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  1. I am willing to just be happy with a win. I was on the shared site and left to go have a whisky. I could not handle it anymore and then they came back. I am delighted. If they want to make me look bad by winning the rest of their games I am willing to take the pie in the face for it. Do the hitting coaches deserve to go? I do not know. I know that we have a team of regression. Kepler, Polanco, Sano, and Garver seemed to be on the verge of greatness and slipped back into mediocrity. I know Sano had a big hit today, but how many times has he failed? If Big Papi is his model, he has
  2. I think it is time for a whisky - happy hour - and it is hard to be happy with the Twins playing like this. So I will check out - please wake them up and get a win.
  3. I do not understand how the team continues to put Garver in key lineup spots. But then when I look at the other averages who can hit in those places. Even his defense has slipped.
  4. Do we take comfort when we disliked the addition in the first place and now he has given us all the reasons we need to have to know that he is not going to rise much above the bottom of our expectations. I do not believe in Dobnak, Smeltzer, and Thorpe. I think it is the next level of prospects which will have to save us, but that does not mean that they should not have the same opportunity that Shoemaker has had to prove us right or wrong. Each is an interesting story, but that does not make them the right components of a pennant winning rotation. So now we look at Maeda and hope h
  5. Descalso is a mystery signing. I want the young players to move up, not fill the roster with old and incompetent. That goes for RP too - Hamilton is another of our questionable signings and Albers is not going to prosper in MLB - I can't wait for Balazovic and Duran to come back. Whitefield is giving us some hope - what a contrast in CF between Whitefield and Kepler/Cave.
  6. Remember that Molitor won MOY too and then was let go. Was Derek Shelton the reason we were better? I know people believe in Rowson as hitting coach and he is gone. There are so many weak spots right now I have no idea how it can be fixed,
  7. Wow that was depressing. A cold shower might be invigorating, this was a hail storm. I will go back and read it again to see if there is anything I can find that gives me hope. Nope. By the way - I bought the MLB package so I could follow this wonderful season and the Sox series was blacked out and now Oakland is. Is Dr Fauci trying to save my sanity?
  8. Shaun did not look good, when you make exceptions in a performance everyone looks good, but he also did not look that good in ST or they would have kept him up. I believe they wanted to the way they used him. Cano is perfect. At his age the only reason to keep him in the minors is because he will always be in the minors. Use his arm now while it has life. The peak comes and goes quickly. Is Chalmers really the third choice? If these are the top three I am not hopeful. And no more retreads. We have already seen how that works this year. I assume we started with the best an
  9. What a list, it is listing the most obvious - Maeda (all the articles about we have our Ace) - and then we have Rogers and Polanco in the wings. Do you count Colome or doesn't his White Sox time count? This is sad because we had this group come up together and gave us the feeling that the future would be ours - just add a few arms and legs and we would be ready to go. Dobnak has to go on the list too. He isn't even looking good in St Paul. Jeffers would be on the list, but he is awake in St Paul and needs to come back up. Jake Cave wasn't too high so his regression does not seem as muc
  10. Hill just shut out the Yankees for 6.2 innings with 9 Ks. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/yankees-vs-rays/2021/05/13/634126#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=634126
  11. At this point if the pitcher has anything put him in the MLB bullpen. This pen just stinks and if we are going no where we can at least audition arms.
  12. From the team's future view - he will be a free agent - use him, get your dollars worth. Pitchers some how survived the previous decades throwing 9 innings and sometimes more.
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