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  1. Wouldn't have happened if they left it in Edina.....
  2. They have the 9th rated farm system, with Larnach and Jeffers having graduated (according to Fangraphs).
  3. Fangraphs currently rates MN farm system as 9th best......with Larnach and Jeffers not in the list for them at this point (meaning they no longer count them as prospects). Both of them were in the top 100 to start the year. Five of their top 10 are SP, with Joe Ryan still projected as a RP (they haven't updated things since the deadline).
  4. I'm betting Rooker isn't even on the 40 man, let alone the roster next year. I'm mostly on the Vanimal position at this point, I'd think.
  5. Jeffers tied for 13th most home runs among catchers.....and close to the top 10 (though getting there seems unlikely).
  6. Ya, I'm not ready to move on from Garver....but, shockingly, Jeffers is 37th in all of baseball in catcher fWAR this year......and top ten in home runs, IIRC. Unreal how bad catcher hitting is this year across the league outside the top guys.
  7. right....but someone brought in Colome. In any event, sigh. I really thought they'd win this game.......which they still can, I guess.
  8. What, exactly, should the manager have done there differently? Pitch someone not on the roster?
  9. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means......
  10. I understand them not being fun.....I've seen a handful of games. And yes, let's all hope they aren't starting Dobnak in game 2 or 3 of the playoffs......
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