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  1. Only two players can be added in September. One of them will probably be Jeffers and there are a few rehabbing pitchers. I really don’t think Varland would/will get a chance this season, but he’s only one stop away.
  2. All RISP events are not equal. Getting a three-run triple in a 7-1 game isn’t the same as hitting a three-run bomb in the 9th when trailing or tied.
  3. Woke up and checked the score. Nice win. One of the best things about the 2022 Twins is that the have avoided long losing skids. That said, it is past time for a nice winning week or two (or three). Lots of home games after they get back from LA.
  4. I liked what I saw of Miller in spring training. and reports have been generally positive, although he has slumped at the plate. He's only a year out of high school, so I think judging his ceiling or floor is premature. I don't think shortstop for next year or the next five years is settled.
  5. I think base running is a big weakness. Most of the problem is having too many slow players, but part of the problem is just poor base running. The too consistent short starts have revealed the lack of talent and lack of flexibility in the ‘pen. I bet followers of every team thinks they don’t advance runners and score them from third base with less than two out. I do think the Twins are below average mostly because their top players haven’t performed like elite players. In
  6. Sano has never advanced his bat-to-ball skills and that is probably what has limited his career along with injuries every year. It has never been that he doesn't work hard or doesn't care as long as he gets a paycheck. He misses too many pitches in the hitting zone. Despite a strong arm, he isn't a natural defender so he's needed to be well above average as a hitter and he's only been above average,
  7. Yes, it seems in this case parsimony of treatment didn’t work. Best wishes to AK and hopes for a complete recovery. Every team experiences situations like this, but it seems the Twins have had their share career threatening injuries.
  8. I don''t know how unhappy Sanchez was. He had the option to declare himself a free agent, but chose to accept the outright to St. Paul. The players know the rules and all teams do this. A guy puts on the uniform and has one or no chances to impress and then is DFAed. Sanchez may well get another chance and major league minimum money is pretty good ($700K) even for a day or two.
  9. Yes, I see he is active. There is a rule that he must stay in the minors for 15 days after an option (unless he is replacing someone placed on the IL), correct? Unless a current pitcher goes on the IL, he is frozen until the 18th I think.
  10. Picking through what is left at St. Paul, I am curious about Evan Sisk. That he is a lefty has to help his cause. Will he have to be protected from being selected in the Rule V draft? It looks like he walks quite a few, good K numbers. He's 25, so not quite a fuzzy cheeked youngster. Palacios looks like he can at least be a utility player in the majors. His hot streak now gives him very good numbers at triple A and he demonstrated a good glove in his short stay with the Twins. I see he played 3B yesterday and he has had a bit of time in the outfield. I know he'd have to be added to the 40-man to be protected from the Rule V draft in the off season, but he could well be the opening day SS for the Twins in 2023.
  11. Pennant chase: There are three teams in the race for the AL Central and perhaps a wild card. Each was playing a four game series. Right now, the Twins who were home underdogs against Toronto are 2-1. Chicago, which was a road favorite against Texas is 1-2, and Cleveland, which was a home underdog is 1-2. It wouldn't surprise me at all if all three teams come out of this 2-2. It seems that is the way it goes, the Twins aren't running away but Cleveland and Chicago haven't been able to overtake them.
  12. In checking Lòpez' closer history (that is only this year), he hasn't worked three consecutive games all year, so I presume he is out for today, as are Fulmer, Duran and Jax. Sands and Pagán are rested and available and I presume both Thielbar and Megill could get an inning. Not a great scenario, but they did secure at least a split and won the season series vs. the Blue Jays. Pagán has not been good this year and Sands hasn't shown he is ready to be a major league pitcher from his stats, but who do you replace them with? Both Winder and Moran are on the Injured List at triple A and given Toronto's lineup, I wouldn't want the lefty Smeltzer to face them. I have to believe that Smeltzer gets recalled for Sands after today, but that Pagán holds on to a spot because there aren't any better options.
  13. Cave is true tweener, stretched as a center fielder, not enough offense to be a regular corner OF. He reputedly works hard and he plays hard and hustles. Perk and Morneau made some references to having a better approach at the plate and he is healthy. He wasn’t a good fit with many LH corner OFs on the team, but he’s stayed available and now has a chance to stay in the majors. Good on Jake!
  14. Several comments to make: 1) Sandy León looks like an excellent pickup. He appears to live up to his rep as a receiver, has hit a little bit, and was able to get a bunt down to score a key run. 2) Nice to see the Twins add on after taking the lead in the middle innings. 3) Arraez got three hits, perhaps ending a (for him) long snag. 4) Available bullpen options for Sunday would be Sands, Thielbar, Megill and Pagán. Toronto has used their ‘pen a lot too, but they’ll have Gausman starting.
  15. Agree. Lopez has frequently worked consecutive days. IIRC, this is only the second time Duran has pitched two days in a row.
  16. I really wonder if it is wise to use Jax on consecutive days.
  17. More than a bit concerned about navigating the eighth inning.
  18. Less than 50-50 they score here, partly because of Leon’s lack of speed.
  19. Yes. 80 miles southeast ( where I live), it appears it will rain all night. It does look like the rain will end in Minneapolis shortly.
  20. Bundy didn’t hit his spots in the first, but escaped with a single and walk. With his stuff, he really to hit those spots.
  21. León starting back-to-back. Is Sánchez nicked up? I suppose every catcher is by now. Good to see one of the walking wounded (Kepler) back.
  22. Since May 1, we've had byron buxton. In April and for the 60 games he played last year, the Twins had BYRON BUXTON, the best player in MLB.
  23. If Boras doesn't see a mega-contract out there for Correa, Carlos may well opt in and bet on himself to get that mega-deal after a more successful 2023. The irony is that the worse Correa performs for the balance of the season, the more likely he is to stay with the Twins for the coming season. I really would like him to stay and for the Twins to go for it again in 2023. The pieces should be there.
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