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  1. Totally agree. I've noticed that whenever there is a meeting on the mound, Polanco keeps his mouth shut. This is hardly an indictment. He is a valuable team member, but his leadership , I think, is by example.
  2. Yeah, seems to me there have been a number of these. The coffin is hermetically sealed, yet they continue to hammer in nails. That said, hope for the future.
  3. Great group photo! Is that a JD lookalike in the Grand Drunk Railroad T-shirt? Sure looks like Donaldson.
  4. Thanks, as always, for the week in review, Nick. You didn't mention Donaldson. Wonder if he might be moved, or shopped? Guess it's goodbye to Messieurs Cruz and Simmons. Kepler interesting as a sleeper candidate, as you say. I hope, and actually believe, that Berrios will finish this season as a Twin. The team can compete again next year, at least in theory.
  5. Wonder what the average length of double header games is at 7 innings? I enjoyed last night's game. Well played and crisp.
  6. June 15, 2020- season not yet started June 15, 2021- Twins window for post season contention closed
  7. Actually, the comment was directed at me. It was a misrepresentation. You should be more careful about the wording of your posts.
  8. I agree. I hope that next year the Twins can contend. I certainly hope they can retain Berrios for the rest of this season, at least. Losing Buxton would also be crushing, Pretty sure Cruz will be gone by the trade deadline, which makes sense. Imagine he'll go to a playoff bound AL team, and good for him. He deserves it. It's worth noting that with the epic failures of so many of the FO's recent moves, the Cruz acquisition has been an unqualified success.
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