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  1. I don't even know what you are talking about, now. Too much conjecture and projection. All yours. Stay tight. Adios.
  2. Call it what you want. The Braves and Eddie did all the things the stat guys would say not to do last night, AND IT WORKED! That is what counts. Spirit wins over bookworming. I loved it. That was some exciting baseball.
  3. So sorry. I was thinking Rooker was on the team, and the article had quite a bit of Garlick on it, as well as age focus. FWIW, there is a 22yr old (Christian Pache) still playing, 3 23 year olds - Brusdar Graterol who just turned 23 in August, and Huascar Ynoa- remember them? - and Ian Anderson, and Ronald Acuna Jr is 23 too and would still be playing if not injured. Yordan Alverez was 23 at the start of the season and turned 24 in June, and Austin Riley broke out as a 24 yr old this year and Ozzie Albies is 24 but was in the show since he was 20 in 2018, and Kyle Tucker is 24 and played last year at 23. That's not even getting into all the others who were that young when they made the show and are still playing....... If they are in the show, they are staring in the show. And this is just the 4 teams that are left. Up to you whether that makes them "stars". Shame on me for wanting youth for my favorite team, too, instead of possible break outs at 27. But I do pine for it. I bet I am not the only one, either.
  4. So many other teams have players that are 22 and 23 staring in the show........ and we are hoping someone who will be 27 selected 35th overall is finally ready. I try to find the positive, here, but it is difficult.
  5. I love the Twins playing well and beating the Jays, but we are really helping the Damn Yankees to get into the playoffs....... not so fond of that.
  6. The wait and see with rest will probably mean, I am betting, that Rogers, Duran, Dobnak and others will be out for all of next year or much of it when the fingers and arms finally get the repair surgeries that were delayed and took them out for much of this year. I hope not, but I fear that will be the case.
  7. Nobody suggested to trade him - except you. I like Donaldson a lot and am definitely a Donaldson apologist. I just felt we were very very lucky and mentioned a couple examples why. The rest is your thought process, not mine. Enjoy the win. I am.
  8. Acknowledged. Not the point. Sloppy is the point. And it was definitely not the throw even Donalson wanted to make with plenty of time. That is the point.
  9. Colome not only pitches poorly, but he is just absent when it comes to the runners. Donaldson has a poor throw to first with plenty of time.... Twins were lucky they didn't waste this game. Talk about a horrible plate umpire. Bring on the robot eyes!
  10. I wonder if Jeffers knows that he closes his eyes right as he catches the ball?! That close up of him catching that third swinging strike to Happ leading off the 4th was another example, but I have seen several others. That wasn't just a one of......
  11. Me too. The best one they have retired for some reason. Cream with Pinstripes. I loved the gold pinstripes, too. All the others pale in comparison in my opinion. I find it strange that the starting pitcher gets to pick what they all wear that day, especially when we have a rag tag set of starters like we do now. Most haven't earned the privilege of having that power, I think.
  12. Man, Sano, those first two 89 mph fastballs were your pitches, and you didn't even offer. Perfect pitches to crush. Bat on the shoulder for all three..... SMH Let the little man show you how to swing. GORDON!
  13. He has been GREAT for his stint on the Braves since the trade. Playoff bound, and on a hot streak. Will it last? I hope so. Some say that once a player is traded they are dead to them. I find, these days, with the way players are dealt, that my team is full of stangers. I compare it to a house and a home. The players make it a home, and the team is just the house. When my team (and it is the "thing" all around the league) always gets rid of their best and/or fan favorite players to make the team better, maybe, down the road, maybe, the home becomes a house, and more something that I force myself to be fond of, even though the family has been gutted by execs that were never fans of the team, and are only here for the money and the job, really.
  14. Chargois and Enns hold down the ninth for the team with the best record in the AL, Tampa Bay, tonight. Chargois comes in after Robertson had given up 2 runs to Toronto on a double, homer and a walk (score now 6-4 Tampa), and inherits one runner on first, gets a fly out by Bichette and strikes out Hernandez, but then gives up a single to Jansen and walks Gurriel to load the bases, and Enns comes in with the bases sacked and 2 outs, inheriting 3 runners, goes 3-0 to Valera and then gets 2 high out of zone called strikes (Jays were PISSED as the bases should have still been loaded, with the score 6-5 now), and a foul, and a 3rd called strike just in zone middle outside edge. Enns and Tampa were definitely aided by bad calls, but it was fun to watch, especially since I had no skin in the game. But another example of the plate umpire drastically affecting the outcome of the important game. Enns and Chargois both looking toward the playoffs. Lucky them.
