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  1. I'd value Lee and Julien about the same, even though Julien has succeeded at a higher level.....if I were to trade either of them.
  2. by ugly you mean tenth in all of baseball after the July 1 this last year in runs scored? That's when they committed to the younger players that they clearly haven't developed.
  3. I'd deal Lee for a number 2 starter (that player is up to the FO to find and believe in) with 3+ years of control, but why would anyone deal that type of pitcher? 100% not for a rental, and likely not for 2 years of a player either. I understand the logjam, and the doubts about his bat (all 1 year of pro ball to judge him....), but he's a consensus top 10-20 player. That's not a player to deal w/o an insane return back (even if you have to bundle him to get it).
  4. I was hoping Severino for 1 year, but that's gone. I still think it will be a trade.
  5. Guessing here.... Three QBs go in the top ten. That means they'll have to trade up to get the fourth one. The fifth might drop to around fifteen, I'd guess. This is a deep QB draft, but ten teams need better QB play..... I'm guessing Nix goes third, but JJ might. Penix goes fifth or sixth, depending on how people feel about the LSU QB. Six could go in round one.
  6. This wouldn't shock me. The team is well protected by the press, so it isn't just hubris
  7. Lowering expectations lowers ticket sales. This whole thing can't help sales, making it a self fulfilling prophecy they have to cut spending. I'm really baffled here.
  8. If any of those guys need to play for a week or more, yikes. Farmer is the last backup I trade. Heck, what are the odds Lewis is healthy?
  9. well, they'd likely have Sandy Leon type in AAA (and on the roster), so, um him (in addition to Camargo)? Trading Vazquez isn't punting the season. Let's not exaggerate his importance, imo.
  10. his defense has more value? That would be my guess. You said you can't compare guys across positions, the entire idea of the positional adjustment and measuring defense IS to allow you to compare 1B vs SS...that's the entire idea.
  11. He's clearly a DH and "emergency" catcher at this point....which is valuable if he's healthy. I think he could play 1B fine also. I'm betting he gets a 1 year deal in the 8-10 range.
  12. And yet, knowing they needed another catcher, they signed one.....maybe that was, you know, the plan.....They have one of the best catching duos in the game right now, so I don't get the constant complaining.
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