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  1. It appears LSU was charging hard. In the Tweets up above it's reported his salary went from $350k to $750k, so that maaaaay have factored into his decision.
  2. Bundy was just a flyer on guy in a value trough. He could bounce back to be useful or tradeable. This trade is about being a functional team in a winnable division with increased playoff spots available. They had to get someone decent to front a team that wants to forget 2021 even happened and try to roll straight through from 2020 to 2022.
  3. Eight more off-seasons like this and he'll weigh almost 400 lbs.
  4. A couple weeks back Rocco was talking about having him play a little deeper and use his speed to come in rather than go back. It would trade a few singles for getting to the wall with time to check up, which I think everyone would take.
  5. Stewart has had a lot of injury distractions over the years, and I wonder if that's made it easier to avoid hard questions about his approach, work ethic, etc. If the past year or two is when he was finally healthy for extended periods but still didn't get the results, maybe that's what pushed him to finally listen more and study his craft a little differently.
  6. Starting pitchers don't fall off a cliff at 32 like 2B. The risk with them isn't age so much as the nearly inevitable injuries.
  7. Perhaps he's the missing veteran for the bullpen. If he hasn't pitched since he was 12 he'll need some time to get the arm in shape.
  8. My guess is it's a contingency as much as anything. Buxton gets hurt frequently and seriously, and who is the backup CF right now? I'd trust Santana over Rosario (speaking of no experience.) So in addition to keeping Byron on his toes they'll have an actual option in case he can't hit, gets hurt or otherwise fails. And it also results in in an improved utility skill set for Danny.
  9. I don't know, once guys move away from a defensive spot they rarely come back to it in the same way. Cabrera springs to mind because he's the exception, not because he was awesome (in LF or 3b.)
  10. I say 2. You have to allow for mistakes, but Sano and Arcia are more or less stationary so Byron shouldn't have too much trouble avoiding them.
  11. 3) Kids get better and injured guys return. It's what Ryan is counting on, and in some cases it's very real. In the case of the 2016 bullpen TR might be counting on May and Meyer. He could be dreaming of Tonkin finally becoming something. He could have a spot in reserve for the injured guys riding into Spring Training on white stallions to save the day. He might still be waiting to make a move in April once he sees what he has and who ended up without a job at the end of camp. But there are enough open spots in the pen that he really should have locked one down with someone new, and I don't think anyone is defending the complete lack of action. The only thing I'll say about bullpen FA is they are incredibly erratic from year to year, they get hurt, you can usually go find a Jepson when you need one in the middle of a season, and he's had some pretty good luck fashioning a pen out of junk over the years. Here's hoping he cuts bait on more than just Duensing and some of the young herd (Pressely and Tonkin and Graham and on and on) step up and grab the innings. But I understand a lot of his other idleness. He kept Plouffe because Sano is still an unknown. He couldn't stay healthy last year as a DH, so TR wants to see him play 150 games before he dumps Trevor and Molitor finds himself playing a SS out of position for four months. He didn't go find an OF because he has a handful to sort through. He did pick up a catcher on the cheap, and while he still has Suzuki around for a year he can find out if Murphy is the guy or he still needs to shop. I have no answer for signing a DH this winter. That was weird. But he did offer Torri another year, so who knows what he's thinking about the outfield. Maybe Sano was slated to go to 3B until Hunter retired.
  12. Well now you want it both ways: not signing FAs is bad strategy, but signing them is not strategy either. So if the bullpen is in the shape you say it is (similar to the rotation a few years ago) then signing FAs would once again be desperation instead of strategy. I'm not confident you'll be happy with anything TR does. Ryan has two things to invest/spend/allocate: dollars and playing time. When you have holes you focus on investing dollars to get guys, but when you have young players you focus on allocating playing time. There's usually a lot of grey in these cases, but when you have a Sano or a Rosario or even a Duffy you want to give them a chance to take a job before dredging up a Bourne or Stauffer to fill the spot, regardless of money. Mazeville is talking about broad philosophy, not specific players, and he's right.
  13. I think they'll keep Rosario in LF, Arcia at DH and Vargas in AAA until either Buxton or Vargas forces their hand. Then we'll send Rosario down and bring up the one that can't be denied. The improved defense is a huge part of the recent improvement in pitching, which is a huge part of the improvement in record. I think Molitor knows that and is trying to find a polite way of getting it without knocking Arcia's glovework directly.
  14. 1.2E+02 if you're going geeky, plus it adds a fine gloss of "of course it's a long shot" (which appears to be needed here.)
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