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  1. As a clarification, I don't think it's actually pronounced "moron." Same vowel sounds, but emphasis on the second syllable rather than the first. I believe it's pronounced "mo-RAHn," not "mOHR-on" (like moron).
  2. Twins generally not punishing Urena enough for his lack of control so far... Far too many swings at marginal pitches, given how wild he's been.
  3. Ya'll are weird - Badoo was blocked in the system and left unprotected for a reason. Garlick has nothing to do with Baddoo and--given his history in the minors--Baddoo likely won't look all that great the rest of the year. For his sake I hope he ends up being a useful player, but odds are against it. But the small sample size drama is always entertaining
  4. Not true in this case. They needed to test Buxton for COVID before disclosing the reason he left the game. Saying "left game with illness" without having that clarity would have created a lot of unnecessary drama.
  5. Lotta angsty energy on this board after one of the more fun & interesting victories of the year. Not everything always goes according to plan in baseball. While they're seemingly yet to hit a real stride, the Twins are winning games and I'm having fun. If this thread is what we get after a almost no-hit, walk-off W, I'll take it as a reminder not to be hang around after a loss
  6. Sounds like you'd be a great fit on Manfred's staff! It's ironic that's baseball's most hardcore fans are the ones seemingly most intent on driving the final stakes in to its long-term viability coffin. On its current trajectory, I expect the MLB to be about as popular as the NHL in 20-30 years. The sport will be a niche in no time unless they figure out how to appeal to the next generation.
  7. It's not really a "problem," as no one in the thread or article is suggesting we should pay him like an ace, or that he'd demand it. 5/60 is middle of the rotation money, and probably right around what Berrios deserves at this point. Maybe a bit more if you're willing to be on his age & remaining upside.
  8. Darren Wolfson says MLB Network is now "loosely" planning on a 2PM Central press conference - no indication that anything is up, just that the timing of the press conference is "fluid."
  9. Yes I did. The second (in particular) indicates that usage/volume is a contributing factor to injuy in pitchers. Of course injuries can happen for other reasons, but it's both logical--and proveable--that more usage increases the likelihood of injury. And this would make particular sense for someone without a ton of usage in recent seasons.
  10. Oddly it looks like the press conference is no longer happening. Anything to worry about here? Seems very odd to schedule if any potential hiccups remained..
  11. This isn't really an "in my opinion" question - given his lack of extended work, he's far more likely to to have arm issues starting & racking up innings over the course of the year. There have been actual studies to this end, and luckily the Twins don't need to rely on your apparently un-researched opinion. Two examples of recent studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6350667/ and http://harvardsportsanalysis.org/2016/01/predicting-pitcher-injuries/
  12. Your best overall hitters should be at the top of the line-up - on base percentage is one component of "best," but not the only one. Being at the top of the line-up means you get substantially more at-bats over the course of the season than someone further down. And the goal should be to get the most possible at bats for your best overall hitters over the course of the season. Blindly plugging the player w/ the highest OBP in to the #1 slot--regardless of other factors--makes no sense at all, and would almost certainly produce fewer total runs over the course of the season than a more optimal line-up.
  13. Seeing as Josh didn't write the column, I'm not sure what any teammates would have to be offended about.
  14. The point of the original post is that the Twins may produce more runs w/ Donaldson batting somewhere other than #3 or #4 against righties. Slotting someone 3/4 because he's a run-producer and "that's where those guys belong" likely isn't a good strategy given all the options.
  15. Oh I think it's very much real, but the MLB has no interest in the scandal getting any bigger than it already is.
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