  15. "We?" To have some of the most important baseball of the year in September be played with super inflated rosters was always ridiculous. Just like the neighborhood play and being allowed to not even try to get to second and hurt the defender, and to block the plate or kill the catcher was. All the sudden, when games mattered the most, the teams had too many pitchers and bench players and it was not representative of the baseball previous that qualified them to compete for the playoffs or what will come in the post season. For a team that is in last place to play an uncompetive feel good story and perhaps tank a game to a team that should be tested to earn the post season spot was not a good thing for baseball, ever. "We" all know this. I think 2 additions might be a bit low - 30 instead of 28 would be the best, I think. But the whole 40 man roster? This "we" boy hated it. But like I said, most Minnesota fans love the feel good story even if it sacrifices the desired results. Have at it, Dude. I said I was happy for him already. I can be happy for the person and not like the process. Nuance.
  16. Feel good stories rarely make for a competive winning team. I am happy for Maggi. I really am. I don't know that he feels like he earned it, or got it out of pity and kindness, but it makes him feel good, and that is nice. I don't see how this makes us better for the future..... but so it goes. It appears that many fans like it, and it makes them feel good, too. One could say that a season like this is for seeing young players who could be part of the future instead of for feel good stories. Those teams might win championships instead of division titles. They didn't play him, though, today. I guess the story with riding the MLB pine makes it a better feel good story?
  17. At this point, I hope the Jays sweep us. I hope our offense does well, but the Jays continue to march toward the first wild card birth, and the Red Sox (or some other team that doesn't seem likely) and Jays take the Yankees out of the playoffs. I hope they blast Pineda, so we can be convinced to move on from him and sign a better Free Agent as his contract expires. Looks like we won't get to see Berrios this series..... or Ryan. This team looks like a 90 plus game loser, and not really inspired to be anything but at this point. No chance of seeing either of the players Berrios traded for contribute this year, and maybe next for that matter. We get to see Semien, the shortstop we could have had..... Toronto sure has been fun to watch this year. I hope we don't spoil it for them. They deserve it, and we don't.
  18. Thanks for this post. Great work and draft summary of the last 5 years. Very impressive....
  19. Yikes. Ageism. Reducing Viola to just an old man, eh? With what I have learned about your defense of prejudices and causes, and a word's meaning in and out of context, perhaps, and being sensitive to it's possible effect on others, I didn't see that coming. There might be some wisdom that comes with the collection of knowledge over time. And sometimes, a third party that is not as invested can offer a bit of clarity for those that might be blinded by proximity and personal biases. As for the idea that things must be done the way they are in 2021? Maybe. But all the transitions and improvements come from teams doing something not like all the others, and it then becomes the next thing. Sometimes the new thing is repealed and the older thing resurfaces. My bet is that "small ball" will show a resurgence in the near future. Anyway, I have no idea or opinion on the clubhouse stink. Losing breeds its own problems, and winning ignores any problems. This team is losing and losing in horrible and painful ways. I suspect it is not the finest clubhouse culture right now, but that is just a guess.
  20. If this season isn't depressing enough, and the popular excuse of the 2020 lost minor league season.... all of the 1-11 prospects either did play, are not playing, are out for the season and injured, or on leave. Only 6 of the 20 saw any action, and one of the 6 is really not a prospect anymore - Rooker - as he now has 172 ABs in the show.
  21. Pitch five was a foul ball, so we are only talking pitch 2. They should get them right. The Twins didn't "get" them. They deserved them all. If it was the opponent, they did too. I don't like wrong calls, no matter if they go to our team, or the other. I hate all wrong calls. None of them have to be wrong. Baseball choses to continue to let people guess. You don't see them guessing at the swimming pool on who touches the wall first. There is a reason to use a better system when one is available. It doesn't matter who is on the Twins, who is managing, or who the FO is when it comes to playing the Yankees, apparently. They all choke. They get an early lead, a bad call or two, and choke. Year after year after year after year after year. It would be comical if we weren't Twins fans. Just something for others to reinforce calling us Twinkies.
  22. The size of the box changes for every batter, accordingly. Arraez' box is much smaller than Judge's (as is everybody's) for example.
  23. Pitchers and Batters DESERVE the border line calls the most! This is what their special talents are for, to descern the small differences. Getting robbed of the close ones - the perfect take because it is just outside the zone, or the great pitch that is just barely touching the zone at some point - is the worst, if you ask me. That is why we can no longer leave it up to the best guess by a too proud person. Donaldson (righty) got called out on a ball 3 to 4 inches outside. The ump was giving Yankee pitchers strikes on balls, and Twins pitchers balls on strikes. Nelson didn't have any problem calling pitch one a strike, as it was (pretty similar to pitch 6 to Gardner (lefty) that he called a ball- both pitches were the inside corner to the batter, with the ump looking right at it over the inside shoulder of the catcher. Gardner's was even more in the zone, but both were strikes) ......... but pitch 7 to Donaldson was clearly outside! It is so past the time to take strikes and balls away from the guessing umpires. It is really not their fault. Humans do the best they can, I guess (- at Yankee stadium this is debatable). It is just impossible for them to do anything but guess the best they can in the split second. There is just a better way to do it now.
  24. I gotta bow out. I can't watch the upcoming walk-off homer.
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