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  1. Not really much to talk about; is what it is. I think we've all collectively had our fair share of COVID and Vax conversations over the past 2+ years. Not worth more energy or ink at this point.
  2. I'm always surprised at how much sentiment shifts, even subtly, based on one or two games. Twins offense has been fine this year; they're 11 in MLB in OPS. Keep in mind that scoring & offense in general is way down in the MLB this year; it's all compared to what. Pitching has been great; 6th lowest ERA in MLB.
  3. Oh got it - I just misunderstood. I agree, he's more likely to hit the market than sign an extension during the season.
  4. Unless he gets hurt or falls off a cliff in the 2nd half, I think it's extremely unlikely that he plays beyond 1 year under the current deal. The option years are in there to protect him in case he's injured or underperforms, really nothing more. He'll look for an extension for the same reason players always do: short deals are very risky. Bad injury during a 1 or 2 year deal and your market value takes a nosedive. Assuming he stays healthy & plays well, he'll be looking for his 7-10 year deal after this year.
  5. Fair point as I said above. Maybe I'm starting with a flawed assumption about the return we'd get. And to be clear I'd love if we signed Correa to a long-term deal. Seems extremely unlikely given our history, but maybe I'm wrong there too. But it would be a bummer if he played out his final 3 months, we got nothing in return, and he signed a big extension elsewhere. But hey, it could be worse. We could have not signed him in the first place
  6. Fair. I'm not suggesting trading him for peanuts... if it's not the right offer, I'd rather hang on to him.
  7. I guess we just disagree. My assumption is that whoever traded for him would do so in hopes of signing him long-term. If they didn't, then yes I think trading much for him would be incompetent. 3mo of any position player isn't worth much, contender or not. Correa posted a 7.2 WAR in 2021, the highest of his career. So at best, 50-60 games of Correa is worth ~2-3 wins against replacement. If you can get back a meaningful haul, you trade 2-3 wins for it every time.
  8. Strongly disagree. They need to either extend him prior to the deadline or trade him. They'd be absolutely nuts not to trade him IF they don't expect him back next year. Laying it out this way helps clarify the decision: What would you rather have? 1) 3 months (at most) of Carlos Correa or 2) Whatever haul of big-time big leaguers & prospects you'd get for him No competent front office in the league would choose the former. Again this is IF they don't expect him back next year. If they plan to extend him, hang on to him for sure.
  9. Lol. Editors, please make a note to never call start "impressive" until the pitcher clicks from 4 2/3 innings to 5. TwinsDr you've made this bizarre point like 7 times in the thread now; it makes no sense, and no one cares.
  10. As a clarification, I don't think it's actually pronounced "moron." Same vowel sounds, but emphasis on the second syllable rather than the first. I believe it's pronounced "mo-RAHn," not "mOHR-on" (like moron).
  11. Twins generally not punishing Urena enough for his lack of control so far... Far too many swings at marginal pitches, given how wild he's been.
  12. Ya'll are weird - Badoo was blocked in the system and left unprotected for a reason. Garlick has nothing to do with Baddoo and--given his history in the minors--Baddoo likely won't look all that great the rest of the year. For his sake I hope he ends up being a useful player, but odds are against it. But the small sample size drama is always entertaining
  13. Not true in this case. They needed to test Buxton for COVID before disclosing the reason he left the game. Saying "left game with illness" without having that clarity would have created a lot of unnecessary drama.
  14. Lotta angsty energy on this board after one of the more fun & interesting victories of the year. Not everything always goes according to plan in baseball. While they're seemingly yet to hit a real stride, the Twins are winning games and I'm having fun. If this thread is what we get after a almost no-hit, walk-off W, I'll take it as a reminder not to be hang around after a loss
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