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  1. Cousins and Thielen..... cousins is, well, I can't say what I'm thinking.
  2. I'm guessing those weren't the same people..... No idea what to do with Sano at this point.
  3. Not too exciting..... But whatever is kind of how I feel about most names.
  4. If they can't field a team due to COVID-19, they forfeit..... And many of their leaders are anti vaxxers.
  5. Show me another industry where profits aren't tied to performance, businesses never sell for less than a massive profit, and employees have no freedom for up to a decade to decide their employer.
  6. The Vikings will end up forfeiting at least one game, imo.
  7. This is ridiculously naive. No. It didn't work. Owners didn't pay fair pay. Not even close.
  8. So the players are just required to work for one team forever? You realize they are people, right? Like teams would every pay fair value in that system.
  9. In addition to winning the division twice, moving from an awful pitching staff to a good one both years?
  10. Looks like Toronto is getting a number three or four pitcher out of it, and another pitching prospect. I'd take that 100 percent of the time.
  11. No one trades just to trade. They do so in the, even tiny, chance to make the team better in the future. I doubt they have a SS in the org that can even be up next year, so they'll likely have to sign another next year....
  12. Hate it when guys get hurt like this. Good luck to him.
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