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  1. I enjoy reading about the top hitters and pitchers, great articles. Little surprised that Kirilloff didn’t make the hitters list.
  2. along the same line as the previous question....Who are your guys on the "bubble" to make the 25 Man Roster? Before and after a full 5-man starter roster.
  3. Now that Spring Training invitees are being sent down, when are assignments made or do they just go to where they ended the 2018 season and promotions happen later?
  4. The Wednesday show of 1500ESPN of Mackey & Judd’s morning show included a segment of the Twins players that are most important to the organization. They both selected their top 10 and each added two honorable mentions, basically a top 12 list. They both agreed that their selections were not a MVP list, but player importance to the organization, which translates to more about the future than current value. That distinction means that prospects that have a high ceiling or are knocking on the door have as much value to the organization as a current roster starter. Judd Zulgad wrote an article about the on-air conversation on the 1500ESPN website on Friday Article and revised his list by moving Sano and dropping him from his top 10 list to 11th. Here are their respective lists: Judd Byron Buxton Fernando Romero Royce Lewis Max Kepler Eddie Rosario B. Dozier J. Berrios Nick Gordon Stephen Gonsalves M. Sano Jake Odorizzi E. Escobar Mackey Royce Lewis J. Berrios Byron Buxton Eddie Rosario Fernando Romero Max Kepler B. Dozier Stephen Gonsalves M. Sano Nick Gordon Brent Rooker Jake Odorizzi Observations Similarity of lists- Both lists include 11 similar names with only Rooker and Escobar on only one list. Youth- Of the 13 players on both lists, 10 are 26 or younger and only three are between 28 and 31 years of age. Distribution- Nine position players and four pitchers. The only overlap of position players is shortstop or second, depending where Gordon plays. Sano- Regardless of how anyone feels about where Sano would be on a list, I think that most would agree that he would be either one or two just a couple of years ago (maybe even midway through the season last year).
  5. I think this puts an explanation mark for the new front office's off-season acquisitions!
  6. Had an opportunity to visit the complex today....sure is fun seeing baseball up close and personal again! Saw both Rodney and Gibson.
  7. Thanks for the update on who's there Bob, I enjoy the information!
  8. Oh, by the way, my beer stand is on your way to the picnic area. Almost even with 3rd base and has a sign for Best Damn Root Beer!
  9. I have to work that night..., but I work at the Saints stadium selling beer at a beer stand! Hopefully some of the Twins Daily folk will stop by and buy a beer from me!
  10. I keep thinking that May has a chance to come back as a starter after Tommy John... I also think that Santana could be traded this year or in the off-season for a young SP prospect.
  11. Max Murphy seems to come up a lot lately, is he for real or streaky and in teh middle of a hot streak?
  12. Adrianza didn't help his cause last night, going 0 for 4.
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