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  1. I don't get why it isn't Arraez. Or Kiriloff. Maybe Larnach. There is no need to deal for a first baseman.
  2. I think the struggles of one of the top pitching prospects in AAA is a bigger story, but I get others don't agree.
  3. Kiriloff played first last year, and was great. He is a first baseman. Why not Terry? Because he most likely isn't close to the player the others are. Might be. But not likely.
  4. Gordon and Arraez were moved out of desperation. I don't get how context seems not to matter to how we think about their decision making.
  5. I think top end starting pitcher is the biggest weakness. We just don't know about any of these guys other than probably Gray and maybe Ryan and Ober. But none of those is elite. LF is fine. Any issues there are short term. 1B? I'd consider Larnach there, but his arm has been surprisingly effective in LF. Arraez is fine there. Really, 3B is the biggest issue, and if the incumbent doesn't hit, Lewis should be there this year. If you look at the bad teams, there isn't much the Twins could use.....other than Montas, imo.
  6. Ya, MN is definitely winning the weather war the last few weeks. The last 6 here have mostly been not great. At some point that will change.
  7. All good points on why I would care. Thanks for the good post.
  8. No one is concerned about playing time for bench players, we are concerned how often Lewis plays if he replaces a bench player on the roster. And, is anyone really defending it? I think people are open to it not being stupid, proving the FO doesn't care, etc......
  9. Hey look, it is below normal temps an pouring again. Sigh (yes, I know you don't care, so what).
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