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  1. Not my core three - Correa should/would be, but for now our core three are Lewis, Julien and Lopez.
  2. In five years he has started 65 games - two years he was in the 20s. He had an ERA under 4 during four years and over 4.7 in 3 years - he got over 100 innings twice - 140 and 108. Yes he had one good year. So why do we think we have the next Lopez/Grey. I still say wait and see.
  3. Like so many speculations I cannot offer a reasonable response other than lets wait and see. How can anyone judge operations, recovery, health, attitude at this point?
  4. Thank you - I do not care if they were honorable mention - I am just glad they are mentioned and their memories carried forward.
  5. I had to look at this from another direction since there are too many ways to evaluate this so - cost benefit - using baseball reference: Correa $36 - 1.4 WAR - $25m per war points Dobnak - $2.5 - 0 War - no return Vazquez - $10m - -0.3 WAR - a negative return Buxton - $15m - 0.8 WAR - $18.75 per war point.
  6. Reverse the order. Ballplayers are inconsistent commodities so the ranking will shift. If Buxton cannot play CF this year his contract goes to the top of the list. The Twins are actually in good shape compared to many teams. Players like the three you listed and Corbin, Stanton, Rodon, Yelich, Bumgarner, Sale, and Strasburg are the kind the really hurt.
  7. It seems like a no-brainer question - of course we need help
  8. I know you are looking for this to a continuing section of TD and I am for it. I am more interested in what is happening than speculating on what we can fantasize happening. Some good summaries here and I am also happy when we look in on the other teams. I think we better start looking at Detroit for example - signing Maeda, and Mark Canha.
  9. NO - if you have been looking at the premium contracts that SS get - even those who are switched to 2B (Story and Semien) then you look at Lee and Lewis and recognize that if Correa goes down for any reason these are our most valuable assets. We have enough funds and players to go after a SP without Lee or Lewis being included in the deal.
  10. I cannot complain - I like their honesty. We all see the TV mess and while we can all say spend money anyway, that is not how the rich got rich. Let's see if the TV mess actually evens things out. Our TV deal versus the Yankees would always leave us behind and yet we competed. I know nothing about Correa satisfaction. Let's see it play out on the field. Correa dealt with a terribly painful ailment and did his best, but not the level we were looking for and Buxton is an annual anguish. Young players are looking good and the off season is just beginning and that is not when the Twins FO moves. Patience
  11. You filled in an area of ignorance - I had no idea who was out there. It will be interesting but my bet is that the team passes.
  12. Happy to see him gone. Yes he was better last year, but we used him in lower leverage situations. I still would not trust him. Of course the big question is who do we get to replace him?
  13. Too early - I suspect we will add another veteran starter - the FO likes to do that. I put Varland in the BP after stretching him out as a SP in the spring, and then he can move from BP to SP when we have the inevitable breakdown.
  14. Somehow a rotation with Gray/Gibson/Lynn does not look good to me. With Gray, if he needs to come out after 5 they need a good BP. Gibson has a career 4.54 era and last year it was 4.73. He was never a big game pitcher. Lynn has a career 3.74 era and last year was 5.73. I will never think well of Lynn after his pouting Twins career, but I also think he is done. Not sure the Cardinals are really a lot better.
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