M. Two years later, with fans back and the game back to a full season, and the FO stating they want to compete and believe they can, that means $50-60M available to re-tool the 2022 Twins and only MATCH the projected 2020 payroll. That means $18-22M, roughly, for a top SP. Might even have to bump it up slightly. Secondly, unless they just want to toss $ at the bump, they need to make a move similar to Odorizzi/Maeda where they acquire a good, solid SP for some young talent. What the cost would be is just too hard to predict. Third, they really need to add a decent 3rd rotation piece. Think Pineda or similar for what, $6-8M if you get lucky? Fourth, you almost have to spend a combined $5-8M on a couple decent BP arms. I understand this is about PLAYERS and not pitchers, but I use this as a reference point in regard to what the team needs and what is affordable. I just don't see where the $ is available for one of the TOP SS on the market to effectively build a team. Unless the FO just knocks it out of the park in a rotation re-build, or gambles on TWO experienced arms and trusts the other 3 spots to young talent, Baez or anyone else just don't fit payroll wise. I love the Taylor idea on a 1yr, or 1+1 type of deal. Maybe even a 2yr. Galvis is my #2 SS option, and might be the most practical fit. My #3 is, somewhat grudgingly, Simmons with the hope his bat would more clearly resemble his previous 4yrs, but at a reduced salary. After that I can't give you an exact name right now, but I want a RH 4th OF for $2-4M who can play defense and provide some solid offense to spell Kepler/Kirilloff/Larnach. Think Pillar on a rebound or someone similar. Spend the $ on pitching but bring in a good defensive SS who can handle a bat and that quality 4th RH OF. I'm happy with that.
  5. Roger hit on a point I was wanting to make. Unfortunately, the 40 man is an evaluation and guessing process that once in a while you are going to make mistakes with. It's basic math, a 25 man projected roster and only 15 more additions to protect. And EVERY team has a few of those 15 spots filled by lower level players that you don't necessarily expect to play for you that year, but simply have to protect. Celestino would be an example this year. I would have liked to protect both Badoo AND Wells. We all would, and so would have the Twins. But realistically, they seemed "safe" to not protect. Wells hadn't seen the field for 2years and neither had Badoo, more or less. And both were also coming off surgery. I don't know about you, but I was a bit surprised when they were selected and basically shocked when they were kept. I really expected both to struggle as young, inexperienced players and be returned to the Twins. And you can't use revisionist thinking now to see someone like Smeltzer, for example, who would end up hurt and miss almost the entire season. Smeltzer, again as an example, was seen as a useful depth piece for a team expected to contend, vs protecting someone not expected to contribute after missing 2yrs. I am not the least bit happy we lost Badoo and/or Wells. And we can say the FO blew it by not protecting either or both. But honestly, when is the last time you saw TWO rule 5 picks from a single team make the ML roster of a team and stick? And how many of you actually thought/predicted these two were going to do what they've done? I am NOT defending the FO here, mostly because I'm not sure they need to be defended for all the reasons I've stated previously. But in a year in which so much has gone wrong it's way too easy to point an extra finger of frustration at the rule 5 and sound off "See?!" For the record, I wouldn't have protected Badoo, no matter how talented being an A level prospect coming off injury and a lkst 2yrs. But I probably would have protected the older Wells who had reached AA. I think I would have gambled on health and projection that he might have been ready to contribute late in 2021.
  6. I just love stories like this! It's part of the history and mystique of baseball, the "Crash Davis's" of the world getting their cup of coffee. I think this is well deserved and I'm happy for him. All the more reason I'm still upset with MLB for changing the September call up numbers. Come on MLB and fix this mistake for 2022 and beyond.
