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  1. Looks like Baltimore knew what they were doing. They knew something we didn't. Why do so many of our trades or accusitions of these pitchers seem to bring out the worst in them? why do they seem to wait until they get on the Twins to really suck.
  2. O fer LA! O fer California. O fer August. O fer return. 0 fer 26 in a row and counting. Brutal. But on the bright side, only 5 Ks.
  3. I love the movie, Michael. I bet Michael invented baseball. "And remember, Sparky, no matter what they tell you, you can never get to much sugar!"
  4. h2oface

    75 RBI or 75 RBIs?

    RBI. A lot of discussion for something so uninteresting and meaningless to so many, eh?.
  5. 17 total bases and only 4 runs. I think the Twins have been reading TD and don't want to be the guy that has a lot of meaningless RBI.
  6. The Dodgers are going to make your pitchers pitch into 3-2 counts. So are the Yankees. That is their consistent game plan. Not to swing outside the zone and to make all pitchers throw a lot of pitches. Consistent game plan. Always. Pitchers try to keep not giving them pitches in the zone hoping they will chase. But when they won't, you finally have to give them something in the zone or keep trying and walk them.
  7. But Perkins said on air that Baldelli is a great manager of the bullpen! Hmmmmm. I guess he likes to do commentary,
  8. It is the same managing philosophy that would use a .125 hitter for the DH. Well, I guess days of "Sure, but can't you just enjoy that we are in first place" are over for a spell, as reality is unavoidable now.
  9. 3 errors tonight, and 2 last night, and those were just the one that were scored errors. This team is just not able to perform under pressure.
  10. Looking back at the video highlight of Celestino batting with the bases loaded...... the 3-2 pitch from Vesia was right down the middle like Jax's was to Gallo, only at 95 instead of 97. Two totally different results. Our hitters make mistakes look like good pitches, and our pitcher's mistakes are crushed. Just another example.
  11. You can walk all the way around the stadium now on field level. All the new stuff in center from the 2020 renovation. Plus the museum in the loge level. Bobble head display in left center.
  12. I bet Gordon is boiling for being pulled for Celestino. Celestino was horrible in the field last night, too.
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