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  1. You have got to be kidding. He makes a great accurate throw also "fundamentally sound" and you think he screwed up? Just wow! Unbelievable
  2. MLB managers are not responsible for fundamental baserunning errors by MLB players that should have been learned in high school
  3. All y'all would have been complaining if Buxton had not pinch hit. Now that he did and the results were bad now he gets ripped. C'mon people
  4. How bout we stop our insults on the Twins players, coaches, manager and front office. The game is 3-2 in the 6th it's not over
  5. So when Smeltzer would have been lit up, this board would have been complaining that Rocco left him in too long
  6. Who is supposed to pitch? Supposed to bring Duran in to throw 5?
  7. Because it's baseball, it's a hard game to play do you think they do it on purpose?
  8. Buxton maybe, balls in the left field hit like that are routine doubles.
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