  7. You have to keep Kepler. I think he's a much better overall hitter than he's shown this season. And we absolutely need his defense, great in RF and solid in CF occasionally. I have no doubt his injuries have affected him this year. It's been obvious at times. And I'm going to continue to bang the drum of the Twins needing a quality RH 4th OF so Kepler, and others, can sit at times against LH pitching. I'm still good keeping Sano, though I wouldn't be upset if he was moved as part of a deal for a SP. I can live with his "streakiness" as a hitter because he's very dangerous and can carry a team at times. But, generally speaking, I want him hitting around 6th-7th. I think his defense is better than what the error numbers show, though I think he was better last year, which I don't get. Big target, great arm, great at scoops and digging balls out. He'll share 1B with Kirilloff, maybe Garver, and also DH. He's just too dangerous to dismiss, but should keep that dangerous bat lower in the order. OBVIOUSLY SP is the #1 concern. The Twins HAVE to make a major investment in someone to lead the staff. And they have the $ to do so. I'm not sure who that guy will be, but Stroman just jumps out to me as the obvious choice, for various reasons. Is he going to cost $18M? $20M? I don't have the answer, but he or someone similar is key. Next, the FO just has to pull out another Odorizzi/Maeda type trade. The system is deep enough they SHOULD be able to find a match for a good, solid SP with a couple controllable years without having to make it hurt. This may be harder to do a 3rd time, and harder than just using $ to sign a FA. But that's what the FO is paid to do. I believe they then need to keep Pineda, or sign someone similar. (IMO, Pineda is almost a done deal). Ober and Ryan fill in 4th and 5th with Dobnak, healthy, as competition and depth. But there is also tremendous depth beyond that with beyond that coming up. But you just have to have 3 decent veteran types to lead the rotation to at least begin the 2022 season. From there, things can become fluid. It sounds easy. doesn't it? Target a guy or two at the top of your list and just get it done. Do what you've done before and do it again. Then sign a solid veteran to a 1yr deal, or maybe a 1+1. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds but it's what they need to do. IF they can do that, however, they will have proved their abilities. Next comes that 4th OF I'm banging the drum for. Then comes a pair of RP for $8-10M to add what we have. I just don't know they have the $ to sign one of the TOP FA SS. But as nice as it would be, do they have to? A quality defensive SS who is OK with the bat, and the offensive ability/potential of the lineup might be all we need. Galvin? If Simmons had been the hitter he was the last 3-4yrs he might have been a great signing. Didn't turn out that way. Could the Twins believe he might rebound and be that guy again?
  8. C] Garver/Jeffers/Astudillo 1B] Kirilloff/Sano 2B] Polanco/Gordon SS] Galvis 3B] Donaldson/Miranda/Astudillo/Gordon LF] Larnach/Kirilloff CF] Buxton/FA/Gordon RR/ Kepler DH] Everyone, but especially Arraez, Donaldson and Sano. If you paid attention, you will see I cheated and selected 14 players. And that's not just a "someone might be hurt" cheat. I'm thinking one of Larnach or Miranda will start the year at St Paul. Larnach got promoted early, raked and teased, then needed a re-set and will, unfortunately, finish his year on the IL. But he is in so close! Miranda COULD debut as a super utility player. And I'm OK with that. There are very few rookies who just get handed a job from day one. And how is it a bad thing to actually have a quality roster where a rookie has to earn his spot? Garver needs to split time between catcher and DH. His bat is too valuable to keep him out of the lineup. He might even play a little 1B. Arraez needs to be in the lineup daily. Period! He can play 3 spots and DH. Unless you have an amazing bat to plug in to DH, who ever decided you needed ONE GUY to fill that spot? How about a really good and talented lineup where the DH is just a really good hitter having a half day off? And there is so much belief and hope that the 2022 lineup is that good. Spend $ on pitching, a decent SS and a quality 4th RH OF. The player portion of the 2022 team should be fine with good health. But, I am still concerned with the coaches and their instruction.
