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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Miranda's range at third is about what Farmer's is at short.
  2. Since Carlos Gomez. I don't watch much minor league ball, except for the Saints, and way too many of the Twins' young players seem to be fraught with simple low-IQ baseball mistakes/ It was really hear Gladden mention it a few times on the radio. He was referring, mostly, to Celestino, but was not exclusive in his criticism.
  3. "Gotta agree with everything here EXCEPT that Byron Buxton wasn't worth the contract. Even injured, he has performed at a value that far exceeds what he is being paid for 2022." Buxton has a team-friendly contract and that's the only way it would work. As it now appears, BB will miss 70 games and of the 92 he's played, 35 were as a DH. We need to back off the "even injured" mantra.
  4. I may be an outlier. but I like Pagan. Why a guy with that good of stuff can pitch so poorly is beyond me.
  5. I'm still waiting for Max Kepler to reinvent his hitting approach, ala Corey Seager.
  6. Gallo is actually not a horrible outfielder. Watching Wallner play, I'm not I would want him in my outfield ... at the MLB level, Can he play first base?
  7. At this stage of his career, I wouldn't have any confidence in Royce Lewis' ability to stay healthy. Many people said that about Buxton, during his minor league years, and they were spot on. Besides, Correa is damned close to being an elite defensive shortstop, something Royce may never be,
  8. He may opt out of his current contract, but can the team afford to let him leave? I believe the team will present a decent five-year offer in his direction and he may consider it. It seems like he enjoys his teammates, and the team seems to like was he has presented on and off the field. He was one of the reasons I've been to a couple dozen games this season. If they let him leave and choose not to spend any money for 2023, I'll be back to a small number of games, and I believe many other fans will feel the same. Fortunately for the Twins, the division isn't particularly good, and the White Sox have been plagued by injuries and questionable managerial in-game decisions. Unfortunately, the Guardians have played very solid Tom Kelly-esque ball, but how long they can maintain it, who knows? The division is there for the taking and it's time for the Twins to begin playing like they want it, playoff success be damned.
  9. Disagree. Prospects are just that and you must sacrifice something to get something. I believe the team could have made these moves hurt less, had they done them a couple of weeks ago, but I'm glad they did it and are looking forward. Hey, make it to the playoffs and anything can happen. Teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, etc. can maintain the pressure, but a team like the Padres cannot and they are going all in this season. The Twins have now put a stick in the parenthetical window, thus giving them a couple of more years to keep it open. Let's rock this, MF'ers!
  10. Hmm. While he has not lost a lot of velocity, his 4SFB spends too much time up in the zone. At 94, it was okay, but not at 92? When I watch him, it looks like he's throwing in the high-80's. I hope the hitters don't feel the same.
  11. We learned the Astros are a really good ballclub.
  12. A la carte programming is what everybody wanted and it's what we are all gonna get!
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