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  1. It would have been nice to watch a comeback win in person on a beautiful June afternoon, but it was not to be. Bad defense in the eighth was more responsible for the three runs than Columé IMHO. It seems that all year, the errors have come at crucial times.
  2. And those three runs in the eighth are now the difference.
  3. Not much luck for Columé. Sanó had a play at home on the one he booted and then a seeing eye grounder.
  4. Thanks! Beautiful afternoon at a beautiful ballpark. If the Twins win, it will be a bonus. I believe the last game I attended went like 15 innings against the Rays. It should be better than that.
  5. I’ll be attending my first Twins game in nearly two years today.
  6. In 2020 (SSS), when he played only second base, Arraez' defensive numbers were above average. I don't see any reason why a 24-year old player can't improve on that. I agree that his bat does belong in the lineup most days.
  7. With Buxton's injury last night, it is certain he will go on the Injured List. If the Twins can get someone to Minneapolis today for the afternoon game, I would assume it would be a pitcher since the bullpen is depleted and Ober hasn't gone more than four innings in any start. They could call up a starter to piggyback with Ober, if one is rested and option or DFA him after the game.
  8. It is official, Byron Buxton has a "boxer's fracture" of his left hand. He will miss weeks recovering from his latest injury. It just never seems to end for the ultra-talented center fielder. If it isn't his legs, then it's his shoulder, if it isn't his shoulder, then it is his head (concussions). I feel terrible for the player and feel some disappointment for the organization. A wonderful talent who just can't seem to stay on the field. Time is drawing short for Buxton to perform for the Twins. Assuming he is out until after the All-Star break, he might be able to play 60 more gam
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