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  1. His at bat late in the game last night where he clearly just tried to slap the ball through the big hole on the left side shows me a lot. He knew all he had to do was get it hard enough that direction for a hit, and he did it. Soon teams will stop shifting him so much.
  2. I find it interesting people attack the hitter for taking a pitch that by the rules is a ball, but say he should try to foul it off, something this not as easy as some may think, because the ump may be wrong. In the call the other night it was off the plate, if he swings at it trying to foul it off, but misses, people would be upset he chased it off the plate and start talking about chase rates.
  3. His hitting is much better the last week. In his last 4 games played he has raised his average 30 points, OBP 26 points, slugging 57 points. It is clearly very small sample size, but his at-bats have overall looked better too. Which to me is more important than results overall. If you have a good at bat and get out pitched or unlucky I can live that, but if you have terrible at bat and just get lucky and get a hit, I will take the hit but do not feel you are improving anything.
  4. First in terms of the pitch framing, I do agree that umps do not look at the glove, but I do feel if the glove is moving out of the zone to catch a pitch, versus moving into the zone, this will influence an Ump. If the catcher is not moving at all this will influence the ump on the border line pitches too. It is not so much where the catchers glove is, as most likely the ump is blocked by the body of the catcher, but how much movement and how subtle that movement is when doing it. That will influence the ump some on the close calls, which they get right about 50% of the time. I do think much of the value of a catcher is not easy to equate. I think calling a game and setting up good targets is important. Blocking pitches is huge as a pitcher needs to trust they will do that, or they may worry to much of wild pitches or passed balls. In terms of calling a game that could come from dugout, but really the catcher knows how the pitcher is looking and what is working that day.
  5. I respect the time and effort it takes to grade out how players are doing. However, I find how a player is doing, even more so when injuries play a roll like in Lewis, it is poor way to evaluate a draft. There are many factors that go into certain draft picks, like drafting a HS kid early because you expect he will sign under slot value, so you can use that money on an over slot value later on. Unless the guy had injury concerns in say college or during high school, it is hard to fault a draft of a player only to have an injury that no one saw coming. Also, without context of who else was available around that pick, and when is your next pick. You point out Jeffers was considered a huge reach. Okay, maybe, but we did not have a 3rd round pick. So our next pick was not until Round 4. Which was pick 124. Between those picks there was 4 catchers taken. 2 has made MLB but 1 has had very small sample size, with total of 25 games over 2 seasons, but his minor league numbers suggest the very small sample will not continue. The other has half the games as Jeffers but might have more power. I do not know the defenses to compare. There was then 3 more catchers in round four that would have been available and none have made majors. Being we have little to no catching prospects, and at the time Rortvelt was only prospect we had, a catcher was needed most likely. There is not a whole lot of MLB players that were drafted after Jeffers and before our next pick, not sure how many are still prospects, but no names clearly jumped out to me. I did not do deep dive so may have missed someone. My point is though that to say we were wrong on Jeffers or it was a poor pick may not be actually true under the context of the pick. One, he may not have been around the next pick, and there may not have been a better pick out there, at least not at the catching position. He may not be an all-star or anything, but he still may be just as good or on par with any others in that draft. I am not defending every pick by any means. I was not a fan of the Cavaio pick or Sabato pick. But to just see how your pick does does not do a true analysis without seeing how other options could have been and how they panned out. Unless you can point to someone you would have drafted, at the time not after seeing how they ended up, it is hard to say it was wrong pick, even more so when the pick makes the majors. I do not know your grading scale, but looks like a C is MLB player, which is pretty low grade when 66% of 1st round picks make majors, 49% of 2nd round make majors, and only 33% of rounds 3 thru 5 make it. I would say sometimes the 1st rounds only make it as the team invested the time and money into them. Is A+ MVP path, A all-star regular, B fringe all-star, C mlb player, D AAA regular with some MLB time, and F no MLB prospect?
  6. This is very true, and there are many others like them. They are AAAA players. You see the minor league numbers and hope, but it never translates at the MLB level. That is one reason to never trust minor league numbers, but trust the organization to see what is really there. We see poor numbers and feel the player is a bust, and see great numbers and think they are on their way to stardom. However, there are reasons they get ranked where they are, and why they get moved up or not. Personally, I would not be surprised if Wallner gets dealt in a deadline deal. He is very redundant in our system. Left handed hitting bat first defense last corner outfielder. He does not have poor splits as many expect from lefty hitters, However, I think that is pretty common for good hitters in the minors and the splits really do not rise up until MLB level when they are facing the best of the best.
  7. If I recall a couple were off the plate too. I know the box is not fully accurate on the up and down, but it should be very accurate as to the width of the plate.
