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  1. Hmm. While he has not lost a lot of velocity, his 4SFB spends too much time up in the zone. At 94, it was okay, but not at 92? When I watch him, it looks like he's throwing in the high-80's. I hope the hitters don't feel the same.
  2. We learned the Astros are a really good ballclub.
  3. A la carte programming is what everybody wanted and it's what we are all gonna get!
  4. I was extremely high on petty and never really high on Gray. I think the Twins got steamrolled on this one.
  5. 5 years, $100 million, but I agree with another poster that said he (probably) would not accept less than 5/125.
  6. Funny thing is, Gleeman hailed many of these moves or non-moves and he serves as a resident expert of sorts? Note: If AG thinks it's a good move, it probably isn't.
  7. It shouldn't be that difficult parsing and purging players from this woe begotten roster.
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