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  1. I am puzzled by what to put here. Polanco is definitely the best bat. Larnach got figured out and seemed to give up - can he come back? Alcala always seems on the verge and then bombs. Kiriloff has a great bat, but he is like Buxton - an IL specialist. Ober is another great story and a positive. Let's hope he can continue this as they scout every detail of his pitching. Jeffers regressed and Garver keeps teasing us. Sano takes off half a season and blossoms when it is too late - do we trust him? Griffin Jax is a wonderful story, but not a wonderful pitcher so far. Who will be SS? Is Miranda a mirage? Can we please move on from Jake Cave? The management of our 4 inning starters is still a sore point for me. I want a new manager and I want 7 inning starters. When things go bad do we have the coaches that can correct it on the fly? Is there a reason that pitchers do better in other organizations? Is Rooker really this bad? Let's see Ober and Polanco - I need a third person. Well tune in later.
  2. This is a real challenge. Where does Stashak fit in the plan? How about Cano from the minors? Please not Law, not Colome. Move on. But to whom? I do not know.
  3. Just think - Ryan pitches one more inning and Colome isn't needed! Please get rid of this guy.
  4. I think our batting order let us down and in some real key situations and while they're not the biggest problem the first half of the season we constantly wrote about leaving runners in scoring position and the lack of hitting in key situations. Sano looks good right now but half the season he was absent, Larnach looked great but once he was challenged by Major League pitching he didn't know what to do and obviously our coaches didn't know how to help him. Simmons is not as good as his Fielding rating and his hitting is horrible. Arraez it's supposed to challenge for the batting title. He hasn't and he has had some prolonged hitless periods. Kepler should not have batted lead off for second for all the games that the manager wanted him on top of the lineup. I am finding myself less and less enamored with the manager and the lead coaches. Too many things happened that I expected them to begin to fix, but it never happened. I certainly don't like pulling the pitchers as early as they have the starting pitchers going deeper helps a bullpen that is struggling.
  5. Nice to see Miranda continuing his hitting from beginning to end of his Minor League season. I have no idea where he'll play, but I'm quite impressed with him and at the same time on the major league team I'm disappointed in Arraez this year and Miranda may push him for a spot. Looking at the prospects I'm constantly disappointed in Rooker too. Now that we have used the best pitchers on each squad who gets game 3 and 4 of this championship series? I would like to see them put up a battle at least
  6. I think we can come up with a better solution and counting him and center field actually overvalues him. We have others coming up who can play center field. It's unfortunate but he just never grew with his position. And the stubbornness of batting him first or second for so many games is still one of the question marks of management for me
  7. In the later part of the season it feels like Balazovic has been losing his position and the top of the prospects list. I've been really excited about him and hoped that he would really finish with a flourish.
  8. At the stage of the season which is more important draft position or another victory?
  9. It is really hard to judge these things until the ends of each career. They're all on different tracks and so at any one moment the decision is incomplete. Of course my favorite trade is the one that brought Jake Cave my favorite player to complain about. It has provided me with many posts on the TD site.
  10. I appreciate the season stats for the prospects too, but I am not as encouraged as I would like. Either injured or underwhelming. Miranda really stands out. I look forward to seeing your post season rankings.
  11. I am not a believer in Dobnak. Wish I could but stories like his have a short shelf life. Colome will come back but I don't want to watch him. Jeffers is still young and I expect him to blossom. Celestino will also come back strong.
  12. When the season started the saints looked on beautiful. Then the twins started taking the saints and moving them to Minneapolis and The replacements are less recognizable. Of course there's Miranda and celestino, but overall I think we're waiting for next year when Martin steer and others move up and make St Paul exciting again
  13. Avoiding 90 losses is getting to be a pretty big challenge at this point with only 12 games to play they have to win eight of them to avoid 90 losses. I would like to see Maggi play. Why not would be my question what's the value of playing Simmons anymore this year he's a free agent and I doubt if we're going to sign them again. The biggest question I have is how a team like the Yankees can hold such a strong curse over a team like the twins. We keep saying the old Street doesn't count because those were different players but it does not seem to matter who our players are if we put a New York team on the field we blow up.
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