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  1. As bad as yesterdays move was, I thought Sundays lack of a move was worse. Letting Vazquez hit in the bottom of the ninth when Jeffers was sitting in the bench was truly moronic.
  2. I think your a tad optimistic here, but i do think they have a good chance of ending the losing streak. One thing puzzles me though. Exactly what corner do you think Buxton is turning?
  3. Couldn't agree more. Info is moved all over the place constantly. By the time you find what your looking for the at bat is over. I also agree about the noise, you have to pick your spots to have any kind of conversation. Maybe their just trying to get people to look up from their phones. This was our first game this year so you can blame me for the loss if you want. Pablo looked great but the hitting uninspired. Seems to happen every time their in position for a sweep.
  4. Don't understand why Sonny isn't #1. He out pitched Pablo in every stat you listed except wins. Its not his fault the pen can't seem to hold the slim leads he often hands off to them.
  5. I keep going back and forth on "Bring on the playoffs" and "I hope Cleveland wins this thing so we don't get embarrassed in the playoffs, and continue the losing streak" . After the last two games I'm more firmly in the latter.
  6. I have no insight into the front office workings, however I have an idea. Is it possible they were told no net increase in payroll. I'm not calling the Pohlads cheap here, but why would they approve an increase in payroll for an under performing team. Attendance is down, and they are performing much like last year without the same number of injuries. Doing nothing is not like this front office so this is the only thing that makes any sense to me, and if its right I can't really blame the Pohlads.
  7. I would like to see a couple new faces in September, especially in the pen. However it will be people coming off the injured list who fill those spots.
  8. Always wished him well, and still do, but I'm afraid his time has come and gone.
  9. Unless he falls back into the black hole he was in earlier this year I think they pick up the option. The only other thing that could make them let him go is if the Pohlads hold or cut payroll next year and they cant fit him in.
  10. I've been wondering about him. Nice interview, thanks for doing it.
  11. Trading one of them should be considered. They will probably only try to keep one of them for 24 so try to get something for the one they are going to let walk. If I was the GM it would Gray (thank god I'm not) as Maeda has looked good after coming back and has his tommy john out of the way, and Gray is probably due for one. I think the return could be better than expected due to demand.
  12. Their is no missing piece. Its more like a missing team. If your never in the lead why do you need a closer?
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