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  1. Yeah I’m not gonna bet on Barnes, Jax, Ober, oft injured Pineda and inconsistent Maeda to get us competing for a division title. Same with the just acquired prospects. Not for next year anyway
  2. National folks tend to pretty ignorant when it comes to the twins. They usually think we’re still a fundamentally sound club
  3. John Smoltz says we’ll be “back in the mix next year” what does he know that we don’t?
  4. There are 2 guys in this lineup who are a threat to do anything. Two.
  5. Welp, at least the entire lineup has beaten us this series. The stars and the nobodies
  6. Willans now hitting below .190 with RISP and 2 outs. not ideal
  7. Listening on the radio, you can hear the crowd chanting “kepler s*cks”. So classy
  8. I’m listening on the radio. Never good to mouth off about someone and then just have them dominate you afterwards
  9. My Comcast is down and the game is blacked out for me on mlb tv. Comcast tech support has one hour left of their “between 12-2” window to fix it or I’m going to be an angry fellow
  10. That’s definitely not happening. Going to get dumped on here. 2-4” or more closer to NYC. I wouldnt be surprised if one or more of these games is PPD or doesn’t finish. Although with it being the last meeting, I guess they could wait all day tomorrow.
  11. I know, but this one looks more like a rain maker than a big windy one. Maybe the “bringer of rain” can help us out
  12. Man, tough crowd. Barnes is already discarded as a “never gonna be” because he stunk it up in NY. Let’s just say he’s not the only guy to do that.
  13. And the bullpen game last night...pretty much just threw these two games away
  14. It’s pretty funny how the twins just went toe to toe with three division leaders, winning all series and being very competitive. Now they show up in NY and are blown out early. If there was ever any doubt about the intimidation factor in NY, that should be cleared up by now.
  15. Rocco going to the pen in the bottom of the 8th to keep this an 8 run affair EL OH EL
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