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  1. Funny thing is, Gleeman hailed many of these moves or non-moves and he serves as a resident expert of sorts? Note: If AG thinks it's a good move, it probably isn't.
  2. It shouldn't be that difficult parsing and purging players from this woe begotten roster.
  3. "Trevor Larnach joined Kirilloff sooner than expected, but it’s hard to pick apart much of what he’s done this season. Even while slumping of late, the 24-year-old owns a .322 OBP and has shown plenty of power potential. He’ll run into more baseballs as his career progresses, and the discipline in the box has been a sight to behold." Huh? Sometimes he looks, almost, as lost as Sano at the plate.
  4. Any STH's used to go to the offseason pump-fests? Sounds like Pohlad and StP are ready for another rousing round of BS.
  5. Again, if the Twins can't do 5/80 (12, 14, 16, 18, 20) for both Berrios and Buxton, they might as well close up shop.
  6. Hahahaha! Three spots away from having only one! So, Falvey and Levine used their collective genius to field a horrible MLB team AND and very low rated prospect pool? In the words of Joe Mauer, "neat."
  7. I think it's interesting that White Sox have the power-pitching that the Twins wanted. Sometimes, you have to go out and get it.
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