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  1. No this team is not in a free fall. They won today. Almost all teams go through good patches and rough patches - the key is having longer and more good patches than rough ones.
  2. This was a good - very good win. This series could have easily been a Twins sweep, but was almost a Guardians sweep. High drama for June. The 2022 version of the Twins' inconsistencies can be frustrating, but I find this team really fun to follow and rather compelling. The sky is not falling.
  3. Nice article. The FO will almost certainly make a move or two for a BP arm given the need and the young assets the Twins can offer in exchange. The FO can be trusted to do this - Right?
  4. No!! He is an elite player and seems like a positive force in the clubhouse - try to win this year as well as the next season or two.
  5. I don't understand the takes on this year's Twins that state emphatically, "They can make playoffs, but can't win it all." First of all, the current Twins roster will likely change (improve?) near the trade deadline. Secondly, the Twins can score and defend - if any 1 or 2 of the pitchers such as Gray, Ryan or Pitcher X gets hot, of course they can win it all. Baseball and almost all professional sports have numerous examples of the hot team winning it all even if they weren't the best on paper - like the 87 Twins. Added benefit - this team is fun.
  6. The Twins have shown some backbone in these last two series which should serve them well going forward. They are competing hard - fun to watch.
  7. .400? Unlikely. But he is fun to watch compete!
  8. There are legitimate concerns for the Twins, but the basic core of this team is strong for now and the medium term. Consider the assets the team has assembled for multiple seasons ahead: Buxton, Arraez, Lewis, Larnach, Miranda, Kirilloff, Ryan, Ober, Duran, Alcala all of whom have shown some promise or more at the MLB level, with a number of intriguing prospects in the system too. This year and next: Polanco, Gray, Kepler. Urshela. This year and possibly more? Correa! The Twins are at a minimum in a competitive space and potentially a postseason team..
  9. This recent streak of mediocrity is a concern. It is also attributable to the number of injuries keeping players from regular at bats or innings with some of the pitchers. For the Twins to ascend to a more competitive footing with the top of the AL they likely need some strong combination of the following: 1. Correa and Arraez in the line up regularly. 2. Buxton and Polanco to hit and hit consistently. Along with solid performances building on recent trends from Sanchez, Urshela and Kepler. 3. One or more of the young guns to step up:: (Larnach, Kirilloff, Lewis, Miranda) 4. A healthy Ryan, Ober and Gray giving a lot of quality starts. 5. A few impactful deadline additions to the pitching staff. Internal and/or external. Not sure if all five will occur, but none of them are unthinkable and are each possible/probable.
  10. It's a long season and Jeffers is less experienced than Sanchez, But yes to date Sanchez has outhit Jeffers and his defense hasn't been as awful as advertised so he is 1A right now.
  11. The idea of bringing up a pitcher as an opener is sound and helps reduce the workload on the bullpen. Does it have to be Canterino? Are there other prospects who can do this? Secondly, I am not convinced Duran is now a reliever for the rest of his career. Starters have more value, it might be prudent to explore Duran as a starter next year. Finally, if Winder returns healthy the rotation which admittedly needs depth consists of: Ryan, Gray, Ober, Winder, Bundy, Archer and possibly Smeltzer. Could two of these combine for opener approach if no prospects are deemed viable?
  12. Kepler has turned a corner it would seem. If so, that is a big development for the Twins' chances to play in the postseason. Of course, a productive player like Kepler needs to be in the line up a lot, but not sure that limits the options for a role for Lewis as he is being groomed it would seem for a super utility role (3B, LF some occasional duty in CF, RF, SS) It would appear that Lewis' near term AB's with the Twins would be those Nick Gordon is currently getting.
  13. The Twins shouldn't trade Correa. Full stop.
  14. A win that almost was a loss - postseason teams get a number of these over the course of the season. Thought - could all these rest days for Buxton be messing with his timing?
  15. The American League has 15 teams and 7 of them are above .500 at the moment. Each of these 15 teams has quality pitchers, position players and enough overall talent to win on any given day/night. (In the NL there are 6 teams above .500.) The general discounting of wins by the Twins because of the perceived level of competition is misguided. It is hard to win A game in MLB let alone 25 out of 41. The Twins have the makings of a good to very good team as evidenced by their record 1/4 of the way through the season. Thanks for an article which accepts this evidence and projects what might improve the Twins potential for winning the division and having some post-season success.
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