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  1. Just so I'm not called out as ageist, I love Fenway, and personally think Wrigley is a dump. Yeah, it's on the bucket lists, and I've been there myself, and overall, the experience is great, especially getting to, and hanging outside the park. And as a longtime Metrodome attendee, I can even say I enjoy the troughs, but you know, the sightlines are crap, the place is 100 coats of paint over rust, it just doesn't cut it. Best part of Milwaukee is their tailgating arrangement.
  2. And the ticket will have only cost $3-4 more than your parking spot.
  3. Actually, they went fine. They had to clean up a bunch of cartilage, etc. while in there as well, and they essentially told me "It would hurt, but I wouldn't be doing any damage to it" moving around after surgery. Phys Therapy guy looked pretty shocked when I walked in 2 days after surgery without crutches though. But after 3-4 months, my knee was back to normal, and wasn't requiring icing 2x a day. Now, this was the "Tria" method where you really don't take any down time after the surgery, you just start working it right away. My 'dig' if it were one, is at the "better than before" comment. A cleaned up/repaired knee is never as good as one that hasn't had the injuries/wear and tear. Is it better than the injured, but yet to be repaired one? Of course.
  4. Better than before (they were injured)? Um, no. I've had mine done. Once they cut out the torn flap part and send you on your way, your knee essentially needs to re-create it's normal 'groove' for lack of a better term. You don't do any damage to it while doing so, but it can be pretty painful, and it will take a boatload of icing until it gets settled down. You can come back to where you were before, but 'better', no. And if he doesn't lose about 50-60lbs it won't matter, his knees won't take the punishment.
  5. While you never want to see anyone get hurt, I have a hard time calling this a 'tough break'. Did you see the picture from the Strib? The man makes Prince Fielder look like Michael Phelps. At some point he needs to be held accountable for his weight/preparation to play the game.
  6. Wasn't Sano supposedly down 25lbs before the season started? This is the 'celebration' picture where he hurt his knee. There is no way he isn't pushing 3 bills there. It's time to cut the cord. It's obvious he isn't taking his career seriously. *picture from Startribune.com
  7. They need to reduce the weight of the ball by 10%.
  8. Did you see the article yesterday about Magic Johnson? Apparently, in the day, Nike made him a sponsorship offer (with stock options, etc.), that had he taken it, would have him at over $5.2B today. https://www.basketballnetwork.net/old-school/how-magic-johnson-missed-out-on-5-2-billion-it-kills-me-every-single-time-i-think-about-that
  9. First off, I'll say that I hate the idea of changing the game with these 'micro' rules changes (no shift, guy on 2nd to start the 10th, etc.). I compare it to the 'travelling' call in the NBA. IMO, the 'creep' of adjusting the rule over the last 30 years has made the game unwatchable for me. That said, I can see where the game of baseball has changed to where something has to be done. When there have been too many HRs, they 'deaden' the ball; when pitchers are getting too good, they 'tighten the stitching' or reduce/eliminate grip enhancers, etc. OK, so our main issues are 1. pitchers are better, so it is harder to hit; 2. hitters are better too, so a lot of HRs 3. lack of 'balls in play'. Seems to me they need to adjust the ball. We need to 'deaden' it for both the pitchers and the batters. Keeping all other things the same (size, 'hardness', seam heights, etc.), what if they lightened the ball a titch (or some other physical alteration)? Obviously, it would take some experimentation, but if the pitchers kept the same 'control' they have now, but now the ball slows down by say 5mph more from when it leaves the pitcher's hand until it reaches the plate, and there is a 5-10mph decrease in 'exit velocity' when it is hit, batters will be more capably able to put the ball in play, but not necessarily be able to 'put it out' as easily.
  10. You know he can count higher than 4, he uses more pitchers than that daily.
  11. I get up at 5am, so I haven't jumped on any of the bargain seats; I used to be a 40 game STH, but they started hosing anyone without a full ST in game amenities, quality of seats and such when they moved to Target Field. I kept my seats initially, but closest I could get was the beginning of the outfield grass (I'd been 15 rows off the field between the mound and 1st at the dome). Home opener no longer included in package, option to keep seats for playoffs gone; then ability to buy full playoff strips gone. After being a season ticket for all those years and willing to buy the best tickets, I could get seats at the top of the top level on the 3rd base side for 1 playoff game. They lost me. And they just keep after adding restaurants and bars. And now this. If I was a STH paying a minumum of $50/seat to be on the 1st level, I'd be livid. But the Twins don't care. I'm not their targeted audience anymore, I'm an actual baseball fan. I'll have a beer or two (that I brought from home) before the game and maybe one at the game, but for the most part I want good seats to sit and WATCH THE GAME. Hate all the music and crap. No OTA broadcasts.... At least they moved back to 'CCO, I struggled to pull in KSTP way out in rural Golden Valley.
  12. Donaldson (known quantity) vs. Miranda (unknown quantity) + "nada". I will never assume the Twins are committed to spending to a certain level. When Correa walks the end of this season, you really think they're 'committed' to spending that $30M on another $30M/yr player?
  13. Remember, this is the Twins' medical staff, who seem to have a knack for under-guessing the severity of injuries.
  14. These are not the ways you want to be figuring your 40 man.....
  15. I guess my musing for the day is whether I'd prefer Story or Correa under the conditions of the contracts they just signed.
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