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  1. I hope they are able to acquire at least one reliever of the caliber of Rogers which is far better than decent. They need a few decent relievers also.
  2. Thornburg is almost 34 years old. He has pitched 64 major league innings to an ERA of 5.34 since 2016. Baldelli used his best options yesterday.
  3. As we evaluate the Paddack/Rogers deal should we consider the prospect cost of replacing Rogers to that evaluation? If they end up needing to trade a good prospect or two in order to get a few months of a Rogers level reliever is it still a deal you like?
  4. I would think critical to any analysis would be a comparison to other teams as well as a comparison to the performance of players previously picked in that slot. I would also wonder if some teams are more successful with picks after round 2 and that it might be due to their skill in identifying and developing talent rather than random as you suggest. Those factors seem so much important than an MLB ranking. Is there any evidence that MLB rankings have been a reliable predictor of future performance? As for Jeffers… he was picked in the middle of the second round and has more WAR than any other player picked in that round. Can I assume that every other team in that round would receive a lower grade for their pick in round 2?
  5. This is on Pagán who wasn’t good enough last night and pitched like his peripherals foreshadowed he would pitch. Ultimately Pagán can shake off any pitch and it looks like he shook off the 3-1 pitch. Pagán wasn’t good enough in 2020 for the late innings in 2020. He wasn’t good enough in 2021. His ERA looked good this year due to a very high LOB rate. That isn’t a skill. His FIP is 5.56 for this season. I expect he is better than that but not good enough to be part of a playoff bullpen. I guess this is on Falvey who traded the teams best reliever and now has to add to the cost of that trade by sending prospects to a team to try to replace the reliever they lost. A left handed reliever that would fit perfectly on this team. Whoever we evaluate this trade we need to add the loss of any prospects sent to try to fix this gaping hole. As Chief send… No team truly serious about contending would make this deal.
  6. I value 8 innings. Giving up one run on a sac fly with a 9-0 lead does not concern me at all. The last thing they need with a lead is walks. No walks yesterday, Gray’s 7 innings in a close game was probably better. Others commented on the atom balls. Average exit velocity for the game of 87.2 is below league average. There are probably a few hard hit outs in every game but overall he was not hit hard last night.
  7. It may have been the best start from a Twins pitcher this year. I guess maybe Ryan’s or Gray’s 7 inning start against Detroit might be better. Smeltzer also very had a good 7 inning against Kansas City.
  8. I would not be interested in a flier at the deadline. If they need to take a flier they need to do so now so they know by the deadline if it worked out. I am interested in adding arms that slot in at the top of the rotation and bullpen.
  9. According to Fangraphs the Twins defense at catcher ranks 8th in baseball. They are very good at framing the ball and that has saved runs. Jeffers has been one of the best receivers in baseball. They could rank better but the stolen base numbers have cost them two runs over 65 games this year.
  10. Glad he was in the line up today. He came up big when no one else had done anything. I was thinking Rocco should pinch hit and lose the DH. I was wrong … again.
  11. He will be back up soon enough. I thought he needed a long stretch in AAA to get his swing back from before the wrist injuries. I believe I said two months. Today is one month. I am probably swayed by the small sample of that month but I would bring him up when the number of pitchers is restricted to a maximum of 13. I believe that is the end of this week.
  12. I think he will be back and contribute. There will be injuries and he will be needed.
  13. The preparation to play catcher is more intense than any other position. You need to the game plan, the opposing hitters and your own ever changing staff (29 pitchers so far?). The other parts of the game are going to take time to develop.
  14. As for the pick no one picked in the 2018 second round has more WAR than Jeffers. Only 7 of the 35 have reached the majors. One of the catchers picked after him, Will Banfield, is hitting .208 in A+. Banfield was given an over slot 1.8 million compared to Jeffers’ 800K. Josh Breaux (over slot 1.5M) his hitting .224 in AA. It seems like the Twins made a very good pick with their reach. It is really hard to find and develop a catcher. I would be patient with his bat. If the Twins value throwing out runners more they can change his positioning away from one that is designed to frame the plate.
  15. After his first 14 starts Berrios had an ERA over 8. Sands is not ready but I sure would not DFA him based on a few months of bouncing back and forth this season.
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