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  1. Even if he were to have options remaining, he's gotta have too much service time to be able to option him without his consent. Right? Through a little Googlizing I found this from 2011: "Per Article XIX-A of the CBA: Any player who has accrued 5 years of Major League service has earned the right to refuse any minor league assignment. If such a player exercises this right, his team must either reinstate the player to the active roster or grant him his unconditional release." That may be from a old CBA, so I could be wrong. EDIT: looked at it further and this rule is for outright assignments, not options. So now I'm not sure,
  2. From his Wikipedia page: "In his high school days, Buxton was given the nickname "Buck". As a pitcher during his senior year, he had a 10–1 win–loss record with a 1.90 earned run average and 154 strikeouts in 81 innings pitched. Buxton also threw a fastball that was recorded at 99 miles per hour (159 km/h).
  3. Hey! I was there too. My only other "I was there" one was Mauer's last game.
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