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  1. I think there is a generally held idea that you take a bat over an arm in the draft if they're graded similarly. Hitters tend to be more likely to become the player you think they will be. I mean that list of 6 pitchers is not exactly a who's who of big league pitching talent. Cleveland has built their pitching pipeline off non-first round picks. deGrom was a 9th round pick. Plenty of examples of not needing to spend a 1st to get a big time arm. The Rooker and Sabato picks are questionable ones to me. They were incredible in college, but they're basically DHs only so need to be Cruz in o
  2. Since 2010 they've taken Alex Wimmers, Hudson Boyd, Jose Berrios, Luke Bard, Kohl Stewart, Tyler Jay in the 1st/Supplemental round.
  3. Lots of variables at play here. Can't imagine they're bringing Simmons back next year (hope he's traded for a low A flier next month), and can't imagine they'll sign one of the big name SS this offseason (although I'd love it if they did). If they are convinced Lewis can be the SS of the future and will be ready mid to late 2022 or early 2023 I think they move Polanco back to SS and plug Arraez in at 2nd for next year. My plan, however, would be Arraez at 3rd, FA signing at SS, Polanco at 2nd, Kirilloff at 1st with Donaldson and Sano shipped out for a bag of balls to get their $ off the
  4. Take 7 of 10 from Chicago. 3 of 4 from Cleveland. 7 of 11 from Detroit. 2 of 3 from Kansas City. 3 of 6 from non-division foes. 22-12 over the next 34 and there's a glimmer of hope. The real hope is dominating the division the rest of the way. Especially Chicago. Only way to really catch them is to beat them head to head at an incredible clip.
  5. All their hitting prospects have basically been complete busts since that run and it's crushed them the last few years, but that doesn't make their WS run a fluke. That's the nature of the playoff beast. The Dodgers couldn't break through the WS ceiling until last year despite having invested in every part of their team for nearly a decade. The Yankees haven't been a playoff threat for years. Tampa doesn't invest in anything but data analysts and scouts and they're one of the best teams in baseball year after year. Cleveland is clearly a flawed team, and I don't want the Twins to be a tea
  6. They did make it to game 7 of the World Series not too long ago.
  7. It's been reported that they've approached Berrios about extensions the last few years and talked with Buxton and his people about one during ST this year. I'd hope they have a decent idea of what those 2 would be expecting. As they are so close to free agency now I'd think the Twins would need to offer pretty close to the player's desired money to get a deal done. Berrios seems more than happy to take it year by year and hit the open market if the Twins don't give him what he expects to make on the market. Maybe he's way off on his estimate of what he'll get, but he still likely doesn't
  8. Not sure what incentive Berrios would have to sign an incentive laden extension at this point. He's 1 year away from free agency and has had no injury concerns to this point in his career. Even TJ surgery next year doesn't stop him from getting a fully guaranteed deal during the offseason from someone. At this point the Twins will have to get pretty close to, or go over, what he feels his max value on the market is for him to sacrifice the chance to pick his team and go after the biggest money possible if he so chooses.
  9. Resigning him should be option 1 for the Twins, and I think it is. They've reportedly offered him extensions the last few years and he's turned them all down. I'd guess those numbers were around the 5/80 type idea suggested in the original article. Berrios seems to be willing to bet that he can get more than that, and, frankly, he should make that bet. He's been incredibly durable and had no injury issues. If I remember correctly he just set the team record for consecutive starts with 4 or fewer runs allowed (or something like that). If 5/80ish is all he can get on the market I'd be absolutely
  10. In a vacuum I move Garver for pitching at the deadline if I can. There are a number of contenders who could use him and may be able to bring back a legit pitching prospect. But I think this comes down to other moves and what the rest of the offense looks like. Can we move Sano? Cruz won't be back so there's DH ABs to go around. Do they want to move Kirilloff to first more or less full time? Extra depth at catcher is good with the beating they take back there (this year is a great example). But Garver is also 30 so have to take that into consideration. My preference would be to hold onto t
  11. 3 Full blown starters- No/limited inning/pitch counts. If they're getting people out let them go as long as they can. 4 Long guys- 2 pairs. "Starter" gets the first 5, "reliever" gets the last 4. Example: Happ gets first 5 innings, Dobnak gets last 4. Next time through rotation Dobnak gets first 5, Happ gets last 4. (They're just examples of back end guys, I don't want to see either of them really pitch right now) 6 relievers- 3 "go to" guys used in concert with the 3 starters. 3 "mid-reliever" types who come in when 1 of the 4 long guys have a bad game (2nd long guy always comes in
  12. According to Gleeman in his Athletic article today, Ober has the second longest average extension in the bigs at 7'2" (Tyler Glasnow #1 at 7'3"). Gleeman says 7'2" is "nearly a foot more than the MLB norm" for what it's worth.
  13. I think it's a combination of spreadsheet and wanting him to build confidence. I think getting him his first ML "W" would have been a nice confidence boost, though. 1 more inning, after the team just extended the lead to 7, felt like a good way to let him get the pride of that first "W" (even though I think pitcher W's are a useless stat, it's still nice to get). Think it set itself up nicely to get him that boost, get 4 relievers an inning of work, and not have him throw a crazy number of pitches on the night.
  14. Houston is the best hitting, and hardest to strikeout, team in the league and he struck out 7 over 5 against them. Certainly not anointing him the ace of the future, but his last 3 starts have been him doing what he should against bad hitting teams (8 innings, 1 earned, 10 Ks against KC and Sea) and looking quite good against a very good hitting Hou team (5 innings, 2 earned, 7 Ks). I wouldn't list that as blowing people away necessarily, but it is definitely noteworthy and should give a little hope for the future in this bleak mess of a season. Hard to wrap our heads around, and get exci
  15. Happ has been an above average pitcher in the majors all but 1 year since 2015. If you want to complain about Shoemaker in the 5 spot, fine. But if you're suggesting you expected Happ to be as bad as he has been recently you were simply ignoring his previous performance. He wasn't expensive, or flashy, or anything like that, but there was every reason to expect him to be a serviceable back end of the rotation arm. Especially in a year where you're going from 60 games to 162.
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