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We will discuss all of the moves the Twins front office SHOULD make.  How the Twins can build perennial contenders

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Top 3 FA Rule 5 moves for Twins

With the deadline for finalizing 40 man roster in advance of the Rule 5,  There are some very cheap, low risk high reward type players out there.  These are right in teh Twins wheelhouse.  Gamble on the cheap and see if you hit the lottery. So the first one isn't a FA or rule 5 but he is the type of player that COULD be.  1B/OF Dom Smiht of the Mets.  Dom is a GG caliber 1B.  This kid actually CAN hit. He has just never been given consistent ABs in a consistent position in the field being b

Lets go big!!

There have been a number of wild posts that are not based in any sort of reality. This is another of those. Twins should sign Verlander, Correa (I would prefer Turner but let's stick with Correa), and Judge. Because of course it is only that easy.  lol...   But.., they CAN afford it. Reason #1,  Verlander's deal will be no more than 3 years, so that will come and go before you know it and not impact long-term roster building.  the other 2... well that is a different stor

1st MLB Draft Lottery this year, but there is a better way

I believe I had shared this thought last year, If I hadn't., I thought I'd throw it out there for your thoughts While a draft lottery for the top 6 positions is at least a start to preventing tanking, still there is an incentive to losing. Albeit not as great as before, btu ask any team, would you rather have a16.5% chance (like teams with worst records) or a 0.9% chance like the Twins have.  I am guessing any GM that wants to rebuild will take the 16.5% chance and tank.  The way to prevent tank

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Hot Stove

Carlos Correa Option. Would this be legal?

I am not an expert on the MLB CBA, but I am wondering if something like this would be legal... Could the Twins and Correa come to an agreement where he opts in for 2023, and teh Twins agree to allow him to negotiate with other teams for a long term contract?   Hasnt something like this happened before with disgruntled (not the case with Correa, he just wants long term deal) players who "demand trades"?  Maybe it is only in other sports, like NBA, but I could swear I remember stori

High Marks??

OK, Honestly I really do not enjoy being critical or a pessimist.  But I nearly did a spit-take when I saw Dave St Peter give the Twins FO and "Falvine"   "High Marks".  Seriously, from what benchmark can you give this FO high marks? Can you blame them for the injuries and the failures down the stretch?  Well yeah, at least a little bit. They trade for TWO starting pitchers that had injury histories.  Anyone could see Paddack's injury coming, and it was called here and many other places at

OK, not Twins, but ... Judge V Ohtani? Who ya got?

Both Judge and Ohtani are having potentially historic seasons, which one would you give MVP to? Judge: Has hit 60, will break the AL (and TRUE) HR mark of 61.  He also while absolutely running away with HR and RBI title could be having a triple crown season. Leads league in... HR, RBI, BB, AVG (as of yesterday), OBP, SLugging, OPS, WRC+, XBH, WAR, and has 16 SB. plus Yankees are in 1st place, with him being the major reason why.   Ohtani: While "just" a DH when

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Season So Far

Why no heart? THIS is why... Continuation Discussion

Everyone has their own opinions, and I LOVE debating each side. In discussion one commenter (Seth Stohs) Who I love reading his stuff and so should you!!! look up his posts they are great!!!  basically asked "what does "no heart" look like on TV"?   Well, win or lose against teh Angels tonight we are being shown the answer.  Yes people can make errors. That is not playign without heart, but allowing errors to compoun dis a part of that.   I luned in late, and literally t

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Season So Far

This team has no heart

For those of you who have read any of my previous posts, I may at times be critical of decisions being made, whether that is Falvine, or Baldelli.  I NEVER get personal. Watching the last few weeks though there is only one way I can describe this team. This team has NO HEART!!! I am not in the locker rooms and I am sure the players are "trying their best" but their is zero heart on this team.   Yes there have been a ton of injuries, Yes we have back ups to the back ups in some pos

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Season So Far

Where's Wallner?

see what I Did there?   OK #1 most likely already been done tons of times, and B... yeah not the best one either way. hehe   ANYWAYS... The Twins continue to lose position players at a fairly regular clip.  Sano came back and was immediately done for the season, no big loss, but it was still a 40 man spot. Larnach has been down for over a month, and most likely not back until September, and will he need time to find his groove again??  Garlick was doing well then rib car

Soto trade fallout

Is there an opportunity for some future considerations as a result of the Soto trade to the Padres? Eric Hosmer had declined a trade, and now with Soto and his $ coming on, just how desperate are the Padres to move his contract?  He is still a decent player. The Padres have given up a ton to get both Soto and Bell, this creates a huge logjam for their roster. Just how badly do the Padres want to resolve this?   What if a team would take on Hosmer's deal if they throw in  a Ja

Twins need a new pair of Sox

You like that one? you see what I did there?   Yeah I know  to be honest not really a fan of that pun either, but it fits so it stays. Twins are proving (and rightly so) that we are not in the running for any REAL  big name FA.  We just do not have the prospects or young players to move...Unless you want to try and flip Correa since he aint coming back and hope to sell AND contend.    With just a 1 game lead in the division, and little chance of a WC if we lose the division, Twins

Could Buxton go to the IL? (Friday July 29)

Not sure what will happen, top of the 6th.  Will Buxton coem out of the game? they are down a ton so I am guessing he will be taken out for "rest" since the game is out of hand,    BUT beware!!!! If you DVR the game watch his AB in the 6th.  he reinjures the knee on the second pitch of the AB. He CLEARLY injures the knee on the swing. Then in every subsequent pitch he is flexing it, bending it, doing little jumps and he cant seem to handle any pressure/torque on the knee especiall

Am I LOOKING for a complaint???