  9. Barring a surprise, I think they keep him. In fact, unless someone picks up about 100% of his deal, his greatest value is keeping him. Actually paying someone to take him doesn't really offer that much salary relief, especially when you consider how little we may get back vs what he can produce if relatively healthy. He MIGHT be an interesting 2022 trade piece if the Twins aren't contending or have a viable replacement in place. I find point #4 regarding his personality to be interesting. I'm not saying he is a bad teamate. In fact, I think it's just the opposite. Since he was signed young players have gravitated towards him and he has responded with leadership and advice as a sort of mentor. But to coin an old expression, he is a "red ass". His team loves him, and opponents hate him. Think AJ back in the day before Mauer took over and just about every team AJ played for. He has been quite healthy for this year and has basically produced to career norms. I think he is mature enough in his career to recognize and appreciate his DH usage to keep him fresh. And really, this team could maybe use a little "red ass" to keep everyone sharp and determined. I will argue that when he doesn't play 3B the Twins are destitute there, (And yes, I'm hoping for AT LEAST 60% of his games being spent there). Arraez has gotten better there the more he's played there. Not great, but OK. And 3B might be Astudillo's best spot. And this prospect named Miranda may just take over the position at some point in 2022. I'd keep Donaldson 100% unless someone picks up his salary and offers something back you can't turn down.
  10. Interesting idea. And Torres is a young player with BIG bounceback possibilities. But too many question marks and seems to MAYBE be Polanco part 2. Complete pass. Despite being a fan and believer, I'm grudgingly going to admit the talented and athletic Kepler probably peaked in 2019. That being said, I think a slightly different approach, through experience, maturity, and a change in the hitting coach that I think is forthcoming, I can still improvement of what he's done lately. Better health would help as well. Kepler/Twins need a quality RH hitting 4th OF via trade or FA. This is a MUST overshadowed by pitching needs that far too many dismiss. Barring significant growth/change, Kepler should start 120G, and will probably play in 140 as a PH or defensive replacement. He is good to very good used that way as a RF and backup CF option. Call me crazy, but I think the offense is fine for 2022 with what we have, including Kirilloff healthy and Larnach being ready at some point. Not to mention Garver healthy and splitting time between catcher and DH and MAYBE a little 1B. The offensive approach just needs to find a little more consistency. I would be excited, as we all would be if the Twins made a major FA move at SS. But I think they are better served with concentrating on various SP/RP moves...long and short term...and said 4th OF and bringing in a SOLID SS option. Galvin is a guy I'm high on. But I also have to wonder what happened to Iglesias? Did he just suddenly lose it? He could be very interesting.
  11. This list is perfect, though I could see arguements in regard to rankings. But I will comment based on the current list. 3] Ober: He's supposed to be in AAA considering his draft selection and injury history despite video game numbers when he was on the mound. He's worked very hard on his delivery to not only increase velocity, but to just feel healthy after each start. Tall and lanky, he was prone to injury. Suddenly, with hard work, he's found a fluid motion that has not only increased velocity, but he's gained a smooth and repeatable delivery. He's even tweaked his slider delivery on the fly. He's only gotten better the more he's pitched. Just STOP with IP arguements. He's a rookie, still learning, and having his IP monitored not only to protect him, but because the Twins are looking to toss some IP to others. This kid looks like a keeper. And if you don't think so, you aren't paying attention. 2] I was WTH, when Thielbar was brought back. Despite what he did in the Detroit system, I couldn't believe the Tigers wouldn't have brought him back. But he shined pretty well in 2020. His early 2021 numbers with the Twins don't indicate how bad he, and everyone else, were with runners in scoring position. (Inherited runners). But a switch was flipped a couple months ago. And while I still struggle as to how good be can be, and for how long, he has looked really good yet again. (Same as Duffey). 1] My single, biggest arguement with Rocco is in regard to Arraez. The , unfortunately deceased Bell, told Rocco to put him at #1 every day. There is a very wrong and disappointing misnomer, that being a "ballplayer" means you have grit but not ability. And that is SO WRONG! Arraez is NOT a superb athlete. He is NOT a power hitter or speed demon. But he is a BALLPLAYER! Has anyone taken time to actually look at his career? Or do they just casually gloss over reality? He's been asked to play LF/3B/SS/2B since he was brought up in 2019. And his attitude has been: "play me and give me a glove". And I've watched him since the day he came up. Do you realize his initial LF instruction was touch the wall and then step back 20-25 feet? He is still only 24yo. The more he plays, the better he is defensively. But 2B/3B/LF/DH he needs to be in the lineup for 500 AB or so! Bell bad it right! And Rocco needs to figure that out! Additional underrated? I didn't expect Jeffers to replicate 2020. Too much too soon. But you can see the ability and the potential. Garver showed yet again what he can do when healthy. Let him split time and DH and MAYBE play some 1B. If you actually look at the numbers, Donaldson has actually produced. He needs to continue to play 3B as well as DH. In fact, one of the biggest "problems" the Twins may face is finding enough playing time with a healthy and young talent group of Kirilloff, Lanrach and Miranda. Have to give a shout out to Farrell and and Minya and Coulombe. Their future is a mystery. But did anyone see them actually producing for 2021, much less be an option for 2022? Oh, sorry, almost left Alcala off the list, we've seen good and bad. But we've seen mkre good than bad recently.
