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  1. Yeah, sure. But other right fielders (like Kepler, who's taller than Grossman) would likely have caught it. The difference between a win and a loss.
  2. and even stuff NOT involving baseball. Didn't he chip a tooth eating a steak? I say let him do his thing. He's 10 games into a 7 year deal. How awesome is that?
  3. Easily attainable, I would think. Surprising that the Twins have never had a 30/30 player. Without checking, I'm guessing that the five 30 hr bomba squad guys did not even combine for 30 stolen bases. A healthy Buxton might even challenge the 35/35 plateau.
  4. I really think you've got to consider cool temperatures as a major factor in this low scoring season opener. I live in Toronto, and the roof was closed at the Rogers Centre, so I think the temp is 72 degrees F. And just as an aside in the game here, Jose Berrios (whoa!) and Mitch Garver (wow!)
  5. I hadn't even considered the possibility of Correa (or Gray) being dealt during the season. Bite your tongue, Tom, bite your tongue. Whatever evolves, it looks to be a very interesting ride!
  6. No, I do not. You know, when they negotiated Buxton's deal, you just had the sense there would be more to come. After Correa, I still have that feeling. Maybe the 28 man roster(through April?) buys a bit of time. The expanded playoffs too. Still, they need another quality arm sooner rather than later. It's hard playing catch up.
  7. If Buxton leads off and Arraez bats in the 2 hole, AND Buxton stays healthy.... With a typical Arraez AB, Buxton should steal many bases. Hope they give it a try.
  8. I'm reading "The Baseball 100" (Joe Posnanski) He ranks Steve Carlton #63 all time. In 1972, the Phillies actually won only 59 games, with Lefty winning 27! What an eye-popping stat!
  9. Surprised and disappointed that it's being reinstated. I'd rather see the game called a draw after 9 innings. At least that's not fake.
  10. Berrios is 6 or 7 years younger than Donaldson, and has never missed a start. Donaldson, on the other hand, has chronic calf issues, and has spent a lot of time on the IL. Even when in the lineup, he's often hobbling on the basepaths.
  11. There may be more at play than $. Age and probability of injury, obviously. For all his mentoring skills and work ethic, who knows if there was friction between Donaldson and significant unknowns. Only speculating, but possibly a factor as well.
  12. Yeah, I'd like to think that the Kiner-Falefa trade (which I like) is just a piece of the puzzle. I believe that there will be a significant pitching acquisition(s), way more than likely by trade.
  13. Man of steel....Zach Granite Greatest attribute has got to be the name
  14. Carew won SEVEN batting titles as a Twin. I think we can let him slide. And speaking of sliding, he did a lot of that too...like into the plate when he was stealing home. 7 TIMES in one season...sheesh!
  15. The other side of that coin would be Eric Davis. Healthy and productive earlier in his career, and then somewhat derailed in the second half, a la Buxton I think it is , to some extent, random. There's really only one way to go on the injury front with Buxton, and that's up. His migraines are one thing I'd be concerned about. That said, I'm betting on his cashing in on some of those incentives. Only time will tell.
  16. Yes, and he could nail a seagull with pinpoint accuracy! ( Exhibition Stadium, here in Toronto, 1983)
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