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  1. You're proving my point. Name 2 then. Your memory is no competition for the stats. You've picked a position that is entirely impossible to defend. Your stance is wrong and it's provable. "I feel like" is not a defense against "the physical proof shows." Your opinions aren't a defense against my facts. It's patently absurd to suggest Arraez strikes out too much no matter what variables you want to try to attach to the situation. There's no argument you can make to truly defend your stance beyond "this is how I feel." You're certainly entitled to not like Arraez, not like the type of player he is, feel he's overrated, wish the Twins would trade him, be upset about an instance (or 2) where he was caught looking in a big spot, or anything else along those lines. But when someone is one of the 5 best people on the planet at something you can't say they are bad at that thing. It's simply ridiculous.
  2. Catchers: Jeffers, Garver 1B: Sano, Kirilloff 2B: Polanco, Arraez 3B: Donaldson SS: FA Signing LF: Larnach, Refsnyder CF: Buxton, Gordon RF: Kepler I think they bring in 1 FA to play SS, but otherwise 12 of the 13 guys to open the season with the big club are already on the team. Obviously there will be some moving around of positions with guys like Arraez, Gordon, and Refsnyder.
  3. Name 5 times that he watched a 3rd strike go by "when the at bat really counts." This is exactly why front offices all around the league use the numbers and not just their memory for things like this. Arraez has struck out 43 total times this entire season and you're on here acting like he's watching 3rd strikes go by constantly. Your brain locks in on the moments that created the most emotional reaction for you and that appears to be a called 3rd strike or 2 against Arraez and you've decided one of the 5 hardest guys in baseball to strikeout is striking out too much looking in clutch situations. It's absurd.
  4. You "going by what you see" and not "some math nerd numbers" is exactly why we have the "math nerd numbers." When your assessment is that Arraez "too often watches a third strike go by" and he is in the 99th percentile for K% in all of MLB you are literally proving the point that just going by your biased eyes is an awful strategy. You're complaining that a guy who strikes out less than all but 3 guys in baseball let's too many third strikes go by (Arraez strikes out in 10.2% of his ABs, Brantley 10.1, Fletcher 9.2, and Newman 7.3 are the only guys better in all of baseball. Sorry for being so nerdy). That's your complaint right now.
  5. Why would the Twins trade anyone to bring in a lesser version of Polanco instead of just moving Polanco back to short? Strong no. I'm not a huge Kepler fan, but trading him for Torres worsens the Twins defensively without adding anything to the offense. Don't see the fit at all. He hit 13 of his 38 HRs in 2019 off Orioles pitching. He's hit 10 HRs in 152 games over the last 2 years. So I guess I'll change my stance to not only does Kepler for Torres hurt the defense it hurts the offense. Kepler is who he is, but I'll take who he is over the outside chance Torres is a 30 HR/year guy who will suddenly figure out how to play SS. Torres has negative trade value.
  6. That 117 is what their payroll is after dumping money at the trade deadline of a lost season. All of those numbers are based on current rosters, not the start of year payroll numbers. The Twins started the season at a higher mark. But that's not the point. The point is the first comment of mine you responded to had me literally saying I think they could reasonably be in the 150-160 range. All the percentages I presented were based on a 160 Mil payroll (almost 50 mil more than the disingenuous number you presented here). What is even more disingenuous is you then stating that the "payroll is what you set it," which seems to be a pretty straight forward disagreement with my numbers. If it wasn't then I'm not sure why you'd choose my comment to respond to. It seems more that you simply felt like complaining about the Twins payroll and chose my comment to base your complaint off then call me disingenuous for already having used the general payroll range you wanted. You're not arguing against anything I've said you simply tried to piggyback off my comment to complain about the Twins payroll numbers, provided disingenuous numbers, ignored me twice using the payroll range you wanted, and that, to me, is exactly what I was talking about in saying that those complaints are tired. If you want to have a discussion on payroll sizes I'm more than happy to, but you better bring TV deal amounts, ticket, concession, parking amounts, revenue sharing amounts, sponsorship amounts, and a whole lot more beyond "hey Atlanta is currently 12th and the Padres are 8th so the Twins should be in there simply because these 2 random teams are at these places." Not to mention that Atlanta is only going to make the playoffs cuz the rest of their division is trash, and the Padres aren't going to make it at all. Guess those higher paid players aren't guaranteed to win more games. Who would've thought?
  7. Yes. And in the real world it's based on real numbers and 150-160 million seems reasonable. If your expectations are the Pohlads spending Dodger type money on payroll and lose 10s, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars a year you should probably find a new team to cheer for. "There's no cap so they could/should spend more" is a tired, nonsensical, and unrealistic argument.
  8. What's wrong with cookie monster?! I mean he should probably get checked for diabetes, but otherwise he seems like a nice enough dude.
