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  1. He's shown promise - there are very few players that show up in the majors and immediately start hammering pitching. There have been very productive months-at-at-time stretches, and the cratered months can/might be attributable to the injury issues. Look at his history - he put up very strong stats in college (perhaps the best player on the team that won the College World Series), strong stats at each stop in the minors. The pedigree is there. Then there is the defense - he's got a tremendous arm. That alone is worthy of 'the look' and part of why in less than a third of a season, he had a 1.1 WAR this year.
  2. Agree with adding Bundy to the list. My third pick (along with Thielbar and Urshela) originally was Garlick - when he was out, they missed him against left handed pitching. Still, Bundy has been more impactful, and many Twins fans wanted to DFA him after the first couple months of the season.
  3. Baseball is probably the toughest sport to gauge how talent will translate into results - and these are excellent examples. A side note - Chase Petty, the 100 mph pitcher the Twins traded for Sonny Gray, is 0-6 with a 3.77 ERA for the high-A Dayton Dragons. Granted, he is still younger than most of the competition and may well turn into a great major league pitcher, but where would the Twins be this year without Gray (7-4, 3.04 ERA in 20 starts)? Answer: third place in the Division.
  4. When the Twins traded Eduardo Escobar in 2018, they had 'nothing to show for the trade' until 2022 - and now Jhoan Duran is one of the top relief pitchers in baseball. Sometimes you have to have a bit of patience.
  5. I generally agree with your list, but if I were a GM calling the Twins, the player I'd ask for in any trade for an established player was Duran. He has great upside potential and a long period of team control. You worry about an injury to any pitcher who throws as hard as he does, but still - he needs to be on the list somewhere. Of course, the Twins wouldn't trade him, but Buxton is first on the list, and I seriously doubt they'd consider trading him either.
  6. Buxton is still a potentially great player - Torii Hunter did it in centerfield for a long time (and his catch of Barry Bonds' near homer in the 2002 All Star Game is highlight reel stuff). Jim Kaat's 25-13 1966 is at least as good as Liriano's (arguably) one good season with the Twins.
  7. I seriously doubt they would get much in trade for Sano - he's 29, has some history of injury issues, and he's limited in what he can do. That said, I don't see any future for him, as Miranda and Kirilloff are younger and cheaper. Some people fear Sano will be another David Ortiz, but Ortiz was 26 and coming off a year with an .836 OPS when he landed in Boston. Sano's OPS the last two years was .757 and .778 - and then, of course, there is this year's .379. Trade him if you can, or DFA if you can't. If he turns into a different player in his 30s (highly doubt it), so be it.
  8. I watched two games in Des Moines this week, and Kirilloff was scalding the ball - three HRs in those two games, one a rocket that damaged the facing above the left field boxes. If nothing else, Kirilloff can split time as the DH with Sanchez.
  9. There are reasonable points on both sides. However, I find the experience to be more likely to boost rather than shatter Lewis' confidence. In some ways, I'd rather he get sent down now, after tasting success, than have him with the Twins and hit a slump and get sent down. To me, that would be more of a confidence issue. For everybody who says 'he proved he can hit in the big leagues' there are literally hundreds of examples of rookies who have a hot one, two, three weeks in the majors, and then pitchers start catching up to their strengths and weaknesses. Consistently making hard contact in baseball is about recognition, reflexes, and repetition - and Lewis had a pretty big gap in his opportunity to do that on a regular basis. Some more time in AAA certainly can't hurt.
  10. I agree the situation isn't as big a deal as some think. OTOH, DFA'ing Urshela is not aging very well.
  11. Kiriloff had four hits yesterday. It's possible he returns in the not too distant future.
  12. Lewis isn't going to play every day for the Twins without him ending up in unfamiliar positions or Correa going back on the IL. I'd rather he was getting time in at 3B or LF at AAA, where there is less pressure to perform, than in MLB. It's possible his comfort level at the plate was also because he was comfortable in the field. Somehow, I think the Twins management, who has been around him a lot more than any of us, can weigh those factors better than we all can.
  13. Give Miranda a chance - he has nothing left to prove at the minor league level. I worry a lot more about Minnesota's catching depth (quality-wise) than I do about first base.
  14. Other than the fact he is a catcher, what is the value of Rortvedt? He barely hits his weight. It is hard for me to believe that you can't find another defensive catcher with the same set of limitations without wasting a spot. I sort of agree that Gordon is the odd person left out in lots of discussions. If we sign a shortstop with reasonable durability, you can still slot Polanco in at SS for 10-20 games a year. That said, he had his moments last year, and he wouldn't be the last 'late bloomer' at bat the Twins parted with and probably regret (paging hall of famer David Ortiz or even Aaron Hicks).
  15. It's not politics to note, as the AP did in a story in April 2021, that "Minnesota Twins shortstop Andrelton Simmons has tested positive for the coronavirus and was placed on the COVID-19 injured list Wednesday before the team's doubleheader against the Boston Red Sox. Simmons has said he doesn't plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which was made available in a single-shot dosage to the team at Target Field last Thursday." Those are facts - he chose not to get the vaccine, and the Twins lost their starting shortstop for regular season games as a result. I've read people beat up Byron Buxton for being 'injury prone' by missing games because of a baseball to his head resulting in a concussion and a baseball to his hand, resulting in broken bones. I'd take Buxton in my clubhouse before Simmons.
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