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  1. My info may have been a bit out of date. Apparently the system has been tweaked and is much better than in its first season. From 2019: https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/imperfections-and-all-robo-umps-make-significant-impact-on-atlantic-league/ The ABS system is not ready for the major leagues. You can find players who say it's not ready for the Atlantic League. But if Major League Baseball is ever going to switch to a computerized strike zone, it is going to want to have gotten rid of all the bugs ahead of time. It will want to make sure that the mechanics of getting the pitches called quickly and accurately are cleared up as well. The Atlantic League's players are dealing with issues so big leaguers won't see those problems. From 2021: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/08/30/invasion-of-the-robot-umpires [Wally Backman]: “It’s gonna be in the major leagues in a lot shorter time than people think.” M.L.B. has already concluded that the device is near-perfect, precise to within fractions of an inch. “It’s going to be more accurate, it’ll reduce controversy in the game, and be good for the game,” the M.L.B. commissioner, Rob Manfred, has said.
  2. Do you think flopping in soccer makes the game more entertaining?
  3. That is probably true, but I would prefer to get the opinion of an umpire at the MLB level for this. Calling balls and strikes in high school games is easier than your average 10u game. (A 10u game with good pitchers is easier, but those are few and far between. Most of the time, I tell them 12u and above if they call me for travel ball tournaments. 10u is just brutal.)
  4. Did you take a wrong turn on the way to the Dodgers forum?
  5. Fort something that doesn't exits, we sure find a lot of it around here. I'm just adding to the pile
  6. That is the biggest issue with the technology right now. The answer is "not very well." The calculated balls/strikes are not used for the umpire evals until after the upper and lower limits of the zone are recalculated for each batter. I think it's a hurdle that can be overcome, but I don't think we are there yet.
  7. So do we make pitchers throw between the shins and the waist to Judge or from mid-thigh to the nose for Altuve?
  8. Chief is a master of multitasking and manages to do both at the same time.
  9. His two INTs that set up TDs helped contribute to the dirty feeling part.
  10. Except now there are multiple committees doing it. But if the writers did a better job, there wouldn't be a need for them.
  11. I was always a small-medium Hall guy, but as this settles in, I'm a lot happier about Tony O and Kaat getting in than I thought I would be. Beforehand, I was 50/50 on Oliva and mostly against Kaat. I've had a major change of heart. I still don't like the Hodges selection or Baines from a couple of years back, but putting two of my borderline guys in can help me overlook that.
  12. I like the selection of Oliva, Kaat, and Minoso (although Kaat should be listed as player/broadcaster, because I don't think he's in as just a player.) O'Neil must have more to his candidacy than the available Negro League stats, because those aren't terribly impressive. (I have an autographed b&w photo signed by him that I bought off Ebay about 15 years ago - 99% chance the signature is forged - but I think it's cool he got in, even if I don't know exactly why. ) All I know about Fowler is on his Wikipedia page, and that didn't do much to convince me. I don't like the Hodges selection at all. I think Schilling, Bonds, Clemens, Rolen, Helton, Sheffield, Jones, and maybe Wagner should be in.
  13. I agree and think it is realistic (although the numbers may vary.) Just to expand on what the players would want, the minimum would have to be a hard minimum with stiff penalties, and the maximum would have to be a soft cap, with penalties scaled based on the amount over the cap and the number of years over the cap (like they are now.)
  14. Except for the full no-trade clause in the deal. That shouldn't be too big a stumbling block - it the Twins decide to move on, they can probably find a team he is willing to go to.
  15. I agree. I also believe it is far more likely that Buxton will figure out how to stay healthy than trading Buxton will bring in someone of comparable talent.
  16. I guess the Yankees didn't have a bucket of baseballs handy to complete the trade.
  17. Were any of those in-season additions? I know Robles was signed during the off-season, and I think the others were as well. To be fair to MLB.com, once the Twins tanked in April and May, they were sellers and dumpster-divers, not buyers. (They acknowledged that with the O's, but could have said it for the Twins and seral other teams as well.)
  18. MLB.com published a "Every team's best in-season addition" piece yesterday. For the Twins, it was Kyle Barraclough, which struck me as both funny and fitting for the season. Maybe was can ask them to update it to Ian Gibaut instead, since he's actually on the 25-man roster. (We might have to hurry.) https://www.mlb.com/news/every-team-s-best-in-season-addition
  19. Welcome back from Tahiti (or maybe you were just ignoring the Twins, which is understandable.) They traded Berrios to the Blue Jays a month ago.
  20. You need to start laying some money down so the Twins can start winning.
  21. Hopefully it was 2019-2020 Tyler Duffey we were comparing him to.
  22. I'd take that. Stewart had a career OBP of .360, so add a few walks... I would also hope that he could become a better defender than Stewart, which isn't a particularly high bar to get over.
  23. The umpire made a bit of movement after that pitch, but it was all with his left hand. I don't think he got the call on that one, and I don't think he ever would (except maybe with a robo-ump - occasionally pitches with a sharp downward break look low to everyone except the computer.)
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