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  1. Beatherd vs browning. The matchup espn always wanted
  2. Welp the jags are toast as Trevor Lawrence just broke either his leg or ankle/foot. Not even sure who their backup is
  3. Now an absolute dog 💩 call that benefits GB lol
  4. Hate the packers but there is some absolute horse 💩 officiating going on in this game
  5. Shaping up to be an all around bad day for Vikings fans lol GB just intercepted mahomes with about 5:30 left, up by 5. Four teams would be 6-6 if the packers win. Still have the best conference record among those teams
  6. Packers up 14-3 on KC. They have by far the easiest schedule after tonight. I can easily see them passing us by, especially with a win tonight
  7. I for one am not interested in seeing the Vikings play the 49ers in the playoffs. Or Dallas.
  8. Of course the browns miss the would be tying extra point. Rams threatening to score. Would be 6-6 and right in the playoff mix
  9. Really needed the browns to beat the rams. Not looking good
  10. Love watching the eagles get trounced and seeing their crybaby coach whine all game
  11. Famous Jameis missed some wide open receivers or the saints could have won
  12. Lions jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first 7 minutes against the saints and now only lead 27-21. Too bad we didn’t win Monday.
  13. Seattle drops to 6-6 and and 5-4 in conference. Vikings are 6-3 in the nfc so they are currently the 6 seed 😂
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