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  1. Tonight’s effort from the offense was the baseball equivalent of a tumbleweed blowing across the road
  2. “#### shoemaker! We finally found something you’re good at!” -gunnery sergeant Hartman
  3. Dick made a good point. Having replay helped Cleveland win this game. It was correct to overturn the call, but that was an out for 99% of baseball history.
  4. I’m glad he’s gone. That play at second followed by getting that big hit was his career in a nutshell. Mind numbing anger followed by euphoria
  5. Turns out, hitting 3-5 homers a night covers up for a lot
  6. No one said it was the wrong move, just that it backfired, like this entire season
  7. Justin muses that perhaps Rogers “wasn’t comfortable” throwing his best pitch (slider) to eddie coming “right out of the bullpen” lol wut
  8. Walking a man to get to the guy you let go, and watching him bat flip on a two run single to break open the game...if that doesn’t encapsulate this entire disaster of a season
  9. Was only a matter of time before Robles blew one. Lives on the edge every outing
  10. yeah not a fan of this park. the turf, the blind spots in the corners.
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