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  1. Do the A’s really think the twins are going to risk buxton’s life and limbs by having him steal?
  2. Looks like archer is done. Not much if a starter if he can’t even start the 5th
  3. BB has to play much more often or he’s no better than a league average player who is available every day.
  4. The twins are treating buxton like that really expensive car you buy but leave it in the garage unless the weather is bright and sunny. Barely get to enjoy it because you’re so afraid of damaging it.
  5. This offense is literal Dramamine. Last night changed nothing. Buxton needs to play more or he’s no better than an average player who plays everyday.
  6. Someone please find the worst teams with bases loaded no outs over the last five years. Please. We have to be the worst
  7. It’s going to be so hilariously minnesota sports when byron gets babied all year to keep him available for the playoffs, then he stubs his toe in the clubhouse during the final week of the season and misses the playoffs
  8. You have to ask yourself, is there any team in the league right now who would be at all intimidated playing the twins? The players reflect the personality of the manager. Unfortunately, in our case
  9. I find that the twins havent ever seemed to play with any urgency or action under Rocco. Just seems like an overall overly cautious, laissez faire approach lacking in action. Some of these better teams, like Houston, come in and they’re working counts, not giving away at bats, being aggressive on the bases. Constantly keeping you on edge. Seems like rocco’s chill guy approach translates into butt whoopings against the better clubs. “It’s a long season”. Yeah, but how about competing more? Rocco even came out to check on winder with the trainer and he wasn’t even hurt. Just seems super overly cautious and lacking urgency.
  10. Maybe not, but there has to be some effect when the manager is constantly approaching things as if the season is 500 games long. No pressure, no urgency. I find it interesting that the twins are among the league leaders in injuries but not in time on the injured list. I feel like Rocco and team tend to be overly cautious with guys. He even came out with the trainer to check on winder today. Wasn’t even hurt. The whole demeanor comes off as soft. Compare to the Astros who were stealing bases, putting guys in motion, etc. Yes they were outclassed talent wise today, but like, how about trying a little more? so many at bats given away. Sloppy defense. None of it was good
  11. Boy, this was a-rough. The team seems to reflect the intensity of their manager. Maybe rocco should see if there’s a computer app for playing hard nosed baseball. Cuz whatever this is, ain’t it
  12. Here comes rocco to try and talk someone else into an injury
  13. I think we all expected the SP to regress but did it all have to happen at once?
  14. Their record against winning teams isn’t bad (they caught the white sox at the right time apparently), but they haven’t been super competitive against the two best teams they’ve faced. Like not remotely threatening in the 4 games against the dodgers and Astros
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