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  1. So true! I hope Paddack can provide something by the middle of next year, and he has a successful and speedy recovery. The Twins get to pay for Rogers and Pagan to pitch this year, and for Paddacks medicals.
  2. Well excuuuuuuuuussssssse, me! or excuse....... Thank you for the spelling correction, and attention. Yup. Correa definitely a better SS than Lewis, and you and me, and everybody else, most probably, glad to have him back. Not really the point, as many including me felt Lewis could have stayed independent of Correa coming back (aware of all the reasons and angles), but agreed.
  3. Fortunate for fan morale that Correa came back with a fine game after the demotion of Lewis........ Great to see Jeffers get a couple hits. He is starting to be a lot like Drew Butera regarding production. Pretty surprised to see Duran, as Baldelli was "managing his ass off", clocking up the pitches/innings for the season in the ultra low leverage blowout. 23 pitches..... and not available for tomorrow (edit: day off tomorrow) in a close one if needed........ Did he really need the work?
  4. It's the genius of the bullpen usage "managing his ass off", clocking up the pitches for the season from Duran in the blowout. 23 pitches..... and not available for tomorrow in a close one if needed........ edit: thanks Stringer Bell..... no game tomorrow! Which means he could have pitched yesterday, about 16 hours ago? instead? (and the quote was Nick Nelson, not me). Just an observation. Seems like a waste to me to "eat innings" today at all.
  5. Why field your best performing players, anyway, eh? It would be sooooooo unusual for the Twins to bring a player up and have him play a position he doesn't really play. They never do that, right?
  6. Have you noticed how awful Sands has been in St Paul this year?
  7. Our batters made Verlander throw all of 8 pitches, and that included a walk!
  8. So you don't believe the Management and what they say? That makes sense, makes sense to me....... but it is not what they say, eh? But I disagree about the classic definition for baseball. Many words can have multiple meanings and nuances for different situations. Just because you pitch the 9th inning, a 9th innng, it doesn't necessarily make you a closer, and doesn't necessarily earn one that title, which in baseball, is what "Closer", with a capital "C" is. You may have been in a closing role in that game, but that still doesn't make you a closer, by "baseball" definition. But then, there is always the "actions speak louder than words" reality.
  9. Haven't you heard? The Twins Management says, many times, they don't have a closer, period, which means they certainly can't have 2!
  10. Hated the trade at the time. Hate it more now. I wanted Rogers. Still do. Just because the pen has been ultra lucky doesn't mean it is sustainable. Quote all the stat noise you want. Paddack was damaged when traded for and is not going to do the Twins a bit of good for his whole 2 years now. Ane Pagan is a ticking time bomb. I can't believe folks are trying to say he has been anything other than untra lucky so far. That won't last. I could care less about Rooker. This is all about the arrogance of trading Rogers. They blew it.
  11. Now that made me laugh. I know this is outdated now, but nonetheless, Pineda....... getting into shape? Kind of an oxymoronic thought said that way.... maybe "gets his pitching arm ready" might be the process. Thank you Rosterman, for doing these updates - amazing coverage. A ton of fun to see and keep up with.
  12. Cole Sands is getting absolutely butchered by the AAA batters. They are hitting .338 against him, and he is has an .862 ERA. Hard to believe the Twins even considered letting him pitch in The Show and called him up. Has he hit his ceiling? And Drew Strotman is getting the same treatment in the Twins AAA St Paul both this year and last year, and more walks than Ks. Both need some help.
  13. The only thing that really matters, in the end, is winning the games. Whether it is by luck, gift, skill, or blowout. It doesn't really matter. Winning games is the goal. I still worry plenty about the pen, and the rotation, and will take the luck. I hope it continues. They will need it. This one would have looked a lot different if the bats hadn't bailed out Stashak. Only one hit for his outing, but it was to the batter he absolutely was brought in to take care of. Paddack says thanks. Good to see Thielbar's ERA is all the way down to 9 and to single digits again. Lewis is impressive. And I lived to see it. Lots of good things happening for this team amongst the annoying injuries, and the B team won 3 one run games. This team, like most of the others, has seen plenty of adversity so far with the injuries and COVID and opposing pitchers hitting batters, and still winning. May we weather the storm, and keep winning. I wonder..... do the fans BOO the Astros as usual? Are they forgiven now that Correa is on our team? Does Correa boo them now? Kind of a ironic circumstance coming up.
