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  1. Looks out of place to me. As in maybe it’s time to let him shine somewhere else
  2. Why would we trade proven guys just to give opportunities for unproven guys? It sets a bad example for signing future solid free agents and trading Donaldson sets a bad example for a guy like Buxton by telling him we’re not gonna even try anytime soon. The more guys we have as depth the better if we’ve learned anything this year. The more major league hitters we have the better as well. Why let one guy go just to try and get a different guy of the same caliber? I’m not getting the reasoning
  3. Ok, and we’re gonna demonize him in this space? A baseball blog? Are you really gonna be that guy in this space? Cause you’re proving to be “that guy!” The guy who brings in political arguments to a sports blog space and then you virtue signal that you’re doing it for “everyone else.” Give me a break bro! Go watch cnn and keep your BS out of this space. For the good of everyone who loves baseball and wants to talk baseball. Your taking a stance that’s just legitimizing yourself for everyone else to know who you are rather than even thinking about that the player may have a reason. Or an opinion. Basing on stats that because this guy said something controversial to your opinion he should lose his job? It’s no different than cancelling someone for saying something contrary to what you think. This is a terrible topic to post on here as it was libel to cause people with no brain to add charged subject material into a conversation regardless the player’s character. So how about we stop being terrible people and just stop this thread from going any further? Or are we gonna be those people?
  4. I believe Simmons is a great role model for his years in baseball, his defensive prowess, and he seems like a guy who has added stability at SS. Something we haven’t seen in years. Even with his comments it is his opinion and even in these times he has a right to voice his concerns about a product which failed him. I’m sure he’s disappointed that a product that was spread as a cure all has now prevented him from being a worthwhile member to the team at this point and has become a detriment and he doesn’t want to be the guy. His demeanor on the field shows that he loves the game regardless of his stats and that is the type of character the twins should welcome. It sounds like he got the vaccine and still contacted the variant which is seeming to be a nationwide problem. Instead of politicizing this we should welcome this. He is voicing his opinion and is obviously disheartened by this being the competitor that he is. People should speak out. It’s everyone’s right and instead of being ostracized we should listen. Simmons is a ball player. He feels sorry. But it’s not his fault. He’s a ball player. He’s trying his best and he still does pretty good defensively. I just hate where this topic is going and wanted to add this as andrelton Simmons is not the enemy. He’s a Twin. That is what we are here to talk about. I can believe he’s added a lot to this team and I’m not gonna look at the X’s and O’s Of this. Let’s talk baseball. Eh?
  5. Maybe this is satire. Maybe not. But I think this is a very disingenuous article not meant to be in this blog about baseball. Whether he is good or not does it really matter? Anti vax? Vaccinated? Who cares. I want to hear about legitimate baseball. These are highly politicized terms that mean nothing in this space. Or shouldn’t mean anything in this space. Or really others for that reason other than medical journals. In this day in age of cancel culture and censoring, taking political stances in a baseball blog and delegitimization of people based on baseball stats and baseball production seems icky. Why this is even tolerated in this space makes me want to walk away. No reason to get into these topics on here. This is supposed to be a place to get away. Devoid of political theatre. A place for enjoyment. If we’re gonna be doing this here then I guess this place is destined to become espn.com. Maybe that’s the goal? There’s already enough ad pop ups for it.
  6. I loved the pick of petty!!! His swag, confidence, high energy, high upside, electric arm! Everything! He’s the antithesis of everything about the TR years and the epitome of the very thing going forward! He’s got 2 mlb pitches right now it looks like. If he can clean up his delivery and add an average changeup(or splitter) he’s got the stuff to move fast and be a legit #1 or #2
  7. I would agree with you on most of this. I’m of the camp that every 1st round pick should be a high ceiling type of pitcher. I was dissatisfied with drafting sabato last year when there were hs arms available. This year I think we should have taken another HS pitcher instead of Noah Miller. I’m in the same camp as you pretty much. I only disagreed with the fact that you’re saying they haven’t developed one yet this year. I don’t know where the #1 was coming from this year in general as there wasn’t one to develop this year in the mlb that is. As far as drafting and signing high upside arms early and often. I think the twins should draft high upside arms with the first 3 picks every year. How do you increase your chance of winning the lottery? You buy lots of tickets!
  8. How do you develop #1, #2 types up to the majors when they are not to that point yet? Falvine and Co. are just supposed to take ober, Jax, beau f’n burrows and make them into aces? Come on man. Stop being so negative. Takes years to develop a prospect. Also with a whole lost season. Really?
  9. Well, when you lose a full season of development you’re probably gonna lose a year of development. It’s amazing our prospects are where they are at this point. How long did we let TR kick the can down the road with his old school thinking when Oakland and Boston were heavy in metrics in the early 2000’s? Give it another 3-5 years to let the system come through then judge. I do get annoyed and think TR is like the wizard of oz when we’re signing the happs and shoemakers of the world. And it seems gardy is on the bench giving Derek law and beau burrows innings. I think that’s just how baseball is because every team does that. I think people get stuck in an echo chamber when it comes to their teams. I think we’re getting there though. Give it time. Let their “recruiting” classes become upperclassmen and then decide whether the plan succeeded or failed. Let’s just hope they don’t draft a 1B or corner OF with the top 10 pick they’re getting next year. Unless he’s the next spencer torkelson. The system has changed a few mediocre draftees into fieldable players. Let’s get a few more through and see what happens
  10. Oh dang! Ok. I thought I might have seen that but thought it was only last year. Well, I guess they’ll have to DFA a few then. Cut the fat out to get some young guys up to get ab’s and innings
  11. For the rest of the season let’s test out the young guys! Get burrows and coulombs out. Bring in Ryan and winder. Once the roster expands in September bring up Martin, Balazovic, sands, vallimont, heck why not even woods-Richardson for a few September innings. Give them a taste. We’re gonna need these guys next year so we need to stop worrying about selling tickets this year and get these young guys reps!!!
  12. I’m still trying to figure out why the twins drafted sabato. He had better start drawing lots of walks and lots of dingers so we can package him in a trade for a pitcher! Haha
  13. We got mlbtv free through T-Mobile so we’ve watched a lot of baseball this year. If not for the free baseball we would’ve dumped T-Mobile long ago. We’re cord cutters in TN so we haven’t watched the twins in ages. I could take em or leave em. Mostly watching The division races but the twins are still entertaining. Btw “F” T-Mobile. Unless you’re in a city the Internet seriously doesn’t work lol
  14. And he’ll probably be there at 5 since it sounds like he’s not going back to Vanderbilt. I’d take rocker if he’s there. Like gunnarthor said I’d probably take the top college pitcher that’s available. No more OFs unless he has true Buxton potential. Same with SS. If he’s not a lock to stick take the pitcher instead.
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