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  1. Petty oozes charisma and charm, which is nice to see. As others have pointed out TJ surgery is always lurking for high octane high school arms. One thing I would add to all of these columns is the height and weight of each prospect.
  2. I’d be reluctant to extend him past the two years he’s under contract. That gives the FO time to see if Jeffers is progressing and is the catcher of the future.
  3. I like Arraez a lot, an old fashioned contact hitter who rarely strikes out. Having a surplus of good players at certain positions is a nice problem to have. But if a trade including Arraez can bring a proven young starter I think the FO should consider it. Gordon can serve as the utility player role with a lot more speed than Arraez. The team appears to have a lot of potential young starting pitchers who could make a ML roster. But their lack of proven pitching is the team’s biggest issue right now.
  4. Let’s just hope that several of these pitchers can be effective starters and that at least one of them is a 1 or 2 starter. Twins haven’t had that for awhile, maybe since Liriano.
  5. Speed and ability to hit for average, steal bases, and play excellent defense is a big plus. Power can be over rated. Martin might be a Robin Yount clone offensively. T’ain’t bad! Let’s see what he can do. No trade!
  6. I think it’s a good idea that the Twins, and every team, should do a video tribute at the beginning of each season to prior teammates lost during the past year. This would be consistent with baseball’s emphasis on history and teams could probably work a marketing angle too.
  7. Not convinced yet of Ober. He had some good moments but seldom was allowed to pitch into the fifth inning, so his ability to eat innings is unknown. That says fifth starter to me, which would be ok. Hope Baldelli shows a little more trust in him in 2022 and he earns it. Also not too optimistic on Jax but he’ll probably get some more chances.
  8. Another way to phrase it is “ How many of these young pitchers will positively impact the pitching staff in 2022?” To “shine” means to me to be excellent, which we can hope for, but for young pitchers it’s a leap of faith for several reasons.
  9. Martin AND Lewis plus pitchers is too high a price for two years of Castillo, especially since the Buxton extension is not done. How about one of the two from Martin and Lewis, Kepler, and a pitcher.
  10. $20 million for Stroman as a number 3 starter is too much for a team that is potentially in a rebuilding mode.
  11. Good riddance to Colume, who at best should only be doing mop up duty at the ML level. Ron Davis reincarnated. Time to move on and give someone else a chance.
  12. Buxton is the BIGGGGG question, so I hope they sign him to an extension. Agree that keeping Sano and Donaldson makes sense given that they won’t get much in return in a trade. I think Sano is a bounce back candidate if he can channel a little Miguel Cabrera and be a professional hitter by hitting the ball where it’s pitched instead of trying to pull every pitch 500 feet. I do look forward to the young MiL starters getting a chance in 2022, and hopefully Baldelli will let them pitch more than four or five innings, as is his head scratching history with Ober.
  13. I stand by my previous assessment of this trade. Manea is a solid number 3 starter but is only under contract for one year. If he would agree to adding two more years then make the trade. Otherwise it makes no sense to do this trade.
  14. Trading three top prospects for one year of Manea only makes sense if the Twins believe they are a World Series contender. They aren’t! Silly idea!
  15. Another excellent article! I am curious how Jonathan Lavallee lasted until the 16th round. He was first team All American and All Conference, had great college stats, and has front end starter physicals. His fastball must be low 90s or mediocre secondary pitches. Still an interesting prospect.
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