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  1. They won’t be able to sign him to a fair or reasonable contract. They will need to pay a premium on that fair deal. Berrios’ motivation to sign is the same for any pitcher. Pitchers risk injury that can keep them out of baseball for long stretches. Berrios will have motivation to sign.
  2. The Twins need to make a very good offer this summer. This will not be a team friendly deal. If he is not willing to deal they need to trade him this summer to maximize the return. The worst case is thinking this year is an aberration and believing 2022 they cabin truly contend for a World Series thereby keeping Berrios for his last season. They are too many arms away from making that happen. Any attempt will result in the signings of several decline phase veterans in hopes of squeezing out one more year.
  3. I watched him pitch in the KBO playoffs last year. I would assume the Twins did also. He signed a major league contract to a team looking forward. He may not work out but we need a front office with foresight. We also need a front office that does not factor in the fan base when making baseball decisions.
  4. Seems irresponsible on Reusse’s part to report someone might be unhappy. “Might” isn’t news. You can say that about anyone. This lapse in responsibility gets magnified when others cite Reusse’s report and soon the “might” part gets lost in the noise. Reusse knows that. This same article could have been written without citing Reusse’s empty report. I am confident there exists a number that the Twins can offer in an extension that Buxton will be happy to sign. Are the Twins willing to find that number? Would they be wise to do so? I am not certain. If Buxton leaves it will have noth
  5. Great performance from Flexen. He was available this winter. While our front office continues to fill the back end of the rotation with decline phase veterans the Mariners found a 26 year old that might help them at the end of the rotation for a few years. We need a front office that can find potentially useful players like Flexen. Anyone can hope on getting another year of back end pitching from Happ or Shoemaker. Neither is more than a one year hope and the problem of the back end persists to the next off season.
  6. Simmons has an OPS+ of 93 which is better than his previous two seasons. He is among the best players in outs above average. He is the player they should have expected. They need to find a team looking for a starting shortstop but they won’t have to give him away.
  7. At the deadline in 2011 Baker was having a fantastic year with an ERA of 2.86 and then had arm trouble in August. Cuddyer was also having a great year with an OPS of .852 at the deadline. The rest of the way it was below .700. Those were valuable trade assets.
  8. They might be able to compete. I don’t think they can contend next year. In 2011 they might have convinced themselves they could be competitive in 2012 and that did not go well. Get rid of the Donaldson money somehow and spend it towards Berrios and Buxton. If neither is willing to negotiate move them as the White Sox moved several players like Chris Sale a few years back.
  9. They should have a reasonable bar set now for those with expiring contracts. They also need to find a way to get out of Donaldson’s contract and move him before he gets injured again. Will it disrupt team chemistry? Of course. The current chemistry is headed 100 losses, can’t score late in games and can’t close games out.
  10. I think it goes back to committing so much of the budget to the lineup with the signing of Donaldson. It put them in the position to roll the dice with Hill, Bailey, Happ and Shoemaker in the rotation as well as the bullpen pieces you cited. They could have kept Sano at 3B and went with an inexpensive 1B in order to put more of the budget into a pitcher or two with a greater likelihood of success. Did they have too much confidence in their ability to identify pitching?
  11. The Twins average pitching age is the oldest in the AL. Only the Angels have given up more runs than the Twins. There is no Santana and Liriano or Scherzer and Strasburg to get them out of this hole. This window has closed. I would plan with 2023 in mind.
  12. Wondering about comparing the age numbers… We’re the numbers you co pared end of season vs. the one month into the season? Would that skew the comparison? As the season progresses I would expect younger players to move up a level pushing down that average age number by seasons end.
  13. Wondering about Gordon… Wasn't he also considered a pitching prospect at the draft? His arm must be pretty good for SS. Is it his footwork or his reaction/read time that prevent him from playing a passable SS? His minor league error rate doesn’t seem to be the problem. If he is to be a super utility shouldn’t he be getting time in the outfield as well as 3B in St. Paul? His arm should be able to handle those spots. His speed should work in CF. Reading the ball off the bat and getting the best jump would need a lot of reps that can happen in St. Paul.
  14. The Rays have traded solid prospects at the deadline like Jesus Sanchez and Genesis Cabrera in recent years. There will need to be some sense of urgency and demand. Would that urgency be more likely near the deadline?
  15. Rogers and Garver are both 30. I would try to sell high.
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