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  1. Congrats to Buck, the Twins, and the fans! I'd also like to acknowledge that I was obviously 100% WRONG that that Buck and the FO had no way of coming together on an agreement (and about bad blood that apparently did not exist). That said, It is a wonderfully team friendly deal (pay for performance...and if great performance, extra pay well worth it). Buck has really put together a beautiful and reproducible swing and I anticipate a HUGE year for him upcoming. After turning down extensions all they way up to 1 year out of FA, seems odd to cut a deal coming out of a 'lost year." Maybe the anticipated new CB structure changed the calculus. Alas, no matter what the reasoning, I'm super happy to be COMPLETELY WRONG on this issue and could not be more excited to retain a generational talent.
  2. Great point! I personally think at least 2 of the the 6-ish deep pocket teams will be salivating which would be enough to drive up the price... but we shall see. I also wonder though if the Twins are being low balled in trade offers because they waited too long and are up against the wall a bit. Optimal time to make a decision to extend or trade would have been 2 years out, not 1 year out, for maximum value and minimum desperation.
  3. Buck's swing is now a compact and readily reproducible thing of beauty. He can and will get paid a lot on the open market. He and his agent most certainly understand this. It is amazing how many people still believe what people tell them. Buck would not sign an extension unless it is guaranteed money and more than his people think he would get on the open market. The decision now is whether to trade or get another cheap year out of him. Given the fact that we are missing an entire starting rotation, I think it is safe to say that we will not be competing for the WS next year and therefore should trade him. But hey, if it feels better to believe what people say above logic and actions, enjoy!
  4. If you think Buck has a passion to remain a Twin, I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you!
  5. Buxton already gone... has been for 2 years. He has no love lost for this FO due to service time and swing instruction screw jobs. He would need ABOVE market value to stay. This franchise will come no where near that. Everything else falls under the categories of denial and click bait.
  6. Well, we do need to acquire at least 4! MLB pitchers, so sure, I'd say all options have to be on the table. Self inflicted desperate times require.... well you know...
  7. I am SHOCKED....wait...no I'm not... I've been saying an extension will not get done for well over a year on this site. 1. Buxton trusts his value on the open market 2. Buxton has no love lost for this FO that screwed with his service time and his swing 3. Our FO will not pay over market value which is what it would take to keep him here Ergo, he has always been gone. The purpose of the Twins FO leak about trading or keeping him for the year tells us that there are few (1-3 teams) in trading discussion who are low balling a bit because they have rightfully determined that the FO has to trade him and they don't want to bid against themselves. Therefore the Twins FO is threatening the possibility of keeping him through the end of his contract and lose him for nothing (which is insane...and they won't do...which the other FOs know...) They think they are being shrewd, but other FO will see right through it and giggle
  8. Contgrats to Berrios for working hard, staying focused, and betting on himself. He is easy to root for and I will continue to do so for years to come (unless pitching against the Twins of course Our FO underestimates or cannot palate the cost of reliable pitching. The free agent pitcher list is already dwindling and we have 0 established MLB starting pitchers.... Maybe we have 2 Liriano type breakouts coming from our MiLB, but alas, pipe dreams are not a plans. I'm starting to follow the plight of our 2022 starting rotation more with morbid curiosity than breathless anticipation.
  9. Andrew, your talent, confidence and ability to 'portfolio build' are self evident and have been well identified by the talented TD staff. If you have and refine your grit to go with your natural talents, I promise you will do well
  10. Quick addendum: I refer to 'poo poo platter' for the relationship between the talent level of proposed players acquired/used versus the talent level needed to compete and win at the MLB level. The players on the MLB poo poo platter are phenomenal athletes in top 0.000 someting % of athletes and kudos to them. But unfortunately we are talking about what it takes to win at the MLB level.
  11. Trading Berrios was absolutely the right thing to do, because he telegraphed that he fully intended to go to FA. BUT, that had been obvious to anyone paying attention for quite awhile. As such, there should have been planning to have even more experienced MLB pitching under multi-year contracts going into the off season. In FA negotiations and trading discussions, we are going to look desperate, because we are. People who are desperate have much less leverage and generally are taken advantage of during negotiations. Finding 9 pitchers to fill a 3 x3 x 3 model is much harder than it looks. It is hard enough to be successful signing or trading for previously successful starting pitchers. Now, you are essentially having to bet on the fact that you can correctly identify 9! pitchers from the poo poo platter that have only lacked success because they did not have the depth of talent to pitch more than 3 innings. Even if you are great at it, you are probably only correct on 5-6/9 chances. Averaging one pitcher blowing out per game will lead to many losses and blow out the strategy quickly. No preexisting MLB starting pitching makes for a HUGE off season lift (with essentially no room for error). I highly doubt any FO would privately admit that this is a desirable strategy. I stand by the opinion that the Twins are at risk for disaster next season due to lack of long term planning for the rotation.
  12. With all do respect... a 'forward thinking front office' would not have allowed themselves to get into a predicament with exactly 0 proven starters on their MLB roster going into an off season. Kudos for them for trying to package 'we may have to go with a poo poo platter approach next year due to our catastrophic lack of foresight and planning' into 'i think with challenge comes opportunity' (did they get that line out of a spider-man cartoon?!). That verbal gymnastics could just buy them an extra year worth of salary... no shame in that game. This FO has done some very good things, but make no mistake about it, piss poor long term starting pitching planning is not one of them... and that lack of planning unfortunately is the odds on favorite for the cause of their demise at this point.
  13. Another great article Andrew! I hope you are a permanent addition to the TD writers. Well thought out, reasoned, and explained. First Buxton take on this site that could be possible! 20 mil-ish per year + playing incentives is in the ballpark and his team would at least take that call. Because the FO failed to have a long term SP plan, they are stuck having to take chances and Rodon is as reasonable as any. Going into an off season with exactly 0 proven MLB starters is an epic fail (any free agent or trade partner will know that we are desperate and try to take advantage). I like Ober and Ryan but we have yet to see how they will respond when the league has an off season to adjust or how they will hold up over a long season health wise (remember than we though Dobnak would be a stater last season!). Most likely outcome is than one is an effective starter next year and one is not and we should plan for that.
  14. I cannot remember which poster first brought this up but they absolutely nailed the conundrum this off season. There is a HUGE gap between the readiness of our line up and our pitching staff to compete next year. This makes planning confusing. When looking at the team through the lens of the line up.... 'we could compete next year as is!!!!' When looking at the team through the lens of the pitching staff.... "Holy Crap...we literally have 0 proven MLB starters on our roster going into the off season. We have NO chance to fill all of those gaps + enough depth for injuries in one off season with our payroll. I actually think the FO has done a lot of good things, but one of their biggest failures is not figuring out how to keep the pitching and line up progression on the same time line (or anywhere close) Again, this was first brought up by someone else and I wish I could remember who so that I could credit them!
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