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  1. Fair, I thought it was a bigger gap than that.......maybe they think he does have a shot. The need OF that can field and hit, but they keep drafting those that can only hit.
  2. Preach it! Remember the Saturn line of cars? They asked car lovers what they loved? You know car lovers loved? Loud cars. You know what people that buy sedans love? Quiet cars. MLB needs to get new fans, and keep those they have. This isn't the way.
  3. If Lewis leaves SS for 3 years, he's not going back. No way.
  4. Martin? The Twins played him in the OF way more than infield. Just put him in LF, and leave him there so he can actually play it well defensively next year. Every month he doesn't, is a month he's not ready to come up and play good OF D.
  5. The playoffs aren't even free for MLB.....let alone the regular season games (which, sure, NBA is the same largely)......the NFL wins because they are on free tv mostly. The question MLB needs to answer is how to be more popular than the NBA....
  6. He's been a 2-2.5 fWAR player each year.....I agree, people here, including me, underestimate him.
  7. To be clear, I think the team is better than its record if it gets a couple SPs.....and has better luck / outcomes from the RPs. But, this team wasn't good. Keeping it largely intact seems odd to me. I really want Martin in LF, and ASAP in the minors. He can hit and field. Other than that, I don't know what I'd do with the roster. Like, AK could be your LFer...as could Larnach. Maybe (I have my doubts) Rooker. Like, the construction seems redundant and off to me, which means they should make some trades.....
  8. I actually agree the worst teams should get advantages in adding talent......I just disagree that they are paying that talent even close to what they should be paid. And, thanks for the nice words. I think the worst teams should get even more advantage....but that's a different topic.
  9. I'm at a loss to understand some people's belief that the Twins should basically never trust a rookie, and keep every veteran, even at a level of pay no other team was willing to come close to. I'm happy he is getting to have some success this year! I don't get why we can't be happy for that, and realize it was time to move on (even if it didn't work......not successful does not mean not correct, anymore than successful means correct).
  10. It isn't out of the goodness of their heart to pay living wages to employees, but we'll just 100% disagree on that. The players have zero freedom to negotiate their pay (or even their employer).....all the power is on one side, granted by the government in opposition to freedom and capitalism. Ergo, the only way they can get paid fairly (that is, what they are worth).....MLB needs to impose things on them. If you think they are paid what they are worth, make them all FAs and see what they are paid.
  11. If the pay is based on market subscribers....MLB will continue to perpetuate income/spending disparities among their teams. So.....rather than offer 1 service to watch baseball (and others, if that's the deal) to anyone that wants to watch any game...... 1. Different services for in and out of market teams (with Iowa and other markets still 100% screwed over, most likely). 2. Money will still be divided by team, rather than peanut buttered across the league. 3. I'm sure there are other silly things they are doing I can't think of right now.
  12. It has been brutal for a week now. Can't load quickly, can't post, can't do much of anything on mobile.
  13. I'm continually gobsmacked by people wanting to basically keep a horrible team together......if players don't have trade value, they don't belong on the MLB roster of a winning team (unless that lack of trade value is due to high, fair or not, pay). edit to add: to be clear, this is NOT aimed at one poster, but this site. Which seems to want to keep nearly every player on last year's 40 man ......that isn't a fungible RP.
  14. What's the point of keeping him if he has no value (which I disagree with, btw)?
  15. They're weren't close on Darvish. Not even a little. They want a top free agent, they need to offer the most money, just like every other team.
  16. I have no idea what the Dodgers are doing with their pitching staff this series. Bizarre, imo.
  17. Concur. One thing people seem to miss when looking at how "easy" it is to get an apartment....what apartment wants to rent for 6 months? What apartment wants to rent to a group that will likely see turnover in it? It isn't as easy as "there are apartments out there" as some seem to think. This is, hopefully, a good first step. Hopefully it is free, and doesn't come out of their pay.
  18. Or, you know, just make every game available to subscribers, regardless of where they live. That would be EASY. Also, let me choose the feed. Phew. I'm exhausted with all this complex thinking. BTW.....the revenue from teh other leagues .... will that just be more "non-baseball" revenue that wouldn't exist w/o baseball?
  19. No chance they do what is right here. We are now learning it is "certain" minor leaguers....
  20. For "certain" minor leaguers...... Don't doubt for one minute this is a ploy to convince everyone that they just can't pay MLB players what they want in this CBA. And that they are being nice to minor league players.
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