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  1. The problem right now with sending Miranda down, who plays first? Arraez some times, but who would back him up? So I think Miranda has to stay and work through his batting issues. Correa and Larnach are soon off the IL, but neither plays first.
  2. With starters not making 6 innings anymore, I see a lot of piggyback situations developing here.
  3. Is Toronto a better hitters park than Minnesota? Are the Eastern Division teams better overall hitters than the Central? His current numbers might be reflective of what kind of pitcher he will be in Toronto.
  4. Grey, Ober, Sano, Correa, and Kirilloff out with injuries. Also Maeda and Alcala. Arraez and Bundy tested positive for covid. Injuries and illness will catch up with them sooner tor later. If not the team will make an amazing run when everyone get back. For now 14th may be high.
  5. Pretty sure Buddy tested positive for covid the day of or after his last start. He probably shouldn't have been out there at all.
  6. E.Rod. 19 years old. 14 games, 16 walks, 8 extra base hits. 5 Homers. Good start. Worth following. I hope it's real.
  7. As far as baseball times goes, there is usually about 5 weeks from the first spring training games to the start of the regular season. Right now we are about 5 weeks since the start of spring training this year. Add a couple of weeks to that for work outs prior to the first game of spring not counting guys who report early or are recovering from injuries, and players still haven't reached a normal time frame for the start of the regular season. Game timing whether pitching, hitting or defense is still off, although the starting pitching does look the best aspect of what we have seen so far, Hopefully the starters will look this good when the hitters start to show up. Although they count, I'd look at stats starting from May 1 forward.
  8. The way the bullpen looks, I think I may continue with the 6 man rotation and try to push the starters more into the 7 innings range. With that extra day between starts it wouldn't seem to be a problem.
  9. If you move Urshela to SS due to injury, does that downgrade the third base defense significantly? Arraez has looked ok there. I would much rather have Arraez in the lineup than Gordon. Leave Polanco alone at second base except for the occasional day off.
  10. Remind me never to pick up on a Doc post again. I'm really tired of these "lets all be negative" posts.
  11. When you watch him pitch he looks like a front of the rotation starter. He didn't pitch in 2020 but how many minor leaguers did? I'm not in the camp of always turning our most promising starters into relievers. Obviously our full season "train on your own" in 2020 was not well managed for our minor league pitchers. But maybe with the way the rules were set for that year it was as good as it could be.
  12. This team has a lot of sticks. Getting them all regular bats will be interesting. Hopefully the lineup will start the year hot and it won't matter who gets too DH on any given day.
  13. For however long Correa is here, this is a good deal. Following the long term signing of Buxton with the signing of the best(?) free agent shortstop in the game, maybe the reputation (at least by fans) as a place free agent don't want to come too will change.
  14. Good deal. I was hoping to get a shortstop from the Yankees in the Donaldson trade. It's about time we won one.
  15. I never saw a 200-300 million dollar player coming here so I have no expectations for Story or Correa. Unloading Donaldson really did cost us Garver and Rortvedt. Shows you how much in demand he was. But it got us more playing time for Arraez and Miranda. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sanchez unloaded, there is no reason to eat his contract. I still see 2022 as a year long try out camp.
  16. Baseball America Top 100 as a comparison includes Martin 47 Lewis 82 Balazovic 85 Ryan 86 Miranda 90 I guess it depends on who is evaluating.
  17. I expected the Twins to unload Donaldson to the Yankees this entire off season. I was hoping they would get one of the 2 top Yankee shortstop prospects in return. I didn't think it would cost us both Garver and Rortvedt to unload that contract though.
  18. I think the likely hood of any making it out of spring training goes up with injuries otherwise I think none. However, there are probably 6-8 who make it as the season goes on mostly pitchers and Martin.
  19. Not interested in signing Cueto. Or really any pitchers still left. I would rather watch promise fail, then past keep running down hill.
  20. I expected a trade of Garver this winter, but I did think it would be for pitching. Trading for a decent fielding starting shortstop works out pretty good. Solid fielders behind a young pitching could make this staff look a lot better than it might otherwise.
  21. The first I've read of anyones take on the electronic strike zone in game action. Probably not going to be as much need or ability to train catchers to steal strikes. I can just hear the computer laughing now. Seems possible that Julien will be ready sometime in '23. That could make the next 2 years important for the future Twins lineup as well as pitching.
  22. Trading for 2 years of a super duper Ace #1 guy, makes no sense when the other 4 pieces of a typical rotation are mostly up in the air. Signing a Pineda type for up to 2/20 would help us get by. This year has to be about pitcher development whenever it starts. Maeda may be back sometime this year and hopefully leading the rotation in '23.
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