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  1. Some, even many, or most injuries are just an instance of bad luck. But over eight seasons, the number...and the number of different types of injuries... I’m sorry, but over the long haul, the ability to be available...as Bud Grant famously said, the most important ability is availability. It’s an ability just like being fast or having power. And Buxton doesn’t have it.
  2. The reasons the number of HBP have risen are varied and have little to nothing to do with pitchers taking liberties. Pitchers throw inside way less than they used to and also throw way fewer ‘purpose’ pitches. But they throw harder and have less control. Meanwhile, in the modern game, the batters stand right on top of the plate wearing high-tech body armor so that they can pull and launch pitches on the outside corner of the plate. It completely different than how the game was played until relatively recently. If deemed intentional or retaliatory, eject. If not, no new consequences.
  3. As long as you have another major-league starting quality legit CF on the roster. And as long as you don’t have to pay Buxton like a star player that actually plays games and produces on a regular basis. Unlikely. And unlikely.
  4. It’s amazing the action that can be squeezed into 9 short innings and 4 short hours.
  5. It’s only Buxtonish if the recovery is 2-3 times longer than normal.
  6. I don’t think of several of these guys as Twins ‘left fielders’. Turns out, for good reason. I went back and checked...Shane Mack and Larry Hisle, neither put in more than one season where they played LF in even half of the games. They both moved all over the outfield (they both had big-time arm-strength issues)...and put in time at DH. Meanwhile, Bostock played considerably more CF and RF than LF for the Twins. So, to me it comes down to Allison, Rosario, and Gladden (Stewart was good for 2 seasons) Bob Allison was pretty clearly the best player in this list, offensively and defensi
  7. The only true TWINS father/son (both actually played for the major league team) would be Sal and Drew Butera, right? Also, Roy Smalley played for his uncle, who managed the Twins...and my uncle was my father figure...so kinda.
  8. An organizational sweep! Things are looking up at the shortstop position, Lewis’s injury not withstanding.
  9. Not batting his weight before he was hurt. And in his first game back, he’s batting right in the middle of the order ‘protecting’ your best hitter. That part of it isn’t Kepler’s fault.
  10. When is a stolen base a bad play? When it takes the bat out of your best hitters hand at a crucial time in the ball game.
  11. AL-ca-la, adj.; having the ability to propel 9-inch, 5oz spheres at very high rates of velocity in such a manner that it hits the exact center of the barrel of a bat at least one time per 20 trials. ”You look so good, and then I look up and see a ball attempting to separate from the earth’s gravitational pull. You’re so Alcala!”
  12. Jeffers and Garver are a bad pair. Both bat-first, both right-handed. I believe you need to go with one or the other, plus a true defense-first backup like Rortvedt who plays significantly less than the starter. What they do with the other guy depends upon what he could return in a trade and what your plans are for Sano, Kirilloff and the DH role. I agree it’s something that needs to be addressed...Garver/Jeffers with the 2021 roster was a bad plan from the get-go. Good topic.
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