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  1. Now, get the new hitting coach to teach Kepler how to bunt and go the other way. Arraez, Polanco, Buxton, Donaldson, Kirilloff, Garver and the Sanó we saw at year’s end can be one hell of a lineup.
  2. Very interesting that your list includes six bullpen arms. Considering the Twins bullpen will likely have eight, bringing all of these back leaves only two spots. Go out and sign one good late inning guy could be all that is needed, or will get done this winter. Well, that and getting Rogers and Duff extended a bit.
  3. I suspect if TK was commenting today, he would amend his comment to refer to the next day's pitchers, not just the starters.
  4. To me, Hunter is a HOF caliber player and belongs in Cooperstown. Unfortunately, I don't have a vote. Do I expect he will get there, probably not. And that is unfortunate.
  5. Have a question that is unrelated to Buxton, however, related to a comment in your piece. Why do most people often comment that the Twins have only two pitchers in their tentative starting rotation for 2022, Ober and Ryan? Why aren't they saying thee, including Randy Dobnak? Doesn't Dobnak have more starts, ie, more experience, than either of them? Granted, he wasn't healthy in 2021 and the results weren't satisfactory, but when healthy previously he was an effective starter. We don't know what the Twins plans for 2022 are, however, I suspect they may include Dobnak along side the other two as potential starters next spring.
  6. Interesting, thanks Steve. And thanks to you and TD for keeping us up to date on this year’s AFL. Wallner seems to be the one to benefit from this experience the most. With so many of the corner power guys disappointing of late, I have a tough time getting excited. Maybe this is his beginning to separate himself from those other disappointments. The other player to be noticed by me was Laweryson. The extra work gave him another opportunity to shine, and he ran with it.
  7. Don't the Twins have a very good relationship with Maeda? And doesn't he like it here? If so, both could be positives in attracting this guy. May even go so far as to have Maeda do a little recruiting? As for needing him, the Twins need all the good players they can get.
  8. Thanks for the update, Nick. Not much to get excited about, eh? Still see Dobnak as a starter.
  9. With no Twins on my tv, watched a lot of Wichita games. Mostly when one of the young studs was starting the game. Don’t recall anything of note from Palacios D, bad or good. But maybe being consistent and solid is good. On the other hand, don’t recall any players who wowed me, other than several plays by Whitfield...and he is gone.
  10. So often we comment without knowing all the facts. The pitcher had just hit Telis. Was it intentional and what pitch, a hard fastball? Where did he hit him, was it near the head? Apparently he had also hit one of their hitters last time out. Same two questions? Were there other HB from him or that team recently? Not saying La Tortuga should have sucker punched him. But depending on the answers to the above questions, may understand it.
  11. Like the idea, Seth. Will admit I didn’t know he was that good defensively at short.
  12. Your example above confirms you likely don’t have any experience investing in real estate. When comparing the apartment building cost to Motel 6, you assume the cost of operating the apartments is the mortgage payment plus 10% of that amount for management. Haven’t taken a look at any apartment p&l’s in a long time, but do know that you are no where near actual operating costs. First, management fees will either be a fixed cost, percentage of revenue, or some combination thereof. Assuming rent includes utilities, operating costs will include utilities, real estate taxes, insurance, pest control, security contracts, repairs and maintenance, reserves for replacement, on site management (often someone getting free rent), advertising and marketing, legal, accounting, reserves for bad debts and other costs I likely forgot. The point is that your financial example doesn’t carry water. As for buying a project, don’t know what the market is in the three non Twin Cities markets. I did get a recent email from a Denver broker who sold one of my hotels 20 plus tears ago. Their listing included a couple office buildings and I believe two apartments. One was a larger complex for around $500k per unit. on the other hand the Polahd’s own United Properties, so setting something up in the St Paul market may be easy.
  13. Wasn't that long ago that the Wild was days from training camp with their best player unsigned. Heck, sounded to the public that he wasn't even in the U.S. Then one morning the G.M. got a phone call from the agent saying, get on a plane and come to Florida so the three of us can sit down and talk. The result was that he was under contract two days later and in training camp when it started. The top dogs in the Twins FO need to pick up the phone and say we're coming to Georgia tomorrow, can we talk. Then sit down, discuss how each side is viewing the situation and make a deal before leaving.
  14. Do you really think that teams are going to go thru everything involved with buying, owning, operating and leasing during fall/winter apartment complexes in four small/smaller towns to solve this problem? Ain't gonna happen. What I expect will happen is that the Twins will talk to their partners in each market and tell them the Twins will pay for it, but they should set up some type of housing arrangements that meet the rules set forth by the league. In Cedar Rapids, for example, they have most players staying with families. At least they did pre-COVID. In other towns they may need to do something else. Although I am aware how much government is getting into private business, I had never heard of anything regarding 30 day or longer stays. Again this is something that would be set by local/state government, but I can assure you it didn't apply when I was operating our hotels, granted that was from 1970 thru about 2010. Can assure you we had many people staying with us for a lot longer than 30 days and no one at our company ever even thought of this concern, if it was one.
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