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    Twins fan since Tony O was trying to play OF on gimpy knees, Carew played 2B, and Blyleven was the young star pitcher.

    Retired from the Air Force after 24 years.

    Grew up halfway between NY and Boston - Yankee fans are much more obnoxious than Red Sox fans. At least they were - that whole "Red Sox Nation" garbage that everyone else has borrowed might have helped tip the balance.


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    1. Jesus Christ 2. Politics 3. Baseball 4. Various lesser sports

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  1. I think Bundy went on the COVID list. I would hope he didn't have symptoms during the game, although it's possible he was off enough to affect his performance. It's also possible getting shelled had no medical cause whatsoever.
  2. You need to find something easier to put together tomorrow night. We need to start hitting in the bottom of the first.
  3. Unfortunately, we also got the ghost of Ron Davis wearing Pagan on the back of his shirt.
  4. Yeah, you might want to dig up one of last year's threads to post that. It's hard to believe this is the same site (or the same team.)
  5. At 10 pitches per inning, there is a good chance he will be OK.
  6. I'd say 40% say "Rollie who?" You're in the remaining 10%.
  7. I hope you're wrong about needing the runs, because the goat let us down.
  8. There was a Cheers episode where Norm had just come from his favorite buffet place. Woody: Got room for a beer, Mr. P.? Norm: No, but I am willing to add on. That's the protocol.
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