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  1. I replied with it on Twitter, but the Brian Harper giant cell phone card is up there. Also the Johan 2000 Topps Finest and Fleer Tradition rookies.
  2. I was shocked at first, but I like this move. Maybe they think Graterol's arm won't hold up or he's a reliever long term. Falvine have earned the benefit of the doubt from me, but even if Graterol turns into a stud starter in 5 years, I won't be mad for 1 second. Window is wide open, let's win now.
  3. I have no opinion except that, years ago, when Chacin was first in the majors, a friend of mine named his fantasy team "When Jhoulys Expect It." For this reason alone, I'm in favor of this signing.
  4. I love this idea. I once saw a Bret Boone Twins jersey -- jersey, not a shirsey -- at the Dome. A friend of mine has a Nishioka one he got on clearance somewhere for a couple bucks. Personally, I have Carl Pavano and Bartolo Colon shirseys that I wear regularly, along with my more standard Johan Santana one.
  5. I got one in 2000. We were sitting about halfway between home and first near the top of the lower level of the Dome. Ron Coomer hit a bullet toward the empty seat in front of me, and I reached down and caught it on the fly in my glove. The people around me even clapped! I still have it, and it's one of my favorite memories from a game.
  6. Probably the Indians. I was a big fan of Kenny Lofton back in the day, and they're such a fun team now I always root for them when they're not playing the Twins. Just wish they could get over the hump.
  7. Dozier's was to left though, it seems a little tougher to hit it out that way. A moderately hard line drive to right field goes over the fence. The whole park is ridiculous.
  8. Yeah, the Yankees are just better. It's disappointing but pretty much what I expected. Besides the false hope of the first inning, this wasn't some heartbreaker or late blown lead like so many of their Yankees postseason losses. Can we talk about that right field fence though? I think the Gregorius and Gardner homers (and Rosario's) went about 250 feet each.
  9. I didn't grow up a football fan. Got moderately into it in my 20s when Peterson broke out and paid attention to the Vikings for a few years. Agree with all the posts about concussion issues, domestic violence, NFL being a horrible organization, etc. One thing though, is the games are absolutely BRUTAL to watch. Snap the ball, action for 3 seconds, time out. Commercial. Another snap, action for 3 more seconds! Oh wait, a flag. Time out. Commercial. Rinse and repeat. I know baseball has some similar pacing problems, so maybe I'm just used to it in baseball. I also noticed, just in the shor
  10. I wonder if this season is a tryout for LaTroy and Torii with an eye on one of them maybe replacing Bert in the future. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. Bert is obviously checked out and has been for years. He only does, what, 100 games a year? He must be getting sick of it.
  11. Based on talent alone, it should be Santana, Gibson, May, Berrios as your top 4. Hughes can slot in there somewhere if he's healthy but that seems like a big if and I tend to agree that he'd be better used in the bullpen. I still can't fathom why they kept Santiago around. I'd rather see somebody like Mejia or Duffey in the rotation than watch Santiago throwing meatballs every five days. They would likely equal his numbers and have some semblance of upside.
  12. Got my ticket! At last year's Twins Fest I asked Scott Erickson if he was going to the Meltdown again (I knew he wasn't, I just wanted to chat). He tried to play along, but clearly had no idea what I was talking about, lol. I guess the appearances run together for a professional athlete after a while.
  13. Sidney Ponson. Absolutely baffling how that guy kept getting work. His last OK season was 2003. From 2004-09 he had a 5.82 ERA in 663 innings.
  14. I'm in favor of a Dozier trade, but what I'm looking forward to most are the scorching takes on Star Tribune and other sites on whatever we get back. I was just talking to a diehard White Sox fan who is PISSED about the Sale and Eaton trades. Most fans don't understand stars-for-prospects trades...
  15. They could've just filmed 80 games of the Twins media guide sitting on a table and it would've provided as much insight as Bert.
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