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We will discuss all of the moves the Twins front office SHOULD make.  How the Twins can build perennial contenders

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Fire Tingler and the Trainer IMMEDIATELY

I hope the injury to Royce Lewis is not as bad as I fear.  That was NOT "Hamstring tightness".   ANYOEN/EVERYONE watching this game saw it, and I am guessing we all let out a simultaneous  "OH F---"!!!!!!   How could they not see it? Was anyone else as enraged as I was when listening to Tingler explain the injury?  I do not have it recorded so I will be paraphrasing, but when asked about if the injury running down to first on the previous at bat had anything to do with it, he says

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Go watch Buxton rehab in CF TONIGHT!!!

OK this is less of a blog and more of a thread,   BUT... Tonight's Saints game should be a super fun game to go to!!! Buxton playing 7 innings of CF. Plus with the Twins having a Nooner today, there is a great chance you can catch a good number of Twins players attending the game to watch and support Buxton!! Great photo/autograph opportunities tonight in St Paul  

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Could Ohtani UCL open the door for the Twins?

OK, so the obvious... or at least INITIAL knee jerk reaction is NO!!  BUT... lets take a deeper look at the affordability and the functionality of Ohtani on the Twins. First off the affordability.  Ohtani is incredibly affordable at ANY price. Ohtani is the unique player that almost pays for himself.  The increased revenue he brings to ANY team will offset a good chunk, if not all, of his salary.   Secondly the Twins can have some decent salaries coming of the books. Using 2022 salarie

Confessions of a confused Twins fan

I have to confess I do not know how to feel about the lack of movement at the deadline.  I am glad we did not give up quality prospects in order to secure average MLB talent that will not significantly impact this years results. At the same time it is very disallusioning (is that a word?) to see we did absolutely NOTHING to address the blatant issues we have with this offense. This disallusionment (again is that a word) makes me seriously consider how I want the rest of the year to go.  Am

Last Minute trade moves

Here is a flurry of moves for the Twins in the last few hours.   #1 Trade for Justin Verlander.  Yes he has huge dollars attached, and yes he is old, but he is still JV!!! HE would be a great addition just by HIS performance, but the work ethic he can show our young guys and develop that mentality would be a huge boost.  WE trade Emmanuel Rodriguez. Yes he is supposedly untouchable, but how many other "can't miss prospects" have actually turned out for the Twins.  Scherzer return was "Just"

How do you solve the upcoming infield glut?

My apologies for the repetitive posts, but as I was finishing my recent post I realized just how challenged the Twins will be shortly.  so many potential answers I am wondering what YOUR moves are? Of course injuries and such always come nto play to resolve most issues, but.. sometime in teh near future the Twins will have a glut of players. Notice I didnt say a glut of All-Star calibur players, but a glut of players none the less. OF:  There is the usual backlog of Gallo, Kepler, Wall

How is this for a 3 way trade

This trade will help us on the periphery (did I spell/use that word correctly??)  LOL. Willi Castro has shown the importance of speed. The Angels are now keeping Ohtani and will be buyers (and will need pitching) The Yankees need an upgrade at 3B!! What ties these three things together?   Well a creative trade of course!!! YANKEES GET: Anthony Rendon from the Angels ANGELS GET: Josh Donaldson from the Yankees, Kyle Farmer and a starting pitcher.  maybe Dallas Kuchle

Is the Twins window slamming shut?

Luckily we play in the AL Central, but is the Twins window of opportunity to contend slamming shut? What will this team look like next year?  and no I am not looking to next year already!!  hehe, I am looking at next year to help determine what moves should be done at the trade deadline THIS year. our FA after this year... Joey Gallo (should be released anyways, but no way he is back next year) Max Kepler (see above) Michael Taylor.. HE has been a great signing, maybe we

2nd half moves

Does this FO, and Field Manager realize their jobs are the line? OR is this just a situation fo ..."thou doth protest too much"?  The insistence that the cures to our offensive woes are currently on this team are baffling. Of course you need to publicly back your guys... to a certain extent. You cannot continue to back your guys as they are setting ALL TIME strike out records, and other standards of offensive ineptness of historical nature.  So what do we do? and who is available? I am not

Recent trades and potential future moves

Hindsight is 20/20. Who knew our offense would be THIS pathetic? Plus we did need to improve our pitching. but lets take a look at some recent trades and the impact of each. Lets get the big one out of the way early here.  Arraez for Lopez.  You have to give something to get something, and yes I think we all knew we were giving away the probable2023 batting champ, seriously??? .400???  Just imagine what he would be doing in our lineup?!?!!!  He would most likely be playing 1B so lets take a

Are we... TOO good?

I have come to the conclusion, as many other have very recently that the Twins are simply TOO good.   Is there another league we could be promoted to? I mean fo rthe fairness of all other MLB teams? Could we petition MLB to allow for a 10th and 11th position in the lineup? Hands have now been officially and sufficiently wrung with regards to how to get even more 1st ballot unanimous HOF players into this already legendary lineup. It was tough enough to find any spot for the histor

Bailey Ober needs to be a Primary Starter!!

