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  1. There are many free sites that stream all the games everyday, with no blackout. Many. (plus football, basketball, college games, etc,) I haven't paid for MLB.TV or any other for at least 7 years now, and they would have ridiculous blackouts. They are the same broadcasts that you speak of. Some have too many ads, but many you can use adblock on. I got turned on to them from my son in his 20s. The young people that want to watch baseball know how to watch it free way better than the older. They grew up with a phone in their hand and know how to use it - but I use my computer or ipad. PM me and I can share if you like. But I agree, it is a shame that they MLB has moved to all the subscribing, They are losing fans because they don't make it free to watch their team if you can't go.
  2. Ha. Heterochromia doesn't bother me. I had a girlfriend in my 20s that had a greyish blue and hazel eye, and and I would melt staring into her eyes. But Hendriks always was creepy to me. So far apart. I wish I could find his old MLB mugshot pic as a Twin...... Hell, they all work.....
  3. Gordon owes the team a dinger here..... at least a hit. He can shine, but he can really stink it up.
  4. Fateful that Gordon, who stands at the plate and watches his hits, and gets thrown out because of it, drops the easy popup and is schooled by Payton that gets to second. I hope he learns something. Theilbar got screwed this inning. Didn't Baldelli see Fulmer pitch 12 hours ago?
  5. Manfred basically destroying the AL and NL. Soon the two leagues will be a thing of the past. There wil be only MLB. No divisions needed with the equal scheduling. A shame, really. Probaly will even want to change the name to MLB - Manfred League Baseball.
  6. Hamilton should have just kept doing donuts around second, just for fun, the way Gonzalez was chasing him around the bag with his hands on the base......
  7. Come on, Sanchez. Time to get hot heading into free agency in meaningless games. Follow your "team leader's" example.......
  8. Thanks for giving up the lead, Rocco and Jax. That didn't take long. I wonder how Varland would have done........
  9. One doesn't need to explain their MVP vote. It is all their favorite, in the end. I bet Judge will win.
  10. Of couse Baldelli pulls Varland after 5. I mean, he already has 74 pitches. No reason to see what he's really got. Better to continue to tax the bullpen guys. Drive "the plan" into the ground no matter what. Can you imagine managing like that in the Playoffs? With no eye for nuance needed?
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