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  1. "They've basically got all they need to field a competent ballclub next year" mmmmm .... competent ballclub......mmmmmmmm Fielding a competent ballclub makes me salivate for season tickets!
  2. I think that I'm most happy that we won't have endless articles on TD about him anymore!
  3. Not a move that a team competing for a WS championship would make... or a team competing for a division title for that matter. It IS a move that someone would make to double down on a mistake trade in an effort to protect their fragile ego though
  4. It is important to remember that the only reason Correa signed a 'creative' contract with the Twins last year is because Boras was going to have to share his cut on that contract with Correa's previous representation. Part of the agreement for Boras taking on Correa is that the first deal would be short so that he wouldn't have to share as much. Boras was not going to give up half of his cut for a 300 million contract. Boras will get his full cut on this contract. There will be no more creativity.... just BIG GUARANTEED BUCKS. The highest bidder will win the day and it will not be the Twins
  5. Will Rocco be giving him scheduled days off too.... if so, we should coordinate them with Buxton's scheduled off days
  6. "You can expect Kenta Maeda, Sonny Gray, Tyler Mahle, and Joe Ryan all to be in Pete Maki’s Opening Day rotation for 2023" These are the type of assumptions that are going to get us in trouble. Mahle and Maeda are still question marks until they prove their health and after proving their health that they can return to form. Winder needs to prove health. Varland needs to prove that he can maintain success now that the MLB has seen him and has tape to study. SWR needs to prove himself at the MLB level. Ober needs to prove that he can stay healthy and on and on... If we are being honest with ourselves, we only have two clear reliable starters going into next season. If we don't want to be honest with ourselves, then we will have a fantastic offseason full of false hype followed by a disappointing actual season
  7. This. Correa was absent on offence during extended stretches when the season was on the line. His final numbers were padded by a scorching hot September when AAA pitchers were up and playing and many teams were playing out the season. He is very talented but I did not see a transcendent player worth 30-40 mil/yr. And yes we have payroll THIS year but we will need to sign pitchers after we lose a bunch to FA next year! Signing Correa this year to a bloated contract will absolutely impact our pitching in the future. Luckily, the Twins FO will figure out the exact dollar amount that will look as high as possible to the public but that he will never take, so it will look like they 'tried super hard to get him!"
  8. They should use their money elsewhere for pitching and catcher. They have to trust that an internal longe term option will be available by mid-season and not block them (I'm looking at you Lee and Lewis)
  9. In a related story... "The Twins fans double down on their process of finding something else to do outside during Twins home games."
  10. This read like an article directly commissioned by the Twins Organization which is disappointing to me coming from TD. Overconfidence, micromanaging and stubbornness have brought many leaders down over the course of history. Flavine are destined to join this group, but will hardly be noteworthy members
  11. This. I would only add that we probably need more than 10mil of bullpen help... perhaps at the expense of 'settling' for a durable #2 starter instead of and ACE. I'm feel like we would benefit from signing an above average outfielder. Buxton often hurt, Kepler disappears on offence, Larnach is not established, Gordon admirable replacement but better as super utility. Our current outfield is sketchy at best if we are being honest with ourselves. Catcher is a huge hole... no question. Overall, I just don't see us being in some luxury position where we have money to spend 'but very few true gaps'...... I see lots of holes.
  12. Analytics should be one factor that instructs decision making. Analytic output only can factor in what is inputted. The intangibles of player emotional state, fatigue, and current focus cannot be factored in. Every nuance of in game situations cannot be factored in real time. You simply cannot make all your decisions based on analytics in advance and leave out a large amount of real time data from your eyes.
  13. Alas, the fact that this is a topic of discussion shows how far we are from being a true contender
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