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  1. Washington has an abominable defense. The eagles got up big and cruised and Detroit got back in it. The lions didn’t have their best RB for most of the game on Sunday.
  2. I’m a 35 year old man and have seen 6 twins playoff wins. Six. Too young to understand ‘91 We will never seriously compete until we build a new stadium
  3. Lions should have punted instead of trying a long field goal. They left points on the board on their previous drive too. They handed the Vikings this win. it’s curious that the Vikings went super young for their head coaching hire but they picked a guy who has been around forever to lead the defense. Early on it doesn’t appear that any of their defensive schemes are going to shut down too many opponents. The lions had their way with them pretty much all day. The biggest thing going for the Vikings is their schedule. I see maybe 3-4 games the rest of the way where the Vikings will be a decided underdog. The league as a whole is pretty down this year and it goes to figure that we’re just probably mediocre or slightly better. Given the state of the NFC I can’t imagine they’d miss out on the playoffs barring a major injury.
  4. But really what is our defense right now? Can’t be shredded by Jared Goff
  5. Any team other than the Detroit lions wins that game 99/100
  6. I keep saying it’s over but I forget they’re still the lions. Good grief
  7. 3rd and 8 with 5 minutes left. Might be the game here.
  8. And now cook out with an injury. Already looking forward to next year
  9. This team stinks. Offensive guru coach and the offense is worse than under the last regime. The defense is just putrid. Saw this loss coming a mile away. Detroit is better
  10. One day the perpetually pessimistic posters like me are going to be wrong. I hope
  11. That’s the holy grail of awful twins innings right there. Knock ohtani out of the game, load the bases with nobody out and get SQUAT. Absolutely a work of art. A masterpiece
  12. It would be a godsend for correa to opt out and free up that money. Zero point to have an expensive guy like that on a Swiss cheese roster. Thanks for the memories, Carlos
  13. Couldn’t have said it better myself. All the days off and load management, what did they accomplish? Is it because other teams do it and we think we should too? Again, it’s the same as limiting starting pitchers. Other teams do it so we should too. Except we don’t have the bullpen to compensate. Same with giving guys days off. How much of a drop off are the replacements? I think the entire organizational philosophy stinks. Something is rotten from the ground up. Guys are not showing up to the ML with even the minimal prerequisite fundamental skills that this organization made its name on. We have more coaches than members of Congress and guys don’t even know how to run the bases. More numbers for more situations yet we’ve played 46-61 ball for the last 4 months. And where are we at, farm system wise? After we lost two good prospects for a guy we knew had injury issues? Man it just seems like it’s going to be a long time til we break that playoff loss streak.
  14. I never expected Cleveland to get this hot but thank god they did. Imagine if we were still a game or two out? How excruciating the losses would be?
  15. The team is 46-61 since May 24, their high water mark. Sure the injuries don’t help, but that’s 4 months of bad baseball. And now it seems they’ve outright quit. And today’s lineup was not a AAA fest. Hamilton and wallner were the 2 mostly AAA guys. The rest of the lineup has seen significant MLB playing time all year
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