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  1. Yeah. It's a pleasure having him on the Twins. And depending on how this season plays out, 2022 may not be the end of the line.
  2. At this point in time, if Jeffers is secretly turning a corner, it's a pretty well kept secret. Here's hoping....
  3. The inevitable , pre-ordained collision with Buxton; thus killing two birds with one stone. Ouch!
  4. Yep, those double digit pitch counts have become an Arraez signature, and they're great! I really don't see the Willans comparison though. Polar opposites regarding pitch count.
  5. Yeah, you might have a point there. Physically, more Puckett than Carew. Joie de vivre, more Puckett than Carew. Early in his career, Kirby did not hit many hrs either, and the way Arraez crushed the grand slam, might be indicative of things to come. Ok, flirting with .400 BA (he might), more Carew than Puckett. Still, liked the comparison. I hadn't thought of it.
  6. There used to be such a dramatic difference in the Twins record when Buxton was playing or not. That is no longer the case. And yet, I lean towards NOT putting him on the IL. Only he, and presumably management, know his actual condition. I certainly don't. I'll admit, I was wincing with the endless popups. I agree, however, with the poster who wants to see how he fares vs Yankees. He HAS picked it up a bit lately, so maybe it's not the time to quell (hopefully) building momentum.
  7. It's actually "Churonno" (I live there) As you say, can't complain about the outcome. Stunning, in a good way.
  8. Who thought the Twins would take 2 of 3 under these circumstances against a red hot and talented Blue Jays team? Not me, that's for sure. Super impressive. Showing lots of character.
  9. Agreed. Alcala's supposed to be back mid-June, according to injury updates. Hopefully that will help.
  10. Yeah, sure. But other right fielders (like Kepler, who's taller than Grossman) would likely have caught it. The difference between a win and a loss.
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