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  1. Berrios is the one to give the contract to between them. I would say Buxton adds more value when he plays, but he will only play 50% of the games, if that. So I would offer Buxton shorter term contract to prove he can play a season or two healthy, or give him longer deal but for half the money you would give someone and explain you play 50% of the games so you are only worth 50% of what you could be.
  2. I can understand wanting to examine the front office after a few seasons to see where we stand, but I would also caution over reacting during a down season. I did not review all the deals over the years, but feel they have made some good, and some bad. I challenge you to find one FO that has always made all the right moves in baseball. First, for trades you cannot look at them in a vacuum of players in and players out and how each has performed since. This is because there are many things that go into a trade decisions, like pending FA, possible replacements in minors or via trades,
  3. I just want to point out that they can spend how ever much they want. There is no cap. However, if the point is how much do they have to spend and not be crazy in the red then the numbers seem accurate based on pass seasons. The thing to remember though, no team should spend on FA just because they have money. That gets teams into bad contracts. If you cannot get the guy you want for long term deal then fill what you need with 1 year deals if you can. Too often teams that want to spend used to spend big on the top FA on the market, not thinking about they may not actually be wroth top FA
  4. I will not get too excited for sweeping one of the worst teams in baseball, coming into the year this would have been expected of us. If we can get on a hot stretch though and be near .500 at the break, then I will see some hope. The problem is every time we look like maybe we have something going, we just fall flat on face again.
  5. I have said for a long time that you can never trust bullpen pitchers to be what you expect year in and year out, even stretches throughout the season. I think this has been even worse in recent years with the increased used of pen pitchers. We expect greatness from every pen guy it seems, but when you use them so much then it increases the chances they will perform poorly at least one of the times. For example. If you have the starter got 5 innings or less, even when doing well. That leaves at least 4 innings from the pen. Normally, we have been using 1 guy per inning, sometimes m
  6. Based on way he is playing I think just about any team would have interest in him, not just those four. The real question is what are the teams willing to give up in return and does it meet what the Twins want. I mean if the teams are only willing to give offensive first corner OF prospects I would say no to any team giving up that, because we have plenty of those. If we have a top SS or third base and pitching prospects with possible future defensive replacement in CF, then I would be in on that situation. In stead of telling us who would want him, which should be every team, tells us
  7. From everything I have seen and read, I am much higher on Balazovic, than I am on Duran. Duran has the velo but cannot control it. Balazovic seems much more of a pitcher that will get outs, where Duran is a thrower and yet to learn how to pitch.
  8. The spin rate based on substance issue is an interesting one. Specifically, how many teams are widely using it versus not. So many cheating sandals have happened because players had not spoken up and became the norm. After being caught players speak out saying I wish I would have said something before. Back in the day when there was very little player movement it did not benefit a player from speaking out against his own team, even in private, to play the game straight up. Now with all the player movement it does benefit hitters to tell pitchers to not cheat because maybe next seaso
  9. Relievers are very volatile bunch. They will have up and down years. Very few will be top reliever for many years in a row. Having a good stretch or season does not mean really much.
  10. The frustrating part about it all is if they just had a few more hits in key situations and a little better pitching late in games we would be in way different season. I kept having hope they would turn it around, but at this point I am convinced they will not turn it around. They will keep losing all the close games.
  11. Anyone who is not in the plans for next year or beyond should be up for trades. Even if you get very little in return, something is better than nothing, unless the team feels keeping them will help with possible development of players to replace them with.
  12. I believe location and changing of speed are the two most important part of pitching. Sliders can be good mixed with a good fastball, but fastball changeup has always been a great combo. If you can locate the changeup and have it truly look like a fastball. I think every hitter will say change in velo is hardest to adjust to. I think every pitcher needs to work on changeups, or at least learn to change speeds of pitches they throw.
  13. I am 100% with you. I personally have watched much less over the last few weeks because the play is not fun to watch. In the first couple months they lost so many games by failing to produce in key situations. I can recall at least 5 to 10 games off top of head that a poor decision or failing to make routine play has cost them games. I know you cannot always point to a single play, unless it was literally the last play of the game, that made the difference. However, late in games they have just made so many bad plays and the pen cannot get guys out in high pressure situations it seems.
  14. I would like to see Gordon get a decent shot. Not sure if it was all health, or that he just did not fit the new FO type of guy, but he really fell down the organizational depth charts. I am not expecting all star numbers from him, but I bet he could be a super utility guy for a few years.
  15. The issue with Tampa is they will not give up much of value for him. Unless we get a bidding war in trades for Cruz I do not expect much in return for him. He may have some interest but at best we will be getting a low level prospect that hopefully will be a diamond in the rough.
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