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  1. Really an amazing 'get' for half a season of Cruz. Kudos to the FO on that trade! (But I do think Ryan will find that 70% will be too much fastball usage in the old MLB....he'll have to mix things up a little more against the best in the world)
  2. I actually have faith in Dobnak's long term viability as a 4/5 and feel comfortable penciling him into the starting rotation next year. I think his poor performance was somewhat related to injuries (immediately ducking to avoid incoming)
  3. Um... It would be business malpractice for Buxton's agent (and himself) to say anything other than he 'wants' to return. You NEVER purposefully remove a potential bidder for your services just in case they drive up the price from somewhere else where you want to go. You cannot take what someone tells you at face value... almost anywhere (insert ANY cable news show here). Remember, even your parents told you Santa Claus was real There were A LOT of people on this site pontificating about how Berrios could/would be signed to an extension by the Twins... so I'm not sure that it is very fair for you to tell them that they were really not doing much thinking
  4. This needs to be repeated every thread with the hopes that Rocco will eventually pull his head out of his fourth point of contact
  5. All three points are true... He has less than 1% chance of playing for the Twins in 2023. Tag this post for posterity if you'd like Again, this doesn't make me happy but that doesn't change the reality. Incidentally, I also said early and often that Berrios was never signing FA contract with us either (and therefore needed to be traded) Wasn't happy about that either, but our level of happiness with a scenario unfortunately does not change reality
  6. I pains be to see the ongoing denial surrounding Buck. Contrary to what is put out there in the media...Buck does not want to and will not sign long term with the Twins unless they go well past market value (and they will not). He is not happy with: 1. The messing with his service time 2. The mixed messages and lack of a cohesive strategy surrounding developing his hitting within the organization 3. Most recently the Twins petty leaking of their 'offers' to save face. In addition, he does not want to or need to sign a hugely incentive based contract which shifts risk away from the team onto the player. A team will give him lots of guaranteed money on the open market because he does indeed have the potential to be a transformational player. He is not an older reclamation project who needs to sign an incentive based contract. He has MUCH more leverage that that! I don't want to lose him at all and will be profoundly disappointed, BUT we will lose him so we need to focus on getting maximum return.
  7. If we go into next year with Ober tagged as our #2..... Yikes! Look out below. He could end up exceeding all expectations and becoming truly dominant, but that is a hope and cannot be a plan
  8. No. For a deep playoff run, not even close. Unfortunately we should be building for most likely 2024 for the window to crack back open. Goal should be to debut a number of promising pitchers next year, build confidence and success in 2023, and be ready to compete for playoff type success 2024. That is if most things go right. Not a fun take, but very realistic.
  9. This! Please take a look back at his SO/BB ratio and his OPS from his last full season playing (in A mind you). Since then, he has not played in 2 years (AFL does not take precendence over a full season as mentioned previously on this thread). He is not in my top five and is actually behind Miranda as well so make that outside my top 6. His position could change based on performance like all the prospects, but with our current data there is no way he is the #1 prospect of the organization. I sincerely hope he returns to the #1 ranking in the future, but he's absolutely not that now.
  10. Burrows, Barnes, Rooker, Sano..... I've seen enough of all of them to know that they are not a part of any successful Twins future....
  11. FO deserves a fair amount of credit: 1. Great return and perfect trade timing for Berrios. He was not coming back to us. 2. Good return for Cruz... exceeded expectations 3. They are damn magicians for getting anything in return for Robles and Happ (Happ?!? I'm mean whaaaat?!) Buuuuuuuuut, Only excuse for not trading Pineda is if the only return offered was a B or C prospect that had to be added the 40 man at the end of the season (we already have a glut there). I have a hard time believing that was the case. Stop with the leader/mentor nonsense. We could sign him for next year during the off season if he is that great of a mentor. Stop with the 'staying respectable for the rest of the season'... for what... to get a worse draft pick?! Huge miss on that one
  12. Wow.....just two horrible teams having a pillow fight... Quick try to trade Sano at peak value!!!!
  13. Don't distract yourselves with incentives. Buxton and his agent will be focusing on guaranteed dollars for his one chance at a FA contract in his prime. I would looooooove to sign Buxton to an incentive laden contract just like I'd love to only buy insurance only after I got sick or had an accident. Buxton and his agent already took the risk of waiting this long for FA, why on earth would they suddenly give that leverage away by taking an incentive laden extension and give up on FA? The Twins know this and knew he would never accept their 'offer' I desperately want to keep Buck, it just isn't going to happen. I'm simply trying to infuse a does of reality and expectation management to the situation
  14. We don't know what the counter offer was.... I suspect they just tossed something back ludicrously high to highlight how ridiculous the Twins offer was. Anyhoo, I promise you that Buxton will not be signing an extension with the Twins and it is OK if the Twins think the risk>reward.... I just ask that they be honest with it instead of face saving low ball offers.
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