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  1. Another advantage of having a reliever work 1+ innings is they will already have faced three batters, so the manager has more flexibility with removing them - plus, if that pitcher gets, say, 1 or 2 outs and another reliever is needed, if they get to the end of the inning, they are also no longer subject to the three batter rule.
  2. If you send him and he's out, he definitely can't score. If you don't send him, he still might score. It's a case-by-case decision.
  3. It's only six games. Maybe he is the real deal, and maybe pitchers will figure out how to get him out. It's when they start changing approach we'll see whether he can also figure out how to respond - if he can, then we can pronounce him ready.
  4. I suspect that a 12 noon start had something to do with that.
  5. An illness isn't really an injury. If you take the Twins at their word, neither Buxton or Arraez are likely to miss much playing time.
  6. Dobnak is a nice problem to have - very few teams have his caliber of starting pitcher in waiting. If Thorpe also does well at AAA, and with some of their young guns pushing forward, the rotation could start looking like Cleveland's in a year or two.
  7. Sure, but some of those have proven themselves in the big leagues. Kiriloff has not. I'd keep Rooker he's done more at the major league level at this point.
  8. The article notes that Arraez' lack of power means he's not a great number 2 behind Buxton. Besides, even if Arraez was a 'great number 2' Buxton, with an anemic OBP, is not a great number 1 - except for his speed. Given his decent power, Buxton makes sense at 7, where he is likely to have runners on base to drive around. Meanwhile, the article makes a point I made some time ago that Buxton's first base activity will likely not be much of a distraction for a 'dialed-in' hitter like Arraez.
  9. Sure, in a perfect world, but the point is still valid - you're more likely to accept less offensive performance from a center fielder. Paul Blair is the epitome of this - he had a career OPS of .684, but his defense was other world stuff. In 1974, he finished 13th in MVP balloting with an OPS of .730.
  10. The point of looking at OPS rather than batting average alone is that not all hits are created equal. If, say, in 500 plate appearances, you have 111 singles, you have a .222 batting average. If you have 20 HR and 20 doubles with 71 singles, you also have a .222 batting average. Plus, what if the player with 111 singles has no walks, and the player with the HRs and doubles also walks 30 times? His batting average is the same but not his OBP or OPS.
  11. Donaldson's offensive prowess is the focus, but he is also a very good defensive third basemen. In he and Simmons, the Twins probably have the best defensive left side of the infield in baseball.
  12. I remember watching him last year at the plate and wondering why he could look pretty good some games and then become the proverbial 97 pound weakling the next. This explains that. It would be great if the Twins could get him back to the 2019 form - decent speed and power with an .800+ OPS in the Twins lineup gives them a lot more depth and options from 1-9.
  13. If you look around baseball (now and historically), the stronger defensive corner outfielders have generally played right field rather than left (with all due respect to Barry Bonds and Alex Gordon) - and when 'parking' a player with limited defensive skills in the outfield, it's usually left right than right field (see Harmon Killebrew as a Twins example from the past). Roberto Clemente was arguably the best defensive outfielder of all time (with all due respect to Willie Mays and Paul Blair), and he did it in right field. There are plays a right fielder has to make (long throws to third base being the primary one) that a left fielder doesn't have to make.
  14. Nelson Cruz isn't going to play forever, and if this year is his last, Rooker would be a perfect candidate for the DH job - and the $ savings would let the Twins chase a front of the rotation guy next year. He's coming off an injury, so parking him in St. Paul until things clarify makes sense.
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