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Buxton and the Bullpen help Twins improve to 2-0. My 6-4-3 about Saturdays game.

2-0. That's been the theme of the 2023 season so far, for the 2023 Twins. Two days after defeating the Royals 2-0 behind two runs in the 6th inning, and some very timely infield defense, the Twins managed to scrape across runs and turn it over to the bullpen. Sound familiar? Here is my 6-4-3 on Saturday's 2-0 victory. Six things or players who stuck out to me, during today's game. Four things I really liked to see, and updates on three former Twins who had a good day! • Byron Buxton remain

Make believe 2023 Minnesota Twins. Game 2.

Simulated Game 2 -- Twins 6 Royals 1. Twins Record 2-0 Twins Win at Kansas City, 6-1 The Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. The Minnesota Twins beat the Kansas City Royals, 6-1, at Kauffman Stadium. Starting pitcher Pablo Lopez was a big reason why. He held his opponent in check all game. Lopez, the winner, moves to 1-0. He threw 6 innings of 3-hit ball, while fanning 5 and giving up 1 walk. Minnesota took a 6-1 lead on Christian V


jlarson in Twins

Opening Day

I'm two days into the Kansas City trip, and I've learned several important things: 1. When given a choice of 4-rib or full slab at Arthur Bryant's, take the over...then take a nap. 2. Game 1 had about 200 Twins fans in attendance, and I think I managed to talk to most of them. And they are all awesome! Keep an eye out for some of their pics and stories in my series wrap blog on Monday. 3. Even the Royals fans didn't expect to win. Opening day prices were jacked up 300%, and still

Welcome to the make believe 2023 Minnesota Twins. Game 1.

M I have always been a big fan of simulations. I thought simulating each Minnesota Twins game this season and comparing it to the real world would be fun. OOTP baseball is a baseball simulation that will work perfectly for this exercise that literally has no point except to entertain me for the next six months or so. I may be unable to write something and post daily so I may only do this after each series. You can read more about OOTP baseball here. https://www.ootpdevelopments.c


jlarson in Twins

What are the 6 biggest HRs in Twins history?

Since 1961 the Twins have had some huge Home Runs hit against them (looking at you Didi Gregorious and Tom Lawless), but they've also hit their fair share of big ones. Most have come in the World Series, but two in particular in my mind, have been huge regular-season home runs. Below, I outline all of them and the reasons why I ranked them where I did. If you have any comments, please let me know below! • 6. Brian Dozier--July 10, 2015 vs Tigers The Twins came into this game 42-40 and

Devlin Clark

Devlin Clark in HRs

Newcomers help Twins win 2-0 on Opening Day, my 6-4-3 on Game 1

https://www.mlb.com/twins/video/lopez-on-starting-opening-day?partnerId=web_video-playback-page_video-share The new rules regarding larger bases, pitch clocks, and banned shifts didn't seem to bother the Twins on Opening Day. Baldelli's bunch pieced together a sparkling 2-0 win behind 5.1 very solid innings by off-season trade acquisition Pablo Lopez. (Although he wasn't the only Lopez who pitched well). The Twins didn't hit any home runs, they didn't resemble the 2019 Bomba Squad. But t

Devlin Clark

Devlin Clark in Opening Day

NFL Mock draft 1.0

1. Carolina- CJ Stroud Qb Ohio State 2. Houston- Bryce Young Qb Alabama 3. Arizona- Will Anderson DE Alabama 4. Indianapolis- Anthony Richardson QB Florida 5. Seattle- Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech 6. Detroit- Jalen Carter DT Georgia 7. Las Vegas- Will Levis QB Kentucky 8. Atlanta- Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon 9. Chicago- Peter Skoronski OT Northwestern 10. Philadelphia- Nolan Smith LB Georgia 11. Tennessee- Broderick Jones OT Georgia 12. Houst


rgvtwinstalk in NFL Draft Mock Draft 1.0

It's Now or Never for Rocco Baldelli

Rocco Baldelli has been a polarizing figure in Twins Territory since his 2019 managerial debut. His new-school, analytics-forward approach led the Twins to back-to-back AL Central crowns in Baldelli’s first two seasons at the helm. Since then, the Twins have disappointed with consecutive sub-.500 seasons, including a last place finish in the 2021 AL Central. Entering his fifth season as manager, Baldelli needs to demonstrate that he is a source of success, not an obstacle that Twins players


SportsGuyDalton in Baseball Analysis

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Meet "Stevie" the elf. Think of him as a cross between Where's Waldo, Flat Stanley, & Circle-me-Bert. He's going to be joining me on the road this summer for some Twins away game excitement, and believe it or not summer starts tomorrow! Kansas City here we come! 70 degrees, a pleasant breeze, and hopefully a few bombas from our favorite nine. Pablo wheels and deals, Duran closes the door, and 2023's version of "Hope Springs Eternal" can finally turn the page to "Summer of Victory."

A Look at Depth: First Base

I’ve decided to write a series of posts regarding the depth in the Twins system, or possibly lack thereof depending on how you feel about a particular position. I plan to go position by position in hopes to shed some light on who could make an impact as early as 2023, or who may make an impact within a few years. I was inspired by Nick Nelson’s posts regarding the major league team, but didn’t want to duplicate what he did, so I will only be writing about the guys not on the 40-man roster, becau


CoryMoen in Twins

Spring Training Winners and Losers

After a long, harsh Minnesota winter, Spring Training offers and a glimpse of green grass and the hope of a successful Twins season. The Twins’ time in Florida is like any trip to the Sunshine State—some visitors leave with a golden tan, others depart with bad sunburn. As the team prepares to head north, here are my winners and losers from the Twins’ Spring Training. Let’s start with the guys who got burned. Losers 1. Kenta Maeda Spring Training stats should never weigh heavil

My Favorite breakout players for the Twins

The Twins come into the year with a lot of guys that can play at the major league level, but with such a logjam at certain positions, it might be hard for some players to distance themselves. These are 5 guys that I think will have potentially huge roles to play if everything goes right for them. In no particular order... 1. Jorge Alcala  This is a pretty common breakout pick and yet I also feel like Alcala is not talked about enough for whatever reason. Alcala, 27, was one of the piec


troyjuhn in Blog

How many games will the Minnesota Twins win in 2023?

