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  1. "Eddie Rosario broke the game open in his return to target field with a 2 RBI single followed by another RBI single from Bobby Bradley to give Cleveland a 4-1 lead that would hold through the end of the game." Not that it matters, but Bradley's was a ground out and Polanco decided to let the run score and throw it to first for the second out (Rosario was running and the double play ball was mute). Common decision, but I always hate not making the play at home (Ramirez is no speedster) and getting the runner out. Maybe he scores anyway, but it is the 8th inning and being 2 runs down is way
  2. And another Berrios start wasted. "deGrom'ed" again. At least his team didn't drop the loss on him. I don't miss Ryan Pressly at all. We have Alcala.
  3. Yup. And Rogers is still probably the best we have.
  4. And Rogers ERA lowers from .267 to .261, and looks real fine.
  5. His average (over .300) and OBP are both more than respectable over that time, and talk OPS all you want, a measly single just probably knocked in the winning runs. And that single won't make his OPS shine, but it can win games. Like this one. But hey, average doesn't mean anything anymore (ha) either, eh? Just the almighty OPS. (And that .759 OPS is higher than all the Twins that played tonight except Donaldson, Cruz, and Larnach for the year). There is always something to the intangible emotion of a slighted player stepping up against his former team, even if he is hitting like... say.
  6. Check out the last 30, 15 and 7 games of Rosario at the plate. He is a hot hitter for over a month and it continues...... One might consider that..... And RBI are meaningless and useless..... but some seem to perform with runners on base and get RBI, and some don't.
  7. But but...... All runs charged to Alcala so folks can still write about how Rogers is having one of his best years. Those inherited runners scored that always get ignored when writing about how good a pitcher is doing...... One pitch to Rosario.... right down the middle, with the bases loaded. Is that the Wes Johnson plan? Or is Rogers coming up with that all on his lonesome?
  8. Diaz holding Larnach at third and not letting him score in the first is looming large right now.....
  9. Once again making an over 5 era pitcher look like an ace. COME ON TWINS! Don't "deGrom" Berrios!
  10. Berrios is sure shaking off Rortvedt a lot.
  11. Perfect pitch for called strike 3. Thankful that the plate ump didn't miss it.
  12. That pressure with RISP. Pesky unimportant meaningless RBI opportunity.
  13. Kirilloff would have been running home on that........
  14. Eddie batting over .300 for the last 30 games.... with an OBP .347. He is probably very motivated to crush it for these games....
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