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  1. Polanco has been a very good player for the Twins. But, to get to the World Series the Twins will need 4-5 players at his level or better. If they lose Correa (probably) and trade Polanco they're not to far from a complete rebuild. Trade Kepler and Sano is already gone, Buxton is the only veteran left when he plays. I can't see them getting trading for anything but high prospects or young guys with at least 3-4 years of team control. Sounds like a rebuild and just when we may be getting some semblance of a decent rotation
  2. I'm glad its the Rangers gamble.
  3. Rumor has it that next year the entire field will be made of sand. No traction , no steals. Since no grass, the infielders can play as deep as they want. Buckets and shovels optional.
  4. I think the front office and most fans have driven on since these 2 rule 5 picks and could care less. Even those whose usual modus operandi is to hate on the coaching and front office couldn't really find much to say about Wells and Baddoo. Que sera sera.
  5. Jeffers was brought to the majors with 25 games above A ball in 2020, during the covid season. He lost a certain amount of development time in the minors. To this point in his major league career in 535 at bats he has 24 homers and 70 RBI's. Although his 210/285/670 line is definitely not great, I think most teams would take 24 homers and 70 RBI's from the catching position. As mentioned above the Twins as a team will have to decide if they want fewer stolen bases or more stolen strikes.
  6. I would like to see him reach the maximum incentives in his contract.
  7. My problem with this is I think the Twins will need to start replacing Correa at shortstop after about 4 years. I don't think he hits well enough to be a DH or first baseman. He may last longer than 4 but does anyone see him playing shortstop in 10 years? 9? 8? 7?. There is a point in this contract like all long contracts that you will wish the player would just retire. You could also kick in a limited no trade clause, with a choice of say 10 teams. On the other hand you could look at drafts for the next 5 years as simply looking for the best starting pitcher options. We have drafted a lot of middle infielders and corner outfielders the past 5 years.
  8. New Years wish that the following players all get into plus 130 healthy games in 2023: Kirilloff, Buxton, Polanco, Arraez, Larnach, Miranda, Lewis, Julian, & Jeffers. It would be nice to know what we really have. If they get anywhere close to their potential the division title and more should be an easy reach.
  9. When I went to pay, there were no standard credit card options offered.
  10. The fact is nobody paid Correa what he wanted last year, why pay even more this year. He's a year older with a year more wear on his legs. He is not fast and will need to cover even more territory in the shortstop area than he needed the past couple of years with extreme shifting. Remember he help on the second base side, but he got even more help on the shortstop side. I think the last point combined with the high salary is why Houston let him go. In three years I don't think he is able to cover the shortstop area adequately.
  11. Can any team in the majors count on complete health in their starting rotation? Pipe dreams!
  12. Arraez best position is batting second, getting on base and scoring runs. If there is a fast runner batting leadoff, who is also a good on-base hitter, he will also score a lot of runs. If there are guys behind him who can hit or get on base, he should easily score well over 100 runs per year. He will take pitches, allowing a fast base runner to steal. Everybody talks about how well other batters will do without extreme shifts, but I think Arraez can even do better with much wider gaps between fielders. Most teams didn't shift on him because they couldn't figure out where to shift to. But now they also can't put infielders unto the outfield grass to squeeze the angles and cutoff his short hits. His average with runners in scoring position was the best on the team and as slow as he is supposed to be, he only grounded into 6 double plays in 81 opportunities.
  13. I think that Julian is more likely to start next year at St Paul then Lee. Lee only has 8 at bats at Double A and while he may advance very quickly, I still think he starts at Wichita. Long term , maybe 2024, I think he takes over and becomes the regular third baseman. But for next year, I consider it more likely that Julian might come up and see time at third base than the others. Starting in 2024 his best position may be as the starting second baseman. Next year hopefully Polanco has very good and healthy season, although I think he starts to see some time at first base rather than shortstop. I expect Miranda to play more third base then anyone else next year. I wouldn't be too surprised if he starts slowly next year and long term he may be a combination first baseman, third baseman and DH.
  14. As far as I am aware they have a full spring training schedule next year to evaluate where all players are. They also have time in January plus early February to check up on how players are doing with their various injuries. I think Maeda was not brought back this year because "what for." Jeffers was the only player brought back off the injured list in September. Maeda is a good pitcher and we just haven't had enough of those the past 30 years.
  15. Having stability in the starting rotation is not a bad thing. Do we really want to be facing a '23 off season of possible 3/5 of our rotation going to free agency at the same time. I'm thinking that keeping Gray, Mahle and Maeda in the rotation at least through '24 would be better than a return of dumpster diving. I'm not sure about Paddocks status. I would think that including his current year, add 2-3 more years to it for a for a total of 3/4 years at 44-60mil is not unreasonable considering the alternatives. Even that may not be enough.
  16. Anybody who actually watched the games and his at bats, saw that he was getting tired. However, due to injuries there was no one to replace his bat in the lineup with. The team was so weak by September that even Gordon spent time in the 3-4-5 spots of the lineup. Yes the pitchers adjusted to him a bit as will happen with all hitters. Just as hitters catch up with pitchers. It's called baseball. Most rookies that last month of the season are frequently worn out. On the other hand, I think a refreshed Miranda that he will step foreword next spring in both his hitting and fielding, and with a better support lineup around him he should be even better. Also, he received very good experience in a playoff race situation. Hopefully, that will come in handy in the coming years. Lastly, Correa was also very encouraging of Miranda and I don't think should be taken too lightly.
  17. Seems like they could move him to Cedar Rapids pretty quick next year if not start him there. He seemed to hit pretty well in Ft Myers, which a lot of players have problems with. Possibly see him on the Wichita roster by the end of next year?
  18. I expect we will see him someplace else having a couple years like we were hoping for.
  19. With the current age of the roster and minimal cost, I would like to see them add about $30-35 mil per year for the next 2 years in additional bullpen help. I don't expect the starters to get many more outs next year then they did this year and a lights out bullpen would nail down a few more wins. Make every game a playoff game with the starters getting less than 18 outs per game.
  20. From the reports I've seen Canterino won't be back until late next year or probably '24. Based on War Rodgers was #4 and Fulmer was #6. I think I would talked to both those guys and try to bring them back. Then #3-5 by War are Jensen, Kimbrel and Chafin. But both Kimbrel & Chafin allowed a lot of runners I'm not sure I'd want them mixing it up in the bullpen. I'd rather look at someone with a low whip like Montero (from Houston) and Jensen from Atl.
  21. Gray turns 33 tomorrow, if he waits until he is a free agent after next season to sign a long term contract he will be entering that agreement at age 34. Which I think will make it difficult for anyone to offer him a deal past 3 years, if that long. I think the Twins could lock him up for a total of 4 years at a fairly reasonable price around $75 mil.
  22. Looking through the Twins farm system I only see 2 left handed hitting catchers and 2 switch hitters in the FCL. I am thinking the Twins team is not necessarily drafting for left handed hitting catchers as a priority, so why would they make signing a left handed hitting catcher a priority? I think that having a platoon combo is not a goal.
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