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  1. When Grienke was at his peak he had a no trade to the Twins clause in his contract. Other teams too, but he refused to wave that clause as the Twins tried to trade for him. I don't think the Twins really need to try to sign an old pitcher on an otherwise young team.
  2. Baseball has been all about changing rules the past 5 years or so to make the game more exciting for fans, that I would think adding a hitter to a lineup would be one of the easier decisions to make. Probably also more acceptable to baseball fans.
  3. Looks like he played 37 more innings in the outfield than shortstop. Maybe 4 more games worth. Doesn't seem like a whole lot more to me. And they need shortstop more than outfield.
  4. Of the 3, Miranda looks the most prepared to start the year on the Twins roster. Although I wouldn't look for him before the end of May, barring an injury or trade of/to Donaldson. Martin perhaps the second part of the year and Lewis 2023. I do think both Martin and Lewis should start and stick at shortstop next year to see which gives us the better option. If they both turn into utility players then ouch. We have plenty of outfielders available at this point just not sure about the overall quality.
  5. Jeffers was a rookie in 2021 as he had only 55 at bats in 2020. He never played at the triple A season before this year when he made a total of 103 plate appearances. It was worth noting that Jeffers started 77 games at catcher for the Twins this year, more than Garver has started in any season at any level. Hopefully in 2022 he won't suffer a sophomore slump. This may be why he is rated higher than Garver.
  6. I am not a White Sox fan (that's putting it mildly), but they are not a bad team. I think they are just inexperienced in playoff baseball. Unfortunately that's probably why the Twins will have to be a lot better than they are to reclaim the Division Title.
  7. Lets get realistic, I don't see the Twins competing for any playoffs in 2022. They probably have a tough time finishing third in the division. If we look forward to 23&24 we can make better deals and plans for the team. With that in mind, trading Garver is the best choice, as he will be 31 at the start of next year. We know that the Twins will have to build a good staff from within or through the acquisition of high caliber pitching prospects. Thats the only way they could win any playoff games the next time the opportunity arrives. We've tried in recent years to sign high priced free agents pitchers and it didn't happen.
  8. I think I would try to throw in Donaldson and his. salary in the deal somehow. The Twins could use that $25mil per year on better pitching on the market if someone would sign here.
  9. People seem to forget that Jeffers is also a rookie this year. He only started 18 games as a major league catcher in 2020. In 2019 he caught 17 games at AA ball and 57 games at Adv A. His total time in AAA was the 13 games he was sent down for this year. He was pushed through the system pretty fast. I think the future catching duo for the Twins is Jeffers and Rortvedt. Garver is a good hitting catcher with power and is probably one of the most tradable players the Twins have. He is also 6 years older than both Jeffers and Rortvedt. There would be risk in trading Garver but there is always risk in trades. There is also not room for all 3 on the major league roster.
  10. I would hate to lose Garver, but he is probably one of the best trade commodities on the team. He is a good hitting catcher with power and a decent defender. He can also fill in at first or DH. Since it doesn't really look like the Twins are going to be able to compete for a playoff position next year they may be able to swap him for some top pitching prospects. A team that trades for him would also have 3 years of team control. From the Twins side they having 2 good catching prospects in Jeffers and Rortvedt that are both 6 years younger than Garver. The risk of course is they may never hit as well as Garver. Garver will be 31 next year with an injury history that has so far prevented him from catching more than 70-75 games a year at any level.
  11. If you were going to tank for a particular player, I hope you're planning to wait on winning until 2030. It frequently takes at least 4 years of minor league development plus a minimum of 2-3 years maturing in the majors to become a player that might make a difference. So if the Twins draft a future major league player in 2022 based on this years record, that player could, maybe begin to have an impact in 2028. Who would be left from the current roster to team with that player?
  12. Since Arreaz was injured over a month ago I would let him sit on the bench the last 10 games and let Maggi rotate around the infield. Or maybe better bring Miranda in to play some.
  13. I didn't know this was a compare Sano to Kepler article. I did say Sano had the ABILITY to hit 40. You probably missed that part.
  14. Pitching, pitching, pitching. The number 2 and 3 ( Maeda & Pineda) starters were hurt. The 6,7 & 8 starters were all hurt. The number 4 starter (Happ) was horrendous. Shoemaker was never more than a fill in for when one of the top prospects was ready to step in. But they were all hurt. This did cause us to use Ober and that has worked out well. But it looks like he has run out of gas. I don't think anyone expected the bullpen to have to use 4 pitchers per game and many got injured as a result. On top of the wonderful pitching we only have 2 regulars hitting over 250. You can look at OPS for similar wonderfulness. Polanco has had a good year. Who else? Tough to win that way. I don't think the Twins can beat the White Sox next year and if they don't they won't make the playoffs as a division second seed. They probably can't beat Cleveland either. Would ownership cough up 60mil to finish third when they probably finish third without signing any free agents. I doubt it, If it was my money, I wouldn't either. I look for many current Twins to be finding new homes this winter.
  15. Thanks. I'd given up on him setting any kind of record let alone a major league historical kind. I will take a 6/7 place hitter with 40 homers and 100 rbi's if we can get it, nobody else on the team has that kind of ability. I'm not going to say he just needs to (fill in the blank). He knows it, he just has to do it more.
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