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  1. I think the Twins' FO is still listening to old Asleep At The Wheel records during the lock out, and will still be navigating as the door slams totally shut. I think they are banking on the farm. And Pineda is still not trying to get in shape for the coming season.
  2. That is some surefire optimism. The only one I have high hopes for is Ryan. Good luck to Rodriquez.
  3. Duffey got soft, flabby, and out of shape. I hope he takes his career seriously and addresses that, or already has.
  4. It will be so fun this season to see Buxton cram it down all the doubter's throats. I predict these projections are way low. Bite on that for a while. Odds are his bad luck that he can't control will balance out, and the trend is for full seasons here on out with his tempered maturity. On the other hand, I think their projections on our pitching as it now stands, is very optimistic. I just hope the season isn't limited by the Owners and Union.
  5. That was fun! Great detail and fantasy. My owner would be Jules James from Brockmire, which was an irreverant delight and didn't make the OP in even a mention, but then, Brockmire was a series and not a movie. (Same with Kenny Powers on the mound from Eastbound & Down, an HBO series.) I would have to make an exception and get a trio from Brockmire in the game. Pedro Uribe as a DH from Brockmire, too. And the broadcaster...... why, Jim Brockmire, of course. After all, he even had not one, but two "things" named after him that reached into real life. "Keeping it Brockmire" and being "Brockmired". Ouch. And seriously, Crash Davis not the catcher? "Oh my".
  6. Spring Training? Are we talking Spring Training!?! I have seen some great Spring Training runs never translate to games that actually count. They are nice to see.... but it is still Spring Training.
  7. I agree Dobnak earned his call to the show. I thought it was clear I was discussing, and responding to, the playoff start. If Dobnak's future is so tenuous that he can only shine if 'handled' specially, I wish him a lot of luck. We need good pitching, and 2021 still counts.
  8. We were forced to start Dobnak in the ALDS in 2019! The other choices were Martín Pérez or Devin Smeltzer. Gibson, who was pitching through colitis for most of the season had a terrible last half and was moved to the pen, and had pitched in game 1 and gave up 3 runs in the 7th. Pineda was serving his PED suspension with no playoff games part of the penalty. Berrios and Odorizzi got game 1 and 2. The FO made no moves to get a stellar starting arm for the playoff run, just Dyson for the pen, and we all know how good that turned out. Seriously, Dobnak was certainly lucky (for himself) to get that start, and the Twins and fans were very unlucky, in my opinion. But it wasn't luck that got us there, it was decisions to not have at least one ringer acquired for the Postseason games. Dobnak had 3 games that he started at the end of September where he pitched well against a fading Cleveland, KC and Detroit, and even though he had only pitched 28 inning in the show, he was the best and seemingly hottest arm we had. I would say that was pretty lucky, but that is just opinion. Pitching that can win a lot of regular season games against a lot of poor teams aren't necessarily the ones you would want against the leagues' best in the playoffs. Take a look at 2019 pitching............ just for yuks. Ranks 4th, eh? https://www.mlb.com/twins/stats/pitching/2019 The only pitcher I put my money on in the OP list is Ryan, and mostly because I watched the Olympics in the wee hours of the morning, and I feel it. Stats be damned. Getting the umpire to fist bump him.... he has the moxie to be a star.
  9. Thank you for once again telling me what makes sense or not in your all knowing manner. Never changes. I said, by contract, and starters. They have one long term contract in Dobnak, (and he may not even continue to be a starter.) All you speak of have team control, but contracts happen every year, for the next year = not long term. There are hopes. I predict only Ryan will carve out a lasting spot in the starting roster, And Acala is not a starter. Ober is a throw in like Dobnak and 27 already in July. By contract, there is one long term contract, and that is now only 4 years left (thankfully, although it is for very little money yearly). I will now revert back to my no response to MLR policy.....
  10. What the Twins have been reduced to when it comes to starting pitching is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo depressing. Say what you will, the fact is........... the only solution to long term pitching by contract status that has been achieved by this FO is.............. Randy Dobnak. Ouch.
  11. My usual take on most of the nursing.
  12. Automate it. Legalize it. Formalize it. Advertise it. 10 years past due. Loved the OP. Great summary stated with aplomb.
  13. Kirilloff, unlike Hrbek, Morneau, and Mauer, throws left-handed, too. His predecessors all batted left-handed, but threw right-handed. Some believe that wearing the glove on the right hand at first make the best fielding first basemen, and it is an inherent defensive advantage. Maybe we will find out.
  14. Hall of Shame in the Hall of Fame. A special room. Ortiz goes in the hallway between the two. Sosa gets in. Clemons gets in. Bonds gets in (just look at how big his head got!). Pete Rose gets in. Shoeless Joe Jackson gets in. They were great players, and they are part of the Fame of baseball. It is part of the story of baseball, and what the Hall is for. Tell the story of what happened and the greatest players that lived it. Some are greater than others, but no need to hide "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey would say. If umpires get in, all of the above are certainly HOS/HOF. Umpires in the Hall. SMH And look at all the Designated Pitchers that don't ever bat, some only playing in about 30 games a year, that get in the HOF! Are they not baseball players even though they are just baseball throwers.?
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