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  1. My goodness... still wondering when Buxton will finally take the IL trip he has needed for over a month. Complete waste for him to figuratively and literally limp along at 50%
  2. I think it is pipe dream that he signs a long-term deal with the Twins... BUT, I think we can all agree that it was also a pipe dream that he would sign with us in the first place too... so there's that
  3. As much as I like Miranda's future, he is the one that Krill should replace. He has options and is not tearing up the MLB at this point. It would not be good to lose Gordon for nothing especially this early in the season. He is and will continue to be needed.
  4. I hope not to see him in a Twins uniform again and I wish him the best of luck elsewhere
  5. Arraez also makes his teammates better. Driving up pitch counts both physically and mentally exhausts pitchers which causes physical and mental mistakes further down the line up. Huge win for the Twins
  6. Consistent and flexible average to above average play (at low cost) will always be welcome on a MLB team! He's not going anywhere.
  7. Celestino's development is HUGE for the Twins. We look to have a legit MLB OF (CF capability) at 23 years old! His ceiling is obviously much higher than a 4th outfielder. Super important and exciting for the Twins' future
  8. A team should not by high and sell low... so no... would not trade him right now.
  9. The Twins are basically smoke and mirrors at this point. It's not the FO fault. There has been absolute roster carnage this year so far. No team could survive this volume of injury. It could get ugly, but I'm holding out hope that they can limp for a month or so until people get healthy and the trade deadline happens. But, alas.... Hope is indeed not a plan
  10. Past time... like 3 weeks past time.... he should be getting ready to come OFF the IL ready to tear @#$! up Instead he has literally limped along only to delay the inevitable. Essentially we traded 3 weeks of hobbled Buxton for 3 weeks of post IL elite Buxton due to stubborness
  11. As someone who treated numerous COVID patients from the very beginning of the pandemic and throughout, knows the science very well, and has no financial interest... let me be very clear. The vaccine significantly reduces your chances of being hospitalized and/or dying from COVID-19. The evidence is definitive It is agreed upon by the vast majority of medical experts whom have NO financial stake in the vaccine. It does not prevent all infections or transmission, but has save countless lives There are many things in the world that are debatable... this is not one of them. Sorry
  12. Um... I totally called Kepler being out and likely not vaxxed on the original string....talked about selling swamp land in Florida for those who did not believe and such.... Not surprising at all.
  13. That line up is not going to get it done more often than not..... We really need to get healthy....and fast!
  14. Yes... but the real question is whether he is more of a liability than the current alternatives....
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