The Twins will need all of their starting pitching depth, and then some more than likely.  Even the healthiest teams use 6-7 starters over the course of a full season.  Factoring in recent injury woes for Twins pitchers and one thinks the Twins will use 6-7 starters easily this year. But lets assume the Twins keep a 5 man rotation.  With the Twins most likely using 6-7, there will still be 4-5 "Primary starters".  and 2-3 that will either be short term starters, sporadic starters, or spot starte

Who's on 1st

First off, it is very sad to see a fun, popular, and "kid friendly" player such as Arraez get moved. As has been said in many other places though, it was the right baseball move. Has enough time passed where we can ask what the impact will be on the roster?  if so... What is the impact of the Luis Arraez trade on the roster??  hehe Obviously 2 big areas are immediately impacted.  DH & 1B Who's On 1st? Obviously you have to start with Kirilloff. You would assume it is his to lo

Twins talks w/ Correa have "begun to accelerate"???

Sorry for the quick double post, but just read an article at MLBtraderumors.com   that Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes have both reported this.  OK, so lets assume this happens.. what is the trickle down? #1 I say we go and also sign Nelson Cruz. pair them up!!! they both love Miranda and want to work with him!! :) But for those already on the team what does it mean? What does it mean for current future infield? We just traded for Kyle Farmer, does this now mean we will look to f

Correa/Mets Deal Updated

So as I was thinking about my off teh wall deal to benefit from and help the Mets secure Carlos Correa, I thought of a way that a trade would be legal under current rules (presumably) The end result is still the same. it allows the Mets to offset the risk of the final couple of years of Correa's 12 year $315M contract due to the ankle. Currently there are deals that include PTBNL.  Currently the CBA allows for "cash considerations" to come into play to help offset the cost of sala

3 Moves still available for the Twins this off season

This is all of course predicated on Correa staying in New York. Also a couple of these moves are related to each other. #1 Trading redundant players. Not breaking any news here. Kepler and even Arraez have both been mentioned as trade candidates. Especially after the Joey Gallo signing. Yes the Twins could very easily keep Kepler and go with an OF of Kepler, Buxton, Gallo. AND if they feel Kepler will have a strong season with the shift rules changes, then the best move is to keep him and p

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins Offseason Moves

Gallo.. 2 day lookback

I think it is only fair, after taking a step back, and letting things sink in a bit and let calmer heads prevail to review the Gallo singing after a 2 day "calming down" period. Thoughts on the signing after more deliberate thought process...  Same as the original. Bad signing!!  But may be not AS bad, and maybe not for all of the same reasons. First we have to ask ourselves... If Gallo singed for a 1 year $3M deal, would this signing look any different? I think a lot of people may eve

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Joey Gallo?

I am sure at this point WHOEVER the Twins woudl go and sign a good chunk of us will complain.  At least it is a move, but does it really make sense? Gallo does not change the trajectory of the Twins, he could be decent, he could be good, but if he doesnt change the trajectory, is there really a reason to sing him? Don't we already have logjam... or at least a good number of options for OF/DH spots? Larnach, Kirilloff, Kepler, Wallner,   We have Garlick (expendable) on the roster, we ha

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Twins next move... Punt

No, the sky is definitely not falling, but a an organization it might as well be. the Twins are in the worst place possible an organization could be. in between reload and rebuild. I will try and stay on point and not go down the hole of Correa, but in all honesty it was a huge reality check. As much as the Twins wanted to make it seem like they actually COULD compete with other teams in the FA market, they simply can't... or maybe won't. The Twins 10 year $285M is typical "Twinspeak" for "we we

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

the Anti- Correa move

More and more it is looking like the "Nuclear Option" is the only way the Twins will ever improve. With rumors now circulating of Yankees in on Correa as well as other big spenders, and rumors circulating about a $400M contract. the Twins must SPRINT to the door and get out!!!  That is very sad, as I was actually thinking the Twins actually get a decent deal done around the $300-320M mark.   I had shared an option in previous posts, and it nwo onyl seems even MORE the right way to

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Top 3 FA Rule 5 moves for Twins

With the deadline for finalizing 40 man roster in advance of the Rule 5,  There are some very cheap, low risk high reward type players out there.  These are right in teh Twins wheelhouse.  Gamble on the cheap and see if you hit the lottery. So the first one isn't a FA or rule 5 but he is the type of player that COULD be.  1B/OF Dom Smiht of the Mets.  Dom is a GG caliber 1B.  This kid actually CAN hit. He has just never been given consistent ABs in a consistent position in the field being b

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins Offseason Moves

Lets go big!!

There have been a number of wild posts that are not based in any sort of reality. This is another of those. Twins should sign Verlander, Correa (I would prefer Turner but let's stick with Correa), and Judge. Because of course it is only that easy.  lol...   But.., they CAN afford it. Reason #1,  Verlander's deal will be no more than 3 years, so that will come and go before you know it and not impact long-term roster building.  the other 2... well that is a different stor

1st MLB Draft Lottery this year, but there is a better way

I believe I had shared this thought last year, If I hadn't., I thought I'd throw it out there for your thoughts While a draft lottery for the top 6 positions is at least a start to preventing tanking, still there is an incentive to losing. Albeit not as great as before, btu ask any team, would you rather have a16.5% chance (like teams with worst records) or a 0.9% chance like the Twins have.  I am guessing any GM that wants to rebuild will take the 16.5% chance and tank.  The way to prevent tank

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Hot Stove

Carlos Correa Option. Would this be legal?

I am not an expert on the MLB CBA, but I am wondering if something like this would be legal... Could the Twins and Correa come to an agreement where he opts in for 2023, and teh Twins agree to allow him to negotiate with other teams for a long term contract?   Hasnt something like this happened before with disgruntled (not the case with Correa, he just wants long term deal) players who "demand trades"?  Maybe it is only in other sports, like NBA, but I could swear I remember stori
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