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  1. Fun fact, he actually played 4 games at catcher in a prospect league after his freshman year of college. Well according to baseball reference at least. This doesn't have anything to do with anything, just found it interesting.
  2. He was the best player on the team his junior year. Maybe the best player in the country. If he could play SS he would've been playing SS. You named 2 guys who played there his freshman and sophomore years who got drafted. Makes sense that he wasn't the guy those years. If he could play SS he would've played SS his junior year when he was drafted #5 overall. In fact they started a freshman over him his junior year. He was the established player and they started a true freshman over him at SS on a team with national title hopes. I think that says a lot.
  3. Fine, not moved off, but couldn't play it. He was the #5 pick in the draft. If he could play SS he would've been playing SS at Vandy and not bouncing all over the field. I'm sure it's happened, but it's hard to find an example of a kid who wasn't good enough to be the SS on his college team, but is good enough to be the SS on a major league team. Players don't often move up the defensive spectrum from college to the minors to the majors. Was it worth a shot? Sure. But how long are they going to mess with trying to make him a SS when he wasn't good enough to do it in college and hasn't been good enough to do it in the pros? They've said he's good enough to defend in the OF right now. To me it makes sense to just put him out there and let him perfect that while he concentrates more on his hitting since his bat is what got him drafted #5 overall and why they traded for him. It's not some great indictment of Martin that he can't play short. Most guys can't. It was a long shot to start and it feels like the experiment has run it's course.
  4. One big old "If," though. I hope they find a way to get some more shutdown arms in the pen and don't act like they have enough right now (even though they've been quite solid overall).
  5. Oh, 100%. My original comment in this thread stated they need help, but I don't know where that comes from in May/early June. Not a lot of teams willing to do reasonable trades at this time of year because they want a bidding war to drive up prospect prices at the deadline. Alacala back in a couple weeks (hopefully ) and maybe Canterino in June if he's still dealing and they're willing to let him be a multi-inning guy in the bigs. But I don't know where they find more help right now even though I 100% agree they need it.
  6. I think my bigger concern is that he was moved off SS in college as well because he couldn't field/throw well enough for it. Playing SS would obviously make him more valuable, but sometimes it's just not meant to be and we could turn him into a far better OFer and just let him get comfortable out there instead of bashing our heads against the wall trying to force him into a spot that almost nobody has thought he could play since before he was drafted.
  7. Alcala has been throwing pens and is doing a live BP session today. Expected back in middle of June, but no definitive timeline at this point.
  8. See, when you kept it to just the Merrifield stats you were onto something. Then you went and did what I did and used season long stats instead of the recent stats to try to prove a bullpen arm is terrible. 11 May appearances for Duffey. 5 holds. 1 save. 1 win when he held the score in the 8th in the big comeback against KC. He'd held a 2-0 lead in the 8th 2 days before the meltdown. Hadn't blown a lead since April 19th actually. Although, he did have a bad outing in KC last week so maybe the argument is he shouldn't pitch with a lead against KC. But, no, he hasn't been prone to coughing up leads. And I've said multiple times that I'd like him to be pushed down the line. Alcala is hopefully back in a couple weeks and that's 1 arm that will move him down. My original post in this thread was that they needed help in the pen. The point is that taking 1 blown lead and making it sound like he's blowing them all the time while you ignore the 7 wins, holds, or saves he'd had in the month prior to that is confirmation bias at it's finest. I don't want Duffey throwing high leverage situations. I've said that. But he's been able to be successful far more often than not in those situations this year, even if they're not always comfortable outings and I get nervous when I see he's coming in. Rocco should be ready to have someone else up and throwing quick when Duffey comes in because he's either 1-2-3 or it's all a mess. And I've agreed he should've had someone ready Thursday night. But Duffey has been solid more than he hasn't for the last month. 11 appearances 7 of them didn't allow a baserunner at all and an 8th where he faced just 3 hitters in his first inning of work before having to face 5 in his second inning. So 8 out of 11 appearances that he faced 3 hitters in his first inning of work. He's not great and I want him moved down the pecking order, but let's not act like he's out there giving up runs every time out either.
