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  1. I just feel sorry for him. No one tries to get injured, no one expects their body to break down, it just happens. And over time the impact of each injury sets up the possibility of more injuries. Good luck Byron.
  2. Well the BP is consistent. It blew games in the past and now that we are past the 60 games of last season they are starting over to blow games again. Is there any hope for Colome? I know a lot of people like Robles, personally I hope he is traded and we start over in the Pen. The bats are looking great and these young hitters are here to stay. Maybe Celestino will see his bat wake up, his fielding is picking up and he is our Buxton replacement, not Gordon. Gordon is good as a utility man and back up.
  3. Wait! We are now picking up waiver claims that are cut by THE DETROIT TIGERS? This will not offset Akil Baddoo or even Niko Goodrum. Oh well, good luck.
  4. Like all the rest of you, I feel just terrible about Buxton. What an unfortunate event on a string of terrible injuries that have marred his career. I know he must feel frustration shifting to depression. I cannot fault the pitcher, in this game of high speed pitching the batters have a dangerous job. We the substance issue rearing its head there are going to be a lot more uncontrolled pitches. I just wish it did not have to start with Byron. Like most of you I had to look this up - "A boxer's fracture is a fracture (broken bone) of the hand. More specifically, it is a fracture of
  5. At this point Polanco is back at SS, Arraez 2B and Simmons is gone. Larnach or Kiriloff have to have LF and probably Kiriloff is at 1B. DH assuming Cruz is gone is Garver and Sano. 3B is Donaldson if he is able to play and Miranda will be there if he is not. Gordon utility. If trades happen this changes - I am sure they do not want Donaldson back, but they are stuck. Hard to see another team wanting to have Donaldson so unless we basically pay him to play for someone else we do not get value in return. Simmons getting available when so many other SS will be on the market reduces h
  6. Nice summary. It is great to get the vets back (although I agree with rv78 that I have no enthusiasm for Kepler). But I wonder if our little streak against a bad team is enough to get the FO thinking maybe this was a fluke and we actually have enough going forward? We don't. I like Ober and Dobnak starting, but not Happ. Try Barnes and keep trying young pitchers we have nothing to gain with Happ starting. He has already established who he is.
  7. That was fun. I know that Texas is a bad team, but does this give us hope and therefore we don't sell, or do we just accept that we can beat a bad team and try to rebuild on the fly?
  8. I like the young players in the rotation, but the BP looks really weak and I have no confidence in Smeltzer and Thorpe (very little in Dobnak either). As usual I prefer young players and home grown when possible. Approaching this mid season trade deadline I would love to see them move Donaldson and I think Garver is a really good trade chip in a league where catchers are so valuable. I am happy with Jeffers and Rortvedt. I never get into the actual dollars - not my talent, but I am hoping Berrios and Buxton get extended and shedding Donaldson would really help doing that.
  9. That was as fun as the Twins win, but Charlie Barnes was the best news - lets hope he jumps into the rotation and gives us a lift.
  10. How nice - I will take this as a fathers day present or a fans day present - whichever you like.
  11. I understand that, but I could go on with mediocre arms still in the system. They can sign all of these that they want if they would just sign some really quality arms too.
  12. Pitching is always the number one need on every team - if Garver brings back a decent pitcher I trade him. I look at Jeffers and Garvers ages and Jeffers has more future. Many catchers age well and play to 40+ but Garver has had too many injuries (I can't even think about this last horrible one). I think Kiriloff at 1B is the plan with Larnach, Buxton (I hope) and Kepler OF, Sano DH. Garver has utility value, but is that greater than a good arm in the BP or Rotation?
  13. .270 .357 .486 .844 That is LaMonte Wade's line with 0.6 WAR for first place SF. Shaun Anderson has -0.5 WAR and a 9.35 era for the Last Place Twins.
  14. Buxton will always be a mystery to us as well as a player of great promise. I did not mean that he is a minor leaguer, just that he is rehabbing in the minors and I wondered how comfortable he is there. He came back for a few games and just blew away the AAA pitchers. But I have likened him to Pete Reiser who could have been a HOF inductee except for injuries. Pete Reiser I keep hoping for better, but so far his is a tragic story.
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