  9. Well they asked for a list of names because you said that there were a number of "Twins veterans" who were complaining about the FO and an apparent lack of support felt by the team. So, sure, my point is probably more along the lines of "I don't trust the sources," but in the big picture I'm arguing against your stance that if the Twins don't listen to the message given by these sources the FO should be fired. If Pohlad is firing people because a handful of guys who played 30 years ago aren't happy the Twins are in worse trouble than any of us could imagine. We don't need to be doing things the way they were done 30 years ago, we need to be doing them the way they're done in 2021, just do them better. So I'm saying your stance of basing anything off what those guys said is one I strongly disagree with and think it would doom the organization as a whole if ownership follows the advice of people who aren't part of the organization anymore (outside of Kaat and Gladden).
  10. Maybe I didn't express myself well. I don't care about their "VIP access" at all, so I'll just skip over that. I acknowledged that Kaat and Gladden may have more insights (Kaat isn't with them every day, though). My point is that current athletes and organizations have different expectations and priorities than these guys who played 30 years ago. I know multiple Twins employees, including people who run the clubhouses, and none of them have said anything about there being bad chemistry. Shoemaker is the only player I've seen complain about anything (totally possible I missed someone else), but his complaint was about the coaching tips he received. Berrios had nothing bad to say on his way out. Cruz had nothing but great things to say on his way out. Many former players don't like the way things are done currently, but they also grew up in very different times and lived through a very different professional baseball world. So why should I care about their thoughts on how effectively the current Twins team is doing things (whether it be signings and trades, how the clubhouse is run, how the team is managed in game, or anything else) when their expectations don't match those of the current professional baseball world?
  11. The phrase is certainly using a cross section of older individuals who tend to complain just to complain/are generally cranky individuals to make it's point, but anyone can be an "old man yelling at clouds." I think that's the point trying to be made. It's not just older individuals who complain just to complain or are cranky (believe me, I know plenty of people in my age group that are "old men yelling at clouds), but that's the stereotype it plays on.
  12. Not sure anyone is saying his demeanor changed. Him having a bad temper then and now doesn't really matter. But the point of Viola (and all the other guys you listed previously, outside maybe Kaat and Gladden) having not stepped foot in the Twins clubhouse this year (maybe technically wrong as I'm sure a number of them did during the reunion weekend, but in any meaningful way it's true) stands. Former players talking about current clubhouse atmosphere has no more weight than any random TD poster speaking about current clubhouse atmosphere. We've all been a part of a group in some way, shape, or form (work, school, sports, friend groups, family, etc.). We all know that things are better when the members of the group genuinely get along. But none of us who aren't actually in the clubhouse can say what the clubhouse is really like. I haven't seen any reports (certainly possible I missed them) coming from actual Twin players about the clubhouse being bad. I have seen the report and complaints from Shoemaker and I give that far more weight since he's speaking from first hand knowledge of this season's organization. Why would we care what Viola, Aguilera, Erickson, Tapani, Gagne, Kaat, or Gladden have to say about the current Twins org when they don't have any more knowledge of the actual internal happenings than we do? Them having been major league baseball players gives them no more understanding of the current organization than anyone else. Whether they're talking about clubhouse chemistry, the strategy and processes used to make decisions, signings or trades, or anything else about the internal workings of the current Twins team doesn't even matter. None of them are in the room. None of them have any more knowledge about it than we do. And I'd argue that there's probably some on TD who understand the current strategy and thought processes of MLB organizations better than a number of the old players. The core of their comments is simply "back in our day it didn't work like this." That's not enough to get me to care. It's not their day anymore and things are done differently. Athletes care about different things and teams are managed in different ways. You can dislike it, and prefer the previous ways, but that doesn't give them anymore weight.
  13. I think the FO, and probably Rocco, see him as better than many of us see him. Since his abysmal April he's been exactly what the Twins expected him to be. I don't think they'll pick up his option, but I think they'll have a conversation around bringing him back at a lower price. He'll see if he can get more elsewhere, but I think the Twins think he can be a late inning option next year. I'd be far more surprised by them going out and spending 12+ million on a big name reliever than in them bringing him back for another year. Certainly not guaranteeing anything, but my bet would be that they offer him a contract to return next year. If they cared about how the fans felt about him they would have moved on from him months ago, and certainly wouldn't be using him as their closer. For that matter, they would've called Moran up months ago, and would never call up any of the veteran retreads they've been bringing through for months.
  14. I'm not interpreting things. I'm telling you there are posts that have the exact words "The front office should be fired" or something very close to that. I'm not going to take the time to comb through thread after thread, but on Friday gunnarthur posted in the "How quickly we Forget" thread "I've seen enough even though I'm sure they'll come back next year." I'm not going to post that entire post, but there is no doubt that they are literally saying they've seen enough of this FO and want them fired. If you want to call that interpreting and claim I'm misreading that, fine, but you'll have a hard time convincing anyone that that isn't a call for the FO to be fired. I'm not going to go through hundreds of posts to find more examples, and won't call out other posters directly without having the quotes in front of me, but I can think of at least 3 people I've seen post other direct calls for the FO to be fired. And they post them pretty regularly. No interpreting needed kind of posts. Literally saying the FO are idiots and need to be fired.
  15. Fair enough. I don't think TD is ready for this conversation yet, but I think we should all start preparing ourselves for the return of Alexander Colome in 2022. My bet right now is that he's on the opening day roster for the Minnesota Twins. Does that give you better feelings about the shape of the 2022 pen?
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