  9. Agreed, and I've said throughout this thread that I want to see him pushed down the leverage line. But his May appearances have been in high leverage situations and he'd been pretty solid in them until the other night. Before Thursday's meltdown he'd had 10 other appearances in May and came out of it with 5 holds, 1 save, and the W in the big comeback in KC. He'd held a 2-0 lead in the 8th on Tuesday. I want him pushed down the line because he's not the same guy he was a couple years ago, but it's not absurd to think he can hold a 2-0 lead in the 8th since he's been doing similar things for a month. That's my thing. People don't like Duffey (and I don't want him as an 8th inning guy either) so when he does blow a lead (which every reliever will do throughout the year) they pounce and suddenly it was obvious he shouldn't be in and can never hold a lead and should be cut and all this stuff, but they ignore the 7 leads (or down by 1 in that comeback situation) before the bad outing and act like those never happened.
  10. That makes way more sense. Sending him down would've been real frustrating.
  11. Of course they talked about a plan the day before! You think that's a new thing? You think they used to show up to the park and just wing it and these crazy, young, know-it-alls are getting crazy and sketching out plans the day before games instead of just waiting until they show up to the park on gameday? I'm not even defending Baldelli! I have, multiple times in this very thread, said he should've left Smeltzer in and had someone ready for Benintendi and that he made mistakes. What I've said is that it's not as blatantly egregious as people are making it sound. I've complained about Rocco constantly changing lineups. I've said he should've run for Sanchez last night. I've said I don't think Rocco is great and wouldn't be heartbroken if they replaced him, but also point out that you're not going to get someone in there that does things drastically different. I've been bashing the FO everyday since they sent Lewis down. I've been complaining about the rest days for stars all season. I've complained about their 3 true outcome building of a lineup. I've said, multiple times in this very thread, that I want Duffey replaced. But I've also provided real world actual happenings from the 2022 major league baseball season as an explanation of why allowing Duffey to even step foot on the field isn't the travesty you'd like to make it out to be. It's almost like I don't have a hardened stance on all things Rocco and FO and can both praise and be critical as different things happen instead of just labeling them as either just good or just bad.
  12. Except, as I've already laid out in this thread, Duffey isn't "prone to coughing up leads." He literally pitched a scoreless 8th inning of a 2-0 game 3 days ago. And he pitched a scoreless 8th against this very Royals team 2 days before that. So I'll go ahead and call you crazy I guess. Although I feel biased is probably the better term here. Whit Merrifield is a .220 hitter this year. Why would we argue that what he's done in the current season doesn't matter? Whit Merrifield didn't have a positive OPS+ last year either. And he's 33. Is it possible he's declined as a baseball player? I'm sorry I'm taking actual happenings from this actual major league baseball season and forming opinions on that instead of just "Whit Merrifield is not a .220 hitter, I don't care what's happened so far (in 2022)" <- assuming that was a typing error there. What a weird argument. "Hey, this guy used to be good so let's ignore what he's been like this season and assume what he's a better hitter than he can show us he is. I mean he is hitting a whopping .231 against the Twins this year so I guess he's really slaughtering them while struggling against everyone else.
  13. I missed the part of his quote that he said they'd decided the day before Smeltzer was only going 7. Like I've even gone back and watched it again now and don't hear him at any point mention that the decision was made the day previous. Is it possible that when he says "once the decision is made" he's talking about in the dugout during the 7th inning and by the time Smeltzer gets to the dugout the in game decision has been made? For the record I would've kept Smeltzer in as well. Disagreed with taking him out. Doesn't change the fact that Duffey, and anyone else in the pen, needs to be able to get a guy hitting .220 and slugging .318 out in the 8th, or any, inning. If the Twins only have 2 guys who can get that guy out (Duran and Smith apparently) they're screwed. What you're describing here is your, very frequently stated, bias against Rocco and the way he and the organization manage the bullpen, and pitchers in general. And also your bias for Duffey. Duffey got through the 8th inning of a 2-0 game on 5/24, but it was crazy to throw him in the 8th inning of a 2-0 game on 5/26? Is it possible that you just don't like Duffey and are ignoring his positive outings to then rage on his bad ones? I've said multiple times now that I would've had someone up and ready for Benintendi and that mistakes were made. I've said I'd like to see other arms brought in to push Duffey down the leverage spectrum. But I'm also able to take 1 blown lead by the pen as just 1 blown lead by the pen and not act like the Rocco is blowing games because the offense can't score more than 2 runs in a game.
  14. You're just as biased about Duffey as Rocco and the FO seem to be, just in the opposite direction. It's more than reasonable that he pitched to Merrifield. Merrifield is slugging .318 this year. That's the same as Nick Gordon. If Duran is the only guy in the pen who can get a guy hitting .220 and slugging .318 out in the 8th the team is doomed anyways. Not having someone ready for Benintendi was the mistake. And I've said that multiple times now.
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