Maybe I am just looking for something to gripe about after another walkoff loss.  I got off work only to walk into the bottom of the 9th.  in a 6-6 game there are probably NUMEROUS things you could point to that could have lost the game. And what I am pointing to is probably LEAST valid among the reasons for the loss, it is more of a philosophical complaint. Why do you use biggest bullpen arm in the 8th of a 6-6 game on the road as opposed to the 9th??? Now sure if Duran had a quick 8t

Correa for Soto???

Is there a rationale for the Twins to get into the Juan Soto sweepstakes??   While I am not officially predicting this ( I have retired from teh predicting game immediately after predicting the Correa signing... going out undefeated!!  hehe). There COULD be a path to Soto.   First, The Twins inked Correa to a 3 year deal at $35.1M AAV. Assuming the Twins would be comfortable if Correa would opt in to those last 2 years, and were being used SOLELY as a leverage play, that

Sano related moves.

We have talked about the scenario the Twins will be in once Sano and his rehab stint come to an end. Well that time has come. There is clearly only one move. But before we go there, lets take a quick look at why it is the only clear choice. MOVE SANO?: We could just DFA Sano. There is no way this happens his "potential" is still just too teasing.  We will also not trade Sano, as his trade value is absolutely rock bottom. No contending team will roll the dice on him if it means giving u

Twins Draft for immediate bullpen help

The more and more sources I speak with, the more I am convinced the Twins will be taking pitcher Kumar Rocker at #8 in the draft Saturday. Is this picking based on NEED vs best player? maybe, But I still like the pick.  Assuming his shoulder is good to go then he would be a nice pick. He was at one point he was in the running for 1.1 last year. Ultimately going #10 to the Mets. SO assuming health, he is a legit top 10 pick. Combine that with the fact that the Twins need significant upgrades

All Star Changes Open Letter to Rob Manfred

OK Twins fans, lets see if we can get some unique ideas on how to improve the MLB All Star experience. You are the Commissioner for a Day, You can make unilateral decisions on the All Star Game (OK I know he can't, but let's pretend). Here are a couple of mine. 1) a hitting "skills" competition.  MLB has the HR Derby which is the equivalent to the Slam Dunk contest. But what is MLB's Skilsl Competition? How about a point based challenge with team and individual winners. Batte

Sano Situation

OK, with Sano on rehad assignment that means we are getting closer to decision time. After going 0-3 in his first game he now has an exciting slash line of .313/..421/.750 for a 1.171  OPS.  with just TWO strikeouts in 18 ABs!!!!! PRETTY EXCITING!!!  Except for the fact that it against Rookie League talent, so this should be the expected baseline. Still it is better than  the alternative.   SO... What are the plans for when he returns?  Kirilloff is starting to hit. Mira

How do you solve a problem like Correa?

If you get the headline 3 points for you!!   Obviously Correa is ZERO problem.  BUT he is a bit of a conundrum.  There were some level or reporting earlier that Correa may have been interested in signing long term.  This had to have been pure hope.  He never considered it.   The "Problem"  though is...   Do the Twins treat him like a 1 year flier, and "make a run" this year and let him walk?  or do they see if they can get top dollar in a trade? Problem #1: Keep and cont

Is there a Catching issue?

I have never been a HUGE Jeffers fan, but at the same time I have never been anti-jeffers. but as this season goes on, I have to wonder what the best decision is to fix our catching. Or does it need fixing? The Twins are exactly middle of the road when it comes to team ERA, and for the Twins that is a huge win!!  We do not have aces to rely on, or stud bullpens, so being 15 out of 30 is quite acceptable. A certain amount of that has to go to the catching. so in that aspect you have to give

Rocco Baldelli: Hero or Villian?

Twins fans, like most fans tend to have a hot/cold, love/hate relationship with coaches/managers. What exactly is the Baldelli Lama? IS he a wunderkind for babying and piecing together a top 10 starting rotation getting the max results from a bunch of #3s or #4s? Will he end up looking like a genius by not letting starters go past 70 pitches regardless of results? With the delayed start to the season, OBVIOUSLY no pitcher should be able to go past 4 2/3 or touch 80 pitches per game rig

Premature Consternation

The Twins are in 1st place in the AL Central by 4.5 games, yet there is creeping concern everywhere regarding the Twins future. Are all of the sweaty palms  and consternation? is it an overreaction to just a bad stretch against a bad team? Are the Twins about to lose their hold on 1st place with us playing the AL East while Cleveland gets Baltimore, Texas, and Oakland?   Lets take a look at some of the concern in Twins Territory and see what we think. 1) Our offense. Before l

A great problem

While it is still quite early and anything can happen for good or for bad, it looks like the Twins will be contending all year long. We have a potntial great problem to have. Is Lewis Legit? and if so what do we do there? The Twins will need pitching help along the way, as mentioned before our rotation consists of either unproven pitchers or reclamation projects with nearly all of them coming off of year(s) with very low innings. With Paddack already out for the season, Bundy strugglin

I choose to see the Twins Roster Half Full

If this is not the definition of the AL Central I do not know what is. Twins in 1st place!!!  with a.500 record. Just a couple of weeks in I think it is important to take a look at a significant season milestone. May 1st.  May 1st is when the "skinny mirror" gets replaced with a normal one.  You know those skinny mirrors, those mirrors that make you look skinnier, or "better" than you actually are.  While I am very happy to be in first place, and I am thrilled, and surprised with the Twins

Help me understand the Paddack move

This article is not meant for me to give MY opinion, I have done that in a previous post. This is to beg the fan base out there to help me understand how this move makes any sense except to cut costs (yet we are also sending cash considerations to SD as well). I liked Rooker, even though he is an "old" young guy and not much of a fit here. I don't have an issue moving him though. My question is why move an All-Star Closer who is a significant clubhouse presence and a fan favorite for a
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