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  1. With the limited play Buxton has received in the outfield, he hasn't had as much chance to shine in the field. In addition, with Buxton not anchoring the outfield defense, the two corners suffer as well. In the infield, if you believe Correa's rating, a lot centers on him. There is not a lot of speed on this club, particularly if Buxton is limited. That translates to a lack of range. IMHO, the defense hasn't been that bad. They are mostly fundamentally sound--throwing to the proper base, taking the safe out when called for--but not catching balls that can't be reached will be a problem for this team.
  2. Okay, that was a hit? And so was Kepler’s? We’re getting as bad as Kansas City.
  3. Tyler Duffey with two scoreless innings. Do you feel better about him? Neither do I.
  4. Time to score some runs. Only one run for the Twins in their last 13 innings.
  5. At least Jeffers and Correa are making him work.
  6. That's three warning track balls in a row to left field for Kirilloff.
  7. Kirilloff will hit the ball hard this time, I predict.
  8. IIRC, Tommy John threw a lot of sinkers and the Twins kept pounding the ball into the ground.
  9. Let's hope the chopper doesn't cause a big inning. Crisis averted on the first pitch.
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