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  1. Sign him as the potential starting third baseman and security blanket. If others show up healthy and playing well, then he could be moved next year at the trade deadline. If he's the worst player on your roster then you're in good shape.
  2. I hope he gets 3-4 good innings in this year and go home for the winter with a good feeling with the experience. I'd like to see him get 75-100 innings next year with the Twins.
  3. I wouldn't expect to see Kirilloff before mid June. They don't need him to start the year, but when he shows up they do need him to be healthy. Wallner I think will start in St Paul and probably go back and forth all year. They do need Larnach to be healthy and hitting from the word go. They do need some power in that lineup. Can't plan on Buxton for more than 3-4 games a week. Celestino needs to develop at triple A, maybe Gordon can play center 2-3 games a week.
  4. Every team needs to develop a winning team identity. The Twins will never be the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox when it comes to sloshing money around to try to win. Throwing 10 years and 350 million at anyone? Don't hold your breath. Teams like St Louis & Tampa Bay have got strategies that work for them. The Twins need to be closer to that mold. Correa was a drawing card for one year, that's it. Most teams won't give that much money to one player, unless they don't expect to develop good players and having a winning team for 10 years.
  5. Thank you for writing an article based on positives. Too many articles on this site are based on moaning and bitching and looking for someone to blame. Even most of the responses to this article are nothing but complaining. Even I am complaining about all the bitching. There were a lot of things that were positive. These Twins were picked to finish third in this division this year. They may finish second. They built 80% of a good pitching staff. Ryan, Ober & Winder with perhaps Varland, look like they can be strong solid starters. Miranda and Wallner can add middle of the order bats. Gordan appears to have found himself. Adding three consistent players to the lineup. Duran, Jax, Thielbar, Lopez & Moran & maybe Henriquez can be most of a very good bullpen. If we add back all the guys in the hospital, I think this team wins the division next year. Plus there will be 6-8 guys in the minors creeping up on the major league roster. I am looking forward to watching this team over the next couple of years, hopefully with the same manager, coaches and front office. At the end of the day, I think this team has a lot of positives going for it.
  6. Looking at Kepler's career, he has only had one good year. RF has usually been reserved for hitters, not good field no hit guys. In 2019, Kepler led off and hit the pitchers first pitch fastball into the seats. That pretty much is it for his career and the pitchers figured him out. Before that he was a 230 hitter and since he has been a 220 hitter. I think everyone thought he should have been better.Time for him to move over or out and make room for others,
  7. Its April. "Oh we're not playing Buxton this month in case he gets hurt. We'll wait until August to play him." All fans would think what genius's the managment of the Twins is. NOT.
  8. This month the Twins scored more than 4 runs in a game only 4 times. That leaves 19 games with 4 runs or less. IN August the Twins scored more than 4 runs 8 times in 28 games. Pretty tough to win games if you can't score. Who in the Twins lineup right now are opposing pitchers afraid to pitch to? No one. The regulars are all on the IL except 2 and I think those 2 are dinged up. Pretty much just playing with rookies, subs and scrubs. The Twins used 60 players so far this year and I hope no one else gets hurt.
  9. I believe Ober needs to stay in the rotation. His injury this year was not arm related. The Twins currently have 3-4 starters who may not be back in 2024. They need to add long term starting pitching depth to their team.
  10. Good. Excellent. I'm glad he'll be back.
  11. I was wondering when the surgery\ies were going to start. I hope everyone that needs surgery gets it done early and has a 6 month recovery period to be in much better shape next year.
  12. When looking at the last ten years of "pitcher of the year " award winners, only Berrios and Rogers made significant contributions. I am hoping for Varland to get added to that too very short list. Best of luck to him.
  13. I forgot about the lottery change. I had already been looking at who we could pass to get down to 11th or 12th if possible. Since we have a couple more Il's and walking wounded after this weekend that makes it more doable.
  14. That's a difference of about 1 out per game. I would trade that for the 1 run per game they cut out.
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