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  1. First, I suspect the Twins will work hard to work out some type of extension that would keep him here for at least a few more years. What that looks like, who knows. The good news is the team is doing well and it sounds as if he likes it here, a lot. That should lead to a serious discussion, at a minimum. I don't have a clue what the TWins will do should he opt out. I know what I would do, but that is the same as my winning a mega millions lottery....it ain't gonna happen. I would put Palacios at short on opening day with the intent of Lewis replacing him early next summer when he is 100% back.
  2. Loved your comment, "would not break the bank." Considering the Pohlad's used to own, maybe still do, a lot of banks, use of this phrase gave me a bright smile. And we all get to few of those these days, thanks!
  3. And this points out a problem using this type of data. Winder is worth soo much more than 17.6, or the same as Martin. Expect that the problem is the same for all very good young prospects who weren't the 'stud' prospect signing or top draft pick.
  4. Great outing by Winder, so very happy for this young man who is part of this team's plans...now and future. Also happy seeing a very solid outing from Moran. Believe he can and should be part of this pen for the remainder of the season. Will he have some hick ups, certainly, but the good will outweigh the bad. Will second the above comment about the mistakes by Jeffers and Miranda that cost us an important run(s) early in the game. Miranda's was a mental error that he should learn from and get beyond with experience. Jeffers was just flat out disappointing as I watched him walking out of the box watching his long ball...then getting thrown out at second. Don't know the correct adjective, but this kid needs to get his butt in gear and play hard as his performance isn't guaranteeing him anything for the future.
  5. Love this kid and am excited watching him this year as he appears to be quicker, likely the result of reporting a few pounds lighter and in better condition. Also, appears the knee is fine. I really hope the Twins sit down with this young man and sign him to a Polanco/Kepler type extension this off season. Keep him at Target Field for the next 5-6-7 years. Don't care where he plays, just that his bat is in the lineup 150 games every year.
  6. No, no and no. Looking ahead to 2023, the Twins have seven solid starting pitchers...Gray, Maeda, Paddack, Ryan, Ober, Smeltzer and Winder. Yes, Paddack may not be ready until a month or two into the season, but they still have six solid starters. And that doesn't include any of the younger guys working their way up through the minors. And that doesn't include Archer, who loves it here and wouldn't be a surprise resigning by the Twins. Can that staff win a playoff series or two? Certainly, especially with the lineup that should be even better next year, with or without Correa. So, no, no and no as I also agree with dberthia that the bullpen is what needs work.
  7. Kirilloff is finally playing like the young hitter we have expected for so long. Everything he hits appears to be hit hard. Cannot be happier for this young man. When they get a healthy Larnach back, likely 2023, and a more experienced Miranda, this lineup is gonna be good...really good. Still gonna have to figure out how to keep Arraez in the lineup 150 games a year, but that should be workable. Unfortunately, as these young hitters finally begin filling out their lineup all the promising young arms again appear to be bogged down on the injured list. None, other than Winder and Duran, are getting the experience they would need this year to count on come 2023. Fortunately, they have one more year of Gray and Maeda should be back and healthy next year. Add that pair to Ryan, Ober and Winder and they should have a solid starting 5. Now where will the depth come from?
  8. My takeaway is that I hate seeing SWR and Canterino on the IL, hate it. And yes, I know my 5-year old granddaughter tells me I am not supposed to use the H word. Great seeing the Kernels and Mussels win their first halves, absolutely great. Am wondering however why Wichita has slipped down to barely .500 after a great start to the season. Has their pitching failed? Considering the above injuries, that could be the case. Or has their hitting gone into the tank after some key players moved up to St. Paul? Question. You show Austin Martin as being 6-14 with an average of .316. Isn't 6-14 well over .400?
  9. When Winder wasn't recalled after his last good outing, I was surprised. It now makes sense as it appears Winder will stay at St. Paul pitching 5-6 innings as a starter. That enables him to be the man called up for doubleheaders (do they have more on the horizon?) and available should one of the current starters go on the Il and Ober still isn't ready. Expect you are right, however, that if Winder hasn't been recalled later in the season he could/would be brought back as that long reliever. With that said, he will probably be back next week!
  10. But it has nothing to do with the academic side. If the AD operates separate, whether they lose money or make a ton, it doesn't cross-over. And yes, that is both the way it is supposed to work and does...at least at the schools I am familiar with. You may recall that UM had to borrow money from the U during the pandemic. I know my alma matre, UW, had significant surpluses/savings that they dipped into during the pandemic. So what they spend on coaches has nothing to do with what your kid is going to pay for his/her education. I will agree however, that some of the dollars thrown around for coaches sure doesn't look good to the public. Also agree that they could spread it around to other unprofitable programs. But it is also important to keep the programs that make the dollars continue their excellence. I don't know if the LSU baseball program makes money, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. Most major college athletic departments are financially independent and their budgets have nothing to do with tuition. Will agree however, that tuition over the past decades certainly are a problem for young kids looking at college today.
