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  1. The season series ends at 2 apiece, and Mahle breaking Buxton's hand.
  2. Diaz kills another rally. If you don't make them make a play, you never really know, you are just guessing. Are we the only team that can rarely score from first on a double? Twice in one inning. Arraez and Jeffers. Seriously. What does this team have to lose by being agressive now? Nothing. Nothing at all. But a lot to gain.
  3. Bizarre first game for Martin. So what does Miranda have to do to get put on the roster and help the Twins? Or do they just like to see him play in St Paul? Donaldson ain't playing anyway for the last 6 games. We know Rooker can hit...... and strike out like Sano (....and Larnach 48 times in last 105 ABs). But does Rooker really have a future (Did Palka have a future? Does Sano?) Is there a reason the Prospect Summary isn't being updated with the new players yet?
  4. Helluva defensive setup. Simmons out and Astudillo in. I did like Donaldson hitting, though.
  5. Money Man. Damn. That could very well be the ball game. Bases loaded double play. That was a horrible launch angle from the launch angle revolutioary.
  6. Danny Coulombe has given up a .545 batting average to the first batters he faces!?! The stat book Baldelli uses must not consider that in his decisions....
  7. Inherited runner for Danny Coulombe. He is only at 50% IRS. 1 of 2.
  8. Lornezen doesn't get much notice for his two way status...... https://www.mlb.com/news/reds-monitoring-michael-lorenzen-after-hamstring-injury
  9. John Gant has left the Cardinals, and the Bee Gee's cover band, and changes his hair for his stint with the Twins.....
  10. Gant actually sets himself up to field at the end of his pitch. Impressive. And it is way better than watching Happ......
  11. Kent had trouble with it, too..... https://www.twinkietown.com/2021/7/30/22602746/kent-hrbek-disappointed-discover-twins-traded-john-gant-had-been-practicing-sweet-wrasslin-takedowns
  12. Larnach's K % must be rivaling, if not more, that Sano, now. Upon looking, last 30 games coming into this one.... 104 official ABs, 47 Ks.
  13. Just do the mental imagery thing, Larnach, and pretend it's the College World Series!
  14. 30 pitches by Maeda in the 5th inning......... and only one above 90mph (90.5 - ball 4 to Winkler). No velo for Maeda.
  15. Two hottest Reds' hitters, Farmer and Votto, comin' up.....
  16. ...and we have Maeda for 2 more years! It was a fine 2 months in 2020, though. Plus Dobnak long term to build around......
  17. That was a fair ball according to Phil Cuzzi...... ( I know, it was the fair ball he called foul, but it was about the same distance from the line.....)
  18. Damn, no Mahle. I guess he does have 95 pitches. Maeda only had one shot at him..... and passed.
  19. And Tyler Mahle - Breaker of Buxton's Hand - on deck, coming to the plate again........
  20. THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKIN' (apparently to myself) ABOUT!!!!!
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