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  1. He uttered my favorite phrase today...."Hope is not a strategy".
  2. Fascinating hire. Much like baseball moving on from former players.... He was in SF and CLE when Bosa and Garrett came in.... Will they extend Hunter?
  3. Nuts? No. Fruit, yes. Alcohol, yes. Whipped cream? Rarely in the house.
  4. That's how big companies work.....there are a lot of people involved in interviewing. The owners likely have some traits they want, and will eliminate any candidate without those. This is pretty common. I mean, no one becomes COO just because the CEO wants it (in a well run company), lots of people are involved, especially in a privately held company.
  5. I haven't seen anything about the coaches being narrowed. where did you see that?
  6. ? The question was.....if Rodgers is out of GB, are you more likely to keep Cousins?
  7. Just finished Schitt's Creek.... Awesome show.
  8. Does anyone change their mind on trading Cousins if Rodgers leaves Green Bay? He'd be the best QB in the division by far
  9. You have to do that.....100 times out of 100
  10. Two finalists? https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1484619864073453580?s=20
  11. Yes, and I loved the two about the writer......like, that could have almost been a movie. And, I liked the silly ones too! Just a great show.
  12. this looks either really good, or really bad......
  13. Yes. The more we learn, the more I feel this is a Zimmer issue way more than spileman. Waaaaaaaaaaay.
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