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  1. Like so many games against the Yankees in the past couple decades…we were so close. Just couldn’t get over the hump there in the first. 10 or 12 at-bats go differently (and take away one or two innings) and this things could have been headed to extras where anything can happen. How much longer can the Yankees luck hold??
  2. This is absolutely a one-year deal (pending a horrible year and/or injury). And that’s fine…. One, He never signs this deal without the opt-out…and one year of Correa is way better than the alternatives. Two, if the team fails in 2022, he’ll bring a good haul at the deadline. It’s a win for the Twins in almost any scenario…other than chronic /catastrophic injuries. It’s the Sanchez thing that has me scratching my head. He really doesn’t function behind the plate…and how many right-swinging, poor contact, power guys that are defensive liabilities does one team need?
  3. For context, Varland is over one year older than the average competition in his Low-A league…while Balazovic is nearly 3 years younger than his average AA competition. Still, no way to look at Balazovic’s numbers this year and conclude anything other than that he struggled significantly. For those that want the FO to push the top prospects…this is what you’re going to get more often than not. I don’t think it’s anything to be too worried about…but it seems clear he’s not ‘close’.
  4. Still, a disappointing season. Sitting at 30 innings right now…and still somehow K rate is below league average, although better than last year. Of course, he’ll have a chance (presumably) to make up for all that in the post season…and he has been good lately. Dodgers may have figured out how to deal with Graterol’s chronic injury/durability issues: not only keep him in the bullpen, but also shut him down at least twice per season. They can afford that approach with the quality depth of their pitching…and with no worries to make the postseason.
  5. Sure…but how many playoff runs have been made when the top guy in the rotation is consistently outmatched? Very, very few. The exceptions…(e.,g. Brewers, Royals) are just that: exceptions.
  6. I agree that Berrios is a top 30 guy…at least that’s what he’s been in 2021…and he’s definitely young enough to improve going forward. But, if you don’t like this trade, does that mean you’d rather have had the only likely alternatives in the real world: trading him in the off-season or at next year’s deadline for LESS value? Because, otherwise you’d have to believe that Berrios represented the difference between what we’ve seen this year and serious pennant contention in 2022.
  7. Someone who provides an advantage in top-of-the rotation postseason matchups. And significantly enhances the teams odds of winning random matchups during the regular season. I think that is true even with ‘great’ pitchers only going 6-7 innings. Berrios is not an ace. But I do think he’s still young and that 2021 could be a step toward that status.
  8. Still, he’s 2nd on the team in RBI. A few more than Donaldson, in the same number of PA, and with 60+ more K’s. The thing with all guys with ridiculous power…they are ALWAYS in an RBI situation.
  9. Yes, Escobar’s had a great year. Yes, he’s a good guy to have around. But he’s not going to be anyone’s every day shortstop, no matter what defensive metrics might (erroneously) say.
  10. Just one question… Do the Yankees need Kepler to take Aaron Judge’s spot in the lineup or Joey Gallo’s?…or Giancarlo Stanton’s or Luke Voit’s or DJ LeMahieu’s, or maybe the returning Aaron Hick’s?? Can’t think of a less motivated team, maybe ever, to go after a 100-105 ish OPS+ corner outfielder that can sorta spot in center and maybe possibly play first or DH. The Yankees interest in Twins (position players with the MLB club) probably begins with Buxton and ends with Donaldson…both risks. Buxton for the possibilities, and Donaldson because they’re ‘weak’ at 3rd. Maybe Arraez to bolster the 3B rotation and utility role.
  11. Not buying this. Escobar couldn’t take the shortstop job from Polanco when Escobar was 27-28…he’s certainly not going to do it at 33. Here are the SS’s that have played the position for Escobar’s teams in the last three years…Nick Ahmed and Willie Adames. Adames is currently injured, and the Brewers responded by moving Luis Arias back over to short. Zero games for Escobar at short for the Brewers despite the injuries…but 9 at first base.
  12. I think it’s fair to say Balazovic has found AA ball this year…challenging. Wouldn’t be shocked if that’s where he starts next year.
  13. Except for what still would have been a 2-run homer…and about 500 mph-worth of exit velocity this inning.
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