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  1. Your ability to state what everyone who is a "stathead" states is lost on those that say people say RBI aren't important. The distinction between RBI and whether RBI is a good predictor / indicator of who hits better when it matters is lost on some people, no matter how many times you type it. That was my point.
  2. Zero people say RBI aren't important. Zero. And no, despite your thought, it is not part of the orthodoxy that they aren't important. Not even close. Not even remotely close.
  3. Well then. Guess MN isn't getting him. Hopefully they find a RH that is good in free agency or trade....
  4. Zero people say this, yet you keep arguing against it. I would be good with signing him, he's a good RH hitter. Which they really need when Buxton gets hurt.
  5. To be clear, you'll go with a lineup of all stars and the best hitters in the game? I'm not sure how this is an argument for RBI.
  6. How many teams close to the playoffs that didn't acquire a great pitcher went on to be a great team in the next year or two? What's the risk of not getting great pitching? These articles never talk about the risk of sitting pat.
  7. They are literally playing without three, or four I guess, DBs.... How deep do people think a team can be?
  8. I hate the coaching on defense so much. So passive.
  9. There is no good reason he's still on this roster
  10. Pretty much the Brewers MO. Deal guys about to get pricey.
  11. Freeing up space for Wallner, and 8.5 million to sign other players. Whether that is a good idea or not is up for debate.
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