After consecutive seasons of anticipation and ultimate disappointment, Twins fans find themselves in a position of uncertainty. What direction does S.S. Falvine appear to be heading? What changes await in this direction? Will the vessel come upon a World Series title in its journey? Or will it forever circulate the triangle of mediocrity? These questions haunted Twins fans throughout the land in the early winter. Uncertainty surrounding the return of star shortstop Carlos Correa raised late


cHawk in Twins Stuff

Spring Training 2023

As is my custom, I've taken a few pictures during this visit to Fort Myers.  Well, a few hundred.  Most are crap and I don't know yet which is which, and I won't be able to sort through until I'm back from vacation, probably.  But yesterday on the back fields, during an away game for the big club, was a lot of fun because of whom they left behind.  Buxton, Correa, and Kirilloff all batted (DHed) during one of the two mixed AA-AAA games.  And there were other players to watch as well. David Festa


ashbury in 2023

Road Trippin'

March 30th. Kansas City. April 2nd. Miami. Plans are set, trip will happen. April 13th. New York. April 18th. Boston. Plans are set, trip will happen. In December I put forth an imaginative dream. What would it be like to travel to every Twins away game in a season? I ran the mileage, started to count the costs, negotiated reality, and now its here. The first month of the Twins season is only two weeks away! How has my investment influenced my interest in spring training

Edgar Quero- A Catching Prospect Target

For some time now I've advocated to trade for a very good catching prospect because our cupboards are bare and I don't see Jeffers as very good catcher who I want to start on any frequency. Last year I advocated for Endy Rodriguez (PIT) who will debut this season, who we could have picked up cheap because they had the '21 #1 draft pick, catcher Henry Davis and he was behind him. Now Endy's talent is very well known and has become very expensive and has leaped frog over Davis.  I have a new

Live BP vs. Spring Training Games

There has been a lot made lately of the fact that Byron Buxton has not played an inning in the field or taken a single in-game AB.  If you listen to our players or beat writers you would think that the games are almost unneeded in Spring Training.  Carlos Correa got a late start to Spring games on March 1 and commented that they were not super important.  Do-Hyoung Park posts random short videos of Buxton hitting home runs off of Twins returning from injury like Winder and quotes from Falvey say

A Look at Depth: Catchers

I’ve decided to write a series of posts regarding the depth in the Twins system, or possibly lack thereof depending on how you feel about a particular position. I plan to go position by position in hopes to shed some light on who could make an impact as early as 2023, or who may make an impact within a few years. I was inspired by Nick Nelson’s posts regarding the major league team, but didn’t want to duplicate what he did, so I will only be writing about the guys not on the 40-man roster, becau


CoryMoen in Twins

Could Tyler White make the Twins opening day roster?

I’ve been watching Tyler White and the way he has been used, such that he has the second most AB of any Twin. His average is rising and he hit a recent home run. He has 26  HR in 760 MLB appearances (a Willie Wilson season, almost!) to go along with 103 RBIs. The Twins need a first baseman, Kirilloff seems quite iffy now and White could slide right in and just in 550 AB, he would be expected to hit 19 HR with 75 RBIs. It might take an unlikely chain of events for White to be the first

Unwrapping the Good, Bad, and Ugly Spring Twinkies and Talking WBC

Listen to the Mar. 5 Minnesota Foul Play-by-play podcast here. We start talking Twins at 11:40. Spring Twinkies Look Mostly Good, a Little Damaged, Pagan Ugly, but Never Expired The Good  Joey Gallo was 3-for-3 on Sunday (with a long ball). He’s hitting line-drives.  Max Kepler has also been hitting line-drives, and depth piece Elliot Soto has been on fire.  Correa looks like Correa (he had a nice line-drive to ri

The Downfall of Byung-Ho Park

When the Minnesota Twins signed Korean slugger Byung-Ho Park, fans believed he was the next "big thing" and that he was the player they needed to compete. But what happened to Byung-Ho Park?  Park was a huge superstar in the Korean Baseball Organization with the Nexen Heroes. In five seasons with the Heroes, Park led the KBO in home runs five times, RBIs four times, slugging percentage twice, a 2X MVP of the KBO, and was a five-time Gold Glove winner. In the KBO, Park had two consecutive se

April - May be the Most Important Month in 2023

In looking at the 2023 schedule a bit closer, the Twins schedule in April may be the most important month of the year. Not only, as it is every year, will it be important to get off to a good start, the schedule has some tough matchups, and, what should be, very winnable series as well.  Here is a breakdown of the first month of the season:  3 @ Kansas City Royals 3 @ Miami Marlins 3 vs Houston Astros 3 vs Chicago White Sox 4 @ New York Yankees 3 @ Boston Red S


CoryMoen in Twins

Gopher Preview (Week 3)

The Gophers are back playing baseball in Minnesota today. The first pitch is at 6 PM on B1G+, and for those of you looking to take in a baseball game in person, they will be at Zigi's house, US Bank stadium. The mid-week tilt will be against UW Milwaukee, who comes to town with a 4-2 record. The Panthers are paced offensively by Luke Seidel, who is 6-6 on stolen bases in as many games. He also boasts a .824 OPS as he holds down left field and the leadoff spot for UW Milwaukee.  
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