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  1. It’s interesting that so many experts replying here have already decided that Martin and Lewis are not shortstops. I know that they have been moved around to other positions. And Lewis’ injury was a major setback in his evaluation. But unless the Twins actually make a public statement that neither player will be playing shortstop, I will stay optimistic that one or both can play there. That said I wouldn’t make the trade Kepler for Torres trade. You only do that if it is a true upgrade at shortstop and Torres is apparently not that. As a stopgap Polanco back to short and Arraez to second for next year makes sense if no short term solution is available. That give another year to evaluate Lewis and Martin defensively.
  2. Regarding Shulffer, since when is going five innings and striking out five while giving up four runs on seven hits considered a solid a solid start? Any pitcher doing that consistently will have a nice minor league career.
  3. Gave the trade a B grade. Like the two potential starters in the trade but only a can’t miss prospect would change this to an A grade.
  4. They need pitching! I’m intrigued by the 6’6” lefty Williams, especially since he seems to have figured out his command issues. Just once it would nice to draft a college arm who is on the fast track to the big leagues.
  5. It’s definitely trade time. I think Cruz will be traded, though they won’t get much for him, probably a low minor prospect years away. Trade Donaldson if the right deal comes along that includes a solid prospect, but likely it’s a salary dump. Also Simmons and a bullpen are or two may be gone. I’m glad to see that Sano is finally being benched more often since he is an unprofessional hitter. Can’t wait until his contract is up, which I think is 2022. It’s time to move on from Sano. I’m hoping Winder and Balazovic progress and can get some major league starts this year. The teams is going nowhere until they can fix the starting pitching.
  6. The inability to draft and develop top of the rotation starters has been an ongoing problem. You’ve got to have a legit stopper, which as a number 3 starter isn’t. Consequently they bargain basement shop hoping someone can resurrect one more year for his career. I don’t think you can make a playoff run doing that. The good news is they have some young position talent with potential.
  7. Of the three I like the Toronto trade. Given the Twins inability to develop starting pitching that should be the priority in any trade. The Mets five tool Mauricio is intriguing and the Twins honchos like guys with lots of tools. But he’s a ways away from the big leagues. The Twins need talent that can help by next year.
  8. Kepler will never be relegated to fourth or fifth outfielder even if passed by others, not with a sizable contract. He’d be traded first.
  9. Also would require agreement from the MLBPA. I can’t see them sacrificing their pitching members’ careers.
  10. MLB will never do that. Too much stress on pitchers to relearn how to pitch from the new distance.
  11. Ludicrous article! Makes me wonder if the writer ever watches the team. When Sano first came up to the big leagues he looked like a real ML hitter, line drives to the opposite field, solid batter average, still lots of strikeouts but a .269 average. Now he tries to pull every pitch and seems to not recognize pitches, flails away. Never seems to make adjustments. The coaches are working with him daily but he doesn’t ever improve.
  12. Morneau is clearly very knowledgeable but I agree that his delivery needs a little more enthusiasm and emphasis. He has a drone like delivery and not all words are created equal. Let’s hope he gets feedback from his employers and that inspires him to work on his new craft to get better.
  13. Just to clarify management cannot cut player salaries, only payroll. Players under contract will be paid, possibly on a pro rata basis like they did this year if COVID persists to shorten the season. If the Twins could get Bauer on the 3 year 9-10 million they should do that. But I doubt Bauer would sign that since he sees himself as an ace despite the off field baggage. He’s a very good number two but not in Verlander’s class as a one.
  14. Some of you need to chill out! The biggest pitching issue for the Twins is lack of number one and two starters. Look at the Indians, Red Sox, Astros, and Yankees for comparison. Berrios is a number four on those teams. Their inability to develop top starters is the biggest problem. Teams with excellent starters don’t need relievers to start a game and pitch an inning or two. That’s a gimmick that says our starters aren’t good enough, IMO.
  15. Interesting take. Molitor could be criticized for several things: using washed up veterans like Belisle, seldom trying to steal a base or hit and run, etc. But please explain how you ascertained the lack of communication and chemistry between Molitor and the players. It seems like you’d have to be around the team on a day to day basis to draw that conclusion. Are you LaVelle E. Neil using an alias?
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