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  1. N ice review of an essential tool. Defense is too often overlooked. But like you, I cannot see anyone change on Def that will correct this. Miranda to third, Polanco back to 2B and Arraez at 1B might be our best lineup (or Kiriloff at 1B abd Arraez DH).
  2. The frustration is when we go to Colorado and can't score and can't win against another team that has a losing record. I just don't know what to think of the twins. The year either can write itself in Cleveland or spin out of control
  3. This was more disappointing than the Cleveland losses. We went for two high scoring games that we lost; then two games where our offense disappeared. The inconsistency is what hurts. We have the bats but they either on fire or they disappear. Nice to see here - two lesser used relief pictures do well, but in a game like this why not let Bundy get some more innings in and save those relief pitch Innings for the future,.
  4. Nicely done - I still have some questions, but this is a good presentation
  5. It may have been around, but we are now at an absurd point of making such a big deal out of it. Pitchers like Glavine, Smoltz, and Maddux earned their wide K zones by control, not catchers. Put in the SB and see if the catcher has all the skills.
  6. Balazovic pitching short outings - are we preparing for his arm to be in the BP in Mpls soon?
  7. Cleveland, being on the south shore of Lake Erie has lake effect rain and snow - the result is that it does not rain cats and dogs like other places - it rains starters and relievers - you just need a rain barrel to catch them.
  8. This is really good news to an old slow guy who loves to see the speed and daring that comes with SB and hit and run. Bunt, slug, hit, walk, move- that is baseball. We can have and celebrate the HR, but upsetting the opposing team, putting pressure on defense, catcher, and pitcher is wonderful. I hope this continues, but could Rocco deal with it?
  9. Wow is Smeltzer impressing all of us. What a great streak he is on and he is saving the SP, RP and the team. Nice. I do agree that if we have players we are not able or want to use it is time to adjust the roster.
  10. A lot of teams do. He is elite and not many are. I would put Buck Showalter on the short list, maybe Craig Counsel, and maybe Kevin Cash (but he has too much Rocco in him).
  11. Are the Twins a good team - definitely. Our bats should have won both games, but the bullpen is a mess. I am not a Rocco fan and I wonder why he had Thornberg warm up so many times but did not use him. He may be burned out from last night without ever getting on the actual mound. But I also wonder how Rocco can or should manage this assortment of arms. If the SP cannot go long, it is a tough night, after night, after night! When will Buxton be back? And I mean in the field too. This really hurts the team, but what is really wrong with him - can it be fixed? I like Arreaz at 2B more than Polanco this season and Polanco might have the value to get us another good arm. Finally, empty the Minors of every arm that looks like it has life and try to rescue the BP. Put Archer in the pen, he only goes 4 innings, what if that was in relief - like last night if he came in for Gray? This is my second post because I cannot get this game out of my mind - I hope the Twins players can!
  12. Very hard to argue with these five. But to add to the discussion, here are other players who might make this list: Duran - in this BP, what would we do without him? Is there another legitimate arm in the pen? Jeffers - despite our anguish over his bat, which is coming around, he is our catcher. Sanchez is not as good behind the plate and can leave as a FA and we have no one in the minors who is a potential starter right now.
  13. I know the bullpen is the big story and it's not a surprise that they're lousy. They have been bad all year and every night I listen to the announcers tell how we've given up more home runs than any other bullpen. It's a real story to me is how Cleveland plays the game. Don't strike out like we did in the extra innings last night, make contact. Sacrifice flies moving the runners and playing the way baseball has been played for decades instead of swinging for the fences is a valuable and successful formula. I know we scored enough runs to win tonight, but even with that I was just enthralled by how Cleveland approached each inning and continued to put pressure on us and our mediocre bullpen
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