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  1. June 15, 2020- season not yet started June 15, 2021- Twins window for post season contention closed😒
  2. Actually, the comment was directed at me. It was a misrepresentation. You should be more careful about the wording of your posts.
  3. I agree. I hope that next year the Twins can contend. I certainly hope they can retain Berrios for the rest of this season, at least. Losing Buxton would also be crushing, Pretty sure Cruz will be gone by the trade deadline, which makes sense. Imagine he'll go to a playoff bound AL team, and good for him. He deserves it. It's worth noting that with the epic failures of so many of the FO's recent moves, the Cruz acquisition has been an unqualified success.
  4. Sad, but true. Only this week have I finally accepted that there will be no post season (victory?) this year. Who would have thunk it? *sigh*
  5. Berrios is an awesome fielder. Gold glove calibre. Pineda's fielding gaffe last night was cringeworthy. Too bad. Off topic, BUT, another area of concern is speed. Cruz and Donaldson on the basepaths is not a good look.
  6. It's one thing to have stats for days spent on the IL. But what about the value of those players? Buxton out for a month is not the same as Cave. How many teams have the impact equivalent of Buxton/Kepler/Garver/Arraez out at once. Maeda too. It's devastating.
  7. . He's a solid #2 in a contending rotation and a #3 in one of the best three rotations in baseball. He's worth a #50-#100 pick on his own, especially mid-season, when starting pitching should bring a premium. By trade value math, Berrios equals: Deivi Garcia from the Yankees, or Simeon Woods-Richardson + one or two top 30 org prospects from the Blue Jays. (One note - if Richardson keeps pitching like he has to start 2021, he may move way up the Top 100, out of reach for just Berrios. Sub any Top 50-75 pitcher.) Kepler is worth at least 30% m
  8. Is this an illusion, or was it in fact the 2 previous seasons? Man, at this point even a 60 game season is way too long. I chuckle at this week's schedule. But I'm an optimist, and predict that they will win a game! (1-7) moral victory....
  9. The 3 players who signed multi year deals (Kepler, Polanco, Sano) are struggling, all three. Is this coincidence? I'll happily eat crow if this comment appears ridiculous 6 weeks from now.
  10. There are no words. It was stunning. But to be fair, COVID (and the ensuing injured list) has played a major role in the past few days.
  11. If they change the criteria to batting average, home runs and days spent on injured list...he might have a shot.
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