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  1. Thanks for the report on this kid, Jamie. Being from Wisconsin, he was a favorite of mine from the moment he was drafted. Loved that he is considered a better prospect than his brother, who has already made it to Cleveland. Contrary to the common belief, I see no reason why this kid can't move a lot faster than most expect. Bring it on, Noah.
  2. Not going to even try to decide which of three most needs to stay healthy. They all do!
  3. Thanks, Jamie. As long as we are dreaming, can the Twins once get lucky and have this young man move up quickly and join the Twins by late 2023? Other studs have made it by the time they were 20, why not once for the Twins.
  4. Agreed. When I was typing that, was thinking more in the big picture. Extend him now may enhance his value in a trade at the deadline, next winter or beyond. But don't get me wrong, I want Luis leading off for the Twins in 2022, 2023 and beyond.
  5. Awful lot of ink about Arraez these past couple weeks. Should we trade him? Or, not trade him? And now, should we extend him. I luv the type of player he is, so all this talk just makes me smile. As for the answer to your question, yes, extend him. That doesn't change anything about whether or not he gets traded. Matter of fact, a reasonable four or five year extension may increase his value. Only question I have is related to his knees. Should the injuries be behind him? Or are they of a nature that he is going to have to live with it permanently? Can you plan on having him on the field 150 games a year? Or is 120 likely the max?
  6. Will always remember a conversation I had with Seth before anyone was aware of his problem. Gut wrenching for us fans. Can’t imagine what it was like for him.
  7. Several articles of late talking about whether or not to trade Arraez. Has anyone heard anything, even a hint, from the FO that they are talking/thinking about trading him? I am certain they would listen to offers, but I haven't seen anything from people who are in contact with them ever mentioning moving Arraez. Or did I just miss it?
  8. Excellent series and recap, Nick. Thanks! It's a bloody shame what COVID and the players/owners have done to the game we love. Can't begin to imagine where the Twins pitching situation would be had all those young arms been able to develop during 2020 and 2021. As it stands today, I see their starting rotation as Ryan, Ober, Bundy, Dobnak and Jax. Although it is extremely unlikely they will be the starting five come opening day, whenever that will be, I see most of that group being on the hill that first week. I believe the FO is cobbling together this year's rotation with an eye on getting their young arms onto the team as soon as early summer. I understand your discussion of Maeda having been removed from your top 20. Although you are correct, I expect that a lot of his problems last year were the result of dealing with the injury that eventually sidelined him. I haven't heard anything about his recovery, but recall there was some talk he could be back as soon as August. Heck, the season may not be starting until then. Thanks again, Nick. Loved this series.
  9. I'll split the difference, Seth. Two at a million and 20 averaging $100K. Actually, this year is working out well. Hopefully, several of those mentioned beyond the top three were paid a couple hundred thousand, but they still have lots of room to add good prospects.
  10. Some of these young stars make it by the time they are 20 or 21. That would be 2026. Some of us are way too old to hope for 2028/2029. will second Dman’s comment that they have nearly half their dollars available for another 7-8 guys at $200k plus money left over for guys at Arraez’ type money ($40k).
  11. Will mention something I wrote about in Seth's post yesterday. Looking at your list, none were originally signed by the Twins prior to a couple years ago (Severino is an odd situation). The last big class the Twins had was way back whatever year they signed Sano, Polanco and Kepler. Yes, there has been a couple players that made it, Arraez for example, but there is a huge void from that year to a couple years ago. And although the three you mention above are promising, they have a long way to go. Meanwhile, the Twins have been spending roughly $5M every year without much to show for it. Granted, Graterol was shipped out in a big trade, but after spending those dollars year after year one would expect them to have several promising prospects knocking on the door. Don't know exactly what point I am making, just seems disappointing.
  12. With a real chance that the lockout will continue thru 1 April, the Saints will be missing at least a dozen players who are on the Twins 40-man. Expect more of these type of signings of players to fill out the Saints roster 75 days from now.
  13. Cannot put into words, Seth, how much I enjoy this series. Thank you! Found two things interesting while reading your summary. First, only three left handed pitchers highlights an organizational weakness. It was good to see that addressed in this last year's draft. The second point was that 35 of your 60 were drafted, whereas only 6 were International signees. Considering that they allocate roughly the same dollars (yes, the draft is a bit higher when drafting high) to each bonus pool (draft vs. International), having only 6 International kids versus 35 draft picks seems to indicate they aren't getting the job done on the International market. Would you agree with that observation, Seth? Hopefully, the last couple classes and the kids signed tomorrow will begin to change that.
