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  1. I'm not advocating for a trade but I think Mahle or Castillo would have better moral and pitch better on a winning team , no price please , Frankie montas is keeping his stock high ..... There are not many aces , studs or bulldogs out there anymore that pitch alot of innings and face the lineup 3 times or more , that would be my choice if we are to contend in October
  2. Go twins , I agree we don't have a team built for October but will win enough games during the season to draw fan's to the stadium .... That is their plan ( FO and OWNERS )
  3. Unfricken believable , Tarheel says let's watch him in st Paul and the positions he plays ,,, might be a good call ,,,
  4. The dobnak and odorizzi was a statement of sending a rookie out there in front of the worst hecklers of a visiting team , Experience still would have been my choice with odorizzi but they claimed odorizzi had a winning record at target field and he did pitch fairly well .... but we went 3 and out . 1 bunt , hurray ,, How about stealing bases , hit and run , situational hitting with runners on base ,,, or 2 strikes and batters making adjustments ,,,, see arreaz for adjustments , bats like gwynn and hits like carew , love that major leaguer Catchers aren't as good as they once were at throwing out base stealers , when we have trouble scoring runs , steal bases and get runners in scoring position I love the homerun that is a game changer but not the solo homers that almost never won the game ... A complete 180 degree change in the way baseball is played sucks , but I'm still a follower of the twins and of all baseball teams .. i live for opening day and the world series and everything in between ... You don't have to be a follower to be successful and stop executing the way baseball was intended to be played ,,, Watch other teams manager's manage in game decisions and strategy ,,, this was a discussion of our manager
  5. Pagan has you sitting on the edge of your seat yelling at TV to throw strikes ,,, He somehow comes through it unscathed ... Won't always be the case , I'm for Duran to close it out ,,, it's his role to lose ,,
  6. Was he deserving of the manager of the year in 2019 ,, Between Rocco, cash and boone .... Boone's yankees had extensive injuries to their core players and found great depth to win 103 games ... deserving Cash had the worst stadium to play in and one of the lowest payrolls and great coaching abilities to be creative in using his players to win 96 games .... deserving .... Rocco's first year as manager and the team performs ,,, BUT most players performed and had career years .... undeserving because he had no experience prior to 2019 to evaluate his tendencies toward coaching , then we saw his real coaching abilities in the playoffs in 2019 and 2020 ,,, he coaches the same as in season as he does in playoffs and you just can't do that with the better playoff team .... Dobnak pitching in front of a bunch of Yankee hecklers instead of odorizzi did not make sense and that's not just on Rocco but his FO that he has to follow their plan ... This is my opinion , eye and hearing test , FO and Rocco cannot manage the team , I don't believe the BS from any of the 3 ,,, they'd make better politicians for all the errors of there ways .... Baseball was a great game and it's losing its popularity because of the new game of analytics ,,, Why can't we have both in the game , old and new school baseball
  7. Arreaz will be the first basemen when facing right handed pitching and he had been fine so far To let him play there so his bat is in the lineup ,,, miranda will platoon against the lefyhanders and if he doesn't get going with the bat might be the next player demoted to AAA .... The short king is a major leaguer and has been since his arrival .... Bats like gwynn and hits like carew ... love the little guy
  8. Ryan was a class act , he stayed when contractions were being discussed and he could have gone to Toronto who did offer him the same position fir the blue jays .... And he was a good judge of talent , he worked harder than any GM that I know of , he was always scouting the minor league games looking for talent .... Is he still with Philadelphia Phillies , they hired him in 2021 ????
  9. Yes it is and I like it , shouldn't have put it that way ,,,, his composure got flustered last night with balls and strikes and you can't win many games that way ...
  10. On May 3rd , Ryan wasn't as smooth in his start of just under 5 innings , but on May 10th he was way off the mark and got flustered more when a few calls weren't called strikes .. Hopefully it is a lesson we'll learned , seems to me that he thinks he should win every game ,
  11. Glad we are winning but this series with Houston will be a test , good pitching and hitting Next series could be alittle easier Cleveland has good pitching , have heard there hitters are warming up . Go twins
  12. If pagan would have blown a couple of those saves and lost it would have reminded me of RD ( RON DAVIS ) ,,, Man was I on the edge of seat
  13. Sonny gray to start , Cole sands promoted yesterday to the club and sent back to AAA without pitching , Nothing like messing with one head , FO and Rocko are still pulling the strings
  14. If Bundy's last two starts are any indication , Last night being his worst ... He won't be in the rotation , archer is still a question mark but is pitching in the mid 90's ,,, they just are not turning him loose yet as he builds up stamina due to late signing and short spring training
  15. I do see a Better vibe or chemistry with the players , was donaldson a prima Donna , of course he was , did that reflect towards a negative clubhouse , baldelli says no
  16. Is the twins rotation for real is the question !!!! All depends your definition of real , Are they good or are they bad ? ,,, So far the starting pitching has been decent with the exception of a few starts , Will it continue ? , it will have its ups and downs just like any teams pitching staff .... Does it have what it takes to win during the season ( better than last year's odds ) The real question though is Does it have what it takes to win once we get to the playoffs ?
  17. I texted my friends that didn't see the same thing ,They missed a 30 million dollar catch ,,, of course the can see it later in highlights ...
  18. They look new and improved and playing great ball the past dozen games ,, still small concerns on starting pitching ( we have depth ) .... bullpen is the biggest concern where we are not competitive enough ( not alot of depth ) ,,, Bullpens win games .... Twins will win games through the season but playoffs come down to pitching ( studs , aces and bulldogs )
  19. Let's just say 500 would be competitive but if thing goes good we could do better .. We are already stricken with the injury bug on a half a dozen players ... we started out bad , but have only played good baseball in the last dozen games ... Still not sure what their identity is ...
  20. No concerns at firstbase , Arreaz and miranda for now ,,, see how it goes ... Like most , catcher is not a strength ... keep the ball in front of you boys , block it , smother it , whatever you have to do Last year's catching even wasn't that good as there was alot of wild pitches and passed balls ,,, alot of those wild pitches should have been call passed balls In my opinion but with a runner moving up a base they called it a wild pitch ... Catching is a problem for most teams in the league as to many wild pitches or passed balls probably led to a record of runners scoring from third base ....
  21. My concern is still the bullpen ,,, duffey , pagan , stashak and theilbar ,,, have not looked all to impressive but maybe a couple of them will work it out .... What has impressed me this past week of games is the the twins batters are hitting alot of doubles ... way better and exciting baseball than a bunch of solo homeruns ,,, lots of running the bases and not homerun trots ..... Last night the twins got 10 hits , 7 of those hits were doubles , 2 singles and 1 three run game changing bomba .... Good offensive game, Highlight on defense : Correa made an awesome catch with his back to the infield in no man's land ...
  22. Only west and east coast teams get the recognition ( bigger markets) .... This is minnesota and not a privilege to live here ... Get use to it
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