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  1. Sano as a "designated hitter" made me throw up a little bit in my mouth....not as much as "pinch hitter" but still a little bit
  2. Dear Twins FO, I was just looking for a little clarity about what your expectations are for earning a promotion. An OPS OF 948 and a BB/K ratio of 15/20 over a 167 AB sample size seems pretty good to me, especially looking at the rest of the organization. Let's get this party started! Yours Truly, Jose Miranda
  3. My guess is that he feels like "YES PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TRADE ME!"
  4. "keep their competitive window open"?!?! For #1 overall draft picks?
  5. I love everything about the Wind Surge team this year... including their nickname!
  6. We beat broken down Texas by a run who out imploded us with two wild pitches.... just sayin' The big take away that Cruz is maintaining maximum trade value!
  7. Worst case (and exceedingly likely) scenario: Twins keep him until FA and lose him.....followed by the inevitable internal leak that they 'offered him a great contract that veeeeeeery competitive and juuuuuust below what he took elsewhere' to save face. Shame on them if they think we are dumb enough to buy into such a scenario
  8. Good to see that everyone is catching up to the reality that Buxton and Berrios do not want to be here and 100% will leave in free agency. It's FO malpractice not to trade before the deadline to maximize return. Again, I WANT to keep them... but often time in life your options unfortunately do not include what you want
  9. 1. Duran 2. Lewis (I was actually tempted to drop him lower; Does the SSS of the AFL outweigh his atrocious A+ season prior? And now a year missed to injury? I have become VERY skeptical of Lewis's future but hope to proven wrong 3. Balazovic 4. Miranda 5. Winder Don't know where to put Celestino, but I am impressed by how well he has carried himself in his waaaay-to-early-call-up-due-to-injuries
  10. Good Job Rocco! Now THAT is how you use Shoemaker... during 10 run rule games.... See you don't admit it during press conferences, but you ARE learning!
  11. Rocco makes decisions for the future at the expense of the present. A worrier instead of a decisive leader Just because he has tons of data doesn't mean that he can interpret it well and/or quickly during the flow of the game. He cannot. I would have paid good money to be in Cruz's head when Rocco "let the other shoemaker drop" for the last two innings of a close/tied game. I'm sure there where some great expletives strung together followed by an added sense of urgency to play well so as to showcase himself for a trade to get the !@#$ out of this clown car.
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