  12. Only got to watch a couple of the middle innings, which was great as we had the lead and the pen was performing. I can't and won't comment on the umpiring as I didn't see enough. What disappoints the hell out of me as I had this wonderful post half composed in my head about the way the Twins can beat the Yankees is jump on a red-eye to N.Y. for a single game, arrive with little to no sleep, then throw a bullpen game to win. But, alas, it was not to be. The strange perception I take out of this game is Colome. He BLEW IT. No question. And it sucks and hurts, and not just because I had a fun post planned. If Colome had pitched the whole season like he has since June 1st, would we have such vitriol? We might still have a blown season because ONE GUY isn't to blame for 2021. IF Colome had been what was expected, he'd still have a few bad games here and there, including today. But fan/public opinion might be very different. Look, I wouldn't be surprised if Colome was brought back on a smaller contract based on his career, and what he's done since June. (Should be a smaller contract IF it happens). There is potential for him to be an experienced middle guy. And I wouldn't be surprised if both parties just walked away because it just didn't work out. But what I find humerous/interesting is if both sides walk, there will be someone who looks at Colome's career, and his much better 2/3 of a season and think they got a smart signing. If he has a great 2022, do we, as fans, then gripe we didn't keep him? Understand, I'm at BEST keeping Colome at 50/50. I just think perspective in a horrible, disappointing season is difficult to quantify. Fans deal with emotion. A FO and coaching staff see things differently. Just tossing this out for conversation sake and interest. This game still stunk!
  13. Just a little better control, a little more consistency in his slider to keep getting LH out, he has a real chance to be a quality BP piece. I agree that I'm not pencilling him to start 2022 in the pen, but I can see him being quite valuable when brought up a month or so in and allowed to handle middle innings initially. I do think there is a real chance someone like Coulombe, Thorpe or Smeltzer could make the initial roster, giving us 3 LHRP to begin the year. Now, I'm not necessarily saying all or any of those guys are protected on the initial 40 man roster...maybe none...but I have doubts as to all of them going elsewhere either. So between protected or invited, I see the potential of a 3rd LH breaking with the team and Moran coming up later. But, I'd be very happy if he worked hard this offseason, had a great ST, and the Twins just went with him. I have a real conflict in regard to Colome, and not because he blew the Yankee game today. Ugh! Since June he's been about as good and reliable as he's ever been. He's pretty much been the guy we THOUGHT we were signing. Whether his option was picked up, or signed to a smaller deal, I can't argue too hard about having him back as a veteran arm. Not sure fan backlash is real. If he pitched in 2022 like he has been, like he has before, I think fan "forgiveness" would happen. But I also agree that maybe it's just time to move on and he could be replaced. I sort of disagree the Twins need a "closer". I think they need a RHRP to team with a HOPEFULLY 100% Rogers as a FIREMAN of equal ability. I think we've learned that a traditional closer role isn't necessarily as import as a high leverage fireman.
  14. I was impressed with how Jax responded. He could have allowed himself to be rattled but he didn't. He went out and threw 5 more really good innings. Does make me wonder why he didn't get another one though, considering the pit h count.
