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  1. Ryan looks promising looking forward to watching him. Twins will be in a way better place if Ober's performance to date is not an outlier and 1 or 2 young SP, like Ryan are able to take rotation spots next season.
  2. I get the interest in comparisons, and yes Arraez is no Carew, Gwynn or Puckett. Arraez though like that HOF Trio can flat out rake. He is more than a good enough hitter to be considered a regular batting title contender, and a key piece for the Twins for years to come.
  3. There are plenty of solid to very good starting pitcher prospects in the system: Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, Duran, Ryan, Canterino, Winder, Strotman, Sands, Enlow, Vallimont plus. Ober and Jax already with the Twins.. Is it unrealistic to think 2-3 of these guys become consistently effective major league pitchers in 2022-2023? Could at least one of them be at Berrios level? (a #2 type) The Indians and Rays seem to crank them out why can't the Twins?
  4. Many successful MLB players struggled to adjust in their first extended run of games as Larnach is currently doing. It is way too soon to right him off - he has hit in the minors and shown flashes with the Twins.
  5. I see no reason to trade out all these players turning 2022 and maybe 2023 into years to bring along the slew of prospects the Twins receive by moving these proven MLB players. The success rate of prospects is unknown to me, but through my own observation through the years it doesn't seem all that high. Proving you belong, can stay and thrive in MLB is a multi-variable deal with lots of snares that end careers.
  6. Dman - your logic on Arraez is strong, however I think it is a mistake to trade a quality and rare hitter like Arraez.
  7. 100 starts is about 3+ seasons. Seems like a long ramp up to be grounded as a SP is MLB.
  8. GNess

    The Grand "Re-Tool" Experiment

    Wow - well done with this comprehensive breakdown of a re-tool scenario. I may be seeing things in a cloudy, subjective manner, but the Twins have just enough good players to think in terms of a re-tool and be competitive in 2022. If the Twins can: 1. Hold on to the following core guys: Kirilloff, Larnach, Buxton, Arraez, Polanco, Jeffers/Garver, Maeda, Berrios and Alcala. 2. Get some help internally from the system and leftover (non-core) current players. 3. Trade some of the assets from this year's squad for a few meaningful players. 4. Sign some decent, proven ML starters / relievers like many teams do. They can be a .500+ team in 2022... Yes, Buxton and Berrios may well walk, but the Twins can make a run at them. Plus, that's an issue for 2023...
  9. If 2022 is a year in which the Twins can compete for a division crown (I think they can, but that doesn't matter) they should not trade JD. He may or may not be in decline, but he is still a fairly productive player who can contribute to a winning team. If 2022 is a gap year as the Twins reload or rebuild - that's a different context in which the decision to move on from JD makes more sense. Sad really, as a life-long Twins fan the cost of players almost always restricts the Twins' FO into thinking small - looking for bargains and angles. (Or gives them the excuse to do so.) Just once it would be nice to hear the Twins FO say we will do and spend what is needed to compete for a World Series and then act assertively upon that claim. Sigh.
  10. Don't trade Arraez - he has unique skills and is still an ascending player. The Twins have four players in the bigs or near who can play SS (or 2B) Simmons, Polanco, Gordon and Lewis. The first three are assets that could be moved before the 2022 season. Not to mention free agency for 2022 has a number of quality SS. My thought: Keep Arraez at 2B. Gordon at Super Utility and trade Simmons and Polanco if the Twins are eager to add assets (Pitching) at the deadline. Or in Polanco's case in the off-season. Lewis coming off an injury likely has limited value, but could be ready for MLB by mid-season 2022 if all goes right.
  11. Yes it was Texas and yes still 12 back, but with 91 games to play the real issue is can the Twins somehow manage 90+ wins? 60-31 gets them to 90. Is that even remotely realistic? Would 90 be enough?
  12. Agree with Rosterman on how the Twins play the youngsters as opposed to the vets. I would also like to see more of Gordon who has the positional flexibility to be a strong super utility option now that he has shown some aptitude for playing in CF.
  13. Of course the Twins should sign Berrios to an extension! Which ML pitchers in the organization project to be as good as him? Should theTwins be confident that any of them will reach Berrios' level? Pitching is a central factor for almost all contending teams. If he wants to test free agency they may have to overpay him some to get it done. Yes, I get it - the Rays wouldn't overpay him - well the Twins aren't the Rays for a lot of reasons. I will leave the actual numbers to those of you more dialed into such stuff.
  14. Agree 100% with Jorgenswest on the issue of this being a financial decision. I don't think dealing young core players like Buxton or Berrios is generally wise unless they turn down legitimate offers.
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