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  1. Agreed. It was the right decision. I guess we could be disagreeing over the pedantic meaning of regret. If only we could, as Chief is, enjoy them doing what most of us wanted, and not get all, something, about the future...
  2. I don't give a crap who they are linked to, only who they succeed at signing. So far, not looking great.
  3. Terrible ending. Clear PI, and three bad passes, decisions. Too many could have games this year. Many people predicted leading the league in stupid players not getting vaccinated would be an issue. It was today.
  4. I never even implied that. Not once. The defense is awful.....
  5. He's carried them to nearly every win they have this year. Like last week. We just had this conversation. No one is perfect.
  6. This is a great deal for the Twins. Like, much cheaper than I'd thought for sure. Leaves plenty of room for a SP or two......
  7. As disappointing as foundation is, wheel of time just gets better every episode. And we are laughing a lot with mythic quest. I really like morning show, but they bit off so much in year two.
  8. That was my point. They aren't villains, or idiots. They haven't proven nothing. They are humans that are sometimes right, and sometimes wrong.
  9. Right. That's a lot more free agency to buy out.
  10. The quote said they've proven nothing.....I pointed out that not everyone agrees, since they've won two titles. No place did I say I was fine. You can acknowledge reality, and not like it. The world isn't as simple as right and wrong, as switches.
  11. I hope he gets the help he needs. Also, maybe buying a gun for someone with his history isn't a great idea.....
  12. Sure, which happens in a couple days.......I don't want Cave back, but it really isn't hard to understand why he's signed.
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