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  1. Who is to say Houston will not go in a slump and end up in the Wild card chase?
  2. Shoemaker to me is a bullpen arm and can be affective in that role. I don't think he has the stamina or stuff to be a starter anymore. Twins should have left him in for the bullpen and starting him was a mistake on the Twins scouting and staff in my opinion. I believe they should have tried to move him to the bullpen sooner. Now he is just filling in innings in St Paul. Either way they have to pay him so minus will try and maximize value out of the pitcher.
  3. I like Pineda, if I were the Twins I would try and re-sign Pindea. He still misses bats and can have quality starts when healthy.
  4. This is two years in a row the New York Mets dance with the Twins in trade talks up until the deadline, then stiff us at the deadline wire. I wouldn't put any stock in to anything they ever discuss, because they always change the deal and then nothing happens, with the Mets. It's almost like it is on purpose.
  5. Well I sure hope they have extension in the works for Michael Pineda to announce soon, otherwise holding on to him made no sense. It's not like you will get draft pick compensation for him.
  6. Twins need to trade Pineda, and Simmons. Makes no sense to hold on to either guy going in to Free Agency. I don't think we can give away either Robles or Colume but there should be a market for Pineda at least.
  7. We need to find a way to sign Buxton, you just cannot give up on that much potential. I know the injury history but Buxton is a real difference maker in the field and at the plate when he plays. He is just too talented to give up on or give away. I might be in the minority opinion on this but I think you have to find common ground and continue to pursue a deal with Buxton. I don't think there is any added pressure to trade him this deadline. We have the offseason and next season to work on this and I don't think the Twins should give up on an extension.
  8. Agreed with Dman both the Jays and the Dodgers have a lot to offer in play for Berrios. Still would much rather have the Padres in the mix than have them land Scherzer though, although that may work to our advantage as Berrios is the next best starter available to having Scherzer on the market.
  9. I agree with AzVikings101, send Rocco out on that boat with Happ, and do not bring him back. No excuse for Rocco being as asleep at the wheel as he was today. I would like him gone before season's end. Somebody has to be held accountable for this debacle of a season.
  10. No way am I giving up Taylor Rogers in a deal with Jose Berrios. I don't even want to give Rogers up but if you trade a guy like Rogers he is a stand alone piece that does merit a lot more than what Bowden is proposing here.
  11. I know I have mentioned Max Kepler as a trade chip before but I would only move him at 2019 performance prices. He is having an off year this year but after Covid19 season and this season being so up and down with the bullpen I still think Max is worth a lot prospect wise. He is still a plus defender, and still a plus hitter, this would require a significant staring arm and bullpen peice back for me if I were Twins in any trade ask. Everyone will want to cheap out on there ask but Kepler to me has too much value to give away.
  12. Buxton seems to think he is worth a lot more than he has proven. Hard to continue to invest in his talent when he is never healthy enough here to play every day. If I'm the Twins I'm trading Buxton.
  13. I would rather have Berrios around and apart of the Twins rotation for another five years than yield and give him up in a trade. He is one of the few drafted and developed pitchers the Twins have had. Starting pitching is at a premium now more than ever. It is tough to bite the bullet and give up one of the few resources you have in this area. At some point ownership is going to have to bite the bullet and sign him. I don't think the Twins can market and effectively trade Berrios, to many teams think the team will blink and come down on their lofty asking price rather than risk losing him to free agency. That is no position of strength to bargain from. The time to trade Berrios was last year already if they were going to do that and still have leverage. One year from free agency is too late, and the sharks the other GM's know this.
  14. This is baseball and things like this happen. I don't blame the players for getting after each other a little bit. I would be more concerned if we didn't have interactions like this on the Twins because that would mean the players just don't give a rip or S about this game or any other game at this point in the season. It's no big deal really and I have no problem with how either player handled this type of situation. Like I said I would be more concerned if people especially the players, just didn't care.
  15. If Garver can prove he is healthy at Catcher I would like to see him moved. As good a hitter as Mitch can be you would think he would bring some value back on the trade front. Catchers are not easy to come by, I know that but to get something, sometimes you have to give up a little something. He is a piece I think the Twins could afford to deal and get by with the catching tandem they currently have in place. This team needs starting pitching, young starting pitching and players like Garver, Kepler those are the type of pieces that still have enough trade value to get you some starting pitching.
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