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  1. Assuming? I’m not assuming anything. Hindsight is 100% accurate.
  2. Doesn’t matter how many words one uses to defend the Ryan decision - we will never know the answer. What we do know is it was the wrong decision to use Theilbar. No doubt. 😇
  3. My heart goes out to Kirilloff. Well wishes for a quick re-hab and healing. As for team management - what was he doing on the roster in the playoffs? Did they not know he was hurt?
  4. Just watch it go by……. Bye bye season. Fitting it was a called K. 14 Ks total, when you count the ones called that weren’t.
  5. That was like a middle middle change up that Alvarez hits out of the park BECAUSE HE SWINGS AT IT INSTEAD OF WATCHING IT GO BY!
  6. Ya gotta love coming home with a 1-1 split. What a great game for the Twins and their fans. 3-1 in this post season. Living high on travel day. Why our pitchers keep giving Alvarez anything at all to hit is baffling. Giving him middle middle is just stupefying.
  7. Yes. And all were hittable, no? Hoping on the ump to get it right instead of fouling it off or driving it anyway gets today’s result. This is the playoffs. Time fo heroes, not watchers. Verlander only had 6 Ks in 6 innings. Our boys struck out 7 of the last 9 outs.
  8. I would like to see how many hittable pitches were taken by the our boys both in the zone and very close. With two strikes, it is time to protect the plate and get hits on those way to many hittable pitches. As long as there are umps calling the pitches, you can never rely on them to make the right call. And looking at first pitch meat to make the count 0-1 down the wire? Not a good strategy in the playoffs.
  9. Great point, I mean really, if you are just conceding the game, and want to go home, just signal the walks. At least it is honest, and you are not pretending you are still trying. Just think how horrible it would have been for Luplow to get hurt tossing those 63 mph heaters. Wild pitch? The players could run into each other trying to catch the pop-up. All kinds of things could have happened. Really make it meaningless.
  10. I will always hate not playing to win. It always matters. Great game by Ober. At least he played to win. That’s always good practice as you approach the next game in a 0-18 streak.
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