  15. OK, I finally am caught up enough to say I love a post and say THIS! They absolutely had to re-build the pitching staff. I know Berrios is gone now, but the Odorizzi and Maeda trades were brilliant. In fact, despite the suspension interruption that was a major bummer and complication, the idea of singing Pineda on a rebound deal was very smart. Borderline brilliant when you look at what he's done when healthy. I think the biggest problem in regard to "decisions" for 2021 is retrospective. And that's not really fair. Again, while we didn't all agree on every choice made, most of us, and the "experts" thought they made smart moves. Proves back of the napkin smart ideas just don't always work out. Agree with what is sitting at AA and AAA. There are a lot of kids getting ready and could be ready really soon.
  16. There are about 5 posts I want to just scream "THIS"! So I am forced to merely LIKE those posts and add my own comments. (And YES to everyone debating in a wonderfully civil tone). 1] Absolutely agree, and have argued this point previously many times, that the FO got the short straw when initially hired. Despite being FO executives in MLB, there was no way for them to fully know, understand, or comprehend the entirety of the Twins system from existing infrastructure to the ML roster on down through the milb system, including coaches and instructors. They basically took control the first of Novemeber and hit the ground running making their evaluations and beginning to implement changes. The fact that they inherited some quality young players to build with was a HUGE positive. HOWEVER, those players had yet to congeal in to anything resembling a successful team. How many teams in all sports have we seen underachieve, or not yet approach their ceilings, and then a staff turns over, a new way of doing things is implemented, and progress and winning is achieved? Kudos to the Ryan administration for brining these players to the organization, but some "automatic" improvement/achievement is short-sighted. 2] If we want to give the FO a pass or sorts for their 1st year, I'm OK with that for all the reasons previously mentioned. But they still produced a winning 2017. What's most important is the changes they began in regard to infrastructure changes. Sawyer made HUGE changes in the development of catching within the system. The results were so dramatic and well received him we lost him to the DAMN Yankees. Shelton was valuable as a bench coach, instructor and good baseball man. Then we lost him to a manager gig. Rowson did a tremendous job and then was hired away for a promotion to the Marlins. Hefner was so well respected as out bullpen/assistant pitching coach he became the Mets pitching coach. So the FO sure seems to know how to identify good coaching talent. Current and former players who are still around and plugged in to the system have commented on the changes within the system in regard to approach changes and having a more personalized approach to player development throughout the system. So they have been doing an awful lot of things very, very right thus far in regard to the infrastructure. 3] Prospect and especially pitcher pipeline? Just how fast have some people expected draft choices made the last 4yrs to reach the majors? Look, I don't like every selection made, but Lewis, for example, misses all of 2020 and then has an unfortunate injury that is going to cost him 2021. That's the fault of the FO? Enlow looked like he was going to turn a corner this season and got hurt. Again, the fault of the FO? Jeffers has already reached, so has Larnach, obviously with mixed results. But you can see the potential. And there are a number of good looking players only in their 1st-3rd seasons within the system showing potential. But let's just look at the pitching pipeline we've been promised. At the ML level, we got a pair of productive steals in Odorizzi and Maeda. They had a smart idea of brining in Pineda on a make good, rehab deal. And despite some hiccups, he's been solid to great since he recovered from his original surgery. Prospect wise? This organization is about as deep as its EVER been in pitching prospects. Jordy Blaze was drafted by the previous FO in 2016. But it's been under THIS FO and their watch he has developed. Look at every, single SP prospect in the system, including Ober and Dobnak, (however you feel about Dobber and what he's done so far and might yet do), have been signed, drafted, or traded for in the last 2-3 yrs by THIS FO. This includes Winder, Duran, Sands, Canterino, Sands, Enlow, etc, etc. So where is the pipeline? It's coming! We have only seen the tip of the iceberg thus far with Ober, Dobber, maybe Jax to some degree. A lost 2020 season and injuries in 2021 stink! But het again, this is the fault of the FO? I like this FO so much, so far, for their infrastructure changes. I don't like every draft choice they have made to be sure, but I also can't argue a lot at this point after just a few years and a lot of great choices they have seemingly made. Its just way too early. And I can't say I've agreed with every ML move they've made, especially a couple FA choices. But I also can't say I have a leg to stand on with some of their choices. A few of the guys I would have wanted/ signed turned out to be a poor idea. (Me playing amateur GM). I wanted Odorizzi or Walker instead of Happ on a 1yr. But I was fine with Happ, and he looked