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  1. I agree with this assesment, Kirloff has a good arm and would be kind of wasted at 1st base as a defender. He profiles as an everyday left fielder for me with a good bat.
  2. I like Jeffers much better behind the plate defensively than Mitch Garver. But Mitch Garver is a better hitter overall. You are right Stringerbell neither is suited well to being a back up catcher or playing only once in a while. This will leave the Twins with an intersting offseason. Do you move on from Garver or do you move on from Jeffers. To me I think I prefer to keep the younger catcher with more service time left.
  3. I voted I don't know but based on how fall the team has fallen I think this is more on Falvey and Lavine and their decision making than it is Rocco Baldelli. He didn't sign the pitchers to the bullpen who have failed the team miserably, Falvey and Lavine signed Robles, Shoemaker, Happ, Collume, who have all been abject failures. I don't want them running this season's draft, even if it puts the organization in scramble mode to replace them.
  4. It is very much time for "new leadership" and to cut ties with Falvey and Lavine before they do any more damage to the twins baseball club. I was a very vocal critic of the last regime as having gone stale and being out of touch with the modern game. I would take Tery Ryan and his scouts back in a heart beat. last years draft and Falvey and Lavine picking Sabato sp the college DH convinced me that nothing had changed as far as prioritizing pitching and bullpen arms. By the amount of former Twins that Falvey and Lavine have cast off and cut as far as bullpen arms go and how they are doing tells
  5. If Dobnak fingernail issue is as bad as they say it is I don't understand why they are dinking around and not putting him on the IL
  6. They need to start over in the front office, Falvey and Lavine have been here now five years and have little to nothing to show for any pitching to develop. This was supposed to be the area that these two excelled at. Ready for new front office guy's and scout's to take over.
  7. Dang it, Garlick was finally getting a chance to show what he could do and he has to go the the IL with a dang sports hernia, and combine that with Refsnyder getting hurt last night. Man the hit's just keep on coming for the Twins this season. Someone need's to burn some sage, poke some needles in a Ozzie Guillen White Sox doll, or get Jim Thome to bang a tom tom drum and work for the Twins again. If the Twins didn't have bad luck with injury's this season they would have zero luck at all
  8. Remember when the joke was throwing in the Brian Duensing for Mark Derosa trades back in the day. Well that makes about as much sense what Derosa proposes as those wishful deals did. No I would not do this deal and I don't see the Brewers doing it either. Would I try and conjur up something with the Giants who just lost Longoria for some considerable time, maybe on the Donaldson front I would rather get some pitching back from the Giants than do anything with the Brewers.
  9. They made a couple moves in 2006 like bringing in Liriano to the rotation full time and trading for Shannon Stewart that really seemed to jump start that team. I know I don't have a lot to go on but I still think this team even with all of the injury's could turn this season around. Dump Shoemaker and trade for an additional starter. Would you try and trade for a closer type like Brandon Kintzler or Ian Kennedy at the back end of the rotation to shore up the bullpen. I still think if we could shore up the back end and just use Colume, Robles and Rogers as situational closers and have one
  10. I see that now outside of Polanco they don't really have any major league ready shortstop options and with no true utilitymen that are capable of playing shortstop.
  11. He has good defensive metrics but his at bats and plate appearances have left a lot, a lot to be desired lately. You have other options on the roster, I know Araez is out but still don't most think it would be a good time to give the kid Gordon a shot or some run at SS.
  12. As week as the defense and offense has been at times to me the number one problem with this team is bullpen and bullpen's usage. We don't have the right combination of relivers and set up guy's for a shutdown bullpen to protect thin leads. I think the offense and the defense will warm up with the weather on this team and get better. Injury's have certainly been an issue to this point and relying on some players to play every day that maybe should not have. Between Robles and Colume, and Duffey issues leading in to Rogers, there clearly have been problems with walks and giving up to many hits.
  13. I like it when they play Sano at third base more regularly and have Kirloff at first base. Give Donaldson some more DH at bats and save some rest time for Cruz. I know Cruz is a big part of the line up but too many times he plays through injury or is hampered. This time with bruise let him heal up and just give Cruz a little time off even if it means DL time.
  14. I would absolutely love that but don't see it with the current make up of the team. I think moving Sano back to third base some would get him moving more and get his bat going a little better. I'm not anti Donaldson or Simmons they just seem like a luxury on a non-contending, needs to start building something Twins team. I would rather see more young starters like Ober get chances than keep trotting Happ and Shoemaker to the mound, I don't see how this team rebounds from the start to this season. It is getting late early.
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