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  1. Correa has few weaknesses but nothing offensively over the top. If his numbers were in the zip code of A-Rod, or today's Harper, Machado, Alonzo, etc... Brinks time. But he's just very good at most things offense. Bottom line: offer 2-3 free agent (run producers) with the same productivity possibilities less money. Dropping all that green on 1 guy is not financially sound when he, or any Twin really, can't carry a team consistently. Rather steal away "you need RBI, I get you RBI" Jose Abreu and give him a few years, then add 2nd tier SS.
  2. A better rebrand would include keeping the TC but having it stand for "Talent Committment". I'm in the "keep old logo" crowd after studying the side by side for a good 5 minutes.
  3. This is the post I've been waiting for. Thank goodness someone finally sees what I've been preaching for years. Players make a name for themselves based on how they elevate their play in big moments. The Twins have nothing of the sort among position players. Having a few consistent run producers will negate a handful of subpar pitching performances. We have basr hitters all along the spectrum but they badly lack the ability to string hits together or crack a bases-loaded double/3 run bomb when the moment requires. I'll never forget this season specifically because of how often they crapped away game- turning chances. Position players Arraez, Correa, and Miranda. The rest may go.
  4. As much as I want to see someone, anyone get the big hit when the pressure is on AND drive in some runs, Judge wouldn't trade in his mates for the Twins lineup or system. The MVP's most likely targets are the damn Dodgers or an up and coming current playoff team.
  5. This question was an unintentional meatball. Tendency is to discuss ways he can change or improve. Rocco's style has multiple layers with enough "questionables" for me to want him removed entirely -along with key decision-makers. This team has zero promising bankable elements going into next year. Got to have at least 2 RBI machines with a pitching staff like ours to compete and we have nothing close Many other issues already discussed in the thread. 2023 is going to look similar at best.
  6. A couple of 21 year-old call-ups who can put up 90 RBIs or a .380+ OBP in year 1 is too much to expect for the Twins I guess, so yeah, hope at least 2 of these guys prove to be fearless and productive all of 2023.
  7. So many areas to scrutinize with the Twins this year. Outside of everything mentioned in comments/article, I couldn't help but think of a few offensive issues I've tracked all year. One being how incredibly rare it felt when any Twin cleared the bases or dropped a double when we needed one most. I feel like a minor uptick in this metric would have secured at least a few more wins. Our game-by-game RISP was lower than our opponent in what felt like 85% or more 2nd half games games. Plenty of hits, zero hero-ball. The best game performance ALL SEASON I could find all season was Buxton's 2-5, 2HR's, 2R, 5RBI night. I'm betting I could find 100 similar (or better) performances this year, including 4 guys from Toronto who matched/topped Bux's stat line above in ONE GAME. My take, trade/release all the core bats (minus Arraez), buy a few starters, and let the up-and-comers give it a go. Core is in the 28-29yo range and you already know what you've got, which is not enough to be a contender. It's too bad they will indeed keep them and guarantee the inevitable.
  8. I'm done with the entire core. We need a complete makeover and a new vibe. Up you come, in-house youngsters and acquired bats. 7ish years is way more than enough time to see that current stocks will never bear the kind of fruit I'm hungry for. Keep Arraez. Everyone else: pack. House clean management as well. But do still invest heavily in the front line this off season.
  9. Win prob, WOBA, Win shares, win shur-a-bility, and WAR are fine stats on an excel spreadsheet. Bottom line: does Buxton generate hits at a below average pace: Yep. Does he steal bases consistently: NO. Walks? NO. Drive em in? Only with the HR. Take smart AB's? Rarely. Is he someone I'd send up for a big hit in a close/late game? No chance. His effect is felt on this team but I'd take an auditorium full of players over him right now. Funny thing is he will be a footnote when he retires. He's on pace to Crack 1000 k's around the same time as hitting 1000 combined RBI/runs/walks. Yikes.
  10. In early May, 2018, I suggested a Buxton trade based on apparent chronic health issues, HR or bust results, lack of stolen bases, etc. Unfortunately, WAR doesn't take into consideration whether a home run was in the 1st inning or the 9th, and how it affected game outcome. Very few of Buxton's were hit in high -pressure situations/game-changers. Also, his non-HR stats weren't pretty either. In over 300 non-HR at bats, he had something like a .181 average and less than 10 total RBI (I kept track but deleted my excel file). So, in short, we get a top-of-the-league defender 50% of the time who could've added significant value by stealing 40ish bases per season (vs 9-10) if he walked/hit more and wasn't injury prone, whose batting extremes are Death Valley/Antarctica, and a guy who isn't great at timing fence/wall catches- as we've seen, only takes one to land one on the DL. The annual contract value is about right for the risk here, but ultimately will not lift the Twins to the next level.
  11. 2-16 against the Yankees, Dodgers, and Astros. All bottom feeders except the Reds have more wins here (Reds better win% against these teams) Our RBI leader might finish with the lowest total in at least the last 20 years, and Miranda is outpacing everyone else's paltry sum. Who would you call in in the clutch? Zero Twins qualify. Consistency with the bat? No one but Arraez if singles are your jam. (Miranda looks legit but too early yet). Big hits were so spread out and rare I found myself in disbelief when someone finally mustered up enough courage. Yeah, I remember very few offenses in our history I've liked less
  12. Twins top rounds draft history hasn't been very good at all, especially when it comes to big time RBI producers or expectations exceeders.
  13. I must be watching a different team. This offense is light years away from being competitive against playoff teams. They have no go-to guy for a game changing hit. They struggle immensely to plate guys with men on. Only 1 player with 50+ RBI's/100+ hits 70% into the season. 5 total IBB's. Dead last in SB (mostly Rocco's fault). Who would I send up in a critical situation? I'd be forced to say Arraez and hope for his patented single over a preferred bases-clearing double (only 1 for the team in 2022). This iteration has not a single guy, much less the 2-3 required bodies to attempt carrying us in the playoffs.
  14. This is a weird team. We already know they have no true front line (#2 debatable) starter and the pen could use some help. Offensively, outside of Arraez's average and Bux's HR's, they are void of an across the board stat-stuffer. No RBI stand out. No stolen base production. No one that any pitcher would intentionally walk. No clutch-hero. Who do they want at the plate when a big hit is needed? Arraez? Buxton's production HEAVILY relies on the HR. Last I checked he was batting around .178 if HR's are removed. With the Doziers, Rosario's, Cruz's, and even doubles maestro Escobar long gone, we are missing that guy who gives you hope with the game on the line.
  15. Just from a pure-hitter perspective, I'd take Bell in an instant. We have a gluttony of meh BA's right now and as a team do not string hits together for big innings very often. 3.6% of all innings thus far have been of the "4+ hits" variety. Arraez and Polanco are batting well over .300 with RISP yet Buxton sits at .184. Urshela is probably closer to .300 while I suspect the rest are in Bux territory in this respect. Find me another clutch hitter and we're all set. I suppose it doesn't help that the Twins are so risk-averse that stealing bases isn't a promoted practice.
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