really good early. And we all know that. I was OK with Shoemaker, healthy, on a 1yr $2M flier. But I would have given Dobnak the 5th spot to open the year. Is that Rocco or the FO making a mistake there? Most of my BP choices woukd have turned as bad or worse than my choices. So I guess I'd already be fired, LOL. But almost universally, "experts" thought what the FO did was smart and they were poised to challenge for the ALC yet again and reach the playoffs. And then the 2021 season actually played out. So after several years of just lousy, losing baseball, the current FO implements changes from top to bottom and bottom to top. Their teams have 3 winning seasons, including 2 divisional championships, one season slightly under .500 and one just horrible and disappointing season. There remains a lot of player talent not exactly old, and have auditioned more than a few quality prospects who show real potential. They have a quality milb system with some of the best pitching prospects we have seen in about 30yrs. And make no mistake, there is work to be done for 2022. But it is short-sighted, and assanine IMO, to look at what has been achieved thus far and think or demand that some change needs to be made. Just ridiculous! This FO needs and deserves 2 more years to see this through, make some moves, and let their prospects rise up.
  17. I wish I could have watched the game instead of just checking the box score and the listening to the break up of the perfect game while in my car. Even though Cleveland has a less than stellar lineup, how can you not be impressed for what Ryan did tonight? He was amazing! This kid is riding lightening right now and the Twins need to give him all the chances they can to get him ready for 2022. He has the stuff and the attitude to be a stalwart. Just how good he can be is yet to be determined, obviously. I am super amped up as to his potential as a potential ML SP piece for the Twins. But I'm also a realist. I am NOT being a downer, but I still want to see Johnson work with him the rest of the year and going in to next season on some sort of reliable 3rd pitch. He finds any sort of 3rd pitch with his FB, slider, and control and moxy, he just might be special. At WORST, we might be looking at a really good #2 or excellent #3 SP. And let us pause for a moment to remember how good Ober has looked and developed while even making some adjustments on the fly. I want to be guarded knowing growing pains will happen at some point, but, how can you not be excited this first wave of young rotation pieces, one developed and one brought in? Really excited as to how each finishes the season. Also really excited to see what Dobber does to finish the year, healthy again. Despite some bad pitches and some poor defense there was a lot to like from his last start. IF he can finish 2021 looking like the initial 2020 version of himself, the Twins could be looking at a 2022 pipeline of young SP talent for the future. There's still a lot to play for this season, even in a lost year, to get ready for 2022.
  18. Totally agree. Sometimes there just isn't a fit and both parties need to move on. And I'm not so sure that isn't the case here as well. But you can also easily imagine Colome going somewhere else for a fresh start and simply performing to his career standards and voices clamoring as to why he didn't do that for a full season for the Twins and why didn't they keep him, etc. I am NOT saying the Twins SHOULD keep him. I'm just saying, keeping him as a proven 7th/8th IP option shouldn't be discounted because of 2 terrible months.
  19. No. They did not mis-evaluate their signings. They just didn't turn out. And they pretty much ALL didn't turn out. That doesn't mean they mis-evaluated. Happ has had a pretty solid career. He was coming off a solid season. Be started this year quite well and suddenly fell apart for whatever reason3. For the first month or so he looked like a great #4 SP option. Shoemaker was signed on a very cheap 1yr deal as a #5 SP who has had a lot of solid success when healthy. He was NOT signed as any savior, just an interesting #5 flier with potential as a spot holder, We're going to blast the FO for a 1yr $2M flier spot holder? Please! Colome had each and every one of us cursing his first 2 months. Like some perverse Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he was NOT the guy we signed. BUT ,despite a few bad games, have you checked out what he's been since around the 1st of June? Since then he's been the guy we THOUGHT we were signing, Robles, to me, was a cheap key to our bullpen. He stunk. Then he was good. Then he stunk again. I may be more disappointed in him vs any other signing. The FO didn't BLOW anything. They speculated and made smart decisions that just turned out WRONG. Sucks, sucks BIG TIME, but it happens. Boston was supposed to fight the Orioles for last place in the AL East. The Giants were supposed to be re-building. The Padres were supposed to win 100 games and get to the WS and maybe win it. The Angels may have the best 2 players in all of MLB. How have those teams turned out? I am NO apologist for our FO, though I like them, because there are indeed moves they have made and not made I disagree with. And their FA trade record is questionable at this point to be sure. But there is a difference between doing things wrong and things not going right. And they have pressure on them in regard to 2022 to "guess" right.