  14. What will be interesting, should the Twins sign all three they are rumored to ink, is what the bonuses will be? Can they get Mercedes for $2.0M? Will the other two, both ranked mid-30's, sign for around $800k? If so, they would have $2.0+ remaining to sign another 10-20 kids for an average of $100k or so.
  15. Thanks TwinsDr, Keep forgetting that Buxton, Sano and Rosie, Kepler and/or Polanco were also highly thought of. Guess his struggles the last few years diminish how big of a prospect Sano was. And yes, Morneau, Mauer and Kubel were also HUGE! Guess its easy to get caught up in the excitement of what this trio could become, especially after suffering thru last summer.
  16. Must say I am surprised to see Miller at #4 as that puts him next up after the top three. And that top three is about as good of a trio the Twins have probably ever had. Seth, can you recall a previous top three that would be their equal? Maybe Mauer and Morneau, but who would have been the third when they were coming up. But am also excited for Miller, seeing he is a Wisconsin kid. When looking at your report together with what his brother has accomplished and how he compares with him, this was an exciting pick by the Twins. The more I read about Martin, however, the more excited I get. What a tremendous track record coming out of Vanderbilt and then beginning his professional career at AA...WOW! The best news may be that he isn't on the 40-man and is one top prospect we should see playing come April Fool's day. Hopefully, we will see everyone playing!
  17. Thanks, Seth. I also recall that when Polanco signed all I heard was a lot of talk about his glove/defense and not expecting too much about his bat.
  18. Will second the above comments thanking you for doing this, Seth. Will also admit that I was a bit surprised to see Canterino at #1. But after thinking about what he has accomplished when pitching, understand he may have the best chance of all of these to become that true ACE. Personally, would put Winder higher on this list. On the other hand, see there are arguments for each of the four above him to be there. Is this the best Top 5 Twins pitching prospects you can recall? Sure seems like it to me.
  19. What an excellent group to build a team around. Excellent defense, good speed and five top hitters. All five are mostly youngish with lots of team control Only negative(s) I see are: 1) There aren't any pitchers in this group, and 2) Will Kirilloff's wrist be a problem of the past, and not the future? Thanks for this series, Nick. Is somewhat enlightening and tells us the future may not be as bleak as it felt last summer.
  20. Exciting group, Seth. And of this group, I am most excited about Julien. Man, that OBP is unbelievable. Hopefully, this kid will rocket up the ladder and arrive in Minnesota by mid-2023.
  21. I love everything Arraez brings to the Twins. But your post offers very interesting questions, Nick, as usual. Thanks! If the Twins were mine, I would want to keep Arraez as a primary DH who is the #1 backup at second and third. He should be in left field, IMO, only in emergencies. But I also want his bat at the top of the order 140 or 150 games a year. But then I appreciate people getting on base more so than others. If traded will I be disappointed? Yes. And if they do, he better be part of a package that brings back one heck of a young starting pitcher with at least three years of team control.
  22. Way too much talk in these comments about the 'International Draft.' There isn't a draft, guys. Rather it is a process in which teams identify and recruit players over several years, often beginning when they are 12-13-14 years old. Many of these players work with instructors who are very involved with their development and eventual signing by a big league club. It is these relationships, scout and instructor, that often dictate where a kid signs. So it is a lot more like colleges recruiting athletes to come play for them than the annual MLB or NFL drafts. Although I forget the name of it, there was an excellent movie (documentary) tied to the signing of Miguel Sano and one other kid. The name was Pot or Port something, which may be the Spanish word for baseball. Probably is still available on one of the streaming services.
  23. Thanks, Jamie. will be exciting to see who the Twins sign later this week. I am of the opinion that they should go more for quantity than the biggest names/dollars. Get lots of guys in the $100k to $500k slot.
  24. Love the upside of this entire group, Seth. Have a feeling if we went back a couple years, several of these would be near the top of any pitcher ranking. As for each individual, don't know much about either of the lefties drafted last year. Should be exciting to see them out on the hill come April. Could the Twins be so fortunate to have one of these guys be a quick mover to the big leagues and dominate? Loved Raya when they picked him, also eager to see him get his career started. So often rehabbing an elbow injury just delays the eventual TJ surgery. Sounds like you hear that isn't the case for Duran? Is that correct?
  25. Was thinking you had Jeffers too high, until reading the last sentence. I believe Rortvedt has a future on this team, but it makes a ton of sense to keep Jeffers around for at least another year. At some point the Twins are gonna have to move on from either Garver or Jeffers, unless Garver sees a lot of time at first base.
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