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  1. That half inning was as long as one of the Dead’s jam sessions
  2. The only way this road trip could have gone worse is if Sunday’s game wasn’t a rainout
  3. I simply refuse to believe that Robles is going to come in with 2 inherited runners and neither even move up a base
  4. am I really going to have to watch Robles blow pitches by us right now?
  5. To be fair, who else are they going to start? There’s no one left lol
  6. Man, Barnes is like Colomé, Rodney and Matt Capps all rolled into one right now
  7. All games should be played with the intent of winning, and the players almost certainly approach the game that way (I would hope). I can understand the manager wanting to see what a player has in a certain situation. Fine line though between wanting to see what a guy has and keeping a guy in to rot.
  8. I don’t understand why we’re trying to steal bases with 0 outs and the top of the order up?
  9. Lucky for Gordon, the twins might not be so quick to give up on a young guy after what happened with Lamonte Wade
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