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  1. "It is better to have Correa'd and lost, than to have never Correa'd at all. " It is sad, though, that we'll never know what might have been with a full season of Correa AND Buxton.
  2. They certainly have! They've really gelled as a team. You gotta love Francona, and their radio broadcast guy is one of my favorites. With the Twins out of it, I recalibrate and focus on other baseball stuff. I'm a fan of the sport. I'm in the camp that would LOVE Arraez to nail the batting title; triple crown be damned. Go Luis. I know you can do it.
  3. I have to admit, I thought he was already deceased. Back in the day, I was a Dodger fan in the NL (though not particularly now) So the '65 World Series was a real dilemma for me. I was a huge fan of both Koufax and Killebrew. So my 13 yo mind decided that the best outcome would be to have it go to the limit , which of course happened. Sorry, I know this is supposed to be about Maury Wills. That '62 season was very special. I too, hope the stolen base has a resurgence.
  4. In a bizarre all or nothing season, Berrios has actually been pitching well of late. I think he's always been slow to adapt. Remember his horrendous intro to the majors? This time, he's had to adjust to a new team for the first time, AND a new country, with the pressure of living up to his contract. In the long run, the Jays may yet be pleased with the outcome of this trade. I don't know if Berrios spends the off season in Puerto Rico, but Toronto winters, where I live, are probably quite similar to Minneapolis
  5. How many more years in his very club friendly contract? Two, maybe? That could give him some trade value; and he is a good right fielder. But what a disappointment he's been. Apparently 2019 was an outlier.
  6. I think I see her getting loose in the pen. (vocal exercises) BUT..I'll throw in a couple more cliches - One game at a time and It ain't over til it's over
  7. Fan is short for fanatic. As irrational as it seems, I tend to maintain hope until the team is mathematically eliminated. But the more realistic side of me quoted you for a reason. Sadly, I know you are right. The Twins just don't have the horses to compete.
  8. Might be time to recalibrate expectations . Arraez at .316; second to Bogaerts .318 in AL batting race. Just a thought on Correa. Watching him play, his defense, leadership qualities, durability and stats on offense, he has been very solid. It's the contract that unfairly diminishes the perception of what in fact, has been a fine year. I'll miss him, and what a pity that there was not a healthy Buxton in the lineup along with him.
  9. Precisely! I've generally been a Baldelli supporter, but my goodness. Also , why start pulling starters out in the fifth inning. Hell, why not just forfeit, if that's the mindset. Baseball never ceases to amaze.
  10. Twins have won the season series against 4 of 5 AL East teams (with Yankees pending) This is also who the Twins are.
  11. Noticed the past week or so, Perkins has been pronouncing "Urshela" correctly. He'd been putting the accent on the first syllable. (how about that Gio!) I enjoy Bremer with Morneau. They play off each other well. Three in the booth a bit overwhelming for me. I miss Marney Gellner. Her post game player interviews were great; very authentic.
  12. If the Twins complete the Red Sox sweep tonight ( I think they will), and sweep the White Sox (I think they might), #10 will be a day game against A. Judge and Co. at Yankee Stadium on Monday. A great way to celebrate Labour Day!
  13. That IS bizarre! FYI - A.J. Pierzynski is a pretty good analyst. Opinionated, but the man knows baseball. I find the You Tube broadcasts horrendous; so staged. I mute sound, and listen to Cory Provus and (sigh) Dan Gladden.
  14. Could be a challenge with the pitching match up, but I'm in. Arraez, Miranda slumping, Correa heating up. No Polanco . Who will today's hero be? Go Twins!
  15. Occasionally, I wonder how significant the departure of Wes Johnson was to the unraveling of the team. Not only as a pitching coach, but to the Twin's management group. For what it's worth, the Twins still control their destiny regarding first place in the division (forget the wild card ) Just something to maintain interest. But, you know, a combined 0 and 10 vs the Astros and Dodgers this year. Nuff said.
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