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  1. From the Mets point of view it was essentially a one for one deal for Joey Lucchesi. Lucchesi had a pretty good first two years in ‘18 and ‘19 before really struggling in 2020. The Pirates took a flier on a young catcher with just 22 games of GCL experience and a season lost to COVID. Kudos to their scout who identified him. The Mets took a flier on a pitcher who was close to league average their first two years. Kudos to the Padres who found someone to take their pitcher soon to need Tommy John surgery. All of that doesn’t matter now. Rodriguez likely will cost a little more than Jansen in trade. Which direction would be best for the Twins? Two years of Jansen or pay in trade a little more for full control of Rodriguez?
  2. I would want catcher Harry Ford and shortstop Cole Young.
  3. I agree about benefitting everyone to differing degrees. I do wonder if they are trying to account for the shift rule at all in their projections. I am guessing Steamer is building on the same model as previous seasons. This may be a projection that is not using the rule change in their model. Honestly I don’t think he will be 109 but I think he will be closer to 109 than 95.
  4. Those splits really take time to stabilize and even more so at the start of a career. Did you know that Jeffers’ OPS splits are better in games started by a right handed pitcher than a left handed pitcher (.688 v .648)?
  5. On Fangraphs Kepler is projected for a wRC+ of 110.
  6. The Pirates Rodriguez is a more valuable prospect than the Twins Rodriguez. According the BTV more than twice as valuable. Our Rodriguez might rank 6th in their system. The Pirates also have two 23 years olds and a 22 year old that were rookies last year and more valuable than our Rodriguez to add to those 6. Being a top prospect in the Twins system might not mean that much.
  7. I don’t think you are crazy. Someone will take a chance that a reduced workload in the short side of a platoon will make him a valuable role player. Maybe it should be the Twins if they spend big elsewhere.
  8. Would an offer like Ober, Julien and Enlow be enough? It is almost the value of Rodriguez in BTV. The could also offer Rodriguez, Martin and Prielipp which comes up a little shorter on BTV but gives the Pirates more upside.
  9. This was the source I used but it must have changed. I do have a little more confidence that his back trouble in September is not as worrisome if the Mariners made that offer.
  10. Weren’t there similar concerns about Koskie’s range and arm accuracy? They were certainly rewarded for taking the risk of giving him a shot a third. I think Miranda will do the work to play a passable 3B.
  11. The Mariners did not make a qualifying offer on Haniger and instead traded a good prospect and reliever to the Blue Jays. Why not offer Haniger the one year deal and keep Macko and Swanson? Worst care they would get the pick. Were they afraid he would take the deal? Maybe the worst case is worry about his back. He missed a week with back trouble in September. It was his back that caused him to miss much of 2019 and all of 2020. Perhaps the likelihood of injury was to great to make the offer. They went out and traded two valuable players to get a right fielder they feel they can count on. Should the Twins be confident they can count on Haniger to stay healthy? If the Mariners who know him well won’t extend a one year offer should the Twins be offering 3 years?
  12. The Twins pitching had nearly to lowest rate of ground balls at 40%. How would that impact team defensive metrics? The one team below them by ground ball/fly ball rate was the Mariners. The Mariners also had better DRS numbers in the outfield than the infield. Are you certain there is something significant to fix?
  13. Julien’s arm is the issue and may limit him to 1B/DH. According to the Athletic he tends to double clutch on every throw. There are questions about whether he could play a passable second base. Maybe that can be fixed and he did play 3B in college. He has a lot of work to do in AAA this year.
  14. He would help when healthy. Is the back injury still a concern? He missed most of 2019 and all of 2020 with that injury. He didn’t go on IL last September but missed a week with back trouble in September. He did return to finish the season. The injury that knocked him out for over three months in 2022 was a high ankle sprain. Back and ankle injuries can return. If they sign him to a three year contract they should expect that he will miss significant time in two of those seasons and build a roster to account for his injury history. They probably still need someone like Kepler in reserve.
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