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  1. Defense wins championships and we have a bad one. I fully expect SF to be in the NFCCG despite their mediocre quarterback. Dallas has a better defense. Philly has a better defense when healthy. If you finish as the 3 seed, you pretty much guarantee you’ll have to win two road games to make the Super Bowl.
  2. Yeah that’s great if your goal is to win one playoff game. You aren’t avoiding Dallas, SF or Philly if you want to get to the Super Bowl, which should be everyone’s goal. I’ve seen enough first round/divisional round exits in my 30 years following this team to last a lifetime
  3. The linemen seem too slow to run screens. I think there’s been some serious good fortune going on this year. The double doinker FG against the saints. The penalty on the FG vs Washington, the dropped snap in the end zone against buffalo. Even against NE, the catch that wasn’t a catch in the end zone for the patriots. Every team has some level of fortune during the season, but we’re winning these one score games at a rate that is usually not seen. 8-0 in one score games is utter absurdity.
  4. They’re defying logic, in part because our offense is really good. The defensive numbers are really bad. We match up poorly against all the top offenses in the NFC. The best we can hope for is facing a team like the giants or even seattle in the first round. Philly, Dallas and SF would blow through the defense as is.
  5. I think that was a reference to something in game that happened, in fairness to me. But regardless, this is a team closer to .500 than 9-2. I’m sorry, the defense is just not very good and the numbers bear it out. We’re defying logic by giving up 400 yards of offense and continuing to win. It’s like giving up 8+ runs a game and still coming out on top. We’ve played two top offenses in the NFC (Philly and Dallas) and gotten rolled. SF would be much of the same. Maybe if some guys get healthy it won’t be such a mismatch, but I don’t trust the defense against any competent offense at this point.
  6. 3 straight games giving up over 400 yards by the defense. Incredible that they won 2
  7. Suffice to say next draft will be defense heavy? Several older guys on the tail end of their careers.
  8. Defense has to get healthy asap. That was a banged up and already weak New England offense who almost put up 30. We made a below average qb look really good. Uncharacteristic Bill B team making so many mistakes
  9. Good grief he was open. One first down now and it’s over
  10. It’s a shame we get such little pressure because anytime we get remotely close to Mac jones, he panics
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