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  1. Twins overcame their manager who did his best to overmanage the team into a loss. Everyone is in agreement that the bullpen is terrible, yet plenty still would rather see a reliever(s) come in than stick with a guy who is cruising for one more inning. Smeltzer, 90 pitches, 3 hits and no walks in 6 innings. Yanked for Joe smith who has been average to bad for well over a month, and doubly so when he starts a clean inning. Then the 9th. Honestly if thielbar blew that, considering the situation (two blown leads late against the divisional opponent nearest to you in the standings), that’s a move that eventually gets people fired if you do it enough times. There didn’t seem to be a really good reason for it at all. This doesn’t excuse the offense which continues to be terrible. Can’t manufacture runs, can’t even move guys over. Lead off double, strikeout, fly out, strikeout.
  2. But at this point today you’ve already committed to him for two innings. Senseless to yank him. He could have thrown 10 more pitches maybe (hopefully)?
  3. As bad as Miranda has been at first, he may have just saved a game
  4. Even if it works out, it’s a terrible decision that I’m struggling to explain
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