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  1. I never understood the fascination with Dobnak and why they gave him a pretty good contract extension before he consistently proved himself.
  2. I see no evidence that there is a potential ace among the group. Until the team has a dominant starter instead of a stable of number threes and fours they are pretenders. If they ever get a number one it will be interesting to see if Rocco allows him to pitch more than 5 innings in a game and 150 innings for the year.
  3. Otaknam

    Where's Wallner?

    Happy Wallner wasn’t included in a trade. It looks like he has the arm and athleticism to be an asset in the field, more so than Larnach. It would be good if he gets some big league at bats in September.
  4. It’s hard to relegate Pagan to mop up duty when the starters aren’t allowed to pitch more than 4-5 innings. Every game they need at least four relievers and every other day they will need Pagan because of how Rocco handles the staff. They need to see Henriquez be consistent and successful in the BP before bringing him up. That leaves Moran and Sisk. I hope Pagan is a free agent after this season. Another year of him pouring gasoline on the game is too much to watch.
  5. Someone will take a flyer on Duffy. Pitchers can reinvent themselves, even in the short term, and become effective again. Maybe a new pitching coach can teach him a new grip or new pitch that extends his career. Wishing him well.
  6. I’ve really enjoyed watching Correa play this year despite his down offensive numbers. I did think his defense is top notch despite the errors the past two games. Only a few teams have the money to sign him to an 8-10 year contract for $300+ million while recognizing the last few years he will be in decline and can’t play shortstop. That includes the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox and maybe one or two others. It’s possible he could opt in for another season but the Twins are not really poised for a World Series run until they acquire or develop an ace. I think that will factor into Correa’s decision and he will leave.
  7. Agree about Wallner. I’m happy he wasn’t included in any trades because I think his power and athleticism make him a contender for right field in the near future. A rough start to AAA probably took him out of the running in any trade.
  8. They solidified the BP and added a capable starter so that helps. I’m big on player development so losing the minor leaguers hurts but they didn’t have to trade Larnach, Kiriloff, Lewis, Canterino, or others who are close to the bigs. But the lack of an ace is the big issue going forward since now they have a handful of number three starters. That may win a division but not win you the World Series.
  9. Strengthened the BP so that’s good. Disappointed they gave up Hajjar but getting a starter for next year helps. Still it’s a team with mid rotation starters and no ace. They aren’t a serious contender for the World Series until they have an ace.
  10. It’s a likely scenario and makes sense. They wouldn’t have to give up much, probably a low A or high A prospect for a short term rental. The Twins pitching isn’t going to get them far in the playoffs if they make it that far. So don’t give up the farm to maybe win the first round of the playoffs. However, the Correa signing does make me wonder if the FO might take a bigger swing at someone, But after the Paddock injury it can’t be a top starting pitcher who has arm troubles that show up after the trade.
  11. Not sure how the Berrios trade for Martin and SWR is similar to a Montas trade for Steer and Winder. Winder has made six starts for the Twins and has successfully pitched six innings several times, no small feat with Rocco‘s tired formula of not allowing a starter to face a lineup for a third time. If he stays healthy Winder looks like a solid number three starter to me. Also after the Paddock disaster I imagine the FO is a little gun shy about trading for another starter who might have shoulder problems.
  12. Martin, Wallner and Richardson seem to be a high price for another Paddock type mid rotation starter with possible injury concerns. It doesn’t do much for me.
  13. Morneau first base, Carew second base Morneau over Knoblauch every day! Carew played first as his career was winding down. Pascual was a 20 game winner over one year of Morris.
  14. Like the draft so far. Some mock drafts had Lee second in the first round, and he looks like a stud. And I like taking the Alabama pitcher at 48. Seems like he has an upside as a front of the rotation starter, something the Twins haven’t had since Liriano. Let’s hope they hit on a few guys beyond the first few.
  15. As others have pointed out Rogers isn’t a lefty !Mariano Rivera. But if he was closing for the Twins this year, instead of Pagan and company, they’d likely have at least four more wins given how many leads the BP blew over the past six weeks.
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