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  1. Not that I want him back, but did I miss an article somewhere where the Twins have stated they're moving on from him?
  2. Kirby Puckett. 1982: 65 games in the Rookie League; 1983: 138 games at A; 1984: 21 games at AAA and then came up and played 128 games for the Twins that same season. *young and inexperienced*
  3. Baldelli pulling Berrios at 84 pitches with a no-hitter going comes to mind. (and yes, I realize it's early in the season after a shortened season and he wants to be 'careful' with his pitchers, but still).
  4. Only problem with that is if you go and look at the actual data, looking at the top 30 SS's in innings played, outside of the top 2 and the last 1 in defensive runs saved, the difference between playing the 'best' and the 'worst' SS in MLB, is a difference of 1 run scored every 8 games. Also, since it is pretty universally agreed that they probably aren't bringing him back, you are saying the Twins will look foolish regardless.
  5. Can anyone give a good reason why they didn't unload him? God forbid this means they want to bring him back. Even then, that could have happened after the season was over. Just another straw for the camel I guess.
  6. Read the headline, thought about it for a few seconds and said to myself C-, read the article and saw you came to the same conclusion. The reason I went that 'high' is he did seem to keep the team from just going through the motions, and kept the clubhouse from imploding I guess; but from a "baseball" acumen, I guess I believe that you shouldn't be losing games because of poor managerial decisions, and we had a boatful of those.
  7. Think about who is doing the advertising. It is known as "selling hope", and the Twins have that skill running in perpetual motion. For all the touting, truly, how many "MLB Stars" have been developed and come out of the Twins organization over the last 25 years?
  8. Nice article. I've been watching his pitching from a number of articles/clips from around the web, and it appears to me that he's found an arm slot/rotation/angle for that fastball that from the batter's POV, his entire forearm and pitching hand "disappear" at one point in the motion, and then his release unfolds in a way that the hand and forearm are fully inline with his upper arm, which sort of hides the ball. Hard to describe, but it looks like the batter sees half the guy's arm disappear (the half with the ball), then the ball sort of pop straight out of the middle of his arm --already on the batter; you don't really see the arm "come around" as it were. It would make for odd ABs (sort of like knucklers just sort of mess with your head).
  9. If you do go to Tom Reid's, order the poutine. Don't question it, don't think about it, just get it.
  10. Problem is, players tend to be creatures of habit. In theory, while moving guys all over the field and up and down the batting order *shouldn't* affect their play (if they're capable of filling the role), it is quite obvious that it does. So, Rocco, if you're moving guys all over the field, at least try to let them bat in a consistent slot, and vice versa.
  11. The Twins are also sending cash. I just hope it's less than $10M.
  12. This is where I wish there were an "I agree with this post, and I am upset about it (the content) too" EMOJI
  13. Made my thoughtful comment, now the cynical one; so when exactly is the non-refundable portion of the Season Ticket Holder deposits for 2022 due? If they can, Twins will talk the "all in for next year/not trading anybody" talk right up to the day after that money is due.
  14. Yeah, I kind of think Berrios is already gone (in his own mind). He wants market value. Twins won't go there, otherwise, deal would be done. When you start getting the 'I've been waiting six years for this' (free agency/freedom to maximize his value)comments, the Twins will need to be the high bidder --- which ain't happening.
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