  8. Base stealing has a lot of components to it. Runner, pitcher, catcher, hitter. Buck has been dealing with knee issue all year, so he has been not even attempting steals, but my guess he might in big situations if needed. However, I would much rather keep him at 1st and not risk further injury for 90 feet. The rest of the team no one is even been known as a great base stealer. Maybe because we do not do it, or maybe because they are just no good at it.
  9. Personally, I could care less about the SSS numbers, Correa started off the year hitting terrible numbers wise, but he was hitting the ball hard and then eventually found the holes. I was mainly wanting to address that Alex seemed be back hitting the ball hard and unlike the beginning of season where he was hitting weak contact like every at bat.
  10. I fully agree he is good at what he does, as it pertains to framing. However, I think that skill will become obsolete sooner than later, and I think it should be obsolete. If we stick with human umps then keep on building the skill to trick umps into thinking a pitch is a strike, but when we go to robo umps, all that training and practice will go out the window as no one will care, because the computer will decide if the ball crossed in the right area.
  11. If you want to compete this year you could trade any of the top 3 mentioned and still compete, however, depending on the return, I think you make the team worse. First, with Lewis out, we would have either Arraez, Miranda, Gordon, or call up Steer to play 3rd. Gordon offers less on offense, and most likely about same on defense. Arraez and Miranda are most likely upgrade on offense but both worse on defense. Steer is a wildcard as we only have minor numbers to go off of. Kepler is great on defense, and good enough on offense that putting Larnach or Alex into that stop would need big enough consistent steps forward at the plate to know what you got. It could work out, but not sure what Kepler nets in trade. Sano will net nothing in return as no rebuilding team will take him for a rental, and no competing teams will want to slot him in as everyday guy at this point. Maybe, a mid-rebuilding team may take a flyer on Sano for the rest of the year to see if they want to pick up option, but best we get is rental of pen arm, and we most likely will need to either eat the money Sano is owed, or give up a prospect to. No way does trading Correa this year help us this year. No competing team will give up enough MLB talent to help us this year. Outside of Yankees, I do not see anyone competing that needs a SS right now and has MLB talent ready to give up. Houston maybe, because their starting SS is injured, but doubt they would give up much. Toronto may be willing, but again, what do they send us that helps us this year? Then who plays SS? It would be huge downgrade there and really closes this year as a window to compete.
  12. Okay, I know it was only 2 games, plus 1 at-bat so hard to make much of a decision. That being said, from what I saw he was looking much more like the hitter we thought he would be this year, and the ball sounded like it did last year when he was slugging the ball, and not like he did in the early returns this year. He did go only 2 for 10, actually raising his average, but the two hits were doubles. Both of which were hard hit, and most likely the two hardest hit balls he had all year, I do not have the numbers on that. I did not see every at bat, games were on too late for me, but he just looked like was a different player than he was when he was swinging when he first started the year. He took at least one tough called strike out that was right on the edge and could have been called a ball. I have always like him and hope he has learned to play with his wrist issue. We could use some pop in our line up that he could provide.
  13. It all depends on the price to get him. If the trade is for some no name low level prospect then no doubt, if the price is Buxton(which I know is very unlikely Oakland would want him) Lewis, Miranda, Ryan, and Austin Martin, then no I would not. Any player that improves the team is worth trading for, if the price is right. We all know the numbers, and they are better than some in our lineup, but if the asking price is too high then I pass because he does not push us too far, and we have a lot of possible options for next year as well.
  14. I am not going to think Bundy has turned anything around because of who he faced. That being said, great to see him save the pen a game and go deep into a game with still low amount of pitches overall. I did go to bed after we were up 9-0 so did not get to see much of the performance and he did get lucky with a few atom balls that a foot one way or another no hits. On the other hand Twins got a few hits on weak contact that found a hole, not all was weak but Arraez got one to squeeze through that a foot 1 way or another may have ended the big inning before it started.
  15. I do think Jeffers has suffered a little from the mush ball. I think he has had several balls that were caught on warning track, if the ball was 2019 ball they are most likely HR and we have a very different story to tell. Now, can Jeffers start getting the ball to fall, who knows. The biggest issue I have is that he is not a top defender or a top hitter, which means we can upgrade. I know he is great at framing, which I expect in next 2 to 3 years will be pointless as there will be an electronic zone. Then he will not be able to "steal" strikes and unless he starts throwing out runners or hitting he will not bring much. I would expect after the change in electronic zone he may change his stance to get better at throwing out runners, as right now the team has worried much more about the framing. However, base stealing, at least by my eye test, seems to be up, and his lack of throwing guys out will hurt him in future when framing does not save him.
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