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  1. Thanks for a nice review, Nick. OK, what does their record need to be between now and July 1 for someone to bring that ole 'bandwagon' out of the shed? This two game series with the Reds is a series a team on the rise should win 2. With who Cincinnati is going to pitch versus our starters, gotta believe it is more likely the Reds get the sweep than the Twins. You point out so many individual scenarios leading up to the trading deadline. I hope like heck at least a couple can work out well for this team.
  2. Am finding it very interesting how well Fort Myers is doing. That team is loaded with 2019 draft picks, their success gives us some indication that draft may be a good one, especially on the pitching side. And Julien is turning out to be one heck of a later round pick...what a great pick and over slot signing.
  3. I am of the opinion that Arraez can be an adequate second baseman. I don't care what the numbers say, he has been shifted around so much that he hasn't had the opportunity to settle into any position, much less second. When he came up he spent most of that first year in left, didn't he? And that was after having what, a couple innings in the outfield during his entire minor league career? Long term, I am optimistic that second base may be where he ends up, rather than being that #10 starter/utility guy.
  4. John and others...do you think it is realistic to expect the Twins to approach both/either Buxton and Berrios about an extension this summer? So often we hear that players don't want to deal with negotiations while the season is under way. But should the Twins be approached about a trade for either, I would think they would have to at least run the flag up the pole to see if an extension is possible. If the answer is no, expect they would listen to offers. If the answer is yes, would hope they proceed to get it done. When healthy this team may be proving that they aren't so far away t
  5. A lot can happen in the next 30+ days. Does Cruz stay healthy and continues hitting as he has the first 2+ months. Does an AL team that has a serious chance of being in the playoffs, probably one of six or seven teams, have an injury or disappointment and can legitimately believe that bringing on Cruz WILL give them that bit of nudge to make the playoffs and be able to take a real run at the Series. In that case, the Twins should move him for his sake as much as what they can get in prospects. He just may be the best option out there and should there be two teams that meet this description
  6. So many unknowns, John. Really about 41 days too soon to think about this. The Twins lost a ton of money in 2020. The Pohlads stepped up and said they are treating it as a one time loss and won't try to recover it by cutting future payrolls. With the early season COVID restrictions and now poor play, 2021 attendance is going to be low. Will they surpass 1,000,000? With a $130M+/- payroll, that means another healthy loss, although it could be reduced should they move a couple bigger contracts at the deadline. Hopefully, they will approach next year as this year and treat the 2021 l
  7. It has also been some time since we have seen a healthy Max Kepler. Although he may never again have a season like 2019, expect a typical year is a lot closer to that than the start of this year when he seemed to be battling various injuries since spring training. I also think it is unlikely that Kirilloff will be competing for a corner outfield spot. I expect him to be the Twins primary first baseman sometime after this year. When I consider how solid Max is defensively, I want to see him as part of the regular lineup next year and beyond.
  8. Nice day to sweep down on the farm. Am I correct and only the Saints are under .500? And they are close. Thanks for today's report, Matt. Someone can correct me if my memory fails, but didn't Rooker start his last full season (2019) slow before heating up and tearing the cover off the ball the last part of the season? Although there wasn't a season, that is kind of what happened last year when he hit well with the Twins after spending much of the summer in St. Paul. If 2021 is an instant replay of 2019-2020, he still may be a good choice to be a future Twins DH. Check the Kernel
  9. Buxton plays.........Twins win! I don't want to think about what has been written in the Strib, here and elsewhere. Yes, I understand moving him if he really has no interest in an extension. Same for Berrios. But I continue to believe that the two B's could/should be the foundation around which the next winning Twins team is build around. And a lot of the parts for that team are either here or a short distance away, so it doesn't have to be a real long rebuild. Yes, they may have to overpay a bit and yes, Buxton is gonna miss a bunch of games. Please get it done!
  10. Thanks for the report Allen. Watched most of the Wichita game last night. Have been saying for the past couple outings that Balazovic just looks like a top of the line major league starter. After watching Winder last night, got the same feeling. Really liked how he worked himself out of a couple sticky situations. Springfield had several stolen bases and a bunt single against the shift to put runners in scoring position. Other than the one kid stealing home, he seemed to be in control of the situation and worked out of them. Also was impressed with the defensive play of Palacio
  11. I am afraid you hit it right on, Cap. And the unfortunate truth is that you explained why Berrios has been betting on himself as he goes out to free agency. So the Twins are screwed...no way to sign him now and they can't compete come 2022/2023 offseason. So I guess you have described the reason it makes a ton of sense to trade him next month. Had they been in the hunt, would make sense to wait until the offseason, but with them out of it...the FO should work the phones long and hard. The good news is that you described several wealthy teams who should have an interest.
  12. I don't want to think about what could happen with Buxton. We don't trade him and he won't sign an extension this winter. The 2022 season doesn't happen and Buxton is a free agent a year from this November. He signs with Team X, say the Yankees and goes on to play 155 games in 2023, hitting around .290 with 35 home runs, 120 runs scored, 40 doubles, 100 RBI and 40 stolen bases...while picking up his second platinum glove and first MVP. You know that's what is going to happen?
  13. I know I have talked about this before. But curious what Seth can add about Miranda's defense at third. I recall that Bechtold was always thought to be the better of the two defensively. With Bechtold at third most nights, would expect that remains true. Does Seth or anyone else know whether Miranda's defense at third is adequate or better so he can be considered a future replacement/fill in for Donaldson? If it isn't, second base has so much competition on the Twins...at least today.
  14. Always interested in seeing how Schulfer does when he starts. After all, he is a Wisconsin kid from the Stevens Point area and UWM. Another good night for Javier with two hits and a sac fly. If he can hit for an average of over .270 with some power, he could be the Twins shortstop of the future considering Seth's comments that he is plus, plus defensively. Also good seeing Urbina getting some hits most games. He is so young and hadn't played since he was in the DSL two years ago. Does anyone know whether his defense is adequate or very good? I see he has five stolen bases and
  15. Thought this was a great article, Ted, until I started reading the comments. I really want to see the Twins keep Berrios and build a starting rotation that can win around him. But will agree with those who say that if he isn't reasonable in his demands, they need to move him...now. And by reasonable I see accepting a deal that is more, but close, to what the market would consider fair. I do have one question. You state that Berrios is not among the top ten pitchers in the game. I don't know who you consider top 10, but I have a feeling many of us would take him over a couple of those
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