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Everything posted by Aggies7

  1. Haha I haven’t had the pleasure of having one yet. Not yet 40. But they make me nervous. Going under and all
  2. The football equivalent of a colonoscopy
  3. Very hard to do And this was the first time all season that a team won a game without scoring a TD
  4. Vikings have allowed one touchdown in the last two games and went 0-2
  5. I’m so disgusted lol I used to get really angry about losses to the point where people wouldn’t be around me 😂 then I got older and stopped caring as much. But man I am livid over this loss.
  6. All we’ve accomplished is ****ing up our draft position while eventually ****ing up our playoff chances. Classic Vikings
  7. 3rd road win for the bears in the last two seasons. ****ing terrible
  8. After going 6-4 I stopped caring about draft spot.
  9. And get a new ****ing punter. Wright has been below average all year. Can’t pin anyone inside the ten if his life depended on it
  10. Please let anybody but the packers pass us for the playoffs
  11. What a terrible loss to a terrible team.
  12. Dobbs couldn’t even throw the right pass on that.
  13. Oh who cares about that at this point.
  14. Gutless conservative play calling after the turnover
  15. How do you just let him sit back there and throw after not allowing that all game
  16. You blitz all night and then inexplicably stop on the biggest drive of the game.
  17. How did they not even attempt a roll out RPO in that series?
  18. The punting has been ****ing terrible for weeks
  19. Just not going to try for that first down huh
  20. Cmon now let’s not go super conservative
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