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  1. I really hate to say this but good, never mind playoff teams, dont 5 inning pullpen games. They just dont
  2. Lets not all go crazy. Very good. Plays...not so much. Best hitter is day after day. He is a talent.
  3. I think its more important to go into CLE with 2 game lead. Play A team tomorrow while CLE plays Boston. Put pressure on them
  4. Richard "Dick" Thornburg Atty General of USA '88-91'. Every once in awhile the lawyer in me bubbles up
  5. Roommate asked me how I made such thick spaghetti sauce...told him the secret was cottage cheese. He made it. Pro tip: It isnt.
  6. I just dont see CLE being what they have been last 20-25 games. What comes around goes around and for last month most everything come their way.
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