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  1. This is where I wish there were an "I agree with this post, and I am upset about it (the content) too" EMOJI
  2. Made my thoughtful comment, now the cynical one; so when exactly is the non-refundable portion of the Season Ticket Holder deposits for 2022 due? If they can, Twins will talk the "all in for next year/not trading anybody" talk right up to the day after that money is due.
  3. Yeah, I kind of think Berrios is already gone (in his own mind). He wants market value. Twins won't go there, otherwise, deal would be done. When you start getting the 'I've been waiting six years for this' (free agency/freedom to maximize his value)comments, the Twins will need to be the high bidder --- which ain't happening.
  4. Combine that with a protocol where our pitchers *ask* to be checked for foreign substances each inning, and I think you might be onto something.
  5. Going into this season, the Twins knew they would be playing their extra innings games starting out with a man on 2nd. "Bombas Squad" or not, logic would dictate that you would work very hard to get that run home, perhaps by laying a bunt down the 3rd base line. From what I've seen on the field (and in extra innings), RB has apparently decided that either 'we don't bunt', or 'we can't bunt, and I'm not about to make my team learn how'. No, he doesn't pitch, catch, or hit, but IMO, he carries the 'persona' of the team, and if he ain't sweatin' it, nobody else is either.
  6. I'm a 56 year old leftie with a ton of movement on my curve (orange juice for grip). So, can I throw a high (out of the zone) 4 seamer followed by a bunch of benders in the dirt off the plate? Why yes, yes I can.
  7. I'm going to talk myself into a circle here somehow, but I've loved the game since I was a little kid. A large part of it was digging into the pitcher's (catcher's) strategy of working the batters; Where is the batters' hot zone? What pitches are working for the pitcher that day; The choices of up and in vs low and away; show all your pitches this AB, or keep something back for the 2nd (or super rarely nowadays 3rd) time you face a batter. A good friend of mine (may he RIP) and I would be on the phone arguing the game calls live in two different cities -- game after game. My wife had the littlest amount of interest in the game until I told her how that aspect of the game worked. Now even she is yelling at the TV with "WTF is he doing throwing that pitch"? I think kids, at least the gamers of them would get into this part of the game a lot. Trouble is, pitchers don't seem to have enough control anymore to "hit the glove" with any sort of repeatability; they rarely see the batters more than twice; and, you don't get the "over the pitcher's shoulder" view of the game when at the park. Maybe that's something that they could add, you buy a ticket, you get access to an "in house" app that live streams the game so you could listen to the broadcast and get that view. Get the "at home" view while at the park.
  8. Let's be honest, the Twins didn't outscout or trick anyone with the Maeda deal. Maeda's contract is what had the FO salivating. $3M a year? For how many years? His ERA could have been 5+ and he would have still been on his way here.
  9. Well, yes, 1&2 go together, but at least it puts the onus on both teams. 3&4 between innings yes, but I'm thinking more about the mid-inning pitching changes. Regardless, they would all shorten things up a bit. As to the players griping about it, IMO, the 1st guy who complains that he accidentally tossed his bat into the stands because he couldn't readjust his glove velcro between pitches would be met with the same disdain that Tyler Glasnow did complaining about his lack of grip causing his injury; players would see that people aren't tolerant of that nonsense.
  10. The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
  11. I disagree. MLB has been systematically "boiling the frog" for a long time, and the 7 inning, man-on-2nd nonsense are just the latest incremental temperature increases. You say they were adopted because the games take too long, and that they used due diligence. I don't accept fundamental changes to the game where there are a multitude of other things that could be done. 1. Pitch Clock 2. No leaving the Batter's Box during an AB 3. 3 'on field' warmup pitches for relievers, not 8 4. Cut down the time between innings. There, that was an easy 4 things that would have palpable results and DOES NOT ALTER THE GAME.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mariners-hector-santiago-becomes-first-mlb-pitcher-ejected-under-new-foreign-substance-protocols/ OK, so if after the formal inspection, there is something found on his glove, he gets the 10 days. What if it's deemed that his glove is OK? Can't go back and re-finish the game that the umps mistakenly tossed him from. How do you fix that screwup? Really kind of unfair. I think if it is the case, the umps need to be suspended (w/o pay) for 10 days. That will make them damn sure of their decision.
  13. What should happen here? Guy is admitting to cheating, yet claiming he got hurt because he wasn't allowed to cheat? https://sports.yahoo.com/rays-ace-tyler-glasnow-partially-200441380.html
  14. Buxton wrapping and restrapping his sliding glove with each pitch....
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