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  1. A probably gassed Duffey was a better option than bringing in colome and the 89 MPH cutter he throws every single pitch
  2. I think I saw the line at 4.5 for Arizona. Take that all day. Vikings will get blown out.
  3. The only reason that game yesterday was close was because the bengals are a bad team with poor coaching. Their decision to go for it up by 14 points on a 4th and 1 from their own 30ish was completely foolish and was the only reason the Vikings even had a shot. Had the opponent been a merely competent team, it would have been a packers-type blowout. Another year where the team was completely unprepared for a season opener. Just like this was another year of losing to the Yankees. It starts at the top and neither zimmer or baldelli are the guys to break this losing mentality.
  4. There is not a single state in the union more pathetic with professional sports than minnesota, none, zero. Pathetic, losing franchises who expect to lose. Sure, you’ll have some anomalies and playoff appearances, but losers expect to lose. And they do so magnificently. The vikings were mentioned above and I had the same thought in mind after today’s atrocity. When the Vikings were on the cusp of field goal range in OT yesterday, I said “just don’t turn it over”. And their star RB fumbles. Much in the same way everyone in the world knew one-pitch colome was going to serve one up to judge, effectively ending the game. I knew, you knew, we all knew. I’ve been watching for 30 years and one thing is finally clear: These are losing franchises and possibly always will be. Poor leadership, poor management, losing attitude. Nothing will change until that does.
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