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  1. There are plenty of fine prime numbers to choose from. Four Twins in the lineup right now are wearing them. Larnach (13), Kirilloff (19), Bundy (37), and Celestino (67). I'd be happy with any of those as long as Bundy doesn't turn back into a pumpkin in the next few minutes. (Celestino's 67 would work even if he does.)
  2. Trying to get him stretched out so he can throw the full batting practice session, I think.
  3. It sounds like we have quite the home field advantage on the road in Arizona.
  4. https://tv.apple.com/ I'm on my Windows laptop. Are you using a Kindle device? I guess that might not work (although I would use the browser and try anyway.)
  5. I think the Yankees are going to pull out of the stands tonight and put him in RF.
  6. Need to move the replay center to somewhere other than NY (edit - or is that just football)
  7. I didn't see much of him when he was with the Marlins, so I can't say.
  8. Maybe he can get one for his glove work at DH like Palmeiro did that one year.
  9. Wrong type of glove. The only glove he should be wearing is a batting glove.
  10. Exhibits B and C that Stanton is no longer an OF.
  11. He has my permission. (Not that I have been withholding it to this point.)
  12. I coached a lids team a few years ago - sponsored by a Firestone shop. The league gave us plain red hats. I bought a bunch of Lansing Lugnuts hats for all the kids - they looked much better, and fit the sponsorship.
  13. Except those predictions were 9 runs for the series (which we still could pull off.)
  14. Someone was trying to get ejected at the pre-game meeting
  15. Ryan? I missed that one. What happened? Edit: Disregard. I reacted before I finished reading.
  16. I wouldn't call it my preferred method, but when it's the only option left, I'll take it.
  17. Yeah, but I sure like it better when it's their announcers doin the whining.
  18. KC announcers are whining about the strike zone now.
  19. My kids got me one of these for Christmas, but judging from this thread, it's a wonder they ever have any in stock
  20. It worked for decades until it didn't work anymore, because someone did something else that worked better. We may get to a point where everyone has the same numbers ands same computer analysis, and the only tiebreaker will be one scout's eye test vs. another's. We aren't there yet (as far as I can tell), Of course, even the eye test will be video that's enhanced and analyzed by computers...
  21. I think Rocco is leaning towards Everyday Emilio.
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