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  1. Because his value is at its peak. The twins and Berrios seem miles apart. We’re not actively trying to trade him. As the reports said they’re asking price is sky high. You’re looking to be blown away. An offer you can’t refuse.
  2. Absolutely! If they can get a premiere SS I’m game. My gripe is with the starry eyed perspective of getting a SS destined for third or the corner OF prospect. If we can pry Abrams I’m ecstatic! Or a true pure CF. Other than that we need top flight pitching prospects! Stat!
  3. I say no to all of these. If we’re trading Berrios we need at least 2 high ranking pitchers back. Why are we wanting corner infielders and outfielders? Our problem is pitching and we’re trading our best. We should be getting back 3 SP’s if not more. Yeah, it’s nice to get other teams top prospects but we have way more than enough outfielders for sure. Did we not just see the Cruz trade? Unless it’s a Buxton type outfield prospect we should not be the least interested.
  4. Ding ding ding! Couldn’t agree more. This had to happen. Also, this should be the first in a long line! We need to load the system with pitching so we’re not calling up the Derrick laws of the organization. If we’re gonna develop a lights out bullpen we need electric stuff flowing out of AAA. Maybe these 2 are both back of the rotation filler and that’s fine. But we need an overflow of young “stuff” guys to take the role on or we will be relegated to mediocrity in building a bullpen.
  5. Agreed. At this point let’s give up on the Sano experiment. Let’s give Rooker the rest of the DH ab’s the rest of the season and see how he fares. Now that the trades have begun let’s get some more call ups and see what we have in the kids! Agreed though, I value Arraez as maybe the most exciting player on this team when Buxton is out. Which to this point has been pretty much his whole career
  6. Great trade for both teams! It had to be done and for Cruz as a rental we got some quality pieces to next years puzzle. 2 guys who have a legit shot at the rotation next year! Let’s keep shopping!!!
  7. Yes! This is what I’m saying! People enamored by Megill should remember and think about this comp! I’m not saying he doesn’t turn into a good SP. I’m just saying that his track record shows nothing of him being a dominant top of the rotation starter. If I’m getting him as the headliner with a few down the road lottery tickets that seems like a recipe for disaster if I’m trading my best top of the rotation pitcher at max value
  8. I guess I’m not a scout but it’s a small sample size and for Berrios I’m just not impressed yet with the return. Maybe he becomes the best pitcher in mlb. But his track record makes me wonder and I’m not sure I pull that deal at this time.
  9. I’m not sure it does but if my package is Allen, Dominguez and Megill or even add Mauricio in there for good measure. If that’s the package for Berrios I’m keeping Berrios for next year. If they keep him you know they’ll get offers for him over the winter and next year. It’s just that he’s more valuable right now. So if his value is at its height and that’s the package I’m getting I’m saying no and taking my chances. That’s what I’m saying. This package is very underwhelming
  10. True, but are we really getting excited over an Allen, Dominguez, Megill trade for Berrios? I’m not. I’d take Berrios in ‘22 and let him walk for the comp pick in that scenario.
  11. I just don’t see a trade scenario where the Twins get true immediate value for next year. Out of all the teams that could conceivably be in on Berrios the Mets are probably at the bottom. It’s nice to have them in the bidding war but really you’re hoping the Jays, dodgers and Padres get into a bidding war for him. That’s the ideal scenario I think
  12. On baseball trade values I just threw in your guys you stated on here and a few others and it’s still miles apart. Could you hope you catch lightning in a bottle with this group? Sure! But unless you put Rocker in there as a ptbnl there’s really no one in their system that says it’s a no brainer. Unless magically we get Syndergaard already signed to a super team friendly deal included in there. I’m not keen on trading with the Mets unless they literally offer the whole system dang near haha
  13. We’ve all known it since the rumblings years ago about extensions not being done with Berrios. This guy is betting big on himself and that’s fine. This guy needs to be traded and we need to get some legit prospects for him. His value will never be higher than in the next week. Let’s stop thinking he’s staying and let’s take the haul and hope we hit on 50% of the prospects we get back
  14. I’d take the dodgers trade. With San Diego I’d replace Hassell with Gore. I don’t care how he’s pitching right now. He’s a stud and that’s who you want. If I can’t have Gore then I want Abrams. The twins absolutely do not need another outfielder. Especially one who’s so far away at this point. If I’m having to trade Berrios and Rogers I don’t want an outfielder as the centerpiece. You’ve either got to have a potential elite SP or the potential elite SS. If we get the SS Royce Lewis goes to centerfield. If we get the SP Lewis still goes to CF. Cause let’s be honest. That’s his destiny. Unless Buxton signs the long term deal in which case Lewis is still playing half the season there anyways
  15. I’ve gotta think that if it’s even close to a reasonable deal with all the incentives Buxton has to take the deal. Unless he’s willing to push all of his chips on the table and believe that he’s gonna A. Play more than 120 games next year. B. Play even close to what he has this year in limited action and C. Convince a team that he’s got say 6-7 seasons left of 25+million worth of value left in his body. All based on the menial number of games he’s played this year and years before. He’s gotta take the twins deal. Maybe like I said he’s seriously pushing everything into the middle for next season.
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