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  1. A lot less room in right? Also, I think Gordon might be the starting LFer next year....so more time in left makes sense.
  2. His argument is pretty clear....we can't say they have misjudged things, because we have zero data. Not that he can't play SS....but we can't say they are wrong, given we have no data and they have more than a year of data. He clearly states that and bolds it right in the post you quote.
  3. That's been my top complaint with the FO and the bullpen....going into every year with too many guys that can't be optioned. Rogers, Duffey, Alcala are locks unless Rogers is traded (which seems very unlikely). Thielbar is likely back, imo. After that? No real idea. I would 100% prefer Gant in the bullpen, but I think he's a starter. Really, I'd like 3-4 guys that are piggy back starters with each other, do those count as bullpen? Only Ober and Ryan s/b locks for the rotation, which is why I think Gant is not a RP to start the year, alas.
  4. I'm happy for him. I would bet he's on the roster next year as a backup across nearly every position (possibly the starting LF until Martin or Larnach or Celestino is up).
  5. 19th in fWAR among all right fielders, on a medium priced contract. If he hadn't been hurt this year, he'd be around 14th or so.....What do people want from a veteran on a reasonable deal?
  6. Polanco. Ryan and Ober. Alcala turning it around? Jeffers getting lots of time. Despite everyone here....Kepler will put up 2 fWAR. Donaldson.
  7. Number 1 is the off season decisions by the FO......almost none of them were right. From Simmons (the worst Twin by fWAR this year) to the pitchers they brought in, almost all the decisions didn't work. That's a big contrast from other years.......and not at all what any system projected. Hoping this off season is much, much, better.
  8. Regardless if Ryan is a 1 or a 4 (I'm guessing a 4 that pitches like a 3 often).....it looks like it might be a pretty good trade.....
  9. And yet, the stats don't bear that out. If it was, teams would be doing it....and they aren't.
  10. They might be the best 0-2 team, but I would not be shocked if they were 0-3 soon.....nor if they were 1-2, frankly. I can't figure them out.
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