  20. The FO or Rocco has apparently decided he can't play a decent SS at the ML level. FINE. They are far smarter and more plugged in than I am. But then why in hell have I watched him playing SS the past two ST? I'm NOT saying Polanco shouldn't be the #1 backup SS at the ML level, but why doesn't Gordon at least get a shot to see what he can do there? I have ZERO illusions the kid is going to go somewhere and become a high quality ML player...other than maybe at 2B for a losing team just looking for potential. But if you liked him enough to protect him, stick by him, and believe enough in his athleticism to learn CF/OF on the fly, and drop him back down to AAA with the purpose of getting AB and playing EVERYWHERE, then for goodness sake let him play at the ML level EVERYWHERE. And that includes SS. I expect no greatness but you might actually end up with an inexpensive, speedy, utility player. Far short of his original draft status and initial hope, but what's wrong with gaining some real value for him?
  21. I remember when Cabbage and Blankenhorn were drafted. Back to back or very close as I recall. And I remember the scouting reports for each was very similar, good, multi-sport athletes with a chance to really blossom given time to concentrate on just baseball. Blankenhorn, honestly, quickly surpassed Cabbage in the system. I saw a ceiling of solid, productive 3B with a floor of valuable RH bat useful utility player. And Cabbage just never seemed to hit his stride. Crazy how things change a year plus later where Blankenhorn is gone and Cabbage is having the best season of his young career. I'm unsure about his defense at 1B or the OF, But he clearly has to hit better, K less. BUT, he's still here, and producing. He's probably targeted for a return to Wichita to begin 2022, but he's made huge strides in 2021.
  22. Love and enjoy every game the Twins win. But a few comments to toss out there: 1] I've been pleasantly surprised by Gant. I saw him as a toss-in when the trade was made. But not only have I been pleasantly surprised thus far, but I've looked at his career numbers a couple of times. They are nothing special, but they aren't bad either. His career K/9 is nothing great, but career ERA, AVG, and WHiP are solid. I get the Twins are looking at him as a POSSIBLE SP, and they kind of have to right now out of necessity. But everything about him just screams to me as him being a quality, dependable middle man. And there's real value in that. I hope that's where he ends up. 2] Good for Rooker. Just wish he could do that more often, as well as just make better contact. There's still something there to like and work with. It's all up to him at this point. 3] Anyone else paying attention to Alcala? Despite some good highs and really bad lows, he had a couple pretty good games before his IL stint. Since his return, he's had a few really good performances. I'm taking 2021 as a good building block for his future. 4] Please don't make me duck and cover for this, but I'm starting to think the Twins would be smart to pick up Colome's 2nd year. (Initial and obligatory duck). Despite a few bad performances...which happen...the numbers for his last 30 games are pretty stellar: 2-0/ 2.73 ERA/ 11SV/ 1.21 WHiP. I believe his 30G dates back to around June 1st. Since then, he's pretty much been what he was supposed to be despite a few hiccups. I absolutely want the Twins to bring in a quality RH arm for $5-7M to work with Rogers, and another $2-3M version of Robles that can, hopefully, be more consistent. Can't believe im saying this after April and May, but maybe keeping Colome as a veteran performer in a set-up role isn't so crazy if you look at his career and the past 3 months.
