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  1. We definitely need new ownership ,,, pohlads have no love for baseball , pohlads have love for money .. When taking over Falvy / levine fired all personal to restructure franchise and hired all top professionals to fill positions ( their words not mine ) ... I would grade it a total system failure on the major league product ....
  2. Todays responses to this post are mostly right on and the fans are calling for aces , studs and bulldogs ( quality pitching ) to win post season games , not just contend during the regular season ... Ownership has instructed FO to put together a roster to win games during the season and to draw fan's to fill the stadium ( didn't happen this year for obvious reason ) ... low budget owner that thinks anyone with a pulse can play the game of baseball .. Ownership and front office appears to never look at winter acquisitions in building a playoff caliber team , just an average team to beat our own division teams , we can't beat the strongest division in the east ,,, ( gee I wonder why ) .. We are the twins fans that our owners and FO should be listening to because of love of the game ,, we live for baseball and they cater to younger partying types to buy tickets who just watch the scoreboards and not the product on the field ... They could learn alot from us dummies ,, and i concur that ownership and FO have not taken responsibility to what I think in my opinion is the worst season the twins have ever played , but still follow everyday.. even the year we lost over a 100 games was better , because we were in every game but lost alot of close competitive games , got more hits , doubles , singles and walks strung together to score runs in the clutch .. Good write up and responses twins fans , Go twins
  3. Mind boggling ... Gibaut is probably the worst pitcher at st Paul, no use for him there for the saints playoffs so the front office decides that our twins pitching has been bad all year , why change anything ... Boy it's lonely being a twins fan this year and they just keep pissing off what twins fans are left
  4. What viola is saying is everyone below falvy is puppets ,,,, Falvy is manager and everyone below him has to follow and listen to what he says .... We also need an owner that has passion ,,, he doesn't seem to love baseball as much as Eloise and Carl ,,, Yes they are spending more money since they opened target field but not on the right personal to win playoff games just enough talent to win divisions especially in the pitching department ,, way below average pitching will never win playoff games against the better teams ... Take some responsibility in this failure and learn from it and add what the fans want , studs , bulldogs and aces to succeed, I just can't believe they didn't call up Ryan, but called up gibaut instead ,, Service time , who cares , they will trade them away after 5 years because they won't pay them ....
  5. Hey Seth, Love reading about our projects in the minors .... Has Spencer steer cooled off some ??? , not seeing his name much this past month ... Is it possible to add the box scores to the games along with the highlights ??? ,,, kind of would like to see who played each game
  6. I agree with Bighat ... I constantly see our manager out managed by the opposing manager , after the allstar game , first game post interview before second game of doubleheader was , our players are a bit rusty , i heard that and immediately thought , I guess we're going to lose the second game of doubleheader too ..... then we got swept it's the managers job to get them ready to play, almost seems like our manager doesn't play to win
  7. Thabks Cody, I hope you have a storyline option after the season is concluded ,,, I will be watching the front office very carefully on the trade deadline , They have not really impressed me with trades yet .. Always like to see rookies perform and hopefully perform well ... Spoilers would be nice , but probably to much to ask for as Rocco always gets out managed by the opposition ...
  8. We are talking trades or expiring contracts at the end of the year .... Rocco's contract expires I believe at the end of 2021 , If another team came calling for the 2019 manager if the year , I sell him for a dollar like the twins did with Jim eisenreich back in the 90's ... With better managing and coaching the twins could be alot better in 2022 ...... Everyone thought tony larussa was to old to make a comeback and he has Chicago in first place
  9. A tree isn't dumb , it bares fruit,, the front office hasn't shown any fruits so yes it is dumber than a tree ,, They started the season with the thought of replacing a left fielder , also really failed in the super utility player and their choices for pitching ( happ being OK only because he's lefthanded ) ,, they better wake up on the dumpster pile , Average pitching is not going to win in playoffs , I could go on but you know the rest of the story .
  10. Why not put the blame on falvy , levine and rocco , they fired and cleaned house on all the personal in the entire system , ( rookie ball all the way to AAA , managers , coaches , trainers , scouting etc ... ) when they took the helm and i quote words from falvy from then,,, ( " we went out and hired the top personal in the industry in all phases of the system " ) ..... Falvy takes the lime light with media and you never see levine when twins are playing great and winning ,,, now that the twins are playing awful baseball because of mostly signing below average pitching and no clutch hitting and bad fundamentals , levine is in the lime light with the media .... Falvy does an interview when media finally calls him out ... Nobody in front office or managing takes any accountability for the losing season .,,, Rocco of course is terrible with any in game decisions , improvisation and any kind of consistency with the players ,, as some post have said , let the players know their role , they seem lost imo . Adding average or below average pitching may win games during the season and draw fans but what they add does not win playoff games ( proven against better teams during the season and the past playoffs ) , i did not get my expectations to this season as high as some twins fans and i am still a faithful follower every game and just laugh at their total disaster system failure ,,, Also we need new owners , the pohlads today don't love baseball as much as carl and eloise .... Its great to have baseball but some changes are needed ...
  11. Every team needs pitching , pitching and more pitching ... Since taking over the FO has released or dfa'd alot of potential prospects pitchers and got nothing in return ... This is irritating because if pitchers are so valuable , why not trade for a younger class A player that doesn't need protection .... Its a long list twins fans ,,, some of the players released at the end of the year have played on mlb baseball the next year .... ,,, their decisions are the focus here for disaster and disaster followed
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