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  1. I am also very unlikely to look at this at the stadium. Maybe between innings?
  2. It doesn't have to go into every celebration thread. That's like going to a wedding and pointing out everything wrong with the couple. Given they posted here, it is clear they didn't completely jump ship. This site is a cesspool right now, frankly. Every single thread.
  3. Great! Then don't. But if other people want it, why not offer it?
  4. Like whom at what position? I don't necessarily disagree....but those players have to be out there to sign (last year? there were pitchers, but that would require long term deals).
  5. Hey look, we aren't supposed to be happy in a celebration thread! If we can't be happy that Gordon went from "bust" to slightly above average, I don't know what should make us happy.
  6. They literally won the division twice. I don't agree there is any culture of losing. We are going to disagree on that. As for accountability.....how is it Rocco's fault they had 1 starting pitcher last year, and he was traded at the deadline? The FO? They might have issues, but no way that's on Rocco.
  7. Which minor league pitcher was good at all, or went somewhere else and was good? NONE OF THEM. Not one starter other than Wells. That was it. Gibson was awful his last year here. That left Berrios. That's it. People complain they haven't got any young starters other than Ryan (and Varland and Ober)....but who of those other than Wells is a good starter at all? None of them. I can't believe anyone is arguing they inherited anything other than a cluster, given teams need 8 starters a year.
  8. If we can't be happy unless they win a WS, good luck to us all. That's just not my measuring stick, good on you if it is.
  9. Given Buxton's healthy (and Larnarch and AK), I'd move him to CF right now. He can backup all the OF spots. They don't need more middle infielders at this point (and if they do because CC is gone and Lewis and Gordon and Arraez and Polanco are hurt, the season isn't going to go well anyway).
  10. Other than AK and Buxton, none of those were likely to be hurt this year. I have no idea if they'll be healthy or not, but they lost Buxton, Larnarch, Kiriloff, Kepler (played hurt too much), Lewis all at the same time. No one said that core was good enough to go head to head, I said that's why the ranking is down. All of those were top 5 for the team at the beginning of the year, that's going to hurt the ranking. I'm not sure what an AL title has to do with winning during the year at all. Fans come if the team is good and entertaining. The ones that matter to how many don't care about AL titles.
  11. https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/depth-charts/twins I believe the answer is yes. So, sure, why not (other than ending on a high note)?
  12. Arraez is seriously contending for a batting title this year. Lewis or Martin will/can steal 20 bases if they want to do that. Wallner could hit 30 home runs in a year. That's without me even thinking for a second about anyone else. The farm system ranking reflects that the following top players aren't in the farm anymore: Miranda, Arraez, Ryan, Duran, Jax, Larncach, Jeffers, Kiriloff (even Gordon), Ober. Then there is Varland, that the systems rate lower than a likely 4/5. The last two years are a real downer. But anyone that thinks a team can contend when they play half the year w/o their top 5 outfielders, one of whom is their best player, is likely to be disappointed. Fans only care about winning. Whether it is this front office or not. Eventually they'll start winning, then the fans will be back.
  13. The floor is tough, without A LOT more free agents. Look at the Twins this coming year....and all the other teams under 125MM. How could they even all get to the floor w/o paying bad players a lot of money? I mean, rookies make so little money, it is hard to see how a rebuilding team can get there. I agree, there should be a floor, but I'm not sure it is realistic w/o a lot more free agents that are actually good.
  14. The only way to get parity is to move the best players around. I was merely suggesting ways to do that. The one the I think makes the most sense is the draft changing....giving the worst teams more access to the best prospects.
  15. Parity isn't about the WS champion, it's about general competitiveness, imo. First, better revenue sharing with a salary floor. Second, give bad teams more picks in the top 100.... Like basically two first round picks before the best teams even pick. Third, allow playoff teams to only protect 30 players each off season. None of those well happen, but they would all help. I'd also suggest earlier free agency for minor league players, like anyone over 26 that isn't signed to a major league deal, or something like that.
  16. Bradbury the highest ranking OL. You would have won a lot of money with that bet!
  17. If he can play CF when Buxton can't, the bat is not an issue......Even in RF, he's around league average when you factor in defense and offense. He's not great, but he's not bad. He's "just" an average RF. If Miami wants him as part of a package for Lopez, there is no issue sending him off, imo. If not, I doubt he's got much trade value with only 1 year left on his deal. I'm assuming Wallner will eventually be a good RF for this team, though he may struggle a bit to start next year.
  18. Even if it was his job.... Which good pitcher has he been given to develop?
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