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    Twins fan since Tony O was trying to play OF on gimpy knees, Carew played 2B, and Blyleven was the young star pitcher.

    Retired from the Air Force after 24 years.

    Grew up halfway between NY and Boston - Yankee fans are much more obnoxious than Red Sox fans. At least they were - that whole "Red Sox Nation" garbage that everyone else has borrowed might have helped tip the balance.


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    1. Jesus Christ 2. Politics 3. Baseball 4. Various lesser sports

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  1. One of my favorite GIFs. Any offense I might have taken to your comment is faked so I could use it.
  2. My first thought was "Why are they going to show a 'highlight' of him striking out?"
  3. Maybe it has something to do with the "ex" part. (100% tongue-in-cheek) Some people don't like it when former MLB players (or top level athletes in any sport) won't give it up after they can no longer compete at the top level, but I'm all in favor of it. If he wants to play and someone will have him on a pteam, let him play. I played slow-pitch softball through age 45, when my knees just would no longer allow it. When my wife asked when I was going to quit, I would tell her "when they pry my DeMarini from my cold, dead hands," but it didn't last quite that long. Now I umpire.
  4. I hope your first in-person game is a perfect one (especially the result)
  5. As soon as the catcher moved inside on Sanchez, I knew it was a mistake. I wasn't sure he would do that with the mistake, but that was a risky place to put it.
  6. I also don't necessarily disagree with you. The Twins might win Cole's start.
  7. That must have been what finally put him over the top with the HoF voters.
  8. Especially when almost everyone was all-in on Mahle at the time of the trade.
  9. Bummed that I missed the auction. They all went for reasonable prices. (And that really was a nice-looking uniform.)
  10. I like those jerseys - are they ones they use regularly (an alternate road jersey) or are they a special occasional or one-time jersey?
  11. Against the Yankees he has spent more time choking than breathing...
  12. Was this something that was planned or did something happen?
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