  12. Thanks for another great recap, Nick. And yes, this coming week is going to be huge, HUGE! The highlight for me was seeing the reaction by Buxton when he tripled yesterday. The pure joy on his face was amazing. Sure seems like his knee was feeling much better the past few days. What he brings to the game is why he is the Twins MVP. Now can they figure out a way to get him into at least four of the five games in Cleveland? You mentioned that Jeffers had a good week. Yet, following every at bat yesterday he seemed to be a total hole in the lineup. Until he proves different, I don't see him as anything more than a backup catcher you want playing 50 games a year, at the most. See that Polanco will be activated today or tomorrow. Will they wait and do it between the games tomorrow? Seeing how they keep both AK and Arraez in the lineup is going to be interesting. Expect each will get some games as DH and Arraez will probably fill in at second more often as they probably won't play Polo every day like they had. With Larnach on the IL, also expect to see AK play some left field. Sure like how he has been hitting the ball hard, even though most have been at someone.
  13. Total shock picking up the paper this morning and reading this. Recall when LSU hired Wisconsin's D Coordinator, Dave Aranda, several years back. Believe he made around $600k at Wisconsin, they gave him $1.3M to make the move. Remember Barry Alvarez telling him for that big a raise, take it. So this is LSU's way of getting the coaches they want...pay for it and in this case it seems to have worked. Expect we will find out more, but may never know the total reason for the move. But timing related to recruiting, chance to become the head coach a few years down the road, difference in living cost and life style in college versus the 162 game big league schedule are all likely part of the reason. Heck, we don't know but he may have missed working with the young college kids. Gotta be happy for him and expect the Twins will find a way thru this turmoil because in reality, they have no choice.
  14. Seeing the game he had yesterday got me thinking about Helman. Recall reading about him when he was drafted. He had a long record of putting up fantastic hitting stats every step of the way, from high school thru college. Other than his second year with the Twins, he has performed very well as a pro. Don’ know what his future holds or where he would play for the Twins, but he just might have a spot with th big club.
  15. Everyone who is speculating about how Archer is being used should read today’s Strib. In it he is “quoted” saying how happy he is playing for Rocco and the Twins. He mentions liking the Trainers plan to get him thru this season after three injuries limiting him to 19 innings the past two years. I think he used the term ‘love’ when describing his situation this year. And it sure seems to be working. Also talk about Larnach’s injury, including the fact he has been playing with it for awhile and the real possibility of surgery. Will second the above comments about Jax. Would also remind myself and others that the Twins have been playing most of this week without two of their four best hitters, Buxton and Polanco.
  16. I know that A. Pena has been ripping the cover off the ball for the FCL Twins. Have wondered why he hasn't moved up to the Mussels? Now I see that there are TWO Pena's playing for the DSL Twins, and both are hitting very well. Are these guys related? Or is Pena a common name down in the Islands?
  17. Would the defense be better if they played where they did historically? Seems every game has a crucial at bat by the other team that would have been an out had the Twins middle infielder been where he belongs...IMO. We don't see how many outs they get because of the shifts, or at least they aren't as obvious. Just drives me nuts seeing the team not get a DP last night cause there wasn't anyone able to get to second.
  18. I liked your post, Doc. And then I read your last sentence. Can I like it twice? And thanks for bringing me a good smile.
  19. Wasn't that long ago when the Twins had three solid starting prospects, Smeltzer, Dobnak and Lewis Thorpe. Always thought Thorpe was the most talented with the most upside. Dobnak was such a good story, as was Smeltzer. Dobber got off to that really good first couple months, while Thorpe seemed to find ways to disappoint. Meanwhile, Smeltzer just seemed to do well when he had an opportunity, yet, always seemed to be the odd man out. Here we are a couple years later and Smeltzer is standing out as the man. Couldn't be happier for him and hope like heck he can keep it up for the rest of the year, and beyond. Don't know what the future holds for Dobber,,,,,,,,just happy that he will be getting a nice check for what was it, five years. Expect he and his wife will be set for life, happy for them. As for Thorpe, don't have a clue where he is. Does anyone know?
  20. Interesting. I don't know about others, but I recall reading about speed being a major asset of Martin's when he was acquired by the Twins. May have been here or in the Strib. But it doesn't seem like a surprise that he is running, alot. Also liked how Julien runs and expect it will always be part of his game. Must admit I knew nothing about Perez.
  21. Any night with Balazovic and Enlow both throwing is a good night. Great seeing Balazovic have maybe his best outing of the year. Don't care how many innings, just want to see him dominate. As for Enlow, coming back from TJ, huge success just seeing him pitch a few innings. Double down on the above comment about hopefully seeing a few of these better, not best, prospects moved over the coming month. If not, gotta believe a couple are going to be gone come winter. Only question is knowing which ones should be dealt?
  22. Your post is way too reasonable, Cody. How dare you write something that makes so much sense.
  23. Is the m ain reason that he is no longer happy? I believe he and his family enjoyed their time in the Twin Cities. He came up thru the Twins system and was very close with several Twins he was with all those years. Maybe he just ain’t happy and it shows in his results.
  24. One of the Twins strengths this year is their improved defense. Suggesting they trade Urshela, Keps and Correa would put a brutal defensive team on the field, especially all those games when Buxton is either DH or on the bench...brutal. No to trading any of those three.
  25. Are you suggesting that the Yankees should be fearing any rematch with the Twins? Wish I knew how to insert a smiley face here!
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