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  1. I can see the decision of Polanco's future pushed off until Lee is ready. I don't think anyone expects Lee to make the roster out of spring training. Having Polanco on the roster to start next year is protection in case Kirilloff is not ready to start, or in case Buxton is not ready to start. Since there is no hurry to move Polanco, keep him unless someone blows our socks off with an offer and I don't expect that to happen but wouldn't say no either.
  2. The possibility exits that Buxton sits out most of if not all of next year. I wouldn't let him work out anywhere until his knee is healthy enough to with stand the strain of playing fulltime and that may never happen. But there is no point in letting him continue to aggravate or re-injure the leg just to see if he can make it unto the field for a week or 2. The possibility also exists, that they negotiate to buy out his contract over some protracted period like say 12-15 years and use the funds saved for a pitcher now.
  3. Hopefully Martin's elbow heals sufficiently by Spring Training that he is put in centerfield full time. The Twins have about 6 guys they can play at second, but nobody definitely for center, at least big league ready. Hoping guys that were injured most of last year or just mostly bad turn it around on the mound. Could save about 10-12 mil on the relief pitcher market that way. Obviously more than 1 pitcher. I would like to see Funderburk and Alcala stay on the major league roster all year pitching well. One of Balazovic, Richardson, Winder, Hendrick or Henriquez as a real bullpen option would help alot. Maybe Moran will learn to throw strikes. Larnach could probably help the Twins more than someone they could get in a trade for him. May not sound logical, but many times he just seems to be on the cusp of making it.
  4. So far in 270 at bats he has 16 homers and 51 RBI's or extending that out in 540 at bats, a full seasons worth, 32 homers and 102 RBI's. That would be good. Of course he would also have over 200 strikeouts, but an 842 OPS would also look nice. He has enough at bats that pitchers and coaches will have to really work to find more weaknesses in his swing then he has shown so far. Let's hope they don't.
  5. I think if the Twins wanted a player with similar profile for the major league club, they could find them in free agency for not too much money. I would not allocate a 40 man roster spot for him.
  6. Twins scouting department and player development has been much better than they are given credit for.
  7. If you watch Kepler hit over the years, you notice that he frequently dropped his back shoulder and bent his knees a lot more to apparently get under baseballs and drive them over the high right field wall. Unfortunately that never worked out for him too well and frequently resulted in grounders to second. The second half of last year and starting earlier in the year, but not much earlier, he stopped dropping his shoulder and settled for hitting loud line drives off the wall. He also managed to hit the ball over the left field fence, which he has never done with any regularity. Maybe seeing Lewis, just being a hitter, instead of a home run slugger and the players meeting where they discussed being hitters instead of sluggers, helped him more than any other Twin. Question is, will he keep it up going forward?
  8. I can see the Twins picking up the option, but I would think they would more likely trade him than sign him for a 3 year contract..
  9. I don't see the Twins coughing up $500mil for any player. I really wonder if anyone will pay that much for an injured player, probably. As far as the young everyday players go, we all HOPE they will the makings of a very solid lineup for years. None have played a full, healthy season in the majors yet. I think Julian comes the closest but has only played 109 games in the bigs. So I don't expect them to do more than firm up their starting rotation plans, whether that be through promotion from the minors or signing a lesser free agent. I would like to see a magic season of the team getting further in the playoffs and I expect them to win their division without adding anyone at this point. Lest we forget, the Twins didn't even get in the free agent game as most players got signed out of free agency in about a 2 week period a couple years ago. I can see most of these players gone before the team exhales.
  10. It would make sense for him to pitch in relief to begin this year in the minors, maybe at Ft Myers until the weather warms up a bit. I could see him working up to 3 or 4 innings a game and possibly go to the Twins after mid season, But he has been out for most of his time since drafted as mentioned, so getting his control as well as arm strength back will take a while. Any mention anywhere of his off season program?
  11. Schedule 60-80 innings in 2024, at whatever level. It would be great to have Canterino as a "stud" starting pitcher added to the rotation in 2025 with maybe 120 innings thrown. Then a possible 140-150 innings a year pitched in 2026. Don't limit his talent. Relief is good, strong starting talent is better,
  12. Alcala - Yes. Keep Alcala, pitching is hard to find. Unless he has a permanent injury not disclosed to the fans, he has been worth saving for the past two years waiting out the injury. 3 years ago he was expected to be a late inning set up man. Luplow - No. Multiple outfielders available in the system plus probably in free agency late spring training next year. See hat we need in March of 2024. Gordon - No. Multiple infielders available in the system, plus late spring training next year. See what we need in March of 2024.
  13. First base is well covered among; Kirilloff, Miranda, Julian, and Polanco, Others could include Farmer, Larnach, Wallner(would be the biggest target), and Severino. The team doesn't need to use resources at first base but instead save those money for pitching or possibly an extra outfielder. Although, I think the outfield is covered already if a little shy on experience.
  14. We're worried about the rookies? Really? After something like 180 years without a playoff victory composed of teams who were not entirely rookies, I'm not worried about rookies. I'm more concerned that the veterans still won't show up with their bats. I expect the starting pitchers to do well and the bullpen will be okay.
  15. Lewis has certainly had a good year. He definitely looks like a candidate to start next year at Wichita. His first year in the system and he has 101 innings pitched with very good numbers. Could he make 3A next year, seems possible.
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