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  1. Carew won SEVEN batting titles as a Twin. I think we can let him slide. And speaking of sliding, he did a lot of that too...like into the plate when he was stealing home. 7 TIMES in one season...sheesh!
  2. The other side of that coin would be Eric Davis. Healthy and productive earlier in his career, and then somewhat derailed in the second half, a la Buxton I think it is , to some extent, random. There's really only one way to go on the injury front with Buxton, and that's up. His migraines are one thing I'd be concerned about. That said, I'm betting on his cashing in on some of those incentives. Only time will tell.
  3. Yes, and he could nail a seagull with pinpoint accuracy! ( Exhibition Stadium, here in Toronto, 1983)
  4. At first I thought I read "Twins Inked Cy Young winner Robbie Ray" Alas , it was merely "linked to". Wishful thinking. I'm still on my Buxton high
  5. Wow. My day just got so much better! Kinda stunned. I was SURE he was gone. Going to get more details on the signing, but man, this is just awesome news. A generational talent? I think so. Cheers, everyone.
  6. Ain't it the truth! Hard to hear Braves fans chanting "Ed-die, Ed-die", though. But it WAS exciting. He is a likeable, entertaining, and talented (when focused) baseball player.
  7. Mr Rosario has always had a flair for the dramatic. Remember, homering on FIRST PITCH of 1st AB, back in 2015? He's entertaining, fun to watch, and seems like a good guy. I choose to enjoy him.
  8. The Twins screwed Buxton on service time a few years ago. Ever since then, I've doubted he'd remain in Minnesota. I'm hoping that he remains a Twin next year, or at least til the trade deadline. Why would he not want to test the market? Just gonna enjoy him this weekend.
  9. Totally agree. I've noticed that whenever there is a meeting on the mound, Polanco keeps his mouth shut. This is hardly an indictment. He is a valuable team member, but his leadership , I think, is by example.
  10. Yeah, seems to me there have been a number of these. The coffin is hermetically sealed, yet they continue to hammer in nails. That said, hope for the future.
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