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  1. I don't have access to the games, but from comments above sounds like Rortvedt and Berrios weren't on the same page. Considering he was about the #5 or #6 catcher in spring training, I suspect he hasn't had lots of time with most of these pitchers. The kids defense is first rate and I understand he handled pitchers well in the minors, pitchers he was familiar with. As for his hitting, he gets a pass from me. The last live games he played before joining the Twins were at AA Pensacola in late summer 2019. Yes, he hadn't faced live pitching in a real game in well over a year and a half...remember, he wasn't at the camp in St. Paul last summer. Add the move up from AA to the big leagues and you are getting what you see. Hopefully, whatever Falvey is doing will be over and he will get sent back to Wichita ASAP to finish his development as a hitter. And I don't know why Astudillo isn't catching any of these games, he is their second best catcher at the moment. Just after the Twins give us all a bit of hope with a nice game Friday night, they go out and crap all over the ballpark Saturday...reminding us that there isn't a lot to like about this team. When I look forward, there aren't a lot of guys on this team today I want to see still with the Twins say in 2023! And I want to see a bigger change on the coaching staff, beginning with the head guy.
  2. Keep coming back in the afternoon to check on tonight's starters. Guess I will watch the Saints again to see how Jax does. Has been a favorite prospect ever since breaking free from the Air Force to pitch. Still waiting to see Canterino pitch.
  3. The Omaha team moved from Rosenblatt Stadium several years ago into a new ballpark on the SW side of the city. A new, larger ballpark was built downtown (I think it is TD Ameritrade Field) and that's where the World Series moved to. Don't know why the AAA team doesn't play there, great ballpark and great location.
  4. Watched the game and wasn't counting, but thought it would have been more than that. On the other hand, he only went 4 innings and most were efficient quick innings. So yeah, 59 makes sense. With that said, surprised he didn't come out for the 5th inning. Imagine Rocco gave orders to have him pitch 4 first time out, then 5 in his next start.
  5. Not interested in debating whether Eddie gets more clutch hits than player A, B and C. What I believe is lost is Eddie's leadership and personality. I have said since before he was gone that I believe he was the heart and soul of this team. And this team sure as heck is playing like a heartless team.
  6. Agree With LA Vikes fan that the percentages given to Rocco and the Front Office should be flipped. Rocco probably is 14% responsible for our problems thru his game management, or lack thereof. But he certainly gets another +10% for his being responsible for preparing this team to compete. Sure doesn't look like a team that wants to win? Really wish someone would show a little fight. Can they still recover, yes. But to do so they need to make a 180 degree turn and do it very soon. Another couple weeks of this and its over. At that point, I think the FO needs to take this team down to its core. And I sure as heck don't know who that core is.
  7. Watched the Saints game last night, well, at least the first nine innings. Thought Dobnak was as good as he can be. One more start to get back to 5+ innings, then they have to get him back to Target Field as a 'starter.' Thought Jeffers had a real tough night at the plate. Yes, he was 1-5, but the late hit was a grounder to second with the two infielders shifted to the right side looking at each other thinking the other guy was gonna field it. Before that he was 0-4 with three strikeouts with several key at bats with ducks on the pond in scoring position. Just didn't look comfortable with the bat in his hands. Great seeing Whitefield's bat get going. With his defense and speed to burn, could he be a player that works for the Twins?
  8. One inning from the pen and another lead is gone. What are the odds this is another loss snatched from the jaws of victory? 90-10?
  9. Great night when the home teams are 4-0. Watched the Wichita game, well almost all of it. Although they won, was not excited about what I saw. Yes, Miranda had the one big hit. Aaron Whitefield had two hits and his speed in left field held two batters who hit hard balls down the left field line to singles. Other than that, nothing stood out as players that I would be excited about as future Twins. Heck, the only reason they won was because the Springfield pitchers walked 8 batters. Lujan had a very nice inning plus and I didn't see their closer in the ninth...who struck out the side.
  10. Watched Wichita last night, then turned on the Twins on radio before falling asleep. Mistake! Couldn't tell from the box score, but did Thorpe do a decent job as the starter? After everything we have been thru the last 18 months, was looking forward to an exciting summer of baseball. Then HULU/Sinclair decides to dump on those of us who no longer can stand our cable company. Sure as heck glad I didn't spend lots of extra dollars and jump thru the hoops to be able to watch this team. They really aren't very good and that is surprising as the off season moves seemed reasonable at the time.
  11. Not going to speculate on what contract he should be given to remain with the Twins. Just will say it needs to be done as the player the Twins rebuild around for the next decade. As far as trading him. No, no and no.
  12. Plan to watch my baseball this year on MiLB tv. Really wanted to watch Wichita last night, especially Winder on the mound. Well MilB didn't have the Saints or Wichita and the Ft. Myers game had no sound. So Cedar Rapids it was. 3-1 on opening night is fantastic. Don't know what to think about Albers, but the rest of the pitching was very good. And the Twins are teaching us what Tom Kelly always said, you're only as good as your next day's starting pitcher. Thanks for the report!
  13. Yes, yes, yes. Do something, anything. Unfortunately, they haven't had the advantage of AAA beginning its season on April 1 to see what relievers have a great first month at St. Paul. Maybe, hopefully, someone will be lights out the next couple weeks and provide some help. I also like the idea from above about piggy backing a starter in for a 3-4 inning outing every fourth or fifth day. Bring up two of the young starters...Dobnak, Thorpe, Smeltzer, and you could do that two out of five days. Can one of you young guys with all the computer knowledge hack Baldelli's computer to tell him to consider that? But Waddell in the 10th after his outing the night before....you know what Soucheray used to say....B as in B, S as in S. Time for this front office to begin working their magic. If they don't plan on selling come July.
  14. Don't have Twins on tv, but turned on the radio when I went to bed. Listened to the 9th and then the 10th. Was furious with Rocco for not playing AK, until I learned this morning that his wrist is back. Will his wrists keep him from becoming the star he potentially should be? But after Waddell took a crap on the mound Monday, how can any Manager bring him back for the 10th on Tuesday? We all know that the Twins have one 18 game record going in the playoffs. Are they destined to have another 18-game record this year...losing consecutive extra innings games. Yes, I hate this stupid second base rule, but both teams have the same advantage for that to bring in runs. Maybe our Manager needs to sit down and think about baseball rather than asking a computer what he should do.
  15. Getting to MLB from Verona, Wisconsin is a process. Have never been concerned about his numbers along the way, just happy to see him make yearly progress. Doubt he will be up with the Twins permanently, but then he may prove me and others wrong. Have always seen this kid as either a future Twins starter or half of a catching platoon. Nothing has changed for me to not continue to feel that remains the case. This early promotion reinforces my belief in this kid from my wife's hometown when we met.
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