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  1. Does the Saints season end Sunday? Curious when we will see Stewart called up. Gotta believe the Twins will want to see him make at least two or three appearances for them before the season's end. Is it 50-50 that Paddack also gets a call? Or is it more a slam dunk? Looking at today's starting pitcher, is Enlow left handed?
  2. What a fantastic season for the Kernels. Congrats!! One point of housekeeping, Seth. In your game report above, you list the score for game 2 as Kernels 4, Loons 2. Was confused when reading it why they then played a game 3, then saw it was backwards when I went to the box score. ERod sure keeps giving us signs that he could be special. Certainly a few things to work on, but this kid just might be the real deal. Meanwhile, Rosario was the league MVP. Kind of flew under the radar a bit as many of us focused on what ERod was doing. A bit surprised none of their starting pitchers made the all-star team. Appreciated the comment by Dinkelman about winning it all. Gonna be interesting to see how many pitchers who are rehabbing at St. Paul will be added to the Twins roster. Gotta believe Stewart will be added. Maybe tomorrow. Also see that Buxton will be rehabbing in St. Paul this weekend.
  3. Really need the Kernels to come back and win game two and take the crown. Have to believe that Stewart's next appearance will be with the Twins sometime this weekend. Does Paddack make one more appearance, then join the Twins next week? Have to believe they will want to see him pitch in a game or two for the Twins before being added to the playoff roster. Thanks for the report, Steve, they are appreciated.
  4. Thanks for another year of fantastic writing, Nick. It is appreciated.
  5. As I watched the game, I kept wondering how the Twins will approach next season with Gray. Gotta believe they will want him back and if he won't agree to an extension before testing free agency expect they will use the QA. That should be a start, but I really want to see him pitching with the Twins the next three or so years. Lopez, Gray, Ryan, Ober, and Paddack with Varland/SW-R in St. Paul ready to join the rotation when needed would look awfully nice. And that group is under control for several years. Could be the basis for a nice multi-year run of playoff seasons with the potential to go beyond the first round, well beyond. Let's remember what Tom Kelly always said, "you are only as good as your next day's starting pitcher."
  6. No question about how Rice handles their pitchers. Does that mean someone with awesome potential is available and he is from Rice you don't take him? Expect that was the case with Canterino and the Twins are dealing with getting him back to good health. Hopefully, the Rule 5 and other rules will give them time to get him to their roster before they are forced into losing him. Still unbelievably high on him. Whether that is as a starter, or more likely beginning his career in the pen. Both work for me.
  7. Good season down on the farm, with St. Paul having a really nice season. Seeing names like Helman, Larnach and Celestino reminds us how many young men are so close to making it. Yet, it may seem to them as being so far! Would be FANTASTIC if the Kernels can give the Twins a championship. Winning game one on the road would be huge! Will Lewis and Ohl be available to start games two and three? Is the championship series three games or five?
  8. Congrats to the Kernels, who are one step away from a championship. Good luck! Has been a hell of a run for that franchise the last whatever years since joining the Twins organization. Don't know what to think about Keaschall. Is he a similar prospect to Steer who was also a higher pick a couple years ago? If so, that would be a nice find by the Twins. And the best player news of the day must be a nice inning by Brock Stewart. The Twins could use a player in their bullpen like he was before the injury. Will they give him one more inning this weekend before joining the Twins in Cincinnati next week? Or is he on a flight back to the Twin Cities today? With Varland pitching like he has the last few outings and a healthy Stewart, the bullpen could suddenly be awfully strong.
  9. Cannot be happier for Dobber, although it is doubtful we will ever see him again at Target Field. I pray that he has been smart with his money so his family is set for life. Hopefully, the Kernels will be at full strength tonight. With the year they had, it is fitting that this team move on in the playoffs to eventually plays for the championship.
  10. Huge fan of Arraez since he was in the lower minors. Loved the kid and was hopeful he would remain a Twin for his entire career. So I am saddened that Arraez is no longer leading off for the Twins. With that said, understand the reasons the Twins made the trade and even agree with them. Am elated that the trade has worked out so well for both teams. The Twins will enter the playoffs this year with a real chance of winning a round or two because of the strength of their starting pitching with Lopez as their #1 guy. Aren't those the best trades, where both teams win?
  11. Interesting article. Will be fun seeing how the Twins handle this, for the first round and then round two, should they get there.
  12. Thanks for a very interesting report, Seth. Looking at that home run list, I was a bit surprised that Laudner had that type of power while in the minors. Think of him mostly as a broadcaster and tend to forget he was a first rate big league catcher. Will double down on the comments about SW-R. It is encouraging that he appears to have conquered AAA. That should put him at front of the list, possibly with Varland, of top AAA starters who will battle for the #5 spot as they head into the 2024 season. Also excited about Ohl and Lewis. If the Twins are going to be like Cleveland, they will need one or two guys like this duo to get to AAA every year. Considering top guys like Canterino and Prielipp continue to get injured, they need guys picked lower to step up to fill those spots as needed. What are your thoughts on Canterino? Has he missed so much baseball that his future is limited to a future bullpen role? Am curious, Seth, what your personal thoughts are on what type of player Severino is likely to develop into?
  13. Thanks for your thoughts, Trov. After discounting Severino as another big bonus kid that didn't make it, he certainly seems to have found something the last couple years. Don't know if he will solve his K problem and his lack of D certainly limits how the Twins could use him. But, the power is sure there. Also don't know where he would fit with all the young infielders the Twins have ahead of him. Maybe he will follow Steer and E-S as a big part of a trade for something of need?
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