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  1. To me, good RBI guys are real and important. They are innately good hitters that are AGGRESSIVE with pitches in the zone (and predictable/hittable pitches slightly outside the zone) when in RISP situations…especially in 2-out RISP situations. And they aren’t ‘easy’ to K. It’s not necessarily demonstrated by any single-season stat…(opportunity and SSS). Over 2-3 seasons, I’d take Abreu over Miranda. But that’s moot now. I do think Miranda has the aggressive gene, and I think it will come with a reasonable contact rate as he settles in.
  2. Not just the injuries…also the constant moving of the same players all around the order (e.g., Miranda leading off)…low team BA/OBP…low number of hits…not huge HR numbers…no SB to help get runners into easier scoring position, Want an exercise in how rapidly the game is changing? Compare all Twins TEAM offensive numbers (traditional team batting stats) in 2006 to those of 2022. (Note: In 2022 Twins ranked 7th in AL in runs scored; in 2006 they ranked 8th) Scary.
  3. Nice article. Fun to remember all those seasons/eras. Also a reminder that a good number of the A and B seasons were unexpected…or at least preceded by bad seasons.
  4. Something about being the best (clearly the best) player on a team that won TWO worlds championships…something that only Oliva in this group even sniffed. Go figure.
  5. As it turns out, he was borderline awful all year. And now with the Jay’s down 1-0 to the Mariners and their back to the wall, they are looking elsewhere with Gausman to stay alive. I’m guessing he won’t get a theoretical game 3 either. Maybe a relief appearance?
  6. Meanwhile, Houston nearly had 5. But who wants to replicate them! Twins much better of being a leader of the new trend.
  7. How about producing (draft/develop) a healthy/functional, legitimate top-half-of-rotation starter. You know…the one thing that all the ‘experts’ said you’d be good at? Let’s start with one. ONE.
  8. He’s not consistently solid with in-game decisions in close games…hasn’t been from day 1. Masked by superior lineups, exposed with an average lineup…and against good teams. It’s really the FIRST and highest priority for a manager to be good at. Anyone can take 24 hours to interpret the data and come up with the best batting order and bullpen plan for tomorrow’s game. But then the game HAPPENS. I don’t hold out much hope for him in this capacity. Unfortunately.
  9. Come on. You think if Correa puts up a 140 OPS+, 5-6 WAR season in 2023 in a Yankee and Dodger uniform, their fans are so stupid that they’d have a problem with that? Nonsense. He’d be an upgrade at the position for literally every team in baseball. The one and only team for which he wouldn’t be a clear upgrade…the Padres…have a CURRENT cheater at the position.
  10. There’s 11 pitchers in that top 20. 2 you traded, leaving 9. Of the 9… 1 completely broke 2 were slowed by injury (Winder, Sands) 1 was stopped by injury 2 took meaningful steps (SWR and Ryan) 1 over achieved 1 basically started over (Enlow) Meanwhile, Prielipp and Henrique seem like guys that could be top-20 worthy, and not that far away? A mixed bag, The injuries always seem to make it feel worse. And the fact that the pitchers we got in the trades seem like damaged goods…that also makes it feel worse.
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