  23. In regard to Jax, all I can think is, what might have been if the Twins had guessed right and they would have changed the obligation rules earlier as they had expected/hoped. At this point, despite pitching at the ML level and showing SOME promise, sure seems like he's looking like a quality middle RP. Tòo bad. Shoulda/coulda/woulda. I keep wondering about Simmons. Is he playing to help the staff at this point defensively? Are the Twins thinking about re-signing him for 2022 on a smaller deal as a fill-in and just wanting to see how he finishes/responds? Otherwise, I'd just say STOP. Let him go and do something crazy and let SS be played by almost anyone. Use his roster spot for Miranda. Maybe go completely nuts and bring up someone like Palacious for 3 weeks. Just saying, if you don't expect/want him back, just use the roster spot for SOMEONE. Still fine auditioning various arms to see who you want to keep or invite back. That's what you do at the end of a disappointing season.
  24. Initial, short answer is YES, it's way too early to dismiss him as a prospect. Detailed, longer response, EVERY SINGLE PROSPECT is DIFFERENT than EVERY OTHER PROSPECT. If that wasn't the case, MLB would assemble a draft depth chart on some sort of (fantasy) projection algorithm and teams would decide what position they needed most, and when they would project to need them, and would place an order for "the 7th rated SS on the list that should be ready in 4yrs as we're probably OK until then". If you pull up the draft grades of Gordon and Cavaco, they match almost exactly the same across the board, despite them being drafted 8 spots from one another. Without going in too great of detail, virtually identical in HIT ability and Gordon having a slight edge in arm, speed and fielding, with Cavaco having an edge in power. The greatest difference, IIRC was Gordon was more well known, had been on the "circuit" much more, had more experience at SS in his HS career, while Cavaco was less experienced at SS, had a better frame for power, and was a less known "fast riser" prospect that several teams had their eye on. BOTH had the athleticism, speed and arm to stick at SS with time and coaching. BOTH had speed, Gordon a bit more, while, again, Cavaco offered a bigger frame and more power. This is all for reference sake. Every draft is different. But if you want a HS SS with real athleticism and potential, you usually have to grab them fairly early or you won't get them at all. Cavaco had a LOUSY 1st rookie ball season. Then, despite no 2020 ball at all, he was sent to A- ball at Ft Myers this year, which happens to be a notoriously tough hitters league. He actually lead Ft Myers in BA for most of the 1st half of the season before missing time with injury. Since he came back, he's been struggling. Now, before anyone dares accuse me of being a FO apologist or homer, let me clearly state I wasn't in favor of EITHER the Gordon OR Cavaco selections. (Let's also be very clear that each selection was made by a different FO). But again, to be equally clear, if you want to draft a young HS SS that has the POTENTIAL to STICK at that spot, that has the POTENTIAL to actually hit, run, hopefully provide some power as well, in other words a dangerous and well rounded athlete and potential offensive spark plug, you are going to have to draft them pretty early. In each case, there was a college player, or two, I liked better were I in charge. In each case, said player(s) were coming off down seasons and didn't necessarily posses all the tools that Gordon and Cavaco offered. I became a Gordon convert after his first couple of seasons. THEN he battled an intestinal problem that slowed him. And just when it looked like he had figured that out, he had an injury that robbed him of a promotion and gave Arraez his initial shot. After that, Gordon dealt with a severe case of covid that had him hospitalized, I believe, and caused a major weight loss he couldn't afford to have. Now, with the jury still out, with time and health, Gordon looks like an actual, useful ML utility player who is hitting a little, playing OK defense while also learning brand new spots, stealing some bases, and looking like he actually has some kind of career ahead of him, with the Twins or someone else. Perspective. But Cavaco, 1st round pick or not, has gone from HS to 1/2 a season of rookie ball, no baseball for a full year except his own workouts, and then sent to A ball where he held his own and lead his team in BA before his injury. He's following the right path. In fact, he's following the same path that Miller, our 2nd round pick this year, will surely follow; rookie ball to A- ball. The difference, besides being completely different individuals is, one will have continuity and one will have had a completely lost year. So while not a big fan or the original selection, and would rank him lower on the prospect lists despite athleticism/talent/projection, short and long version answers are YES, way too early to dismiss him as a prospect.
  25. Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed an injury tweak or something. Thanks!
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