  14. And just as Lanarch was coming on......."lower body tightness" ......... smells a little like the infamous and mysterious "bilateral leg weakness" that I never heard anybody have since. Hope it is minor. But then, when in a world that treats tweets and twitting as news, what can one really know?
  15. "Buxton hit his ninth home run, putting him in fourth place in the American League this season. " ??? Well, Buxton, Judge, Cron, and Rizzo all have 9 and are tied for the MLB lead this season....... that is 4 guys, 3 are in the American League, and Buxton was the 4th one to get 9, but most would say that makes them all tied for 1st.
  16. Smith's arm is gonna fall off if he keeps throwing so many pitches each outing.
  17. It feels unjust, I agree. I also agree with bighat, and Correa had started swinging at a horrible pitch, and that was more of the cause of being hit the second time than the pitch being one that would have hit him if he wasn't swinging. I am not a fan of ever intentionally throwing at a player with a 90 plus mph 'weapon' - I think it is the most cowardly things a baseball player can do - and that is what it is, a weapon of assault, if you do it on purpose in the old 'have your back' traditions........ but Duran's first pitch was a 98 mph fastball that nailed Mullins, who was one of the solo blasts in the 4th, right on the upper arm...... looked pretty intentional and fitting of your request to me. I'm also pretty sure that Twins' fans would still be booing Correa every chance they had and reminding him of the trash can cheating if he wasn't now on the team .
  18. Great post. No, you were not the only one that wanted to see Ryan finish the 5th. And tons posted they wanted Bundy out with the game in reach after he was bombed in the third. I also agree that Archer should have at least started the 5th. And Jax gone another inning. And then Duran in the 9th. As far as the pitch selection, was it Sanchez,....... or the bench? I am not sure anymore who all has the receivers in the electronic pitch calling, and whether the bench can make the calls or just the catcher can. I assume it was Sanchez calling all the pitches, and if so, Duran, being the rookie, maybe is just doing what he is told so far. But to throw the 5 straight splinkers...... I don't get it. Duran can shake any call off, regardless. He is the pitcher. I was hoping that Jayce Tingler would make some better decisions, and certainly Watkins. Kepler certainly gave Watkins the stink eye. That was pretty telling. Some pretty odd choices. I hope the luck hasn't changed. Some of the ways the rallies where killed and Correa getting injured were pretty much stunners. And the COVID. It is amazing that Thielbar can come in, blow the hold with the first batter he faces, give up the homer and one run in the inning (kudos on the three Ks and he did get homered on off a pitch about 8 inches up out of zone, albeit right down the middle...) ... a game ERA of 9.00......... and his season ERA actually drops.... from 10.13 to 10.00! During the broadcast, Levine was talking about Thielbar like he was a bullpen ace, even after the dinger! But then, he was also admiring his own FO decisions in a self admiration banter. But hey....... I still like where this team is at in the standings. Looks like we might even be seeing Lewis soon...... and more Buxton. What a monster homer.
  19. Looking forward to seeing a different experienced former manager run this team for a few games as I try to comment using the phone. ROYCE!
  20. Bundy has a history of being pretty horrible at Camden Yards. With all the analytics and shifting et al, it would seem prudent to not let the guy take the mound for your team there. Someone is not paying attention? "Returning to Baltimore for the second time as an opposing player, the veteran right-hander was tagged for a career-high nine runs on 11 hits and two walks in 3 2/3 innings as Minnesota saw its four-game win streak snapped in a 9-4 defeat at Camden Yards. A bright spot in the Twins' surprising rotation success early this season, Bundy watched his ERA balloon from 2.95 to 5.76 in the outing opposite O's righty Kyle Bradish -- the key return piece in the deal that sent Bundy to the Angels in 2019. “One of the ironies of the baseball season,” said Orioles manager Brandon Hyde of the matchup. Another irony: Bundy’s implosion came against an Orioles team dealing with a host of offensive issues ...... But as much as any active hurler, Bundy knows what a nightmare Oriole Park can be for pitchers. An Orioles rotation stalwart from 2016-19, Bundy struggled for years to limit damage and prevent extra-base hits at his home office, before landing with the Angels via trade and now Minnesota on a prove-it free agent deal last winter. Wednesday marked his 60th start at Camden Yards, second only to former teammate Kevin Gausman among active players. The home runs he surrendered to Cedric Mullins and Ramón Urías during Baltimore’s decisive six-run third inning were the 64th and 65th he'd given up at Camden Yards, the most among active pitchers. Said Bundy: “It was horrible tonight. That’s about as simple as it gets.”"
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