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  1. Of course the Twins should sign Berrios to an extension! Which ML pitchers in the organization project to be as good as him? Should theTwins be confident that any of them will reach Berrios' level? Pitching is a central factor for almost all contending teams. If he wants to test free agency they may have to overpay him some to get it done. Yes, I get it - the Rays wouldn't overpay him - well the Twins aren't the Rays for a lot of reasons. I will leave the actual numbers to those of you more dialed into such stuff.
  2. Agree 100% with Jorgenswest on the issue of this being a financial decision. I don't think dealing young core players like Buxton or Berrios is generally wise unless they turn down legitimate offers.
  3. Of course, if Twins had brought someone up that pitcher (X) could have pitched the 6th or 7th allowing for different choices in the highest leverage situations in 8th and 9th assuming of course this Pitcher X could have pitched a clean 6th or 7th. Still regardless of all that, I feel bad for Shoemaker, but he has shown conclusively that right now and maybe going forward he can't get it done. Why is he still an option to pitch any innings? If this is truly the last barely open window to get back into something of a competitive position then that should be the context for decisions rig
  4. A little 9th inning magic by the Twins lead by their two big vets. It's a sign they are still competing hard. (Bullpen was solid too.)
  5. Agreed that playing the young ready players (Kirilloff, Larnach, Jeffers, Gordon) and might be ready (Ober, Rooker, Duran, Canterino) makes sense. These players plus a few others (Lewis?) have a shot to be on team in 2022. But the idea that the Twins should just empty the ML roster is not feasible. Bringing back at least the following 10 would be prudent: Arraez, Donaldson, Buxton, Polanco, Garver, Maeda, Berrios, Rogers, Dobnak, Alcala..
  6. Few teams would want to throw in the towel on the season in early June, but leaders of the Twins need to be realists. Injuries have created space for young players to get playing time in the field. Soon it will likely be prudent to push Happ and Shoemaker aside for starts by the likes of Duran, Canterino, Winder et al.
  7. The Twins have shown in the past week they can beat the Orioles in close games -even win in extra innings, which is something of sorts. (16 in a row overall vs Baltimore.) However, with 109 games or so to play the Twins are 9 games below .500 and in a fairly deep hole division-wise. The Twins only face the Orioles for two more games. All this math is against the Twins right now...
  8. Sadly, I have to agree with all the Sano angst. He is really struggling to make even occasional, meaningful contact. Why in the world does he continue to be placed in the middle of the order?
  9. Please, Berrios has pitched at roughly the same level now. as he did for the Twins' 2019, 2020 Division Championship teams - hardly ****tty squads. Berrios is a good major league starter, and they command a decent price when traded.
  10. Twins winning two in a row spoils the narrative a wee bit, that the 2021 Twins are an awful team and 2019, 2020 were fluky outlier seasons.
  11. I agree if the Twins become sellers then they have to consider as potential assets to move: Berrios, Kepler, Polanco and I would add Sano and Garver. Wouldn't trade Buxton, Arraez and the young LH hitters.
  12. The disappointment and frustration are understandable, after all the primary sources in life of unhappiness are unmet expectations. Yes, the Twins have disappointed and performed poorly especially in central moments. However, disparaging their performance and character are separate issues. Almost no one (or maybe no one) on this site can speak coherently about the intentions of the players or for goodness sake make definitive judgements as to how much individual players' "care" about winning due to an assessment of their level of "energy".
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