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  1. Have no idea what the Twins plans are for Canterino, other than he is one heck of an exciting prospect. Would hope they want to keep him starting, while keeping his innings/pitch counts down coming back from several injuries. Considering this article is about help for the Twins from a pitcher currently at Wichita, I ask what the future holds for Schulfer. Kid has been flat out unhittable in the Wind Surge closer role. He is the one I would hope gets a promotion to St. Paul with another move to the Twins come late summer. Will he be successful? Who knows, but sure like how he has been throwing at Wichita.
  2. "Cedar Rapids and Fort Myers didn't fare quite as well." The Mighty Mussels won 6-2, what do they have to do to "fare well?" Another solid start from Raya. Yes, it is a long way from the Fort to Target Field, but this kid seems like a good one. And Miller and Cavaco each had two hits, including a double last night. As stated above it is only a week, but any turn around in Cavaco's development has to begin somewhere. No mention in the Wichita write up about solid relief performances from Sisk and Schulfer. Is it realistic to think that Schulfer could/should move up to the Saints soon and could possibly help the Twins later this fall? Or am I smoking something? Not going to get into whether Martin should or should not be playing shortstop. But his errors are scarry. Add the fact that the Twins have Correa and Lewis ahead of him with Miller a year or two behind him, seems to me that the prudent decision would be to get him playing elsewhere. Liked seeing Lewis getting a game in center last night.
  3. I wish there was a thing I could click that said, "smiling," cause that's what your comment brought to me. Thanks. As for the above discussion about when Duffey should have been pulled. I agree he was left in the game to long, way too long. But had he already pitched to three hitters when Merrifield came to bat? Don't recall if that was something in play, or not.
  4. Agree with you and Mike. With that said, have no problem keeping him in St. Paul a few more weeks to get more reps at third and left. If I didn't miss something, he has played two games at third and one in left. Let him get five or six at each spot before the move up. At two a week in each spot, that would be another three weeks.
  5. When Kirilloff joined the Saints, he was in a total slump. Then awhile back we began seeing him get a good number of hits, albeit mostly singles. Beginning a few games ago we are seeing him driving the ball, the result more extra base hits. Don't know if he is ready to return, but if he keeps this up for a few more games he certainly should. The corresponding move will be to send Miranda back to St. Paul. Unfortunately, Miranda appears to be making adjustments and is beginning to get some hits. Still makes sense to get him back to AAA where he hopefully will hit like he did in 2021. And Lewis just keeps whacking the ball and doing what he does. I still believe it makes sense for him to stay in St. Paul for several more weeks or a month to get more comfortable at both third and left. Then bring him back with Garlick returning to the Saints. It is likely, however, that someone will be injured over the coming weeks, which would open a spot for either player. Have never been a huge fan of Wallner. Don't know why, other than he always appeared to be another power bat who couldn't play defense, ala, Rooker, Sabato, etc. But I understand that he is adequate in the field with an excellent arm. And his bat sure looks like it could play, so hopefully I will be proven wrong. Unfortunately, don't know where playing time with the Twins could come from over the next few years. Loved the Twins draft last summer when they took the two lefties in I recall the second and third rounds. Fantastic seeing Hajjar have games like last night. Povich also continues to seem like a very strong prospect.
  6. Thru the first six weeks of the season, the bullpen results were excellent. But too many games were really scarry. For whatever reason, Duffey has serious problems with KC. Recall hearing that his ERA at Kaufman is alarmingly high. Agree with those who say a major change isn't needed. Understand Columbe will be back in the coming days. He was actually solid and will help. Article in the Strib this morning indicated that Alcala could/should be back by mid-late June. Assuming he is anything like last year, that will be a big plus. And then they could get help in August from Maeda, who will likely be used out of the pen if he makes it back. Those three additions would make a huge difference. Will also help a ton if the starters keep going six or seven innings and the hitters start scoring more than two runs so the middle relievers can eat up some/most of the innings every other day.
  7. Thanks for the report, Seth. Sixteen hours? Do they leave Monday afternoon/evening and drive thru the night? Great seeing Cavaco starting to see some success. Will wait to see how long this continues before getting too excited.
  8. Isn't it exciting watching every time Arraez steps up to the plate? What is different this year is that he appears to be healthy and having fun, a lot of fun. I also see a bit of La Tortue in this young man. Great article in the Strib this morning about how he spent much of the winter in the D.R. working with Nelson Cruz. Also mentioned that he came to spring training in better shape. Could be a special season. Love the results.
  9. See that Schulfer keeps putting up zero's with lots of K's. Also see that Sisk, the guy they got from St. Louis last July, has an ERA and WHIP of 1.00. Recall he was a bit scarry when he came over last summer, but sure seems to be getting it done this spring. Always great to see Miller with a great game. Also see that Cavaco is beginning to show signs of life. Still young, who knows?
  10. What caught my eye when reading this Seth was this week's starters in Wichita. That is one heck of a starting rotation. And the best news is they are getting close. It is so exciting to see Canterino and Enlow begin to put last year's injuries and wasted year behind them. Thought it was odd that Merrill was sent down after also having a great week.
  11. Interesting thought bighad. But after watching him after he didn't get that ball against the wall and I see a player who isn't 100%. Don't know whether a stint on the IL is the answer, just believe he is hurting. We are watching a young man learn a new position on the fly, Luis Arraez. I believe that by year-end he will be an average or better first baseman. Yes, he is too short and doesn't hit for power. But I want his bat in the lineup 140+ games a year. He is average, at best, defensively at second and third which are his best other positions. If he can be average or better at first, put him there for the next five plus years.
  12. Thanks for the upbeat read, Nick. I expect Royce Lewis will become part of the Twins lineup by the all-star break, at latest. Remain hopeful that AK returns comfortable with his wrist and hitting like the young man can. That would be so important. It would move Miranda back to St. Paul and push Arraez into lots of days as DH. My biggest concern remains the bullpen. Yes, the results have been good. Heck, better than good. But I really would like to see Pagan pushed back to replace that revolving guy who drives over from St. Paul every couple days, giving the closer slot to Duran. But there remains a need for one or two more solid late inning guys. Can that be Alcala? Will he even be back and pitching like he was before the injury? If not, they need to find someone. Don't know if he is at St. Paul or Wichita. May have to go out and get that player some July. The other addition to the team I would like to see come July is a young catcher. You know, a guy like Rortvedt who is capable of coming up as an injury replacement with the potential to be a starter or rotating catcher come 2023. Certainly someone who is more of a prospect than Godoy.
  13. Loved the intro, Matt. Thanks for the smile. Always a bit hesitant to get into articles with all the new data. Just don’t understand a lot of it. Have a question about the graph showing the pitches he has seen in the zone. Shouldn’t all the percentages add up to 100%? Shouldn’t those in the strike zone add up to the 56.8% you quote? They don’t, not even close. So I don’t know what that is telling us?
  14. Enlow on the mound and pitching is fantastic news. Has it been a year since his surgery? Maybe there is hope that Maeda will be back sometime in August and Paddack early next year.
  15. Is it possible the ‘closer’ fix will be internal? Don’t they expect Alcala back next month? He takes the role Duran has, putting out fires, Duran moves to closer and Pagan to low stress innings earlier in the game.
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