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  1. The slower to AAA, the slower to the majors. If they aren't there this year, this team is just a bit short on pitchers next year. Just a bit.....
  2. Every one of those players was great at 22........or younger. No comparison. But yes, it would be great if he stays. I don't see it happening, though.
  3. Jeffers, Lanarch, and Kiriloff look like they might be legit. Now go find some dang pitching. You put a ton of draft capital into hitting....and it might be paying off. How do you plan to get pitching? that's what I'd ask if I was a reporter....which is one reason I am not.
  4. The justices basically saying "keep coming, we'll side against them again" really is something ....
  5. I mean, sure, why not roll a die? Just cut one of the current bullpen options, and put him there.....
  6. It would seem odd, though, IMO, to trade a near ready pitcher for one. That said, Berrios is proven....and has 1.5 years left.....so maybe? I've scoured the prospect lists, finding a good trading partner with AA / AAA starting pitching is HARD.
  7. 100% this. It is not an even playing field at all. And a rich team can totally take the risk he's going to be healthy.
  8. That's what I've been trying to say since they got here.....you can't replace 3 starters every year. You just can't. And, right now, no one looks like a near term savior down in the minors.
  9. No one said that. Not one person. I'm sorry I made you angry.
  10. And, if they won't sign here? And, if you don't have enough minor league players to do that? How do you fix it? How do you expect them to find 3 or 4 new starting pitchers next year? And a SS? And 4 new relief pitchers?
  11. Robert Smith. People even said his chicken pox were proof he was injury prone. Then he went on to be awesome....
  12. That's a big year difference......and, it seems clear Celestino isn't ready yet. Given what Sano did today, I'd put Gordon at 3rd when Donaldson isn't playing, I guess......
  13. The Twins have years to decide on Celestino.....Gordon should be playing nearly every day, so they can make decisions on him with actual data.....
  14. I don't know how I want to answer that. Part of me .... "stuff happens"......part of me .... "some kind of limit for a pitcher". But I have NO IDEA what that might look like.
  15. Not sure I get this. Kepler and Gordon can play center. They need to figure out if Gordon is worth keeping around......
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